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Gardasil Victim's Mom Speaks About Vaccine Injury: SANEVAX Vaccine Injury Victim Support Line

Gardasil When vaccine injury occurs and our medical community fails to recognize or diagnose the injury, mothers worldwide turn to SANEVAX, INC. for support. Our Victim Support Line is a lifeline to mothers of the victims of Gardasil and other vaccines.

PRLog (Press Release) - Sep 30, 2011 - As the mother of a girl who has suffered injury due to the Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, I know first hand how important the Victims Hotline at SANEVAX.ORG is. We live in a small city in Wyoming with limited medical resources. When my daughter became ill in March of 2011, the medical community in our community was unable and unwilling to treat her. I was advised by our pediatrician that nothing could be done for my daughter and that I should take her home and ‘wait and see’ and ‘hope for the best.’

But I knew in my heart that was not what we should do. I knew that it simply was not enough. So, I searched online and found SANEVAX and the Victim’s Hotline . I contacted several of the names on the hotline via email. I received immediate responses from them. Many of the volunteers were mothers of Gardasil victims. The information the volunteers shared with me was invaluable and it helped save my daughter’s life. The hotline volunteers shared contact information for medical practitioners, and alternative practitioners with experience in treating Gardasil victims. I was also provided practical information about other therapies victim used with success.

At the time, I was desperate, frustrated, angry, confused and scared but the support and information I received from the hotline volunteers gave me real hope that my daughter would recover. I will never be able to thank the Hotline volunteers enough for their willingness to help, to listen, and most of all, to share what they knew from their own personal experiences. My daughter’s condition is much improved, due in large part, to the information and support I received from the hotline. I am eternally grateful to them.

According to VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), as of August 2011, there were 23,388 victims reporting injuries resulting from the Gardasil vaccine This number includes both male and female victims, although female victims currently outnumber male victims. It is believed that the incidence of injury is widely under-reported to due to misinformation and that the actual number of victims is much higher than current statistics reflect.

Despite the alarming number of reported injuries related to the Gardasil vaccine, the vaccine continues to be administered to both boys and girls ages 9 to 26 across the nation and it may soon be a required vaccination in many states. Those who have been injured by Gardasil continue to suffer its devastating effects and more children are vaccinated and become victims every day. All of these victims and their families are searching for information and support that is not easily found in the medical community or in their circles of friends and family. Consequently, the need for Hotline Volunteers is tremendous.

The Hotline is a valuable resource for parents and victims to use to talk to others in their home state, across the nation, and around the world regarding their child’s injury resulting from Gardasil. Hotline Volunteers are most often parents of victims, a concerned person or relative close to a victim of Gardasil, or sometimes a Gardasil victim. Volunteers have a thorough understanding of Gardasil Vaccine Injury. Hotline Volunteers do not offer medical advice at any time to anyone. However, contact information for medical practitioners, alternative medicine practitioners, and an abundance of useful information is offered free of charge. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Hotline Volunteers can provide emotional support to victims and their families.

As a result of the recent media coverage of the political debates and the mention of the controversy surrounding Gardasil, we anticipate the possibility of more victims of Gardasil coming forward in the coming months. It is the goal of the Sane Vax Hotline to offer those victims and their families support and provide them with helpful information. We currently have volunteers in fifteen states and hope to have at least one Hotline Volunteer in every state soon. Sane Vax also has Hotline Volunteers in thirteen countries around the world.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Hotline Volunteer, please send an email to [email protected], and enter “VACCINE HOTLINE” in the email’s subject line. Please go to SANEVAX for more information on injuries resulting from Gardasil and how you can help.

By SANEVAX Contributing Author
DeAnna Martinez


Victim Hotline

# # #

THE SANE VAX MISSION is to promote Safe, Affordable, Necessary & Effective vaccines and vaccination practices through education and information. We believe in science-based medicine.



When I hear the stories about the gardasil girls, I think about how I hope they are the ones that blow the lid off this whole vaccine-injury thing. My son got sick before he had a chance to speak and run and show us his personality. It's easy to discount him since he never was a real person anyway. (I mean that sarcastically) It kills people to see a perfectly normal and developed child or young, promising adult take a nose dive. Even THEN it appears they are not believed, but it is much much harder to say it is genetic or for other people to blame bad parenting or whatever else makes them feel better.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Terri Lewis, You are absolutely right. We must be looking at something fundamental in human nature here,sadly. I have even read accounts of doctors who have disorders that do not respond to mainstream medical treatments and they get the same "cold and uncaring side of medicine" from their own colleagues.
My daughter is a doctor and when I thought she might be getting pushed into flu vaccines , I wrote to her"You dont have to get Guillain Barre just so that some guy in Europe who owns stock in Merck gets to buy a new yacht. "
Regarding Gardasil girls, I suspect that there is a lot of gossip among the doctors and nurses about "psychological". Freud and his "hysterical" women still lurk in the background.

Compensation is Social Justice

Vaccine Compensation

"At least a dozen countries or states in the world have introduced vaccine injury compensation schemes.

The most important justification, however, is an ethical argument from justice and equity: introduction of a vaccine injury compensation scheme acknowledges the unique situation that routine childhood immunization is a public health measure, given and accepted in good faith, that may occasionally damage the recipient.";jsessionid=986E8F8E637905432BD3D0B28008ABE3.d03t04

"However vaccines are not without risks and it is commonly accepted that, regardless of proper design, manufacture and delivery, adverse events occur following vaccination although serious adverse events are rare."

"an individual occasionally bears a significant burden for the benefit provided to the rest of the population. Although these vaccine-related adverse events occur occasionally due to negligence, more often there is no clearly attributable fault."

"Without evidence of clear negligence, it is difficult to obtain compensation through traditional legal mechanisms. Recognizing this, several countries have implemented vaccine-injury compensation programmes.3 These programmes reflect a belief that it is fair and reasonable that a community that is protected by a vaccination programme accepts responsibility for and provides compensation to those who are injured by it."

"Ethicist Michelle Mello argues that solidarity means members of a community do not bear the risks of vaccination alone.37 Vaccine injuries can be severe and complex, and are often suffered by children who require a lifetime of care and may not qualify for other benefits under accident insurance schemes.3 In a vaccination programme, the injured and uninjured pay unequal shares of the social cost of producing the social good of herd immunity."

"an individual occasionally bears a significant burden for the benefit provided to the rest of the population"

Ethically this should mean to health authorities that compensation cases are met with concern and objective investigation and positive support for children and parents/ caregivers.

Theses are the underlying principles of medicine as espoused in the oath each doctor takes.

This adversarial approach to parents advocating for their children demeans the meaning of 'community'.

We are all members of the wider community


What kind of injury?? What happened to your daughter?? How old was she? Was it after the first vaccine dose? How does the number of "injuries" from Gardasil compare to the number of vaccines given? & what are the injuries? I assume this post is just to talk about the hotline, which is great, but how about some details about this story?!

Terri Lewis

Note the complete lack of intellectual "curiosity" on the part of the doctors, and lack of interest in even easing symptoms for these particular patients. Denial at its ugliest.

"Wait and see."

"Hope for the best."

. . .not to mention a complete lack of sympathy.

Thus was The Canary Party born.


DeAnna Martinez, thank you so much for writing. My heart goes out to those injured by Gardasil and their famiies. Good for you for organizing support, communication, and action!


cmo, those accounts of illness due to eating cantalope are simply anecdotal. They are being spread on the internet by people who have an agenda and who either don't understand science or are planning to make a fortune by marketing ineffective dangerous alternative treatments.

People forget how dangerous it is to go without fruit. Lots of sailors used to get scurvy!

What, the CDC and FDA are paying attention to these anecdotal reports, investigating them, publicizing them, and recalling the contaminated cantalopes? And investigating the farm to find out why these unsubstantiated rumors of illness occurred? Surely the CDC and FDA woud never do that!


a bit off topic, but is Dr. Nancy anti-cantaloupe ??? only 15 deaths and less than 100 sickened ...

Have any of these families traveled to the "CDC Cantaloupe Court" in Washington DC to prove their cases ?

It seems they have already found dozens of cantaloupe victims across the United States who have already been on television. There seems to be an anti-cantaloupe movement.

Should the anti-cantaloupers not have to go to court first like everyone else ?

Could this not be an sudden expression of a "cantaloupe gene" that is causing this problem ?

I understand that cantaloupes are a safe and effective source of many vitamins and nutrients.

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