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Host a Wish Wash to Raise Funds for Familes Through National Autism Association


Click HERE to learn more!

The top three Wish Wash Fundraisers will receive an iPad 2!

A minimum of $500 must be raised at your Wish Wash event held between 9/17/11 and 10/29/11  to qualify.


Click here to register your event!


Download and post signs in your community to promote your Wish Wash
Horizontal Sign | Vertical Sign


Tips for a Successful Wish Wash

Plan your date enough in advance to secure an approved location.  Try to choose a location with lots of incidental traffic.  Some large grocery or department store chains may allow you to wash cars in their parking lot and use their water supply.  Other possible locations are churches (right after a service ends), schools or recreation centers.

Gather volunteers – you could contact local high school or college students through a variety of school service organizations including National Honor Society, band, choir, or other clubs.  Boy or Girl Scout troops, church and civic groups, and military groups will likely be happy to help for this good cause!

Make sure your location is safe and establish safety rules with all volunteers before you get started.  Your volunteers will need water, and possibly an awning to cool off under between washings.    If you expect a lot of business, you will need to plan for extra volunteers. 

Ask to borrow supplies or have them donated.  You’ll need hoses, nozzles, buckets, car washing soap, rags and towels.  You will need lots of old towels, so ask for folks to loan or bring theirs. 

Promote your carwash in advance using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  You may be able to promote your event in church or school newsletters or through service organizations that are helping with the Wish Wash. 

Make colorful signs to use the day of the car wash and be sure to let folks know proceeds will benefit families affected by autism.  A simple “Wish Wash for Autism” will do – but be creative!

Consider having a lemonade stand and a donation jar set up near the carwash to maximize your fundraising efforts. 

You might want to plan an alternate “rain date” in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. 

If you have other questions or concerns, contact [email protected] 


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