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Gardasil Injury Victims Hold Press Conference Republican Candidates Invited

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Las Vegas, NV, October 17th, 2011:  In response to the discussions surrounding the aggressive mandating of the Gardasil vaccine that have taken place during the Republican debates, the Canary Party will be holding a press conference on the damaging outcomes of this vaccine push featuring families of young women injured by and lost to the Gardasil vaccine, Tuesday, October 18th at 3pm outside the East entrance to The Venetian's Sands Expo and Convention Center at 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas 89109, prior to the GOP debate.  All of the Republican candidates have been invited to attend.

Hearing directly from these families is crucial:

“Alexis spent six months at the University of New Mexico Hospital enduring plasmapheresis, two spinal taps and ultimately a diagnosis of encephalitis from viral infection, traumatic brain injury and a seizure disorder.”

“She was and honor roll student in the seventh grade, failing in the eighth grade and starting high school in a special education class in diapers. She’s reading at a fifth grade level with maybe the comprehension of fourth grader. She was kicked out of school this year in just the third week.”

“After that day, she never returned to school. She couldn’t focus on homework — BaLeigh used to be very articulate, she had a lot of wisdom for her age, very observant about life. Afterward she was ill, she had a hard time following or carrying on a conversation.”

“We eventually saw a neurologist at Johns Hopkins and we felt like were practically kicked out of the hospital. Turned out his research partner was sponsored by Merck.”

“Chris died 18 days after her third dose of Gardasil.”

“Brittney didn’t want this vaccine in the first place.”

When Governor Rick Perry mandated the HPV vaccine in Texas, the response from the public and the legislature was a clear one, that families are the ones that should be making the decisions what pharmaceuticals to give their children, not government officials, and his mandate was quickly struck down.  Last week Californians began learning that Governor Jerry Brown had quietly signed into law AB499 that gave children as young as 12 the decision making responsibility of whether or not to receive the HPV vaccine, removing the right of parents to even know the vaccine was given.  This statute violates federal vaccine safety law requiring fully informed consent by a parent for any vaccine delivered to a child and is completely inappropriate given that the vaccine that has a 30 page package insert that no 12 year old could comprehend and is undergoing a new round of scrutiny as to its safety and effectiveness. 

About the Canary Party

The Canary Party is a movement created to stand up for the victims of medical injury, environmental toxins and industrial foods by restoring balance to our free and civil society and empowering consumers to make health and nutrition decisions that promote wellness. Visit us at


Maurine Meleck

Bob, above it says that all the GOP candidates have been invited. It will be held prior to their debate.


We do not know the long term effects of this vaccine(on the
immune system,central nervous system,on the reproductive system).The short term data indicates that 8%of the gardasil recipients have experinced serious adverse reactions.The numbers are probably higher as more than 90% of adverse effects are not reported.Perry lost because he
tried to mandate a vaccine in 2007,just one year after it
got a speedy approval under the Bush administration.When most people know it takes 10-20 years to fully realize what damages these vaccines will do.Big Pharma and corrupted politicians need to stay away from our children!!!


And I might add when they force medical interventions on their children which are largely untested for safety/benefit AND where there is no darn way the poor kid or parents will be treated respectfully after an adverse event after this Gardasil vaccine, never mind being compensated for the damages. There, now I'm done :)


Good luck with this important endeavor. I hope all the candidates turn up. I even heard it mentioned in a huffpo article the other day as one of the reasons Rick Perry has failed. Politicians really overstep when they force medical interventions for peoples' children.

Bob Moffitt

Has the Canary Party contacted ANY candidate presently seeking the Republican nomination for the Presidency .. asking them:

"Who decides what vaccines a child will receive .. the child's parents .. or .. the child's elected representative?"

Are there any plans to have ALL candidates seeking elective office to sign a pledge .. promising they will support a parent's right to make "informed consent" decisions regarding vaccinations?

Maurine Meleck

Will there be a live feed so we can watch it?

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