Will the Real Doctors and Journalists Please Stand Up?
Best of Age of Autism: Paul Offit and the Original Sin


Cynthia Cournoyer

Amazon is having trouble with its stock. More are on the way I promise. Don't know about the $50. Not from me! You can contact me directly through the website or you could go to one of my distributors and he has lots in stock! Meanwhile, good luck and thanks for all the positive feedback!!!!! http://www.ageofautism.com/2011/10/what-about-immunizations-qa-with-cynthia-cournoyer.html

Karen G

I would love to read and share this book!!

Richelle Feniak

I would love to get this book to help better educate people around me about the harmful effects of immunizing. Unfortunately, we vaxed our 1st daughter who is now 11. She lives with a vax injury which affects our lives on a daily basis. I thank the Lord we found some amazing research & decided to not vax our 2nd daughter (now 1yr old & way ahead of her peers!). I think by getting this book, I would be able to inform more people around me (i've already successfully helped 2 other families by sharing research with them. They have decided against immunizing!)
Today I tried to order the book at Amazon.com (under $15) but because I live in Canada, I was sent to Amazon.ca where the book was almost $50!

Michelle Wandrack

Would love to win this book. I won an AOA book giveaway last April for Cutting Edge Therapies For Autism 2011 and have never received it so it would be nice to be a winner. Thanks AOA for all the great information you impart.

Tammie knight

Yea What about those immunizations, if the immunizationa are so safe, then why are we seeing so many being injured! So what about those immunizations, when in fact the genetic testing has proved nothing in respect to genes producing autism. What about those immunizations?


please enter me for book. thanks


would love to read this

Tennessee Love

My husband and I have an autism support group in East Texas called Changing The Path. I would love to add What about Immunizations? to our lending library since we have other parents asking us this very question.


This is definitely a book I would love to delve into. Thanks so much for this truly generous giveaway! : )

Jagannath Chatterjee

You can post a copy to me. I am from India.


Ok, so I REALLY want this book! REALLY REALLY REALLY!!!!


please enter candace, i would love to read this!

bruce stagner

I'm 51 years old. Wasn't rightfully diagnosed with autism,till 45. Every label out there was tossed on me, including retarded.I'm now medically retired from a major airline,as a Boeing 717 first officer.Took low pay jobs flying. Held caption positions. All with out issue. After years of this was hired by a national airline. That company grew to become a major carrier.A life of hell.I refused to let people steal my joy. I never stopped reaching. I heard the echo's of laughter for so long. There was a reason for the madness. Know one well shame me again!!!


I'd like to win to report to italian parents of emergenzautismo.org
We read AoA every day!!!!

jackie sebell

OOh - *crosses fingers*


I suggest that whoever buys or wins a copy of this book donate it to their local library after reading it, so that others might stumble upon it and learn something.....


Please enter me!


Very interested in what there is to learn from this book. It is necessary to be educated and informed.

Heather Turano

would love to read this to educate myself more and add to my collection of knowledge. I can continue to spread information and awareness on my page Autism warrior Long island NY ....thanks ! heather

Amie Rooks

Would love to win and donate to our library!


Enter me please :)

Stephanie Klinker-Jones

Please? 2 ASD boys, one NT, and this book I do not have. I believe I have almost every other one out there! Need more input!!


Would love to add this to our parent resource room. Thanks!

JJennifer Black


Vega22 (Dawn Emrys)

I would like to win this book after listening to the interview on Autism One. As a grandmother who only became opposed to vaccination 10 odd years ago after first trying to prove by facts, figures and journals on why my daughter should vaccinate her expected baby. Only to be spun out on what my investigation produced and I totally changed my opinion and not only supported her decision but advocated it. But what I have found is that if I enter into a discussion, whereas the stats and figures fascinate and absorb me, to others they glaze over and shut down. So I am interested in reading this book to understand how it’s not facts and figures that may open the mind, but understanding the belief system and how they have been culturally ambushed. I learnt from her interview that rather than blank them out with stats, maybe by simply offering the sample of Scarlet Fever, that there’s never been a vax for this and now it virtually doesn’t exist. So I’d like to win this book and garner more of these gems


we are both unemployed. So, anything free is appreciated.

Barbara Bucknam

I would love to read this book.

Sandra Ramroth

My nephew just had a baby would love it for him

Caffeinated Autism Mom

I run a lending library and would love to share this with lots of families!


Yes me too please!

Tami Bence

enter me, please & thank you.

Lisa Smith

thank you for all you do for people like me, harmed by a vaccine. Slowly but surely we will spread the word.


Would love to have it! I'm a nurse, and I try to educate others about the dangers of vaccines!


Count me in!

Heather Cornbleth

Enter me please!!

María Luján

enter me please


Me, me, ME! PICK ME!!!!!!!!! (hands waving wildly)

wondering why

I'd love to win this. Please enter me.


Yes Please!

Harry H.

Me too.


Enter me pleaase. I have a friend having their first baby and would love to give them this book. thanks

TannersDad Tim


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