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NBC's Isikoff: Former Perry Chief of Staff Mike Toomey to Spend $55,000,000 as Lobbyist to Support Perry Campaign

Pills-money NBC news' Michael Isikoff debunks Perry's claim of only receiving $5,000 from Merck, stating, "...actually, Merck has contributed $28,500 to Perry 's gubernatorial campaign. and it hired mike toomey as its top lobbyist in austin. Toomey (former Perry Chief of Staff) is now running a massive super pac that is planning to spend $55 million to support Perry 's candidacy."

$55,000,000 for the candidate who tried to make your product, in this case a vaccine, legally required for some of your state's population, just - like - that. This is politics America, safety, actual health - way down the list of priorities. And I doubt Rick Perry knows anything more about  Gardasil that the average doctor - each is educated by MERCK itself.  Foxes, henhouses and chickens oh my.  Remember, Merck's VIOXX racked up over a 4 billion dollars in personal injury awards for harming thousands of Americans. This isn't just about vaccines, it's about corporate ownership of politicians who can then make rules you and your family must abide.

But $5,000 or even $28,000 pales when compared with the $55,000,000 in PAC money. Do you want a president influenced by Merck, (or any company?)  Sadly, that's the America way, isn't it. Doesn't matter what party - just difference carousels of cash for favored industries.

Ask every candidate, "Do you believe in parental healthcare rights for well children, including the right to vaccination exemptions?"

See the 2:00 mark for exact verbiage.

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If you voting for Perry,you are voting yes to big pharma.
He sold out the children/our daughters to Merck once.
Only God knows
what else the future holds if he mandates some more vaccines again. It was a stupid mistake.I have to agree with patrons99.


Running a PAC doesn't mean that Merck is funding the PAC; in fact, legally, Merck cannot fund the PAC. So it is misleading to suggest that Merck is putting $55 million into this campaign.
Not as misleading as suggesting something says what it doesn't actually say.

BTW, will fund the Perry PAC. They always fund PACs. How they fund the PACs legally is the question.

Joe Woolsey

@Vicki: Could be mistaken, but I seem to recall Ron Paul refusing PAC money AND PHARMA money. As to where his money does come from...voters, as it should be.

Vicki Hill

Running a PAC doesn't mean that Merck is funding the PAC; in fact, legally, Merck cannot fund the PAC. So it is misleading to suggest that Merck is putting $55 million into this campaign.

As for influence...every presidential candidate takes PAC money. Many businesses suggest that their friends put money into the campaigns of multiple (even opposing) candidates. If you can find a single presidential candidate that has not taken PAC money from someone associated with the pharmaceutical industry...now THAT would be news. And if you find that elusive candidate, then do question where his or her money is coming from.


Crony capitalism...pure and simple. Citizens were injured in Texas by reason of his executive fiat - a vaccine mandate. This is unconscionable. He has utterly failed the new litmus test for elected office...health freedom. The voters should teach him a lesson. He should be made an example for any politician who would choose to sell us out for personal and political gain.

How much money is enough for these bad guys?

How disgusting! The amount of money being floated around to MAKE MORE MONEY for these companies and the people running them. is ...despicable! HUMAN lives are on the line and they DO NOT CARE. SELL, SELL. It is all about money as safety and trust are GONE!

Share, please with family and friends and can you say, CANARY PARTY?

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