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92 Pandemrix Vaccine Narcolepsy Awards Exceeds Compensation Pool Limits: See Why Vaccines are Protected Here?

Vaccines money Pandemrix was the H1N1 vaccine used in Finland. It caused narcolepsy in children. 92 cases with more to follow is expected to  exceed the compensation pool limit and the Finnish government will step in to pay the remainder. Compensation to last up to 80 years.  Does this help explain why vaccines are protected so fiercely in America? And why vaccine court is an impermeable gauntlet?  If every child and adult who had been injured received even a small compensation, America would go broke(r). Remember that these Finnish families were trying to protect their children because the media campaign to instill fear over H1N1 was in full force. They thought they were doing the right thing for their kids. Our hearts go out to them.

The Finnish Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool said in a statement Wednesday that it would pay compensation to children and young people who have developed narcolepsy since they were given Pandemrix, an influenza vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKline, in 2009 and 2010.

With 92 claims recorded by Wednesday, the pool's 30-million-euro compensation limit is expected to be exceeded, with the government picking up the remainder of the bill.

A government agency confirmed the link between Pandemrix and the narcolepsy cases last month.

Some of the sufferers of the debilitating disease may be paid compensation for lost earnings for up to 80 years.

Read the full article in The Helsinki Times.



The term, "narcolepsy" is used to avoid calling it what it really is: vaccine-induced seizure disorder.


In Finland, they are at least acknowledging, that even though there is a genetic predisposition to develop narcolepsy, an outside external factor (the flu vaccine) is triggering the illness.
The link of narcolepsy with a genetic risk reinforces the idea that this is a process that requires external irritants to the immune system. Genetic factors are not the only cause of narcolepsy. Up to 30 per cent of Finns have the genetic predisposition, but very few ever actually get the disease. When the disease unexpectedly increases so much, it is logical to think that the external factor in these cases was the vaccine.



The other reason the Finnish approach is avoided? I bet the Finnish government is going to be very cautious about the next recommended blockbuster, must-have vaccine. They'll probably pull a Poland and turn down any vaccine that doesn't come with drug company liability coverage.

Actually paying attention to vaccine reactions will turn into limited use of vaccines.

Jenny Allan

The Finnish government has acted timeously and responsibly.

In the UK there is absolutely NO scientific proof (yawn)that the HINI vaccine caused (yawn) narcolepsy. We are still(yawn) going through the process to find suitable research scientists (yawn) to investigate this. We estimate this process to take at least 10 years (yawn) after which everyone will be asleep...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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