When the Google Alert Makes Autism Families Want to Vomit
The Canary Party: California 12 Year Olds to be Vaccinated with out Parental Knowledge

AB499 Passes in CA Removes Parental Consent from Gardasil Genital Wart Vaccine for Children 12+

Gardasil Governor Jerry Brown has signed AB499, which allows children age 12 and up to consent to the triple jab Gardasil from Merck for genital warts without parental consent.  Children who can not bring a Pamprin to school for cramps, can now agree to a vaccination.

Gov. Brown also signed SB946 autism insurance law into effect under mental health.  See HERE.


james williams

If at 12 you are old enough to say yes to a shot is the next step to make the age of consent 12 the perverts are waiting

Fat Angry Hairy Man Dad 280lbs raging bull

why doesn't AoA put up the before and after photo's for this person "truth" .....? Poor Zeda Pingel for instance and she survived this heinous vaccine .

"truth" don't mind us . You vaccinate yourself and all your family to the maximum , you'll see the "truth" soon enough .

Anna lopez

Oh my, my daughter got the first HPV shot in juvenile hall without my consent. The one vaccination I have opted out through her private doctor. I'm reading the AB499 and I'm dumbfounded to see that my 14 year old can make such decision, but yet I was asked to sign a medical release form after the fact. I'm so angry.....she will not getting the other two shots. That Jerry Brown worthless. He must not have granddaughters.


The Truth???
We do not use tinfoil for cooking,we got rid of the aluminum dishes forty years ago,we do not like and reject
all aluminum adjuvanted/containing vaccines.
I you come to our site,then you need to be respectful.I am
a Research Investigator,I know what the real truth is.Good
luck with your tinfoils.Make your own hat.

The Truth

Someone should start selling pre-made tinfoil hats to you nuts. They'd make a killing.


Medical fascism is here,well and alive.They will line up the kids at the school for vaccination.The kids now belong to the state as parental rights are taken away.
Where is the informed choice?
Where is the informed consent?
Strangers like profit-hungry
pharma and corrupted politicians will fear-monger and use agressive techniques to manipulate the kids into vaccinations.Strangers are allowed to make decisions about our children's health!???

Vikki Hufnagel

This action by Brown is thoughtless and lacks ethics. He trusts the disinformation program paid by makers of HPV vaccine which reflects a general lack of understanding of science. I will do a YOU TUBE in the am..under The Ethical Times
Doctor Vikki


Have Jerry Brown committed before any more damage is done!

john little

My daughters brain swelled from the pertusus vacine. She
could not sleep and cried for 3 days


Myself and lot of my friends called the gov office registered no to this bill prior to signing by Governor.

How can we have them publish the results of that?



The people in CA accept anything, and anyone, as their own. Hell, CA just passed the "dream act" and will spend billions to send illegals to college....seems I just read that the state, like so many others, is in the RED....makes ya wonder doesn't it? I can't help but wonder how many brain cells have been lost to the smog that they are willing to sacrafice their children because "government" says so!!!

Mary Tocco- Independent Vaccine Researcher

FOR YEARS, I HAVE BEEN SCREAMING FOR PARENTS TO WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING! Perhaps this crazy step will be the catalyst that wakes up parents across the nation! Do you think it will end with our children? Hospitals across the nation are forcing flu vaccines on all health care workers or GET FIRED! Who in this economy can afford to lose a job? If we do not get busy repealing this law, it will happen across the country before our eyes and we shall have no one to blame. CA residents should be out in the streets with picket signs, pulling their children out of school and demanding a repeal ASAP!


They can kiss my --- cause i'm not going to let anyone inject my kid with anything. I already talked to my child about this situation and she knows what to do. Jerry Brown needs to find another job.


When I told my mild-mannered husband that Gov. Brown/ California had passed this bill, he actually would not believe me. I had to show him on the website. That's how surprising it is. He even joked that it must be a "communist plot." What I keep wondering is when will the neurologists, above all others (and because the conflict of interest is too high for the peds), notice that there are way too many kids with soft sign neurological damage. I mean back on the day I do remember one really classic hyperactive kid and that was about it. The neuro's know.

Robert Harris

Since when are kids at the age of 12, to beyond 18, for that matter, concerned about genital warts? This is sick beyond the word! Actually it is a warped, insane, method of the NWO, to embed our children with chips, that not only track, but are capable of ending that individuals life at the puash of a button!

Shannon Hunt

Seriously, I've told my 12 year old son ( who is high functioning and verbal) that If ANYONE attempts to inject him that he is to run and yell at the top of his lungs just as if he were being abducted! My younger non-verbal son goes to an Internet charter and is never away from me with teachers, etc. THAT is what it's come to here!


how much did he get from merk


When will all dumb people wake up??
Until one day your kids come back in a body bag?


California, you have the power of recall. It worked once already. It can work again. Recall Brown, or expect more of this from him.

Tim B

Start packin hun,we're movin


Re: Bob Marshall's comment. I am a Democrat who voted for Obama. I, like all of my democratic AND rebublican friends are sickened that this Bill passed and that Gov Brown signed it into Law. I hope you will agree that you cannot blame this on just politics. This is the result of ALL politicians, Democrat and Republican who bow down to COPORATIONS, for their political donations (i.e. BRIBES)that pushes this kind of garbage on the masses.


"The great mass of people will eventually accept whatever was given or imposed by their rulers, including religion. They might rebel at times, but it was usually about bread or taxes, not higher principles.

Material reality and their precarious existence weigh too heavily on them. Their horizons were narrow, their submission traditional, and this worked in favor of the established authority whatever its creed or its political call.

People were there to be used and manipulated by a tiny political class and would remain so for a very long time."
- Prof. Eugen Joseph Weber
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qDpYIECLt0 )


This is Fascism in action.Look up the definition of that word. But what did the people of CA think they would get, voting in a cur like Moonbeam?!Enjoy the fruits of your actions, Californians.


When my son went on a class field trip to a local farm, I had to sign permission forms. To think that children in CA can be injected with HPV vaccine without parental consent is beyond comprehension. They are too young to vote or drive but they can give the okay for a shot? This makes no sense.

Governor Brown has made a huge error in judgement by undermining the rights of parents to make health care decisions for their own children. I would like to know Gov. Browns relationship to the drug companies who lobbied for the passage of this bill. What backroom deals were made?


Your government is a corporation, it does not work for the people, it siphons taxpayers money away from the people to invest it in big business and is in fact majority shareholder in fortune 500 companies, of which Merck is one, as well as the major banks (who then go on to loan you your own taxpayers money and charge you interest), oil companies, media and IT companies. This also means that through proxy votes, your government decides on those companies policies and board of directors. Whilst trillions of taxpayers dollars are invested in funds to make money which you, the people don't see the color of, you are then told that cuts in care and essential infrastructure are necessary and that taxes have to go up.

essential viewing, this guy, Clint Richardson, has really looked into this in great detail.

Commingled funds (of California)-

This is fascism. This is why the persons who are supposed to represent you work against you, as in the case of this abhorrent and disgraceful decision, because money for Merck is also money for corporate government.

Bob Marshall

How could California elect Jerry Brown as governor? I know! They voted for Obama.

Not an MD

Will children with autism and no voice to say "Yes" or "No" to the vaccine also be allowed to "consent" to a Gardasil without the knowledge of their parents? What about children with Down Syndrome or any other chromosomal abnormality that might compromise their ability to understand the risks/benefits of vaccination? Will they just be vaccinated by default, because an over-reaching government official steps in to make health decisions for them sans the parents?

What about the children who are allergic to components of the vaccine? Will anyone question the children at their school about their allergies prior to administering the vaccine, or will it not matter to those administering the shots? Gardasil contains yeast.

Will the typical children have to sign consent forms, or will verbal agreements be sufficient in the eyes of those administering these shots? Verbal agreements are not even sufficient for a parent who consents to the vaccination of a minor child in the eyes of the law. How can a verbal agreement be enough for a 12-year old, but not an adult?

So many legal questions are raised by this atrocious AB499. In fact, there is no end to the questions raised.

Shame on you, Governor Brown. This decision will haunt you for the rest of your political career (and hopefully longer, if you have any conscience at all). Just wait until parents of Gardasil-injured girls and boys come to your office to pay you a visit. Those who are not immediately injured by the vaccine will tell their parents about what happened at school. The parents WILL know, even if it is after-the-fact. Your signature on AB499 will overshadow everything else you do in office. May God save your soul, if you have one.

John Stone

Joel the K

There were many very strong arguments for Governor Brown to hold out. I am actually surprised he didn't. I believe his capitulation is more shocking than inevitable.

Joel the K

Brown has sold out to the Corporatocracy. I commend you Brown, you held out longer than most of your politician peers did before you caved in and sold out to Big Pharma and the Corporations in general. I don't judge Brown. Big Pharma probably made him a deal he couldn't refuse. God help the children of California. Dear God.


Gov. Brown has sold his soul to the devil.



I am not familiar with your political system, BUT, if Gov. Brown signed the SB946 "Autism Insurance Law into effect under mental health," then is this just a little "sweetener" before he signed the AB499??



A sad, sad day for our children.


Antony Copland


The following is to OVERTURN AB499, and is petitioning MERCK, the FDA, the WHO, Jerry Brown, and Toni Atkins.

Little known fact, HPV is NOT associated with cervical cancer.

Sarah L'Heureux

Governor Jerry Brown, you should be totally ashamed. For years you ran on a leftist/liberal/people's line, but now you have caved to Big Pharma. It's not that you don't know better about vaccines, Governor, it's just that you think your continued campaign is more important.
Brown, you sold out! And you have lost the confidence of every parent who has a clue about the horrible effects of Gardasil on our children.

Jeannette Bishop

I can just see the Merck-style reproductive health educational assemblies thoroughly scaring all those attending about cervical cancer, etc. with nurses standing by ready to inject any child who wants to get the vaccine, even having teachers excuse students from class to get the vaccine (unfortunately that would motivate uptake by itself)!

This proposal looks better and better all the time.



Merck must be celebrating this one and pushing their lobbyists in the other big states to press on. Depressing. Just wait for the vaccine "product placements" in popular tween TV shows that are sure to follow.


This is just WRONG on EVERY level. Children cannot make sound medical decisions. They live in "the moment" and don't understand the potentialy life altering consquences of these shots...very frightening. Glad I don't live in CA!!

Barbara Certo

This is totally ludicrous. What's the next step, maybe allowing our 12 year olds to drink alcohol, smoke pot and have sex because some idiotic lunatic gets voted into office and passes a bill because he's pressured by the big Pharmas. There has to be something that can be done about this. My children are grown, but this really burns me. How many of these idiots that introduced and passed this bill have 12 year old little children at home? Probably none. Should we be allowing child brides too ** without parental consent**. This really takes the cake Jerry Brown. I sure hope this is your last term in office. Too bad they don't still run people like this out of town on a rail!!!!


That's outrageous. A child can not understand the effects of the HPV vaccine. Who is going to be the responsible party when something goes wrong?

Meryl Dorey

Mom23boys - there are many, many children who will do it because everyone else is doing it. Children are so prone to giving in to peer pressure and if their teachers and the medical staff who come in to administer the shots tell them it will save their lives, why would they say no?

They will know NOTHING about the risks nor will they be told them. They will know NOTHING about the fact that HPV has not been proven to be linked with cervical cancer. They will know NOTHING about the ingredients, the affect on their future fertility or any of the other issues surrounding these vaccines.

Children of that age are not considered to be mature enough to drink alcohol, drive, vote or hold down a job. Yet somehow, the government seems to feel that they are old enough to make a decision that may adversely affect their health for the rest of their lives or even kill them!

This is criminal and I believe that Brown and everyone else who voted for this bill should be held accountable in a court of law for every single child who gives consent to this vaccine without being given the right to have their parent's guidance.

Oh, one more thing...think about the precedent. If children are considered capable of making this choice - how many other choices will be taken away from parents when it comes to their kids and their health? This is a bad day for justice and a terrible day for freedom of choice!

Meryl Dorey
Australian Vaccination Network, Inc.

Not an MD

I wonder how much Pharma $$$ greased Gov. Brown's palms in the past few days....?

This is an outrage!

Heidi N

This is too shocking for words!!!


While this is beyond disgusting, what kid is going to say -- okay, give me a shot -- anyway.

John Stone

This is an obscenity. An offence against every aspect of human dignity, civil rights and medical ethics. America, watch out!

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