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Will Government Deny Parental Healthcare Rights That Currently Exist?

Vaccine parental approval By Kim Stagliano

Yesterday my oldest daughter had a high school doctor's office"well visit." I think the teen year visits are a bit of a waste. If there's something wrong, I'd schedule an appointment. However, I can play the "blue form" game as well as the next parent, so off we went.  I'm happy to keep a good relationship with my pediatrician, who is very helpful in many areas.  Huh? Did Kim just say she needs her pediatrician?  Well, yes!   She has ordered podiatric visits, blood work for PANDAS and many other tests, dermatology appointments and more for us.  And she's the insurance gatekeeper.  Plus, while I can keep my girls healthy vis a vis diet and environmental exposures - I can't tell if their hearts go flippy floppy or an organ becomes swollen.

So the visit proceeded: Vision test? Wouldn't look in the device. Blood pressure. Normal. Height and weight? Yes, she has both. Ears? Waxy. Nose? Snotty. Eyes? Gorgeous. Mouth? Clamped shut tighter than Scrooge's wallet on December 23rd.

Then we came to, it... "Vaccines?" asked the nurse practitioner. "No thank you," said I.  And that was that. I left with a happy, healthy child and a signed form. No angst. No battle. No animosity.

I provided some quotes for an article by Kaiser earlier this week - I doubt they will run them. I wasn't strident or "anti-vaccine," I was, well, Kim. Just a parent trying to do her best for her kids, like all of us.

While we were waiting for the blue form, I noticed an announcement on the wall (see photo.) Our practice will not adminster a vaccine without a parent present. As you know, AB499 in California is pushing to remove parental consent for the HPV shot called Gardasil. We're hoping that doesn't happen. It will be a blessing for Merck, but honestly, do we want to remove parents from the healthcare equation? I sure don't.   Please  email CA Governor Jerry Brown with your opinion on AB499:

All I Can Handle Small Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her book from Skyhorse Publishing, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa; A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism is available now. Visit her website at Kim Stagliano.



Dear Friends,please review a research study from Christopher
A.Shaw and Michael S. Petrick: Aluminum Hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration.This study informs you that "there have been
NO rigorous animal studies of potential aluminum adjuvant
toxicity" also that "aluminum can be neurotoxic under a
number of conditions".Now you know that the newborns central
nervous system (CNS)is immature and the blood brain barrier is weak.Please take two minutes from your precious time to find this important study:


Any doctor who offers a flu vaccine to a sick child -
whose immune system is down is not a good doctor. Any
doctor who pushes vaccines,but does not know the ingredients
and have not reviewed adverse reactions/existing databases
are not an informed doctor.Mothers should think about home
home birth rather than super-bugs filled (antibiotic resistant bacterias)hospitals,learn,research,be prepared
before your baby is born.Seek knowledge,seek the truth,it is your job to protect your baby.If you can not trust the staff,then you only shower when a family member is present.
NEVER leave your baby alone.HepB shot is loaded with aluminum adjuvants.How can a newborn detoxify with their immature liver and kidneys to excrete???!!!


What's becoming very concerning to me is the number of parents who are reporting that nurses are "whisking away" their babies as soon as Mom turns her back, and giving that HepB shot before you can blink an eye. It's like, oh well, too bad, so sad,you can't take it back now.

This happened to my niece's baby, who escaped that shot for 8 weeks while they delivered what was supposed to be a modified vaccine schedule for the baby.

Then, at one of her many appointments that a graduated vaccination schedule requires, the nurse came out with an extra needle. When my niece asked what the extra shot was for, the nurse jabbed it in her baby's leg quickly, then answered HepB. My niece was furious because her pediatrician had agreed not to give that shot at all -- and he'd put that in her chart.

I think if I were a parent today, I would tell the nurses right up-front, you give any shots you're not authorized to give, and I'll charge you with assault & battery on my child, and sue you besides.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Where is George Orwell, when we really need him to write another book? Russian communism turned out to be a flop, but medical communism is in the process of taking over the United States, and before finishing that task, they are quickly moving into other countries as fast as they can. They know the truth- medical protocols, once instituted are more difficult to change than a Supreme Court decision; in all countries that is the case. The drug companies must be falling over with mirth , watching all those earnest doctors and scientists searching for truths. They know what the scientist does not ; that his findings are unlikely to influence medical policy unless the drug companies approve.
Jake Crosby, could you do a little internet research and find us an author ?

Linda Higgins

I took my 13 year old to the doctor yesterday because she is sick, has an ear infection and sinus infection, but the doctor offered her the flu vaccine. Really? Is a sick visit the time to give my kid the flu shot, as if I would let her have it anyway! Luckily she is only the back up doc I go to when we can't get into the real doc.


I agree with Kathy Blanco. Can we have a lawyer prepare us a very formal form that states something like:
I agree that I'm forcing this child to receive a vaccine even though I am aware that there are some serious side effects to it. Should anything happen to this child I agree to be held responsible and liable. As such, I will provide for any doctor's visit, medication, therapies, for as long as the child may need it. I also agree to provide for anything needed for as long as needed....
Something in those terms. We can give it to pediatricians, nurses, and in California, parents can give it to the children...


My second child was given the Hep B vaccine in hospital in spite of my pediatrician-approved (and pediatrician-signed) written and verbal instructions to the contrary.

The minute my back was turned--I made the mistake of taking a shower in my hospital room, a few hours after delivering, after sn 18-hour labor-the nurses whisked my baby back to the nursery ands gave him the vaccine.


We should expect to see more, not less of this.

Angus Files

I am sure you do Kim but ,these people know when they have a lets say “informed parent” and the professionals label us all as troublesome or worse. I like to watch them grow 6 inches whilst they are sitting when I ask something simple like, "has that shampoo you`ve just mentioned got mercury in it? oh you know us weere just plain anti-vaccine". So nursey nurse if your reading this its safe to take the posters down the informed parent has gone, you can sleep better tonight , although we would all prefer to see the posters up.

Well done Kim


No no, Angus. I leave my work at the door and walk in as a Mom only. An informed Mom who speaks her mind to be sure, but just Kim - not Managing Editor/author/advocate Kim. In fact, I hope they know nothing about me at all except I take good care of my kids and I am an informed, rational parent. I think that does more to move the debate forward than my scoring points one way or another.


Just because you don't sign the hospital HepB consent form don't think your kid didn't get it.

Ask me how I know this?

And yes, the kid inquestion is my worst one.


Probably crapped her pants when she knew Kim was coming and covered the place in posters...

Rupert and James will need a change of underwear as well and James is still a fit and proper person to serve as non executive director of GSK


I was told in a meeting yesterday that Vericella is next on the mandatory list for California schools. Maybe we should all be pushing for mandatory right to exempt information for all. I hope you praised your Doctor for doing the right thing.

kathy blanco

we need to have a form already laid out on line where we can copy and print and give to our pediatrician when he asks to sign this paper. He would be held liable for all vaccine injuries...let's see who says no thanks first heh? I go to a GP, they are less vaccine happy, or at least mine is because he is affiliated with ACAM. They are more bent on holistic looks at health than lets cut them burn them chemo them drug them types and even advocate your the healer. Maybe the same form should also be given the school nurse as well who is admnistering those vaccines as well heh? Hold the school administrators liable for any damages...again, let's see if they say no thanks first. If they do, then you don't partake of vaccines ever. Instructing our children of stranger danger now takes on a whole new meaning, especially if they kind of sort of know them, and or they wear a white coat or a funky print known as a nurses uniform.

Another parent

Our family doctor had, for years, never questioned our refusal of vaccines for my son. He even once muttered under his breath, "They don't work anyway." Now at the most recent school physical a few months ago, he tried to push for an updated MMR and DTaP. I politely and firmly declined, but there was a definite shift in our relationship.
The times they are a-changin'...I fear for the future of all our kids.


The last time I took my teen for a physical (necessary for high school sports participation in our state) everything was fine until we turned down a couple of vaccines (he's had all the regular childhood ones). Suddenly I hear a nurse yell - rather loudly - "we've got a DECLINE here, please get me the form." Next thing I know my ped is asking me to sign this draconian-looking document where I am supposed to acknowledge that I am putting my child's life in danger, and possibly other children too (for a vaccine that my ped has told me for years my child didn't really "need" yet). He didn't bat an eye when I mentioned my concerns; in fact he told me verbally that I was a highly educated person and that it was my decision to make.

This form took me by surprise, and I crossed off and re-worded a big section of it, to which my ped had no objection whatsoever. He said that he has to hand those forms out now due to insurance company audits. He's generally a nice guy, but this issue has definitely thrown a monkey wrench in our relationship.

I'm not going to take my child anywhere where I am put in an adversarial role with the person who is supposed to be taking care of said child. If I hadn't known to re-word that form (like your average parent) - that doctor has just put ALL the liability on me, when he has NONE himself anyway (due to vaccine indemnification)!

From now on, for any "required" teen physicals - we will be going to one of the $25 specials at a medical center.



Yes - I have the "consent" form from Doylestown Hospital for Gianna's Birth dose - I had no idea there was mercury in it (1996) nor that it was not necessary at birth. I just did what a good Mommy does and followed the doctor's orders and signed the form.


How did you finally find out that the Hep B was given?
Did you have to get the birth records from the hospital?


Hep B is a hospital procedure though, it's not in the ped records. I found that out when I searched the girls' records.

Bob Moffitt

"While we were waiting for the blue form, I noticed an announcement on the wall (see photo.) Our practice will not adminster a vaccine without a parent present."

I think this pediatrician should be commended for instituting the "parent must be present" for a vaccine to be administered policy.. but .. I am very curious as to the circumstances or reasoning that caused him to do so?

Does anyone know if the HEP B given within hours of birth requires the parent to be present when administered? If not .. why not?

Maybe someday a courageous pediatrician will actually post symptoms of a vaccine adverse reaction (high pitched screaming accompanied with high fevers, seizures, inconsolable crying tantrums, chronic diarrhea, sleeplness nights, etc.) .. so that parents can alert the pediatrician in a timely manner .. so the doctor can comply as requested by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System:

"Please report all significant adverse events that occur after vaccination of adults and children, even if you are not sure whether the vaccine caused the adverse event."

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