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Katie Wright on Bachmann, Perry, Crony Capitalism and Genital Wart Vaccination (Gardasil)

Uncle sam hat money By Katie Wright

Has the Republican Party lost its mind? Are they trying to alienate every mother, grandmother and young woman in the Unites States?

I thought the Republican party believed in the paramount importance of individual rights and responsibilities, financial accountability of the federal government to the taxpayers and primarily, the importance of getting big government out of our lives, especially our families’ lives.  Well you won’t know that from watching the recent Republican presidential debate.

Full disclosure: I live in New York City and am not a conservative but my vote is up for grabs.

Michele Bachmann was the only candidate tough enough to question Rick Perry about his mandatory HPV vaccination policy. Perry accepted $30,000 from the makers of the HPV vaccine and his chief of staff went on to earn $300,000 working for the vaccine company. That former chief of staff, now Merck lobbyist is, naturally, a major Perry fundraiser. Perry basically forced Texas families to choose between giving their pre teen girls an experimental vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease or an education. Now if that isn’t big government in our lives in a big way what is?

Naturally everyone jumped all over Michele Bachmann. Apparently Bachmann did not receive Secretary Sebelius’ memo strongly recommending that the media not discuss vaccine safety issues. Yes I am serious. Sebelius said, on the record, that she personally “reached out” to politicians and the media not to discuss vaccine safety issues. Scary right? I wish Secretary Sebelieus had “reached out” to the 2 million families affected by autism, 90% of whom are dissatisfied w/ NIH autism research.

Well Rick Perry argued that he “knows” the HPV vaccine is safe. Hmmmmm….Has Rick Perry ever been a woman, a mother, or a teenage girl? Has Rick Perry raised over 20 children? Has Rick Perry had in depth discussions with his daughters about menstruation and sexually transmitted diseases? Somehow I doubt it, but I bet Michele Bachmann has. It was very sad to see the only person standing up for the rights of these pre teen girls was a woman and a mother, Michele Bachmann.  These girls cannot legally give informed consent to this dangerous experimental vaccine – yet they are asked to take all the risk. Cervical cancer is almost 100% preventable with annual pap smears. How about starting at the start and making sure all these girls have access to basic health care before forcing them to be inoculated or be thrown out of school?

If we are going to go down this road lets go all the way! Why not mandate that all pre teen girls be required to take birth control pills in order to receive a public education? Isn’t teenage pregnancy a far, far bigger problem with much greater costs to society than an STD? What is wrong with that? Don’t we “know” birth control pills are safe for pre teens? Well OK, no long-term studies have been done but let’s just go ahead anyway! Better yet the state should be able to place all 11 year old American girls on birth control without their parents' consent. Sure if parents read the very, very fine print of the law they can formally apply for an opt out waiver but good luck with that!

Better yet why not make circumcision mandatory for all American baby boys? The government clearly knows what is best in these matters, not you. There is some literature showing that uncircumcised African men are less likely to contract AIDS than uncircumcised men. Like cervical cancer AIDS is a deadly, but entirely preventable disease. But then again other research says there are few health benefits of circumcision and that the effectiveness may wear off over time…Who cares, what the heck, make it mandatory!

Seriously can you even imagine if such a law was passed in any American state. Something tells me that men would not appreciate federal bureaucrats mandating penile health policies for themselves or for their sons. There would be a revolution, a revolt, and a march on Washington the likes of which we have never seen!

In China the government freely and fully decides when and how many children a woman may have. China also decides when and what type of birth control young women should take. If women and girls do not comply the will likely lose their job or access to education. You know what? If I wanted to live in China I would, but I don’t and neither do 99.99% of Americans. So I would like to see these “big government out of our lives” all American Republicans butt out of our families. Let’s get crony capitalism out of children’s health care and trust American families to make appropriate vaccination decisions for their daughters.


 Katie Wright is contributing editor for Age of Autism.



Jim Moody

Katie, Great, as alwayss, especially to the birth control and circumcisn comparisons. What can be done? Just say no, early and often, as Cathy Jamison's [and many other posts by "refusers" aka intelligent thoughful ethical parents] article today aptly demonstrates. Perry's blunder on Gardisil may very well cost him a chance at the nomination as many of the early primaries are dominated by tea partiers [and cannaries]. The revolt is spreading. The academic literature is full of articles about what to do, e.g. revoke the exemptions. If Obamacare isn't repealed or held unconstitutional, state exemptions will be "preempted" by federal insurance requirements because the revolt is spreading so fast. And there's that apocryphal quote: "All that is necessary for evil to spread is for good men [and women] to say nothing." So refuse, speak out, engage, engage, engage, one-at-a-time if necessary, tear up your "shot card," and do whatever is necessary to protect your children [and by implication, society and the future]. jim


David Burd,
So,if Obama have done nothing and Perry is corrupt then
who is listening? Where is the hope?Is there any hope left?
If no-one listens,then the pharmaceutical complex will take over the world.I do not see a good future.The enemy is inside the USA-the big pharmaceutical corporations.They are knocking on your doors,they are getting into our schools and advertising in your living room. They are drugging the newborns, and trying to take control
of our children.Society will be broken up to two groups abled and disabled.What can be done???

CT teacher

Our leaders and politicians don't listen to parents because they trust and listen to the scientists and medical people with impeccable credentials. Unless and until it happens to them and they actually see it with their own eyes they will not be skeptical about mainstream medicine. Of course there are many other conditions caused by vaccine damage than just autism...but people have to make the connection. I have never seen so many messed up kids in my life. Out of control, emotionally disturbed kids are commonplace today. Kids with tics and all sorts of behavior problems were not around in such numbers as they are today. Kids with physical illnesses are everywhere too. Where do people think these things are coming from? Most people never think about that, so the connection to vaccine damage is not made. Only the autism community seems to understand it. It would sure help if parents of kids with other kinds of vaccine damage understood the connection, and could be allies in this battle against the medical network causing all of the problems.

Anti-Vaccine and Autism Advocate


"onevoice, Three years ago I personally sent president-elect Obama (via his Staff) documentation of iatrogenic (medically-caused) catastrophe taking place in the U.S. Of course nothing came of it - the disasters still continue and grow BECAUSE all of our top Leaders and Presidents believe what NIH, CDC, AMA, AAP, and Pharma tell them.

America's leaders (or their advisors) NEVER do any medical homework themselves; just rely on the likes of NIAID's Anthony Fauci who endlessly touts flu shots, all vaccines, and countless other toxic treatments.

Ironically, one of Obama's daughters is/was so allergic to pet fur the dog they acquired was a special breed. What other serious allergies his daughters have from vaccinations, who knows?"

Posted by: david burd | September 30, 2011 at 07:59 AM

David Burd,

None of these politicians will listen to parents/grandparents/siblings in the autism community. Especially the politicians in Washington, DC no matter what party they belong to. They all think they are smarter than us and have all the answers, sadly. I recognized that after dealing with them for close to 20 years. The same goes for the news media. You have maybe a couple you can count on your hand that are smart enough to listen but most think they know it all and brush us all off.

Sad but the facts of life, unfortunately.


If a child is given Gardasil without the knowledge of her parents, where will this information be recorded? Will it get recorded at all? It's a secret so a note won't be coming home in her backpack.

david burd

onevoice, Three years ago I personally sent president-elect Obama (via his Staff) documentation of iatrogenic (medically-caused) catastrophe taking place in the U.S. Of course nothing came of it - the disasters still continue and grow BECAUSE all of our top Leaders and Presidents believe what NIH, CDC, AMA, AAP, and Pharma tell them.

America's leaders (or their advisors) NEVER do any medical homework themselves; just rely on the likes of NIAID's Anthony Fauci who endlessly touts flu shots, all vaccines, and countless other toxic treatments.

Ironically, one of Obama's daughters is/was so allergic to pet fur the dog they acquired was a special breed. What other serious allergies his daughters have from vaccinations, who knows?

Anti-Vaccine and Autism Advocate

An excellent piece about Herman Cain in the Wall Street Journal.

Adam M

@ Barry.
The goal as I understand it, is to stop this vaccine madness. And the only way that will ever happen, is if we admit the entire truth about vaccines. Which is vaccines don't inflict damage by accident. They inflict damage because they are toxic, dangerous, and completely ineffective medications.

Amen! Vaccines aren't vitamins folks. They are poisons, on purpose. They have no place in the human body. The way to secure the health of a child is proper nutrition, not poison. See Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price DDS

Jim Thompson

Thank you Katie for this excellent post. Jim Abourezk, a former US Senator from South Dakota, wrote in Advise and Dissent (1989, p.115) about the corruption of our system stating that “…in the end, candidates will do whatever is necessary to win, and special interest contributors know this.”

Most political leaders are just too easily bought off. The system is broken and only citizens can fix it. Yes--“…trust American families to make appropriate vaccination decisions for their daughters.”

Media Scholar

It would be remiss to not include in Rick Perry saga the outlandish position of the media and how drug lobbyists are a throbbing, festering cancer to democracy and the democratic process.

Here is a video from a Texas "pharma partner" who decided to "expose" legisators who vote by proxy.

What the "story" doesn't tell is legislators were "caught" voting to over-ride Texas governor Rick Perry's forced HPV vaccine order.

What the "story" doesn't tell is how many Texas legislators voting by proxy did so because they were "tied up" by pharma lobbyists working hand in hand with those who control and manipulate the legislative scheduling process in our land.

The vote was allowed to take place figuring enough legislators were unable to vote. Yet credit the Texans for defying big pharma.

It's one thing to harp on and on about Rick Perry, but the same can be said about Autism Speaks who stampeded parents into believing that the the Combating Autism Act was anything other than a huge entitlement for white collar welfare recipients, who abuse power and trust just as badly as Rick Perry. All to create personal wealth by robbing the poor and needy.

By creaming Texas Rep Joe Barton, who knew the CAA bill was a CDC money-laundering plan to pay the likes of CDC fraudster Poul Thorsen for the best anti-litigation Autism research money could buy, this large well-heeled mutual admiration society deliberately has inflicted unnecessary pain and suffering on our children, our families, and funds those who attack the very essence of the problem.

‘My husband has been persecuted by extremely powerful forces for asking questions that his research findings made it morally and ethically essential for him to ask,’.......... ‘I used to believe that this country was a bastion of academic integrity and intellectual freedom. So this whole sad process of attrition, isolation and vilification, on a very personal level, has sickened and disillusioned me. - Carmel Wakefield

Wait until she finds out it was Autism Speaks behind it all.


There are no benefits for circumcision.Most babies are traumatized and lose weight after the surgery.I heard one
newborn died from the pain (being tied down,screaming from beginning to end).Every intervention may cause some high
risk.Sexually transmitted diseases happen because of lifestyle and many partners,not because of the foreskin.
Science and research provides lot of misinformation.HPV
vaccine "miracle" is causing death,paralysis,blindness,
pain and misery.Then corrupted politicians without biology or biochemistry degree will tell you that aluminum is good for you.The world is going crazy.


Rob Smith wrote: ".. John - A bit amateurish and ill-researched? I think you're being very kind. I also think you're ignoring the reality of how the "anti-vaccine" (I realize we're not really anti-vaccine, but that is how we're described)..."


Just to be clear, I am completely anti vaccine, and I have no problem telling anybody that I am. Vaccines ravaged my sons health - and I see no reason to apologize for being anything BUT anti-vaccine. I realize we've been conditioned to believe in the vaccine miracle, but should I really be expected to hold on to that myth after seeing what they did to my child?

Was I always anti-vaccine? Well obviously not, because I have a child who was severely injured by at least one of the 31 vaccines that he received by 21 months of age. Based on what I know I saw, I'm pretty sure it was the second MMR shot that pushed his little body past the point of no return. But it could have also been one (.. or both) of the mercury containing flu shouts that he received ... or the 6 vaccines that he was given in a single doctors visit... or just the cumulative effect of 31 vaccines on an immune system that was 3 months shy of being 2 years old!

The truth is, my sons doctor could have inflicted less damage by running him over with a car. Yet SHE is still walking free, and my anti-vaccine sentiments make ME the perceived enemy of society.

But you know what? I'll start caring about what the general public thinks of my "anti-vaccine" sentiments, when the general public starts caring about the vaccine injuries that were inflicted on our children.

The goal as I understand it, is to stop this vaccine madness. And the only way that will ever happen, is if we admit the entire truth about vaccines. Which is vaccines don't inflict damage by accident. They inflict damage because they are toxic, dangerous, and completely ineffective medications.

A miracle medications should never be capable of inflicting collateral damage, and that collateral damage should never be accepted as a " risk that's outweighed by the benefits".


Katie, Perry does not constitute the Republican party or it's other candidates. Let's wait an see what the others are saying. I'm curious as to what Cain believes on this subject.


Excellent piece. Quick comment: Is there a typo in paragraph eight? ("Uncircumcised" vs. "Circumcised"?)


This is not necessarily an endorsement, but recent polls show Ron Paul and Obama in a virtual tie:


@ Frank -

Bingo! You nailed it! Please consider joining and supporting The Canary Party, as have I. The party is in its infancy, but it here to stay! No one dare risk falling asleep behind the wheel. These ghouls - the vaccine industrialists - Gates Foundation, GAVI Alliance, CDC, WHO, and AAP, are for real! They are playing hardball. In a democracy, votes count. Please join us!


""These are the times that try men's souls." -- Thomas Paine

Bob Moffitt -

please contact me ([email protected]). I just wanted to run some ideas by you.


You may want to give Obama another four years.Gardasil was approved by the Republicans in June,2006.It is going to be a horrific mistake is Perry wins this election.Big pharma will take control of the USA.

Leslie McElroy

Cain used to work for the Fed. He is being put out in front of Ron Paul because Cain can be bought and manipulated. Cain himself has stated that he doesn't know how to do everything so he will "surround" himself with people who do. Perfect puppet. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that will let YOU make choices about vax, your supplements, raw milk, get tax breaks for homeschooling and MUCH more. PLEASE RESEARCH, like we all have about autism...research the candidates. Ron Paul is being blacked out because he won't play the game, the media is bought and paid for, and Big Pharma just plain don't want him around. How many of you knew that Ron blew away everyone in the California Straw Poll?? (crickets) How many of you heard that Cain did so great in Florida. Perry is losing ground so the Big Bro Media is putting Cain out there. Dr. Ron Paul is in the same boat as Dr. Wakefield. Paul needs us as much as we need him. Please take the time to look at him and his record.

John Stone

Hi Frank

Have you heard of the Canary Party?



We need to start a group like the National Rifle Association, except it would be for informed medical choice. Like them or not, the NRA is a one issue group and they will support anyone who agrees with them. They generally defeat anyone who does not agree with them.

I'd join such a group for informed medical choice and financially support it. Anyone else interested?

Theresa O

Jeannette brings up some important issues. I have a few thoughts:

Without the federally funded ACIP pushing every new vaccine at the national level, pharma would have to work much harder to get each new vaccine onto each state's schedule, so the out-of-control schedule expansion we've seen could slow down. This is something that a real small-government president (with a ton of help from Congress) could accomplish.

The VICP is deeply flawed, and since the Bruesewitz decision leaves vaccine-injured individuals with no remedy outside this crummy system, we have to get Congress to overhaul it. It's not just the presidential election that matters here. Mary Holland and others from EBCALA called on Congress to hold hearings about VICP, and we should follow up on this request with anyone running for Congressional office. The system is broken; it needs to be fixed, for the sake of everyone who has already suffered.

Current state regulations allow for different types of exemptions in different states. We should work to prevent the infringement of parents' rights to make health decisions on behalf of their children. This is an issue to bring to the attention of state governors and representatives. I'm hopeful, though, that the way Perry has been forced to backpedal (admitting that he should have let parents opt in instead of forcing them to opt out) will let other governors know that this kind of BS will not fly.

I think the coverage of this issue in the alternative media (especially Natural News) has been pretty good. I only wish we could fly Jake Crosby to any town hall-style debate that happens!

Jeannette Bishop

At this point, I'm most enthusiastic about Ron Paul's position, among others, on the problems of corporate monopoly and licensing monopoly in health care and that he has stated to the effect that while he is not in favor of the war on drugs, he is not in favor of many dangerous drugs both illegal and legal, and that opening medicine up to true free market competition would allow greater awareness and access to many beneficial alternatives. I get the impression that big pharma and some other big conglomerates are determined to assume his candidacy is irrelevant.

The following is what he said on vaccination in 2008:

As a strict Constitutionalist though, I'm unclear what Ron Paul as POTUS would or could do, if among the current accelerating financial crisis he, or any candidate for that matter, as POTUS found time to consider the vaccine injured and those still at risk. Would he consider vaccine mandates a state issue? I believe he considers federal agencies like the FDA, perhaps the CDC, unconstitutional and would if possible work to phase those out, but they are creations of congress. He could perhaps appoint people that might actually change the course of the vaccine program.

But excluding Ron Paul, have any other candidates expressed essentially a health liberty position or opposition to vaccine mandates? Has Michele Bachmann stated a position on vaccine mandates in general? Santorum also came out against the HPV mandate in at least one debate, partly because it was not an easily communicable disease, but I did not get the impression that either of the two were arguing against the current state of vaccine "recommendations" or mandates.

wondering why

Does anyone know how much money Brown has recieved from Gardasil related corperations? Is he another Governor Gardasil? And if so,,, should we not just out him now, before he picks up his pen. What about Toni Atkins, the crazy lady who decided to write this bill. How much does she get for this to benefit her political career. The world is so weird. Call the police and have them arrested for child endangerment. Seriously... this is what needs to be done. They need to be arrested for child abuse and neglect.

Bob Moffitt

With all due respect to those who commented:

"That said, I don't fault Bachmann for bringing up the issue, I fault her for bringing it up in a way that reinforces the template the media has for us."

The issue of "parental consent" .. who decides what vaccines our children receive .. parents or the state .. is the ONLY "issue Bachmann bought up" that should concern our community.

Nothing else matters .. not her political party, not her failure to have the scientific facts at hand to forcefully argue the safety of Gardasil .. on and on.

To those who recommended various candidates:

I would suggest you ask the candidate of YOUR choice who he/she believes decides what vaccines a child will receive .. the child's parent .. or the state? If your preferred candidate cannot answer that PARENTS have the right to decide vaccinations for their child .. perhaps you should reconsider your support for that candidate. After all, if the candidate can't get it right on "who decides" .. that candidate ought not be in public office.

In any event .. the media and political "spin doctors" are not stupid .. they will avoid asking this question for ANY candidate .. including Michelle Bachmann .. because .. it is the question itself that frightens them most. Why?

As patrons99 stated: "The real debate is over our God-given right to refuse vaccination and those who seek to deny us this right. Medical freedom is the new litmus test for elected office."

Amen to that....

Theresa O

Rob, the MSM ignores Ron Paul all the time. Here's what he said about Perry and HPV: "It's not good social policy and therefore I think this is very bad to do this... He did it with an executive order, passed it, the state was furious..."


...but because they couldn't make fun of him (because he didn't use a phrase like "mental retardation"), none of the major media outlets are talking about the fact that Paul criticized Perry, too. The MSM paints it as Perry vs. Bachmann (or Perry vs. Romney), even though Ron Paul's numbers have been better than Bachmann's in several polls (see the Jon Stewart clip for just a few).

I also think that although some highly educated members of the MSM know that the official definition of "mental retardation" indicates cognitive (and other) delays that take place before adulthood (and so doesn't precisely apply to someone who has already hit puberty), the general public understands what Bachmann was saying: that Gardasil has made some girls very sick. I don't think the general public hears "Gardasil caused mental retardation" and thinks, "You know, Bachmann must mean encephalopathy. What an idiot!"

I think we have to separate what the MSM says about Bachmann from what the public heard her say. Although the public listens to the MSM, Bachmann's actual message--that some girls have gotten hurt by this product--is probably also getting through.

Anti-Vaccine and Autism Advocate

Correction on prior post.......

He doesn't know how to create jobs (he said unemployment would not go over 8% and it is up to 9% and area in California has a rate of 34%).

For the person suggesting voting for Ron Paul, I like Herman Cain better....he is my number one choice and I will vote for him in the Republican primary when our state has its primary. He is the only Republican running besides Romney that have worked in business field and the only one running that never was in elected political office. As Herman Cain said, Obama couldn't run a lemonade stand let alone a pizza franchise (which Cain ran Godfather Pizza). Cain, besides being a decent man has a sense of humor. The guy has administrative experience, something Obama lacks and it shows.

Again the vaccine issue is important to me but no past president or future President will be anti-vaccine (and why I don't expect to have a litmus test on them since there are lots of important issues besides that and I don't expect to see an anti-vaccine President in my lifetime). Nothing will stop more vaccines (sadly) coming out anyway as per this latest news...............

New Vaccine Could Turn HIV Into Minor Infection

A powerful new vaccine developed by Spanish scientists could turn HIV into a minor infection such as herpes, according to a study out Thursday.

In a trial involving 30 healthy volunteers, scientists found that 90 percent of those who were given the MVA-B vaccine developed an immunity against the virus and 85 percent maintained this for a year.

The vaccine, developed by scientists at the Spanish Superior Scientific Research Council (CSIC) in Madrid, works by training the immune system to detect HIV and learn how to combat the virus.

Professor Mariano Esteban, from CSIC, said, "MVA-B vaccine has proven to be as powerful as any other vaccine currently being studied, or even more."

He said the vaccine was like showing the body a picture of the HIV, "so that it is able to recognize it if it sees it again in the future."

"If the virus enters the body and tries to develop in a cell, the immune system is ready to inactivate the virus and destroy the infected cell," he explained.

Scientists hope that if bigger trials are successful HIV would no longer cause AIDS and would be much less contagious.

The study said, '"If this genetic cocktail passes Phase II and Phase III future clinic trials, and makes it into production, in the future HIV could be compared to herpes virus nowadays."


"Crony capitalism" is simply a way of making sure the "big/ easy money" travels ONLY in the proper circles.

The "health care circle" includes the drug industry, insurance industry, medical industry, the media, and the government but certainly not the general public or much less non-voting children. Americans pay nearly double for health care as other countries, and they want you to believe it is the finest in the world.

A TEN YEAR overdue... VAX / UNVAX STUDY would show the damage the "health care circle" has done to our children.

As Autism is nearly 30 times more common than polio, it is VERY EASY to FIGURE OUT. You do not have to be a scientist, a PhD or a MD, just look at your videos and note the timing of your vaccine visits.

A few other similar "economic circles" exist in the United States which provides the following economic reality.

where the bottom 40% of America controls about .3% of the wealth.

Corporations at present are sitting on trillions so we can soon watch about 7 billion dollars worth of campaign commercials and elect those more in their favor.

Could you imagine if the recent Gardasil flap was followed up by Michele Bachman saying in the next debate:

"WHAT the HECK / hell/ happened at Simpsonwood in June of 2000 ?" or

"WHY the HECK / hell/ is American vaccine safety based on the findings of an INDICTED DOCTOR from Denmark ???

I have never heard the words Simpsonwood or Dr. Thorsen used on mainstream television.

Rob Smith

Theresa, it's kind of hard to ignore a major party candidate for President, especially one who has an legitimate chance of winning (granted, it would be a pretty big upset). That said, I don't fault Bachmann for bringing up the issue, I fault her for bringing it up in a way that reinforces the template the media has for us. I think her bringing it the way she did does us more harm than good (and judging from her recent poll numbers, she didn't do herself an favors either). WRT the "mainstream" media (MSM), our problem isn't just our perception in the MSM, there are very few places in the non-MSM where we can get a fair representation of our views.


Leaders in our own government and certainly candidates like Perry probably haven't a clue as to where the ingredients in HPV vaccines are manufactured, how good the quality control on them is or how many children have been injured by them.

Perry flubbed his reponse to Romney during the GOP debate the other night because he relies on a script. Perry is a good ol' boy, a company man and the last person I'd want to see as president.

I'm greatful to Bachmann for putting this issue under the spot light. In spite of the vicious attacks, she is right to question the safety of the HPV vaccine. Like everyone else who speaks out publically about vaccine safety, she got ambushed.

Going off topic here but...

Interesting that you bring up China Downwitthesickness . The Chinese execute only if that person gets caught and the story goes public. The problem is China is notorious for exporting bad (toxic) medicine.

The New York Times did an eye opening series on the problem of the chinese exporting of toxic, counterfeit drugs throughout the globe. These countfiet drugs are often laced with toxic indredients like diethylene glycol (antifreeze) that have literally killed or seriously injured people. The countfeiters can disguise the origin of these fake drugs by funneling them throughh free trade zones like Dubai in the UAE. Many counterfiets are sold over the Internet to unsuspecting Americans and the Chinese goverment is doing little to stop it.

Read more here:

"A Toxic Pipeline"- NYT

After I read this, it made me wonder where are the ingredients in the HPV vaccines (and all vaccines for that matter) manufactured, how secure is the supply chain and good is the quality control on all our vaccines.

Who's watching the fox in the henhouse? Is anyone?


The real debate is over our God-given right to refuse vaccination and those who seek to deny us this right. Medical freedom is the new litmus test for elected office.

KUDOS to Mike Adams and Ethan Huff of Natural News for “saying it like it is”.

"The U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which has been comprehensively exposed as a vaccine propaganda organization promoting the interests of drug companies, is now engaged in a household surveillance program that involves calling U.S. households and intimidating parents into producing child immunization records. As part of what it deems a National Immunization Survey (NIS), the CDC is sending letters to U.S. households, alerting them that they will be called by "NORC at the University of Chicago" and that households should "have your child's immunization records handy when answering our questions." (See copies of the letter, below.)"

"CDC now calling U.S. households and demanding child immunization records as part of vaccine surveillance and tracking program" by Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor on September 28, 2011.

"The mainstream media's response to the incident has included a lot of whitewashing, as well as a full-scale damage control operation to reaffirm the supposed safety of Gardasil, which is alleged by Merck to prevent human papillomavirus (HPV) and some forms of cervical cancer. But the cat is out of the bag as thousands of curious Americans, many for the first time, are learning about the very real dangers associated with the Gardasil vaccine."

“The truth about Gardasil, and why Rick Perry's endorsement threatened the health of millions” by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer (Natural News) on September 27, 2011.

"The more Texas Gov. Rick Perry tries to defend his decision to sign an executive order in 2007 mandating that all young girls in Texas receive vaccinations against the human papillomavirus (HPV) before being admitted to school, the more he exposes himself as a lying scoundrel that is unfit to govern his own state, let alone lead a nation."

"Perry lies again about Texas Gardasil scandal, claims woman he met after signing executive order lobbied him to pass it" by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer (Natural News) on September 24, 2011.


Excellent post, Katie!

Votes count in a democracy. We should segregate the current slate of candidates for the Republican nomination based on their position on medical freedom. Candidates Bachman and Paul are well-qualified for elected office. Candidate Perry disqualified himself. We need to know where the other candidates stand on medical freedom.

Disclosure - I was formerly Republican, then Independent, now Canary Party member.

Crony millions to Perry washed thru Republican Governor's Association

Crony Capitalism: The Republican Governors Association in the Perry Years

Theresa O

Rob, I don't think Bachmann would have been treated any more kindly by the mainstream media if she had presented a well-documented and clearly described case of Gardasil-induced encephalopathy. EBCALA and other advocacy groups have done so many times, and the response from the mainstream media is to ignore them. So if you say it less than perfectly, you're an idiot, and if you say it perfectly, you don't exist.

(Speaking of not existing, Jon Stewart on the mainstream media's campaign to make Ron Paul disappear is pretty dead-on:

I think the problem, which strikes both Democrats and Republicans, is two-fold:

(1) People in government tend to think that government is the solution to every problem. Be it forbidding things, or mandating them, they think that the world is better off with the government telling you what to do.

(2) There is a general American bias in favor of commerce, even when it's not necessarily merited, so we get recommendations to buy things instead of behaving responsibly. We're told to take obesity medications instead of eating less and exercising more, and we get mandates for vaccination instead of recommendations to wash our hands more often, be judicious about our sexual behavior, and keep our children at home (breastfeeding them) until their immune systems are mature enough to handle germs. As clear as it is that obesity is linked to diseases like type II diabetes, we'll never get a government push for deal-a-meal cards--instead, we'll get endless government funding for "better" diabetes drugs. More commerce = more jobs, and most government employees rarely step back to think whether those jobs (making and administering a poorly tested STD vaccine) are good for the overall well-being of the country.

Given that only Republicans can vote in the primary election, I think that Bachmann did the party a service by highlighting one difference between Perry and at least some (Bachmann, Ron Paul) of his competitors. It doesn't matter what the mainstream media thinks of Bachmann; what matters is that Republicans have had their eyes opened to the big government / crony capitalism ways of Rick Perry. I know which candidate is most likely to get my vote in the PA primary. (I hope our state matters next year...)


One good thing about China...they execute their version of the FDA commissioner if their citizens are harmed by Pharma...


Bravo Katie Wright for a well written piece on issues uncovered concerning the Republican -Run for Presidency. It is similar to Walk for a Cause. Should we sign up and now donate for their every mile? The forced vaccination issue has now become a part of the mainstream media and hopefully people will become aware of Rick Perry's, Merck funded, stance to vaccinate little girls-sort of like punishment-for sex that they have not yet had. And they are becoming ill for it. They are paying a price as with all vaccines. Look around, decades ago people had babies with no government assistance. Today there is a fertility clinic in nearly every city. Why, because they are needed.1 in 5 kids now have a Neurological Disability-1 in 6 are Developmentally Disabled-and this was surely NOT the case before our rights to sue vaccine makers in regular courts were taken away. Kids went from about 7 vaccines to 70 vaccines..Aluminum, mercury embalming fluid, ether, polysorbates squalene, how healthy! HPV vaccines, supposedly intended to prevent cervical cancer in little girls is now beginning to be administered to boys. Do me a favor? Can you call your local pediatrician and ask if he is aware that boys do not have cervixes?

Stop Big Harma

Last night on Fox News, GOP Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman said "I'm not going to talk about vaccines."

Buh-bye, Jon.

Not an MD

@ Vaccine and Autism Advocate - May I recommend Congressman Ron Paul as a proper candidate for the issue of vaccination choice? He was one of only two congressmen back in 1976 who voted against mandating the Swine Flu shot for Americans.

CarolynC Kylesmom

My favorite interview on this is the Robert F Kennedy/Joe Scarborough interview. One from the left, one from the right, respecfully talking about this and agreeing about it:

Vaccine and Autism Advocate

In the election of 2008, Obama got more funding from the pharmaceutical industry than did McCain who was the Republican candidate for President. So Obama, the Democrat was propelled into the White House with drug/vaccine company money. Obama pushed Obamacare where the bureaucrats get between the patient and the doctor and this healthcare policy of one size fits all, mandates vaccines.

If you don't want Obamacare, you have no get fined or taxed. I'm not a Perry supporter since he is weak on illegal immigration and other issues with him besides the HPV vaccine. There is no guarantee he will be the final Republican candidate for President in 2012. There are plenty of other good people running.

Obama has been a disaster, an inexperienced bystander in the White House. He doesn't know how to create jobs (he said unemployment would go over 8% and it is up to 9% and area in California has a rate of 34%). He does know how to spend money like crazy and if parents have siblings to their adults/children with autism, they will be stuck with the bill for decades to come. This is reason enough to look for someone else, never mind the vaccine issue.

Over the long haul, who in the White House including the present occupant (Democrat or Republican) has ever been sympathic to the vaccine/autism issue? No one!!! Don't hold your breath that anybody in the future will be either. Naturally a few people in any election are one issue people but most people in the US look at the whole package...the economy, foreign policy and events, etc. The vaccine/autism issue may be important to people in our community and may be the only issue to some, but for most people there are a whole host of other issues to be considered.

To those that think this is the most important issue, who out in either party really stands on our side????

Not an MD

I agree with Audrey. Both Republicans and Democrats all over our country are guilty of either passing, or trying to pass, egregious legislation that would take away our rights to vaccination choice. Check out good old Democrat Toni Atkins in California and her big assed baby -AB499. Both sides of the aisle should know better, and they should care more about their constituents concerns and needs as autonomous human beings than their election or re-election campaign fundraising. But if our elected officials did care about us more, we would be living in Utopia, not here at this sorry time and place in American History where all our rights to make medical decisions for ourselves and our children are on the brink of being ripped from us forever. Shame on all of these rotten politicians with their dirty fistfuls of Pharma money.

Rob Smith

John - A bit amateurish and ill-researched? I think you're being very kind. I also think you're ignoring the reality of how the "anti-vaccine" (I realize we're not really anti-vaccine, but that is how we're described) movement is portrayed in the media, which is as anti-science, celebrity worshipping rubes. I don't agree with the perception, but it is what we have to deal with. That means when making the case for our kids, you have to be armed with evidence. Bachman wasn't, and by doing so she reinforced the media perception of our movement. In fact (to go off on a slight tangent), I would argue this is why the media and the pharm industry loves having Jenny McCarthy on our side, because she's easy to dismiss as a brain-dead celebrity (I don't think she is, but she played one on TV so she's stuck with the perception).

John Stone


True it was a bit amateurish and ill-researched, but the perpetual attack on the integrity and reason of citizens - often educated people - reporting events is part of the social repression and repulsive bullying linked with this culture. Asking questions about the individual wrecked lives is not wrong or weak in itself.

Rob Smith

I'm kind of ticked at Bachman about this. Not because she went after the vaccine industry, but because she did it so ineptly. Taking on vaccines requires more than a single anecdote and a sense of outrage. There's plenty of evidence about the dangers of vaccines, there's no reason to get on national TV, in a Presidential debate no less and look like you don't know what you're talking about. She had to know going into the debate that she was going to attack Perry on this issue. How hard would it have been to task a staffer or two to dig up some real data? The way she approached this did our side no service; IMO it may have hurt us.


It was Democrat Tim Kaine who signed the Virginia HPV mandate into law. Granted it wasn't by executive order, but it's not all about Republicans. I hate to see such divisive language where its not needed. There's plenty of blame to go around.


The Republican party is only against "big government" when it is anything that doesn't make their friends rich.

Bob Moffitt

Thanks to Michelle Bachmann .. the issue:

"Who decides what vaccines are given a child .. the child's parents or the child's elected representatives?"

has finally been asked during a nationally televised presidential candidate debate.

Unfortunately, the political "spin doctors" .. and .. their willing syncophants in the major media .. immediately began "muddying the waters" .. by declaring Gardasil completely safe and praising Perry's noble desire to prevent cancer. The far greater political issue .. parental consent.. has been .. for the most part .. completely ignored.

So .. it will be up to us to keep asking the same question .. over and over again .. at every opportunity .. of every politician running for elective local, state or federal office:

"Who has the right to decide what vaccines are given a child .. the child's parents .. or .. the child's elected representatives?"

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