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How Vaccines Might Cause Autism and Other Diseases

XMRV By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

When my daughter's test results showed she was positive for the XMRV (xenotropic murine leukemia virus related virus) retrovirus my next step was to find a doctor who could tell me how to treat it.  Since the only other two human retroviruses currently identified are HTLV, found mostly in Asian countries and responsible for causing T-cell leukemia, and HIV, which causes AIDS, I figured I had to find an AIDS doctor.

I called the University of California, San Francisco Pediatric AIDS unit and talked to their media representative.  I figured in our first conversation I'd avoid flying my freak flag and simply tell him my daughter had been diagnosed with this newly identified retrovirus and that she had autism and seizures and I was concerned that the retrovirus might be at least partially responsible for her problems.

"Well, that explains why a vaccination might cause autism," he said, barely missing a breath.  He went onto tell me this question was something he often discussed with his friends.   The idea of an underlying retrovirus was the first time it made sense as to how a vaccination might cause autism.

He explained that if XMRV was similar to HIV then it probably hid out in the cells of the immune system and any stimulation of the immune system was likely to cause XMRV to replicate out of control.  (This had previously been discussed by some of the researchers working on XMRV, but I was still surprised to hear the media representative go right to that point.)  Apparently it is common knowledge among retrovirologists that immunizations can stimulate a retrovirus.  Even the most pro-vaccine physician will admit that vaccinations work by stimulating the immune system.

The media representative was very kind and said he'd try to find a doctor to talk to me.  Predictably, none of them wanted to talk to me, and I can't say I'm unsatisfied with that result.  The currently existing HIV medications don't hold much appeal to me as I worry about some of their side-effects, particularly on the mitochondria.

I've avoided writing this story for the better part of the year since I couldn't find any confirmation of what the media representative had told me.  And it was a BIG thing to say without confirmation.

I was reading a chronic fatigue/ME forum the other day and came across my long-sought confirmation.  It's actually on the University of California, San Francisco website for HIV and you can read it HERE.

The article is entitled "Immunizations and HIV" and it had some interesting observations.  In the section on the "Effect of Vaccines on HIV Disease Progression" was the following paragraph.

"Activation of the cellular immune system is important in the pathogenesis of HIV disease, and that fact has given rise to concerns that activation of the immune system through vaccinations might accelerate the progression of HIV disease.  Activation of CD4 lymphocytes, which takes place when these cells respond to an antigenic stimulus, makes those cells more susceptible to HIV infection.  Activated CD4 cells, once they become infected, support replication of HIV.  Resting CD4 cells, although less susceptible, also are vulnerable to HIV infection.  Replication of HIV in these cells is restricted, however, until immunologic activation occurs, at which time active HIV replication is initiated.  These observations suggest that activation of the immune system through vaccinations could accelerate the progression of HIV disease through enhanced HIV replication."

Translation for the average person - HIV really kicks into high gear when the immune system is stimulated.  And what are we doing with our current vaccination schedule except stimulating the immune system, even on the first day of life with the hepatitis B shot?  And when you add to this equation the findings that about 3-7% of the healthy population carries this retrovirus the size of this potential problem becomes much more clear.

I can't think of a better example of how vaccines, their heavy metals (because of the havoc they play with the immune system's ability to deal with pathogens) and particularly mercury, might exacerbate a previously existing pathogen, and make the course of a disease much worse, than the section which opens up The Age of Autism by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill.  They begin by discussing syphilis, which is caused by a bacterium of the Treponema pallidium species of the spirochete order.  While the disease initially caused death in a few months to the Europeans who contracted it after it was apparently brought back from the New World, it then evolved into a less pathogenic, but more chronic disease.

A cruelly-debilitating condition which became known as "neuro-syphilis" or "general paralysis of the insane" started to be reported in the early 1800s.  The authors indeed refer to it as akin to "AIDS before retroviral therapy."  Mercury had long been known to treat skin disorders, and since one of the maladies of syphilis were terrible lesions, doctors in Europe began treating syphilis with mercury.  Olmsted and Blaxill link the rise of neuro-syphilis to this use of mercury, also pointing out the near absence of the condition in communities which did not use mercurial treatments.

The use of penicillin, starting in the late 1940s and early 1950s effectively short-circuited further inquiry into the question of what role mercury might have played in the development of neuro-syphilis.  Penicillin went after the spirochette bacterium, and that was all anybody seemed to care about.

I make this digression because I don't want it to be misunderstood that since I'm talking about a retrovirus I think that some of the other vaccine components don't play a role.  I do think they make the condition worse.  Mercury, aluminum salts, and many other components have not been fully tested for safety, and as a parent, that is appalling to me.  Much has been written on these subjects, though, and my intention in this article is to open up new areas of inquiry.

Further on in the UCSF informational article on immunizations and HIV is the following observation, "In general, it is prefeable to avoid live-virus vaccines if an alternative inactivated vaccine is available . . . There are several reports of severe illness or death involving HIV-infected individuals after live-virus vaccination."

In the discussion of the measles, mumps, and rubella shots the UCSF article makes the following statements, "Live vaccines are used for MMR and thus may pose risks in immunocompromised patients . . . As with other vaccines, serologic response may be poor in HIV infection, and children with severe HIV-related immunosuppression should be considered susceptible to measles even if they have received measles vaccine . . . There have been case reports of fatal pneumonitis after measles vaccination in severely immunocompromised adults, and response to vaccine appears to be poor."

Translation - Live virus vaccines such as MMR seem to cause trouble if you're already infected with a retrovirus.  I've written previously that my daughter, my wife, and my mother-in-law have all tested positive for XMRV while I have tested negative.  And if you do have a retrovirus, and get a vaccination, and don't have any problems, you may still get illnesses like the measles because your immune system isn't responding properly.  Could this be behind some of the increase in measles infections, even among those children who have been vaccinated?

I've written before that XMRV may be linked to autism as it has been shown to integrate preferentially at the start site of genes and in CpG islands.  This could explain a number of the methylation pattern changes seen in autism.  Retroviruses can also affect mitochondrial function through the production of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.  Autism shares many common clinical features with other conditions, such as chronic fatigue syndrome/ME , including immune disregulation, increased expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines, and chronic active microbial infections.

I've also written before how in a small study 14 out of 17 (82%) of children with autism were found to test positive for the XMRV retrovirus.  A poster presentation of this research was made approximately a year ago at the 1st International Workshop on XMRV held at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland on September 7 and 8, 2010.

The issue of XMRV raises many questions, not the least of which is how to treat it.  If HIV is any guide to treatment, then it seems  any attempt to increase the function of the immune system may result in further viral replication.  It seems to me the virus itself would first need to be attacked, although I can't see anything on the market at the current time that is both effective, and relatively safe.

It does have the potential to answer some of our most vexing questions, though.  Namely, what about those children who acquired autism, but were only partially or never vaccinated.  Could that also explain why those cases tend to be relatively mild?  The mercury and other heavy metals in the vaccine may not have had the chance to make the infection worse.

Many questions remain about XMRV, but they are important questions for our country, and should be the subject of serious research.  We need virologists and retrovirologists in the medical community to use their knowledge and moral courage to help us put together the pieces of this puzzle.  If we work together I believe the answers to our questions may be closer than we realize.

For further information on how a vaccination could activate a retrovirus you might want to consult these articles which were kindly provided to me by a member of the chronic fatigue syndrome/ME community.

T cell activation and human immunodeficiency virus replication after influenza immunization of infected children - Ramilo et al The Pediatric infectious disease journal 1996, vol. 15, no3, pp. 197-203 (25 ref.) Clin Biochem

Activation of virus replication after vaccination of HIV-1-infected individuals - Staprans SI et al J Exp Med. 1995 Dec 1;182(6):1727-37.

Transient increases in numbers of infectious cells in an HIV-infected chimpanzee following immune stimulation - Fultz PN et al AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 1992 Feb;8(2):313-7.

Human immunodeficiency virus-type 1 replication can be increased in peripheral blood of seropositive patients after influenza vaccination. O'Brien WA et al Blood. 1995 Aug 1;86(3):1082-9.

Measles/MMR vaccine for infants born to HIV-positive mothers [Intervention Protocol], B Unnikrishnan et al, The Cochrane Library 2009, Issue 1

Effect of immunization with a common recall antigen on viral expression in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 - Stanley SK et al N Engl J Med. 1996 May 9;334(19):1222-30.

The efficiency of acute infection of CD4+ T cells is markedly enhanced in the setting of antigen-specific immune activation - Weissman D et al J Exp Med. 1996 Feb 1;183(2):687-92.

Antigenic stimulation by BCG vaccine as an in vivo driving force for SIV replication and dissemination - Cheynier Really et al. Nat Med. 1998 Apr;4(4):421-7.

Activation by malaria antigens renders mononuclear cells susceptible to HIV infection and re-activates replication of endogenous HIV in cells from HIV-infected adults - Froebel K et al Parasite Immunol. 2004 May;26(5):213-7.

Kent Heckenlively is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism


Jeff Stone


You might be interested in the following article: Online Gamers Crack AIDS Enzyme Puzzle.

Perhaps science is getting closer.

Julie Leonardo

Testing for XMRV is now going to be done through this lab: http://www.unevx.com/

Cure your self

Do some research on Dr. Bob Beck. You can even have a look a his papers wich he gave to the world for free here:


He was able to help lots of people with aids and other diseases with his method.


This study: http://www.coconutoil.com/Dayrit.pdf
found that coconut oil and Monolaurin (derived from coconuts) was helpful for some (but not all) HIV patients by lowering viral counts and increasing CD4 counts.

After 3 months, 7 HIV patients (50%) showed reduced viral load, and by 6 months 8 patients had a lowered viral count. The CD4/CD8 showed a favorable increase in 5 patients.

And they concluded that "this initial trial confirmed the anecdotal reports that coconut oil does have an anti-viral effect and can beneficially reduce the viral load of HIV patients. This positive anti-viral action was seen not only with the monoglyceride of lauric acid but with coconut oil itself."

HOWEVER, if you read the whole study it sounds like Monolaurin (ML) works better in cases of severe immune deficiency. This same study reported that 3 of the HIV patients had developed AIDS by the 3rd month. One of these patients was in the coconut oil group (CNO) and died 2 weeks after the 6 month study was over. The other two AIDS patients were in the ML group and one recovered fully by the 6th month and the other showed a rapid return towards normal CD4 an CD8 counts. But, 3 patients is a small sample size so it's hard to be sure whether or not ML works better than CNO, but this study gives a promising area for future research.


I agree Heidi, we need to spread the news. This letter might be a tool.

Any idea how to reach as many people and researchers as possible?

Some might just never have thought of it, but once the parallels between pediatric HIV and autism are right in front of their eyes, they might get a lightbulb moment?

I am trying to talk about this on forums as much as possible, but what else can I do?

I really think we should answer this question, could a retrovirus be the root cause of the autism epidemic. And as I was saying earlier, some larger epidemiological studies comparing breastfed children versus never-breastfed ones might be a start.

Heidi N

Yes, we need to spread the word. This is a very important piece, very important and does fit with the parental postings descrbing their chidren's regressions, and even relapses after they have been recovered via biomed. This is very important. We need to spread this news.


Here is a list of symptoms of HIV+ children from the paper below:

Factor I (noosocial behavior)

Rarely has eye to EYE CONTACT with others

Difficult to engage in SOCIAL interaction

Emotional responses not appropriate

Has frequent temper tantnuns/IRRITABLE

Rarely initiates activities or interaction

Rarely smiles

Responds minimally to social interaction

Does not seem to enjoy PLAY activities

Factor 2 (apathetic behavior)

Is easily frustrated

Appears underactive/passive

Seems withdrawn

Very subdued or quiet

Is lethargic

Factor 3 (immature, poorly integrated behavior)

Does not respond to comforting when distressed

Is mainly interested in objects rather than people

Movements and activities appear random and disorganized
Factor4 (flaccid, self-stimulating behavior)

Leu objects fall out of bands as if they didn't exist

Rocks head, body in a repetitive way

Seems tense and unrelaxed

Factor 5 (attentions] deficit)

Has difficulty remaining focused on a task

Has a short attention span

Additional severity scale items not included in factor scales
Shows a lack of social responsiveness

Is fussy and cranky for no apparent reason

The Development of a Q-Sort Behavioral RatingProcedure for Pediatric HTV Patients 1994

Children were classified as encephalopathic if they exhibited one or moreof the following criteria: (a) Loss or delays in the acquisition of developmentalmilestones. Availability of this evidence was contingent on the child having reached an age where these skills should have been established. Clear loss or delays in developmental milestones was sufficient basis to be classified as encephalopathic, but necessarily co-occurred with lowered developmental scores.Expressive speech, walking, and crawling are the developmental milestones that were emphasized in this classification. Loss of developmental milestones consisted of marked regression or disappearance of established speech and/or loco-motion skills.


Heidi, have a look at this paper if you can access full version:

The development of a Q-sort behavioral rating procedure for pediatric HIV patients.

Developed a Q-sort procedure to assess social, emotional, and motivational behavior associated with central nervous system disease among 180 HIV-infected pediatric patients. These ratings were factor analyzed and scales were derived based on the factor structure. Younger (M age = 1.03 years) patients with HIV-associated encephalopathy were rated as more apathetic and nonsocial in their behavior than nonencephalopathic younger patients. Older (M age = 7.8 years) encephalopathic patients had significantly higher scores on scales measuring depression, autism, and irritability compared to nonencephalopathic patients from this age group. A subgroup (26 patients) showed a significant decrease in these elevated scores after a 6-month course of AZT
Moss HA et alPediatr Psychol. 1994 Feb;19(1):27-46.


Impairment of expressive behavior in pediatric HIV-infected patients with evidence of CNS disease.

Rated observations of videotapes were made of 16 variables representing 5 behavioral domains (task orientation, positive social-emotional, motor skills, expressive speech, and activity) on a sample of 83 HIV-infected children. Comparisons were made on the rated behaviors between children classified as either encephalopathic or nonencephalopathic. Analyses were conducted separately for infants (M age = 1.80 years) and older children (M age = 5.15 years). The nonencephalopathic infants exhibited higher activity levels and were superior in motor and verbal skills and showed more social and emotional responsiveness than did the encephalopathic group. The older nonencephalopathic children functioned in a more adaptive and appropriate manner than did the encephalopathic children in all domains of behavior. ...
full text

also see

Neurodevelopmental/neuro-radiologic recovery of a child infected with HIV after treatment with combination antiretroviral therapy using the HIV-specific protease inhibitor ritonavir

Jenny Allan

A very interesting and informative article and comments. I am not pretending to understand even half of it, but I was very impressed with the obvious expertise and extensive research carried out by AoA contributors on this and other subjects.

Billions of £s an $s have been spent worldwide to 'protect' vaccine programmes and dodgy medications, whilst vilifying any dissenting doctors and scientists who know to expect the 'Wakefield treatment', (as mentioned by Taximom below), if they dare to express any public concerns.

It's high time SOMEONE in authority is prepared to speak out for SAFETY!


I have long suspected Retroviral particles, but thought it was from ALV (Avian Leukosis Virus) supposedly all MMR vaccines are contaminated with it (from the chicken eggs)
and I do not really believe this study...as the follow up was not very long, and in our kids it may have taken awhile to "brew" in their system- similar to the AIDS virus...

Justin Reilly, esq.

Thanks, Kent, for this very interesting post!



Yes, there are incredible parallels between pediatric HIV and autism. It is all described in detail, with plenty of peer-reviewed references, in the letter that Natasa linked in her comment earlier.

Here it is again:

"An estimated third to half of HIV infected untreated children exhibit neurodevelopmental abnormalities with impairments in language, behaviors and social interaction, as well as impaired fine and gross motor skills and sensory auditory and visual processing."

"HIV and murine retroviruses have been shown to cause widespread central nervous system dysfunction, microglial activation and inflammation, vascular endothelial inflammation, vasoconstriction and permeability, oxidative stress, systemic glutathione depletion, mitochondrial dysfunction, gluten and casein reactivity, autoimmune reactivity, glutamate toxicity, intestinal permeability, microbial translocation, hyperplasia of intestinal epithelial cells, pancreatic enzyme deficiency, disaccharide intolerance and malabsorption, autonomic/vagal stem dysfunction, abnormal cytokine profiles and abnormal
gene methylation. All of those pathologies have to date been observed in AUTISM."

For references, look at the letter linked above. Hundreds of them are in there.


sue vican

HI Kent, I am tired of searching for what all external environmental triggers such as mercury, mold, etc. and viral, retroviral, bacterial, viral etc. bad guys and trying to remove them and zap them and clean up the external environment.... I have shifted my focus to trying to bolster the internal "terrain" and have embarked on the GAPS (gut & psychology syndrome diet)...costs nothing and won't harm anyone except me the caregiver who is non-stop cooking! I am inspired by stories of healing the gut with this diet, but also was inspired by a little book called Immune How to Beat AIDS in your Kitchen by Paul Yeager who was diagnosed HIV positive, did a lot of research, determined AIDS might not be caused by HIV, met HIV survivors who avoided the antivirals and are still alive, used very nutrient dense food and other therapies to heal.... With the controversies surrounding XMRV it may be years, decades before there is any consensus on whether it is real, whether it causes illness and what kind and how...and what to do about it...I am not waiting... this particular diet is nutrient dense and cuts out all sugar and processed foods which can only help... on another point, who is to say that XMRV isn't entering people THROUGH the vaccines, we are now hearing that vaccines are contaminated with all sorts of stuff...

Heidi N

What I want to know is what do the people who take care of these young children with HIV say about their symptoms. Are they very similar to autism. I have heard that they are, but only via 3rd party. I am curious to hear it from a person who has firs party knowledge.

Angus Files

Kent very good great infact .I have tried a soloution below and it has cured bleeding eczma on both legs which all the pharma creams and potions could not even reduce never mind got rid off completely ,not a trace of it coming back nothing.


I can`t say it will cure Autism because I think a lot of brain damage would have happened because of i.e. xmrv but it might kill xmrv worth looking into .

And forget the negative press on the stuff it does work I know...with out a shadow of a doubt..


Please look up Peter Duesberg, who showed that HIV has never been proven to actually cause AIDS--but AZT has been shown to cause all known symptoms of AIDS.

Of course, he was given the "Wakefield treatment" for saying so....


Is a Retrovirus the Root Cause of Autism Epidemic




...Dr Robert Gello, who first identified the Aids virus in the US, told The Times: 'The link between the WHO programme and the epidemic in Africa is an interesting and important hypothesis. 'I cannot say that it actually happened, but I have been saying for some years that the use of live vaccines such as that used for smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as HIV. 'No blame can be attached to WHO, but if the hypothesis is correct it is a tragic situation and a warning that we cannot ignore.'”



I don't know for sure about XMRV and if it has bacteriophage activity, but if the body is invaded by XMRV{or other viruses} it might be causing some of the problem in autism due to the interaction with gut bacteria. Certain baterial species releases anti-viral enzymes in order battle a virus and if this proteolytic enzyme, say from clostridia species like Clostridium histolyticum, is being released it may be a factor in producing damage or reaction in the intestinal cells leading to a number of dysfunctions of immune and digestive related features in autism. It may also somehow be changicg the function of trypsin and maybe pepsin and creating the casein derived phosphopeptones that can conteract certain mycotoxins form fungal spores these peptones also interact with inflamatory proccesses in the body. The bacteriophages in viral vaccines could come from the bovine serum from the contaminated cells cultured to produce the vaccine. If this virus is present in vaccines or via other transmision to an infant it could be changing the bacterial ratios in the gut and those able to produce enzymes that effectively resist it in the gut would proliferate. This may be one of the reasons that this Clostridium is found elevated in a large number of people with autism. I think their are other factors that change the gut baterial profile, but this could be part of the synergy that leads to an altered immunity and digestive system as found in autism. Trypsin and clostridiopeptidase are actually used in ointements to remove dead cells through their enzymatic breakdown of the cells.
I have not looked into it, but it made me wonder if the reason some viruses cause diarrhea is because they are bacteriophagic and this causes the gut bacteria to release toxins that contain enzymes that cause the diarrhea, though the toxins illicit osmotic actions on their own. If I have contracted XMRV from my spouse it might explain my IBS.

The fact silver can bind certain enzymes makes me wonder if part of the benefit seen in the use of collodial silver is it's binding of some enzymes in the gut that are damaging or causing reactivity in the gut. Also, the possible relation of XMRV to prostate cancer and the fact that autism is higher in boys has me looking at the clostria mentioned and how it's enzmes could be helping breakdown polyacrylamides in diapers, along with iron metabolites in the urine, and leading to an absorption of chemicals into the scrotum and testes that may affect the prostate and function as an endocrine disruptor and cause metabolic changes. When you add glycerols used in lotions and creams and Silver sulfadiazine or just sulfadiazine used in some diapers or as infant ointments you may have a synergy their as well. The fact DMSO deals with certain sulfa dervied analogs makes me wonder if chelation is helpful for anothe rreaon other than metal removal. It may be removing certain metabolites subsatances that intefere with metabolic and immune function.


Thank you Kent, everything you state makes a great deal of sense, it is very refreshing.

For endless nonsense... Dr. Manny of Fox is romping another Autism, U-Davis "breakthough."


...So far, they have identified two "different strains" of autism. One group of children--all boys--had enlarged brains, and most regressed into autism within 18 months, while another group all appeared to have improperly functioning immune systems that contributed to their autism....

COULD ANY of this be caused by 29 vaccines by 18 months ???

I am sure Dr. Manny is still dreaming of a "vaccine" for autism to be created someday...


XMRV, PCV1 and PCV2 in the rotavirus vaccines, recombinant DNA in the HPV vaccine, SV-40 in polio vaccine, the list just goes on and on.

Interestingly, a paper that described the PCV2 activation in pigs concluded the same that it was another vaccination that triggered the dormant virus to activate and cause a wasting disease. What a crazy world we live in!


Thanks again Kent, for your series of articles on XMRV.

You know, what irrates me the most, is that even if we don't not know how to treat XMRV, at least we would know how to prevent it from being passed on to a baby, and if a baby still gets infected, we would know how to take measures to keep immune activations to a minimum.

We need to answer the question of whether or not a retrovirus is causing autism, because if it is, autism could be preventable.

Why not already start comparing the rates of autism in children who were never breastfed versus children who were breastfed for at least six months. Breast milk is one major vector (though not the only one) of vertical transmission of retrovirus from mother to child. So if a retrovirus is the root cause of autism, there should be epidemiological differences between children never breastfed and those breastfed for over six months.

A small study was done in 2010 that seems to confirm the above:

Breastfeeding and Autism

"The percent of ASD patients who were breastfed at 6 months was 37% as compared to 13% of controls (p of 0.003)."

Can't we do a bigger study?

david burd

Kent, here's an intriguing fact regards anti-HIV drugs. Starting back in year 1999, Canada's paediatric (that's how they spell it in Canada) doctors (and most all other doctors) decided to go real easy on such drugs - as opposed to the U.S. anti-retroviral protocols spelled out by the U.S. NIH.

Results: Since 1999 there have been 266 U.S. pediatric "AIDS" deaths blamed on HIV.

By contrast, Canada since 1999 has had but a single (1) "AIDS" paediatric death. But, U.S. protocols fare even worse than this, because Canada cases go to age 15, whereas U.S. cases go to age 13.

A reasonable conclusion is to stay away from anti-HIV drugs, and any other anti-retroviral drugs, particularly as the same disparity in pediatric AIDS deaths has also been documented the last ten years for adult AIDS deaths in Canada and U.S.

david burd

Holly M.

I remember sitting at the Cedello trial and distinctly hearing an expert for the defense say that they administered the MMR to children in Africa who were affected by AIDS with no ill consequences. I knew then and now even more so that he was talking out of his butt. No justice - no peace.

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