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California Law Would Allow Vaccination of Minors with No Parental Consent

Teens ATTENTION California Parents! Tell Gov. Jerry Brown what you think about a law that will allow someone to give your 12 year old child Gardasil and other vaccines without your knowledge or consent.  Read NVIC’s Urgent California Action Alert here.

Every mother has had the nightmare. We dream our child, who we love more than we thought we could love anyone, has been taken away by strangers and cannot be found. The cold fear rises up from our stomach into our throats as we search, endlessly, to find the child we would give up our own life to protect from harm.

The biological imperative for parents to protect their young is stronger than the law of any nation. It is stronger than any value or belief. It is primitive and hardwired into a mother’s DNA because it is the fierce protective instinct that enables intelligent life on earth to survive.

Historic Power Struggle: Doctors vs. Parents

The debate about vaccination in the 21st century is not just about the science and whether vaccines and vaccine policies are a safe and effective way to keep individuals and populations truly healthy.

It is also part of an historic power struggle between parents and doctors about whether doctors or anyone else in society should have the legal right to give children a pharmaceutical product or medical treatment that carries a risk of injury or death without the parent’s voluntary, informed consent.

CA Bill Strips Informed Consent Rights from Parents

Today, there is a bill on the desk of California Governor Jerry Brown  (Assembly Bill 499) that has been quietly and quickly rammed through the state legislature by the medical-pharma lobby.

If Governor Brown signs that bill into law, then children as young as 12 years old will be vaccinated with Gardasil, hepatitis B and future vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

Merck & Pharma Profit

This proposed law would cost the cash-strapped state of California multi-millions of dollars to implement. Most of that money will go to Merck and other vaccine corporations to pay for multiple doses of each vaccine that will be aggressively promoted to young children, who are not yet physically, mentally or emotionally mature enough to make fully informed decisions about risk-taking, including whether or not to take a medical risk.

This proposed law gutting parental informed consent rights is great news for drug companies like Merck, which sells Gardasil to the government for $108 per dose, but it is very bad news for parents.

Parents Legally Responsible for Secretly Vaccinated Children

What if a 12 year old child is biologically at high risk for having a life threatening vaccine reaction but the parent is not told the child has been vaccinated and does not watch for symptoms and the child’s reaction ends in permanent disability?

Will the person, who has secretly given the vaccine to the child without the parent’s knowledge, be legally responsible for what happens if the child has a serious reaction?

Will the drug company that sold the vaccine to the state be legally responsible for the physical harm done to a secretly vaccinated child? 

No. The parent will be legally and financially responsible for caring for the child, who was taken by strangers and vaccinated without the parent’s consent, and is now brain damaged for life.

No Liability for Drug Corps or Doctors

In America, there is no legal liability or responsibility for drug companies selling or doctors giving government recommended vaccines when those vaccines injure or kill children or adults.

How can the state of California - or any state - give anyone in society the power to secretly take a child away from a parent and subject that child to a medical risk without the parent’s consent?

There is no doctor, no government employee and no politician, who has the moral right to do that to a parent or their child.

To read the rest of this referenced commentary or to watch a 6 minute video, click here.

Take action in your state to protect you vaccine informed consent rights. Sign up for NVIC’s vaccine choice Advocacy Portal.




If anyone will do some research, they will find that Merck, in the early 70's introduced the Hep B vaccination into the gay communities of New York and in African villages. The Hep B vaccination contained the Aids virus. The US government has worked hard to keep this top secret. In doing this the US government and Merck contributed to genocide on our own soil. Makes you wonder what will come next to control population growth or worse.

Less talk, More Action

The Governors office now has a automated system for this bill. It takes less than a minute to get through the menu and oppose. They are not tracking by state, county or zip.
I am equally as frustrated with the very weak response to oppose this bill from the autism community and all other citizens. We are back to all whining, with little action and a whole lot of wasted effort "talking" instead of taking action.


In this day and age it is easy to get jaded, and not much seems to shock. However, I find this absolutely appalling, a dangerous violation of parental rights and common sense. How did things go this far? Wow.


Jeff C,

THANK you so much in providing the above link to the form letter. I just printed this letter out for our own use.

Yes - AB 499 is awaiting either signature or VETO from Governor Brown. Also, are any of you aware as to the recent research on Gardasil? If not, you may want to take a look:



"Gardasil victim found to have HPV DNA in her blood 2 Years Post-Vaccination;

13 different vaccine vials – 13 different lots of Gardasil from around the world tested;

Results – 100% contamination with HPV Recombinant DNA.

SANE Vax Inc. contracted with an independent lab to test for contamination and found HPV recombinant DNA (rDNA) in 13 vaccine vials. The Gardasil vials with different lot numbers were from New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Poland, France and three states in the U.S. 100% of the samples tested positive for the presence of the genetically modified HPV DNA.

Dr. Sin Hang Lee, a pathologist at the Milford Hospital pathology laboratory well-known for using cutting-edge DNA sequencing for molecular diagnoses, was initially contracted to examine a single sample of Gardasil for possible contamination. This sample tested positive for recombinant HPV-11 and HPV-18 residues, both of which were firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant.

In a certified letter mailed to FDA Commissioner, Dr. Margaret Hamburg on August 29, 2011, SANE Vax Inc. requested ‘the FDA investigate the extent of the HPV DNA contamination in the Gardasil HPV4 vaccine currently on the market and take appropriate actions to ensure public safety regarding future shipments.’
1. Why Did SANE Vax Inc. Investigate Possible Gardasil Contamination?

The mother of a sexually naïve adolescent girl who developed acute onset Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis within 24 hours of her last injection of the Gardasil™ series contacted SANE Vax Inc. looking for more information.

In an effort to help her now very sick daughter the mother went to an MD practicing naturopath who conducted a toxicity test that eventually found HPV DNA in the girl’s blood. The significance of this finding is that it is highly unusual to find HPV DNA in the blood. HPV, if present in the body, exists in the epithelial (skin and mucosa) membranes. HPV or its DNA, by itself does not survive for any great length of time in the bloodstream. Why was the HPV DNA in her bloodstream two years post-vaccination?

Natural vs. Recombinant DNA

According to Dr. Lee, “‘Natural HPV DNA does not remain in the bloodstream for very long. However, the HPV DNA in Gardasil™ is not ‘natural’ DNA. It is a recombinant HPV DNA (rDNA) – genetically engineered – to be inserted into yeast cells for VLP (virus-like-particle) protein production. rDNA is known to behave differently from natural DNA. It may enter a human cell, especially in an inflammatory lesion caused by the effects of the aluminum adjuvant, via poorly understood mechanisms.

“Once a segment of recombinant DNA is inserted into a human cell, the consequences are hard to predict. It may be in the cell temporarily or stay there forever, with or without causing a mutation. Now the host cell contains human DNA as well as genetically engineered viral DNA.”

What is a Recombinant DNA Virus?

Recombinant DNA (rDNA) refers to novel DNA molecules engineered by joining natural or synthetic DNA segments to other DNA molecules so that they can replicate in a living cell. The possibility for these replicable forms of DNA as uncertain toxic substance or as environmental hazard has been a concern since rDNA technology was invented in 1973. Thus, rDNA is considered a potential biohazard, and NIH has mandated that research institutions monitor and regulate its use.

2. All recombinant or genetically engineered DNAs are considered potential biohazards if injected intramuscularly into the body. Merck’s Gardasil™ HPV4 vaccine is administered intramuscularly – as are many other vaccines. However, Gardasil™ is the first vaccine found to be contaminated by a genetically engineered DNA used to manufacture virus-like particle proteins for the vaccine."

In light of the above recent news, PLEASE mention the above when you place those calls to the Governor's office.

Donna L.

"These programs are supposed to be "opt in" (they need your consent for your kids to participate) and not "opt out" (they can do it unless you object in writing). However many school districts either don't understand the rules or just ignore them."

Jeff C, I couldn't agree more. Several years ago my oldest son's high school conducted mental health screening (without my knowledge or consent), and their analysis of my son, along with a look inside one of his notebooks, led an overzealous assistant principal to 'diagnose' him with depression/suicidal ideation. She called an ambulance and had him transported to a local hospital's psych ward, all without notifying us. We received a call from the paramedics while they were transporting our son...otherwise, we would not have known.

In hindsight I wish we would have sued the school district, but at the time, there were (obviously) more pressing concerns.

It looks like all of us parents are soon going to have to shift our research attention away from medical science for awhile and focus instead on our legal rights and the legal rights of our children. Scary times indeed.


Who says the California legislature can't get anything done?

Sheri Sharman

This is a parents right not to allow this to happen to our children. We need the voices of the masses to take action against this....your voice matters.
Sheri Sharman

Jeff C.

Thanks Donna and Theresa. I did get a concerned phone call from the principal asking if the notice was in response to anything that had happened at the school. I assured him that the answer was no, but it was in response to recent legislative action. In hindsight, I should have clipped a short note to the front explaining the notice was preemptive and not in response to school actions.

Theresa makes a great comment about the psych screenings aimed at kids. One of the absolute worst is TeenScreen, who seems hell bent on convincing as many kids as possible they have "mental health conditions". Surprise, surprise, TeenScreen receives significant funding from pharma, along with government funding.

These programs are supposed to be "opt in" (they need your consent for your kids to participate) and not "opt out" (they can do it unless you object in writing). However many school districts either don't understand the rules or just ignore them. Putting them on notice that they do so at their own peril seems prudent.

Donna L.

Jeff C
Thanks so much for posting that link. I have been thinking for weeks now that a preemptive approach/statement regarding pursuit of legal action would be an incredibly wise move for all of us, but didn't know how to go about doing it. This letter is perfect. Thank you!

Theresa O

Good idea from Jeff C., particularly in light of stuff like this:

"A screening program in Wisconsin high schools found that nearly 20% of those assessed had mental health conditions... Of these at-risk kids, 73.6% were not under any current treatment, they found, and were referred for services...74% were sent to school services and 57.3% were sent to community services."

What did they screen for? They used a "computerized questionnaire designed to identify depression, anxiety, and other conditions."

The statements from the researchers (one of whom has been on Lilly's and Bristol-Myers Squibb's payroll) show their plans for more recruiting efforts in schools: "The future of large-scale, systematic, school-based screening implementation may turn on acceptance of screening by superintendents and school professionals, school readiness and personnel enthusiasm for screening, and community acceptance of voluntary mental health screening."

I'm waiting for California to argue for the rights of minors to drink and smoke without Mom and Dad's interference. I'm sure Bud and Camel would like a crack at this untapped market as much as Big Pharma does!

Shannon Hunt

Just called...takes 2 minutes. There is no automated system in place yet. The aide said that Gov Brown has not received it yet but took down my information. I plan on calling every day. This makes me ill!!!


This is an abuse of parental rights,strangers can not force
our children to receive vaccinations. The children will
not have informed choice discussion,will not be able to
discuss complications or adverse effects.The children must be protected and this bill must be stopped immediately.
The children belong to the parents not to the government or
to the pharmaceutical companies.This is an abuse of individual and parental rights.The children are easily manipulated or scared into vaccination.Please oppose the bill.

Jeff C

For those in California and other states with similar laws that remove informed consent parental rights, I would urge you to put your school district on notice. Inform them that they are not to encourage your child to bypass you in health care decisions. State in writing that you will pursue legal action if school district employees (or their agents) promote efforts to bypass you.

Just because states have foolishly removed parental rights does not give the school district carte blanche authority to promote and advertise it to your children.

The link below has an excellent form letter that we used to make our intentions clear to the school district. I tailored slightly for our child, but by and large found it very well written and comprehensive. The school district is taking it very seriously and has assured us they understand our position.


I agree First Do No Harm. And look what happened to Perry, he took a lot of heat, and deservedly so. So now it looks like the new angel is to bypass parents altogether, and go straight to the children. Children are much easier to manipulate than us pesky adults who read and ask questions about their products. Can you imagine how easy life will be for the drug peddlers when they get to market directly to children, with Ma and Pa being completely in the dark?

First Do No Harm

You'd think after what happened in Texas, with Governor Perry having to apologize for his mistake of approving mandatory vaccination with Gardasil, that this issue would never come up again in any state.

I called the number provided in the article and stated my point of view, even though I do not live in California, I was told the message would be accepted.

I simply said I oppose the bill because 12-year-old children are not capable of evaluating pharmaceutical risks of vaccines.

I think we need a candidate for congress or even president who runs on the vaccine safety platform. It would get the message out there.


All Republicans voted NO, all but two Democrats voted YES. This is being referred to as "sexual rights for minors", when it is really just stripping parents of their fundamental rights to care for their children.

Now it sits on the Democratic Governor's desk, awaiting his signature. It is HIGHLY likely to be signed into LAW unless he receives a very large amount of public outrage.

And he also needs to be reminded that this bill violates existing Federal Vaccine Law which requires parents to be given side effect information, and that all lot numbers be recorded in the patients permanent file.

Please call the Governor. EVERY call counts. Yours can be the one that makes the difference.


There are several reasons for this bill:

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