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Dr. Sin Hang Lee: A Case Study in Ethics Don’t Pay

Gardasil By Norma Erickson, President

SANE Vax Inc. was organized to provide medical consumers with all of the information they need to make informed choices about vaccines, HPV vaccines in particular. Dr. Sin Hang Lee, Director of Milford Medical Laboratory Inc. has been instrumental in our efforts to raise consumer awareness regarding safe and effective cervical cancer prevention and the scientific facts in relation to the international HPV vaccine controversy.

Because of studies submitted to the FDA prior to approval of HPV vaccines indicating there was a substantial increase in pre-cancerous lesions for those who had already been exposed to vaccine-relevant genotypes of HPV before they were injected with Gardasil® or Cervarix®, Dr. Lee agreed to offer his cutting edge technology HPV genotyping test to medical consumers throughout the United States to protect those who were considering HPV vaccination so they could avoid that potential risk. The decision was announced to the public via a BusinessWire Press Release on 20 September 2010.

In the fall of 2010, without Dr. Lee’s knowledge or having an opportunity to defend himself, the newly appointed Chairperson of the Pathology Department at Milford Hospital informed the hospital’s credentialing committee that she was not recommending for approval or supporting Dr. Lee’s application for renewal of his medical staff privileges. For those who do not know, medical staff privileges at a hospital are a major asset to a medical doctor and they establish the relationship that permits among other things, the doctor to practice at a particular hospital.  When medical staff privileges at a hospital are revoked or not renewed, the doctor no longer has permission to practice at the hospital or use its facilities.  The non-renewal of the medical staff privileges, may also adversely affect the doctor’s license to practice medicine. In Dr. Lee’s case, the non-renewal of his medical staff privileges at Milford Hospital is under appeal.

Although Dr. Lee still maintains his medical staff privileges during the appeal, his position as director of the laboratory was summarily terminated along with his employment relationship at Milford Hospital on December 13, 2010 and he has been prevented from using the hospital’s laboratory to continue  his testing and research there ever since that time.  A lawsuit addressing the wrongful termination claim has been brought against the Milford Hospital.

While the hospital-based appeal hearings and the lawsuit are pending, Dr. Lee’s research and testing and the operation of his world class, CLIA certified molecular diagnostic laboratory at the Milford Hospital have all been significantly hindered and obstructed.  Dozens of opportunities for Dr. Lee to test Gardasil samples for contaminants have been lost as the hospital has redirected and/or returned vaccine lots sent to and intended for Dr. Lee back to the senders or other locations.  Dr. Lee and his attorneys are pursuing all available legal remedies to restore the testing laboratory as soon as possible in order to protect the public health, safety and well being.

In addition to his efforts to make sure those who choose to use HPV vaccines are able to protect themselves from a potential increased risk of pre-cancerous lesions due to prior exposure to vaccine-relevant HPV, Dr. Lee also allowed SANE Vax Inc. to offer his HPV DNA sequencing technology to those unfortunate enough to have experienced abnormal pap tests after HPV vaccination. SANE Vax Inc. believes these medical consumers have a right to know what genotypes of HPV are associated with their abnormal cells. If they are vaccine-relevant genotypes, the vaccine did not work for them. If they are not vaccine-relevant genotypes, perhaps the manufacturer targeted the wrong genotypes for their geographic area. Either way, medical consumers have a right to know.

Through the donation of his laboratory facilities, time and effort, Dr. Lee was able to confirm the contamination of Gardasil® with recombinant HPV DNA firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant contained in the vaccine. This is a man who has dedicated his life to what is best for the medical consumer, no matter what the cost to himself personally.

It is the belief of the SANE Vax team that Dr. Lee has come under fire because of his association with and support for the SANE Vax mission. Therefore, the SANE Vax Board of Directors is beginning a campaign to let those in charge of deciding Dr. Lee’s fate know that we, along with medical consumers around the world, support Dr. Lee.

If you wish to join us to show your support for Dr. Lee and his ability to continue his much needed research, please take a few minutes to send the following three emails to the authorities in charge of determining Dr. Lee’s fate:

#1  Dr. Joe Pellacia, President and CEO, Milford Medical Hospital

#2  Commissioner Jewel Mullen, Connecticut Department of Public Health

#3  Mr. George Jepsen, Attorney General State of Connecticut

All you need do is copy the linked emails into a new email, add an introductory sentence if you wish, and type your name and state/country after the signature line.

Without the information provided by Dr. Lee and his ongoing research, we feel medical consumers around the world will be deprived of information that is vital to their ability to exercise their right to informed consent when it comes to HPV vaccinations.

Please, take a few minutes and show those in charge of deciding Dr. Lee’s fate that you support his efforts to do what is best for medical consumers.

Read Entire Press Release here: http://sanevax.org/dr-sin-hang-lee-a-case-study-in-ethics-don%E2%80%99t-pay/



I will pass this along:
George RR Martin from Clash Of The Kings "When you tear a man's tongue out your are not proving him a liar, your are only telling the world that you fear what he might say."
You are a man among men Dr. Sin Hang Lee.
It is absolutely CRIMINAL when valid science is hidden, stolen, and buried.
Thank you for your continued efforts in continuing to spare the babies, boys and girls. Despicable measures were taken to silence you.
The crooked will be made straight!

Glax Britannicus

Thanks for reminding us, LJ, that for many people deliberate iatrogenic damage is just a business.

L. J.

If you were an employer- would you allow your employee to moonlight at your place of business trying to disprove a widely recommended and studied treatment? This makes it sound like he is a martyr. That's just silly.


Surgeons doing a double cut is getting a lot of press. How is this different from folks like Profit and even the avid promoter doctor who gets a share (directly or indirectly) of vaccine sales. Shouldn't the conflict of interest/corruption of the vaccine industry ecosystem require equal attention from the media

Managing Editor

Benedetta, Liz was promoting an SDT dating site, that's why she has commented at AofA - it's her job. And that's fine, I have no problem with a dating site for a specific group, though I deleted her comment. KIM


This is the second time that you have brought up dating problems after getting this disease?

I am sure it is bad to have this disease and I wish for cure and your well being.

But in your case now that you have it - Is the vaccine helping you any?

Meanwhile the CDC reports each and every year that the immune disorders have increased.

Each and every year there is one more vaccine added to a very long list of other vaccines. Many of these vaccines requires lots of boosters. Boosters are forced upon everyone only because a few did not develop immunity from the first shot. Again these boosters are forced (forced) upon people if they want to work or go to school to get an education.

How many dates, honey, do you think you will get if you have aspergers or PDD-NOS, or autism, or an immune disease that makes you sleep all day?

I can tell you how many dates my 25 year old son has had - and he has very mild autism - he has a degree from a community college, he is rather good looking - but no job, stays in his room and not ever a date, or a girl that has been intereted in him.

Well that is not true there was one that between marriages would call him constantly untill she was married again.

Elsie Russell

Wow, they will stop at nothing to silence everyone!!!...one license/medial practice/researcher at a time! I'm off to send my letters of protest and support......AGAIN!!!


Who is this newly appointed Chairperson of the Pathology Department at Milford Hospital??? What is her connection to
Merck?It appears big pharma on the top does not want anyone to check on them.Dr.Lee is getting the Wakefield treatment.
Where are the Doctors,the other Scientist,co-workers,staff??
Why do they allow this pharma bully to push their former Director out of the hospital/lab? If science is based on fear and you can only do what pharma allows you to do,then science had FAILED.We demand full reinstatement of Dr.Lee's
status and medical privileges.Please grant him the privileges and the resources he needs to complete the work he needs to do.Our parents,our daughters,our future health
may depend on these answers.Destroying another Scientist's
life,future and reputation is only going to add more fire to the vaccine issues.Please allow Dr.Lee to do his job!

CarolynC Kylesmom

We need something akin to the Nobel Prize or McArhur Genius Grant for those like Wakefield, Dr. Lee, and the countless others who endure ridicule from colleagues or, like Wakefield and Lee, far, far worse simply for speaking their truth and proving it.

Please can one of us win a massive lotto and start this prize!?


I would really like to know where the Union of Concerned Scientists is in all this. Dr. Lee is getting Wakefielded. So will the next researcher who dares to step over the line. And the next. And the next. The Church of Pharmagov burns all heretics. God forbid anyone mention that HPV may be transmitted maternally and even sexually naive children may already have been exposed and therefore be at greater risk from getting the vaccine. I'm sure when cervical cancer rates go up and ages of victims come down, it will all be a big "puzzle" and chalked up to genetics, in need of research ad infinitum.

Not an MD

All I can say is that this is a disgrace to science and to the medical profession as a whole. When the profitability of a pharmaceutical company becomes more important to those in medicine than the health of our citizens, what good is there to say about the entire medical profession? I can't think of anything.

A young woman who works with my kids and who had all three doses of Gardasil two years ago has developed lower leg lesions, and severe bleeding from colitis. I sure do wonder if her blood were tested if they would find recombinant viral HPV DNA in her blood. I'll bet Milford denied a very fine doctor his hospital privileges because they anticipated a flood of patients demanding the testing of their blood to determine if Gardasil caused their new auto-immune diseases. I feel very badly for Dr. Lee, and I wish him success in his lawsuits.

David Taylor

Am I reading (and re-reading) this correctly? No reason has been given to Dr. Lee for the refusal to renew his license? Didn't see one in the article.

Just Say No to Drugs - pharmaceuticals especially

All in all the best advice is to boycott all pharmaceutical products. Go to google and find naturopathic and homeopathic and ayurvedic practitioners and acupuncturists in your area and say goodbye to the toxic drug and biologic promoting industries who are beholden to double digit growth as public corporations.


This is a grotesque example of the treatment which competent and unbiased research workers risk when they publish negative results for vaccines or other pharmaceuticals.


Consumers have a right to know what strain of HPV they have and whether it's related to the vaccine strain.

Like Wakefield, Dr. Lee stumbled upon something Pharma didn't want anyone to know. By sequencing the the DNA of the HPV vaccine strain, Dr. Lee could show a direct link to appearance of that HPV strain in a patient and the HPV vaccine.

True to their word they will "seek out and destroy" any doctors who steps out of line or questions the vaccines.

If the HPV strain in the vaccine is capable of causing abnormal pap smears and pre-cancerous lesions then these aren't just vaccines they're potentially bioweapons.

When I hear about potentially lethal HPV strains being put in HPV vaccines, I have to wonder about the mental health of the Pharmacuetical industry. Are they deliberately making people sick to cultivate a patient base? Can an entire industry suffer from Munchausen by proxy?

Missy Olive

Wow. I'm without words.


Did I understand this article correctly?
That if someone has already been exposed to HPV and they receive this vaccine -- it may cause pre-cancerous lesions really soon after the shot???

How long would this vaccine last if not for a government runned vaccine compensation court - and not being allowed to sue?

Also the pharma would soon be welcoming people like Dr. Lee and his work to keep themselves out of trouble, if they were being sued for products they make that don't work or cause harm.

I am so sorry for the victims of vaccines but I am also sorry for the Dr. Wakefield's and Dr. Less's of the world too.

'tis of thee I sing

As the English Parliament Health Committee reported in 2005:

‘221. ………. Considerable resources are invested into building long-term, sustainable relationships with stakeholders and ‘key opinion leaders‘ and journalists. These relationships are used to promote the use of certain brands and counter concerns relating to safety. Efforts to undermine critical voices in particular were identified, under terms of “issues management”. In later evidence, in response to the ISM’s memorandum, Pfizer stated that PR is entirely legitimate and can “help to educate and inform”. According to the PMCPA, PR activities may include “placing articles in the lay press, TV documentaries, soap operas etc“.’


and at the height of the Vioxx affair a Merck exec spoke of destroying critical doctors "where they live"


it is perhaps possible to interpret the radiant smile of the scarlet cardiganed Julie Gerberding as she poses before the star-spangled banner.


It perhaps brings home what in the early 21st century patriotism really means.

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