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Change in Time

Tell Us About Back to School

Back to school How has back to school gone thus far for your kids?  Tell us about your classroom - self contained, private school, mainstreamed?

Smooth sailing in Connecticut, except for one child who can not bear to have her shoes wet - even if they are Gore-Tex! Struggling with her kicking them off and then sitting in a puddle.  We made a PECS social story about dry feet and when it's OK to remove shoes. Got any ideas to share? Thanks! Kim


Julie Leonardo

I will be unschooling myself in the future. However my little one is in a multineeds class, which is a step up from the contained class she had last year. She has a dual dx of DS-ASD, so we have the multiple issues there. She and her one on one are in love with each other, and myl.o. gave her a kiss on the cheek yesterday! I am fortunate that my girl is getting some inclusion with the kindergarten mainstream class for the first part of the day and then a contained class later. Best of both worlds and with a decent district, which is funny considering we are a poorer area. My other one is starting pre-k too mostly because of some minor sensory issues, fear of other kids, and hypotonia. Once she kind of handles these better (or when I know how to help her) I want her out of there, lol! She's too excited about the world to have it crushed by public school.

Theresa 66

doing well I think in part to 20 HBOT dives thru the spring
and summer.
I might try aqua shoes, over shoes or even bringing a spare
pair of socks and shoes. Our little one wants to wear boots if there is a sprinkle or snowflake, so I just have extra footwear along to hand to para at drop-off.
On another note: since fall shows are starting I will continue my personal boycott of shows with celebs that do vaccine ads. What would these ( I assume paid ) actors, ect...feel if they knew they were being shunned because of their vaccine commercials. Do we have enough numbers to make a difference ?
also How do we let politicians know parental choice of vaccines is crucial to some of us???

Margaret Burns

relieved to be unschooling w/ other non-vax-ers


Things are going better than I expected so far with my oldest son who is in the 7th grade. His first day of school, however, he came home and told me that another student came up to him at his lunch table and called hime "the R word" out of nowhere. He said he ignored that student but asked me, "Can I punch him tomorrow if he calls me that again?" I sit at home waiting by the phone for the countless phone calls that may come in like I got last year from teachers, nurses, principles, etc. It's really difficult to just "try and relax while the kids are in school." I will just be hoping for the best and no phone far.

Lisa Look Adams

This Fall, Daniel started in a new school (Middle School) with a new-to-the-school teacher, a new paraprofessional, a new Speech therapist (after having the same one since he was 3 yrs old)and a new bus stop routine. (The bus driver is a familiar face, though). He is doing a much better job transitioning than I surprise are awesome. He is even allowed to have *peanut butter* at his school this year. (The Elementary School was nut and fish- free). He has done some hitting and kicking- a combination of frustration and testing his boundaries with his parapro. I had to make an impromptu visit to drop off some things I forgot to put in his backpack on the first day of school. I discovered the room and the refrigerator where the kids' snack stuff is stored had not been cleaned over the summer. I'm seriously wishing that will be the only thing I have to complain to the school about this year but my stomach is already cramped up about dealing with the lack of attention to detail.
Never a dull moment.


Except for the part where I found my kid outside the school at pickup time, it's been great,

Donna L.

It's going better than expected over here, although I've been holding my breath and knocking on wood for five days straight now and I'm just about ready to pass out.


Surprisingly things are better than expected. My kindergartener seems to enjoy himself even though some of the things at school aren't in keeping with the more tolerant home environment, for instance when he hollered the "F" word during an argument he got time out, at home it is mostly ignored, and at recess he pulls down his pants and pees in the bushes, at home I might have been doing it first and he just saddle up to my side and whip it out just like daddy, "Let's bomb the ants!!!".

But it was the other day that makes me a little anxious about the future, I was dropping him off and he said, "I don't want to go to school daddy." so of course I asked why, and he replied "Because everyone is different" and they are, "So are we, we are all different, it's okay to be different, now go and have fun, be different!"

Ben has been worked with one on one, has a bit of a crush on his teachers, comes home with homework he and Erica spend time doing just before dinner and gets little report cards everyday sent home with him letting us know he is doing pretty well. I've had a phone call from one of his teachers who talked with me for 40 minutes about Ben and his class, both Erica and I receive emails from his teachers from time to time, even got a couple of picture of him enjoying his day. The school has the worst test scores in the county and has obviously brought in the best and brightest to turn all that around. I couldn't be happier... right now.

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