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Lack of Preparedness of Autism Abounds: FL Charter School Removes Child in 1 Day

SacBee Reports Autism Quadruples in Local Schools

Bizarre_felicity6 The comments on this article are interesting, we suggest you take a look at The SacBee article. Seems the SacBee hasn't read the study from their own state U that said, A study by researchers at the UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute has found that the seven- to eight-fold increase in the number children born in California with autism since 1990 cannot be explained by either changes in how the condition is diagnosed or counted - and the trend shows no sign of abating.

From SacBee yesterday: A decade ago, fewer than 500 students in Sacramento County schools were placed in special education due to autism. By 2011, that number had risen to 2,275 -- about one of every 105 pupils, according to state data released this week.

Children with autism-spectrum disorders often have trouble socializing and communicating. They frequently engage in repetitive behavior. Nationwide increases in autism diagnoses have been attributed to increased awareness and changing definitions of the disorder. Whether autism is actually more prevalent -- as opposed to just more frequently diagnosed -- is a matter of controversy.

Autism is most common in white males. Among large districts in Sacramento County, the highest rates of special education children with autism are in Elk Grove Unified -- one autistic child per 85 students -- and in Folsom-Cordova Unified -- one autistic child per 74 students.

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Rodger L. Roberts

I have sent emails to radio and TV stations that are directly involved in the scam of collecting money for MD research. The research has been done and the cause of MD in all its forms is almost 100%preventable. Most of the damage can be reversed if treated in the early stages. This is the same scenario as the folic acid fight. It took 30 years of damaged and deformed children before the orthrodox medical community would get off their ego and tell women to take their folic acid while in the breeding years.
Its the unborn that pay for this deception, for their whole life! They are then used as a schill to tug on the heart strings only to leverage money from the public. Where is tar and feathering when it is needed. Get a book on Veternairy Medicine and look up White Muscle Disease, it is MD by another name


"simple little cyber-marxists re-educated into drug company rock-breakers"

I thought it was only me who saw them that way......


"From SacBee yesterday: A decade ago, fewer than 500 students in Sacramento County schools were placed in special education due to autism. By 2011, that number had risen to 2,275 -- about one of every 105 pupils, according to state data released this week."

A decade ago, was when I paid my first visit to the special education dept with my then 2 year old. Nobody there had ever seen autism before. Within the next couple of years all the autistic kids appeared. They're all in middle school now. A handful with MILD symptoms in elementary schools. So, yeah within the last decade there has been a huge increase in kids with autism but they're all 10 and older.

Angus Files

Don`t worry people 65k hits on Selective Hearing were getting the word!by the way Deer had 1 k hits and without Murdoch about to help him it`ts good night from him,goodnight


The same drug company astro-turfing appears to be popping up across the country, the obvious work of simple little cyber-marxists re-educated into drug company rock-breakers.

There have been plenty of those one-sided Autism seminars where drug shills appear courtesy of drug companies. Amazing the large number of therapists who emerge as pharma nazis, telling parents there is nothing wrong with their child. Andrew Wakefield is convicted of fraud, etc.

It really screws up progress when the therapists attend these propaganda meetings. They become confrontational, verbally abusive, lose all of their professional talent, and exhibit total ignorance of how exactly Autism relates to their occupation. Thanks to this new-found re-education.

All at the hands of Autism Speaks' All-pro tackle Gerri Dawson, Offit and Mad Max, the International Vaccine Rescue dream team of Autism obfuscationists.

Here's the damage.

"A report released last week by the Institute of Medicine says there is no link between vaccinations and autism or type 1 diabetes. But in rare instances, some vaccines can cause side effects, the report concluded, including seizures triggered by fevers, brain inflammation and fainting for some children.

Nicki Crabtree, a Jacksonville resident, is a big believer in children getting vaccinated.

But she didn't rush to that conclusion.

Crabtree said there were signs that her son had autism spectrum disorder a short time after his birth. She did a lot of research about the disorder and found no evidence that she shouldn't get her son vaccinated.

He's now age 4 and thriving, and she would encourage other parents to get their children vaccinated. She believes that it's time to take the money and effort now spent on looking for links between vaccines and autism and direct it toward genetic research. She feels strongly that her son and children like him don't need to be "cured," but she does believe that genetic research could help with some symptoms related to the disorder.

She also believes the community is safer when children are vaccinated so there won't be a re-emergence of serious illnesses.

The comments are telling....

"It's really bizarre that vaccines have gotten dragged so far into the debate. Are kids receiving more vaccinations? Yes? Is autism more prevalent than it used to be? Yes.....but that doesn't prove causation. Kids are also getting more hormones through food, ingest more pollution and chemicals in our water system, are exposed to changing environmental factors, and identification of autism has greatly improved. You know what they used to call "mildly autistic" children? They called them "dumb." "

Can we guess who put that silly notion into the head?

The REAL Concerned Mom

Sue M, from what I understand, the federal Supreme Court has ruled in Troxel v. Granville that any interested party (including grandparents) generally do NOT have rights of visitation without the express consent of the parents. I don't know what state you're in and I don't know how this could apply to your situation but since you are talking about abuse, you might want to consult a lawyer (if you haven't already) or get a new lawyer who knows something about this federal case. I'm so sorry for this poor child. I urge you to read this case which directly addresses a judge's purview to grant visitation to parties other than the parents. I will keep you all in my prayers for a good outcome.

Sue M

What do you do with a Family Court Judge who, after 40 years on the bench, says, "I know nothing about autism," then allows the abusive other grandparents to continue visitation in their home after the communicatively challenged eight-year-old manages to somehow report the abuse but is ignored? Seriously? I am at my wits' end! After the child reports the abuse to CPS and Family Court Services, the judge STILL allows the grandparents to have unsupervised visits, because his word "cannot be substantiated."


Does anybody else feel like, if Ron Paul get elected. That he will challenge the FDA, courts, special intreset groups and CDC on vaccines?


I know many of the families in these school districts, including my own two boys. I know the families and the kids. They really, really have autism. And the vast majority of them have the same story to tell; loss of skills and regression into bowel disease, food allergies, immune dysfunction, asthma, eczema and ofcourse AUTISM following vaccination. Funny how hard the media works at NOT knowing their stories.

Angus Files

Sorry the first link has dots after it .This should work to the page I was trying to direct to..

They haven`t always been around why are so many excluded from school these days ,extra special assistants for thousands at school etc..

The bubble will burst soon ..


Anne McElroy Dachel

Dr. Thomas Insel, head of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) created by Congress to deal with autism, has said that 80 percent of Americans with autism are under the age of 18 and he warned that we need "to prepare for a million people who may be in need of significant services." Nothing is being done to handle the approaching tsunami of dependent adults that will descend on social services in the coming years. The IACC now calls autism "a national health emergency."

How long will we pretend that this is the result of “increased awareness and changing the definitions”? If these children were always here, labeled as something else, what did we do with them? Why do we suddenly need to train teachers, police, and fire fighters in how to deal with autistic people? Why can’t anyone show where all these children will live as adults?

Anne Dachel, Media

Angus Files

As the numbers increase you would expect figures of claims to rise as well.

Then in the UK if you put in for adverse reaction to vaccines through the VDPU you come up against the system as below Wendy Stephen found out..

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