BMJ Prepared to Climb-down and Acknowledge Merck link in the MMR affair?
An Autism Dad's Birthday Wish

The Ministers of Vaccination Misinformation

Talking-heads By Robert Schecter
Over past year the vaccine establishment has been pushing back against those questioning the advisability of vaccinating and revaccinating, into perpetuity, every man, woman and child on the planet.
Dr Paul Offit, the establishment’s de facto spokesman and author of countless books on the miracle of vaccination, has been spearheading these efforts.
What’s truly disturbing is that Offit, the archetypical “expert” to which parents are directed in order to obtain vaccination advice, and other members of the medical community, are using patently false information to advance their agenda.
For example, in a 2008 video on promoting his book Autism’s False Prophets, Offit, responding to concerns that vaccines might cause autism, claimed that studies comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children had been done and all was well [1]. He stated:
A few years ago there was born the notion that vaccines might cause autism, so the public health community responded. They responded by doing a series of studies to try and answer the question, “were you at greater risk of getting autism if you’ve gotten vaccines and if you hadn’t” and the answer was clear and consistent and reproducible. No. The risk was no greater if you had gotten vaccines or if you hadn’t.
But it’s common knowledge such studies haven’t been done. Only one vaccine, the MMR, and one vaccine ingredient, thimerisol, have ever been studied to any great extent.
Even Offit, in another interview  -- conducted during the same month as the amazon video premiered -- contradicts himself, stating studies comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children would be both unethical (some children would not have the protection of vaccines) and even if such studies were performed, they would be "fraught with bias." These are his own words [2]:
…such a study [comparing children who have received vaccines with those who haven't] would be unethical. That vaccine-preventable diseases occur and that vaccines prevent them is not a matter of debate--one cannot follow unvaccinated children prospectively in good conscience. So, the study could only be done retrospectively and would be fraught with bias, primarily differences in healthcare-seeking behavior. And even if performed and performed well, it would not end the debate. Because those who believe that vaccines are causing chronic diseases will never be swayed by data.
Additionally, Dr. Offit, when discussing the risks posed by vaccine-preventable illnesses, is often wildly off base. For example, on page 56 of his book Vaccines: what you should know - and elsewhere - he states that, in the pre-vaccine era (the late 50s and early 60s) deaths occurring as a result of measles-related complications numbered 3,000
Yet the CDC [3], the textbook Vaccines and the American Association of Pediatrics [4] state the number of reported cases was only ~450. Even considering that some cases could have gone unreported, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which thousands of measles deaths went unaccounted for.

Then, just this year, in a bizarre statement on the vaccine advocacy website Vaccinate Your Baby, he calls the measles a “routine killer,” claiming;
chickenpox is not the routine killer that, say, measles was [5]
Yet since routine can be defined as occurring “in the ordinary course of events,” no one in their right mind would claim that death to be ordinary outcome of the measles.
Then in regards to rubella a.k.a. the German measles, Offit claims:
Before vaccines, Americans could expect that every year…rubella (German measles) would cause 20,000 babies to be born blind, deaf, or mentally retarded…[6]
But Americans could expect nothing of the sort. The rubella epidemic Offit describes as happening over one year actually occurred, according to Wikipedia, the Journal of the American Medical Association and emedicine over several: 1962-1965. The 20,000 babies he describes were the victims of a once in a generation epidemic, so to expect that such carnage would occur on an annual basis is absurd.

Especially when reported cases of CRS settled into the mid double digits following the aforementioned epidemic. According to the textbook Vaccines(4th ed. pg 712), pregnancies affected by CRS plunged from 100 per 10,000 during the mid sixties to 4-8 per 10,000 during the later part of the decade and before the introduction of vaccination. And in 1970, shortly after the licensure of the vaccine, and well before its distribution could reduce by much the incidence of rubella in those of child-bearing age, only 68 cases of CRS were reported.
Additionally it is my belief that, vaccination or not, an epidemic of this magnitude would never have again occurred. Awareness of the risks presented by the German measles to those of child-bearing age would have motivated families to ensure their children contracted an illness that one prominent doctor of the time, called “a pipsqueak disease [7]”
Finally, Dr. Offit arrives at the topic of pertussis, asserting that:
During the past 100 years, pharmaceutical companies have made vaccines against pertussis (whooping cough)[the vaccine was introduced in the 1940s]… As a consequence, the number of children in the United States killed by pertussis decreased from 8,000 each year to less than 20…[8]
And again he’s wrong. According to The Encyclopedia of Public Health
Between 1940 and 1945 in the United States, an average of 175,000 cases and 2,700 deaths occurred from pertussis each year [9].
And while 2,700 deaths is still a high number, one must remember pertussis mortality was in the midst of a virtual freefall and those deaths would have likely continued to plummet with or without a vaccine.
Offit, while certainly the most energetic and least trustworthy of the vaccine advocates, is not alone in his attempts to advance the cause of vaccination by any means necessary.
Dr Glenn D. Braunstein, the Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Cedars-Sinai, who in March 2010 wrote an error riddled piece for the Huffington Post [10]. The article began:
Medically speaking, the good old days aren't something a physician gets sentimental about, unless there's a soft spot in his or her heart for the Middle Ages when small pox wiped out most of Western Europe; or the nineteenth century, when typhoid had its way with millions of children; or after World War I when influenza practically killed more people than the war itself.

 These were terrible diseases we've conquered thanks to vaccines.

OK, where to begin? Since it's rare for two paragraphs to contain so much misinformation, I'll just start from the top. Did the smallpox wipe out most of Western Europe during the Middle Ages? Of course not. According to Wikipedia [11]:

During the Middle Ages, smallpox made periodic incursions into Europe but did not become established there until the population increased and population movement became more active during the time of the Crusades.

So it's difficult to have an increasing population at the same time smallpox is raging through and decimating that very same population.

But before we continue lets define what we mean by the Middle Ages. Again, using Wikipedia, we learn:

The Middle Ages...was a period of European history from the 5th century to the 15th century. And just to make sure we're correct, let's look at another source that examines the incursion of smallpox into Europe.

And to be sure we've got our facts straight about what the smallpox was doing during this time period, let's look at secondary source. On page 28 of Donald R. Hopkins' book The Greatest Killer: Smallpox in History we learn:

During the fifteenth century...smallpox apparently began to slowly gather momentum in Europe
So at the end of the Middle Ages smallpox is not wiping out population; rather it's just slowly gaining a foothold.

Maybe Dr. Braunstein simply has his time periods confused. The population must have been nearly wiped out, just at a later date: when smallpox was in its prime. But when smallpox was, in the 18th century, a leading cause of death in Europe, the population was exploding, going from one hundred to two hundred million people [12].

OK, so even given the benefit of the doubt about time frames, its clear the assertions regarding the smallpox are complete nonsense; lets then move on to his next claim: that typhoid was conquered thanks to vaccines.

According to the textbook Vaccines (4th edition pages 1060-61):

The highest incidence usually occurs where water supplies serving large populations are contaminated by fecal matter. This situation existed at the end of the 19th century in most large cities in the United States...causing the disease to be highly endemic in large cities. With the introduction of water treatment at the turn of the 20th century...the incidence of typhoid plummeted precipitously in the large cities of the United States.

And according to Arthur Allen, a great friend of vaccination and the author of Vaccine: The controversial Story of Medicine's Greatest Lifesaver, Nationwide, the typhoid death rate declined 99 percent from 1906 to 1936, with little vaccination. (pg 137)So in reality vaccines had nothing to do with the conquest of typhoid. The assertion is just another erroneous claim advanced to further the cause of vaccination.
And now finally, in regards to Braunstein's last claim -- the conquest of the flu --I was not personally aware that the flu had been conquered. But this is of course wonderful news. Please excuse me while I go tell my Walgreens pharmacist.
Before the article ends Dr Braunstein advances one final noteworthy declaration:
And as far as all the scares and controversy about vaccinations lately, let's not confuse sound medical practice with making healthy choices on a visit to Whole Foods, especially since the assumption that vaccines aren't pure and natural is inaccurate.

Here he’s right. After all, in France, cave paintings clearly show early humans injecting one another with all types of vaccines. Additionally, the now-extinct trees and bushes on which syringes and vaccines grew are also depicted.

Finally we conclude our look at this rogue’s gallery of misinformation with Nancy Snyderman, a TV doctor who, astonishingly, despite years of delivering false information to parents, continues to a appear on NBC as a medical “expert.”
In May of 2009 Snyderman appeared on a segment of the Today Show [13] and claimed that pertussis was “an easily to die from illness” She failed to explain how that made any sense when, out of one million1 [14] estimated cases each year, only ~20 deaths occur.
During the same segment, she went on to lament:
“We nearly wiped it [pertussis] out but we’ve become complacent and now so complacent such that in 1994 there were about 1000 cases of whooping cough in this country a decade later 26k cases” Yet she did not elaborate as to how we became so complacent when rates were and are at all-time highs?
The implication was clear, parents were no longer vaccinating to the degree that they had vaccinated in the past - this even though rates were, and are, at all time highs. To paint this distorted picture, she had to willfully ignore the universally acknowledged fact that it was not complacency, but waning immunity and past pertussis underreporting that were responsible for a pertussis “resurgence.”
Then in 2010 [15] she reported on a number of measles deaths in Philadelphia. These deaths turned out to have been nothing more than figments of her imagination. Yet she repeated the claim in February 2010 on MSNBC’s Morning Joe [16]:

Right now we have children dying in the United States of America from measles, mumps…

Lastly, In January of this year, she appeared with Matt Lauer on a Today Show segment entitled Prepare for Winter Illnesses [17]. Matt wanted to know the difference between having the flu and having a cold. The ever- authoritative (yet consistently incorrect) Snyderman replied, when you have the flu you’re “usually out of work for two weeks”. Two weeks? Really? That seems strange. After all when I was a school child none of my classmates missed school for two weeks due to the flu. And have you ever heard of or seen a hockey or basketball player missing two weeks of their season due to the flu. Do news anchors or anyone else appearing on live TV generally disappear from our living rooms for two weeks each winter? Sadly, there seems to be nothing supporting Dr. Snyderman’s wild claim. But wait those are just anecdotes. Have any studies been done. Well, I’m glad you asked. This is from Flu Prevention Partners [18], a site encouraging flu vaccination:
Flu: Work Loss (days/case): Work Loss Days are the number of work days absent, per episode of influenza illness. A study of the impact of influenza and influenza-like illness on productivity and healthcare resource utilization in a working population by Keech, et al. found that the mean of lost workdays was 2.8, with a range of +/- 2.0.
Ironically, Offit, the leader of this campaign of misinformation, in his latest book, and despite all the aforementioned errors, falsehoods and mistruths, exhorts us to trust him and the other ministers of misinformation, saying:

When parents choose to vaccinate their children, one element is critical to the decision: trust. A choice not to vaccinate is a choice not to trust those who research, manufacture, license, recommend, promote and administer vaccines – specifically, the government, pharmaceutical companies, and doctors. If we are again to believe that vaccines are safer than the diseases they prevent, we’re going to have to trust those responsible for them. This isn’t going to be easy.
You're right doctor, it’s not going to be easy. That's because trust isn’t built on a foundation of misinformation and deception. Trust is earned by trustworthy behavior. If you truly wanted to build trust you and your colleagues would provide credible information not spin and propaganda

That is if you were concerned about building trust. Unfortunately you’re not; you’re concerned about selling vaccine.

Therefore, rather than inspiring trust, you and the ministers of misinformation inspire me to question more deeply expert opinions and proclamations regarding vaccines and the infectious illnesses for which they promise protection.

Robert Schecter is the parent of a fifteen year old unvaccinated daughter; a stock & commodities investor, writer, and founder & editor of The Vaccine Machine: a blog challenging the vested interests dedicated to vaccinating our children by any means necessary. Visit us at the blog or on Facebook.

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Robert Schecter

@Media Scholar

Are you suggesting studies involving thimerisol and the mmr and vaccines do not exist? If you are then I suggest you look at this Safeminds' study describing them:

Media Scholar

Only one vaccine, the MMR, and one vaccine ingredient, thimerisol, have ever been studied to any great extent.
Is the author of this article suggesting something that just isn't so?

Thimerosal is nearly 50% ethyl-mercury. This form of mercury compound has not been studied at all mainly due to the fact it is a neurotoxin and causes brain damage.

To this very day, Thimerosal is neither GRAS nor GRAE. Generally recognized as safe. Generally recognized as effective.

Nothing has changed since this video was made:

In fact, the US medical agencies have no idea whatsoever what level of ethyl-mercury exposures are "safe" because they already know the answer is zero and don't want to talk about it.

When Scandinavian countries were removing Thimerosal in favor of Thimerosal-free vaccines beginning in very early 1990s, Mr. Vaccine marketplace, himself, Merck's vaccine head, Maurice Hilleman, had concerns over the increasing levels of mercury exposures within the US vaccine program. He wrote about this in a 1991 Merck memo within which he incorrectly identifying Thimerosal as a "phenyl-mercury compound". He stated it was the least toxic form of mercury. He also stated at biologics at US FDA expressed zero concern about this issue.

When a 1990s law required a review of all applications of mercury in medicines feds were at a total loss to explain why in many decades a safe exposure level of ethyl-mercury was never established.

Early in the first decade of this century, Mr. Vaccine Injury denialist himself, Neal Halsey, in Congressional testimony, stated the problem with elevated levels of neurotoxic Thimerosal related to the fact that vaccine marketeers had never done the cumulative exposure level calculation before. He testified that the mercury levels on the package inserts were always express in percent of total content, and not in actual milligrams.

To cover their exposed butts, feds actually substituted tuna mercury exposure criteria rather than do the research on Thimerosal. Again, they already knew Thimerosal was not safe. They just couldn't talk about how unsafe.

The US FDA claims they lost the first citizen's petition to get rid of mercury in vaccines. The second petition response was the issue is too difficult" for them to address.

The FDA knew that from what Thimerosal research had been done in the past condemned it's usage.

So any so called research claiming Thimerosal is safe is bogus.

As for the MMR vaccine, long before Andrew Wakefield was born doctors knew what could happen should someone small already sick or recently with a neurologically-active Measles infection also become sick with a second neurologically-active infection such as Mumps, Rubella, or Chicken Pox.

The risks of developmental delay increase greatly when a co-infection of neurologically-active viruses occur in youngsters.

The MMR vaccine is a live virus vaccine. Three and sometimes four neurologically-active viruses are in that infectious injection.

In the past, the US vaccine court has compensated plenty of cases of brain injury resulting from vaccinations.

Thanks to the good work of Evidence of Harm author David Kirby one case, which would have been secretly settled specifically for Autism injury after vaccination, was out'ed.

Perhaps the author of this article is confused?

Meryl Dorey

What a fabulous article - I am going to share this far and wide. Trust the 'experts'? No thank you - I'd rather do my own research and trust myself!

For Andrew Kennedy


@Andrew Kennedy

What a great question, and one that no one would address directly when it was my child's turn to be vaccinated. How I wish I would have looked beyond the first few internet sites I found. And no one would tell me, if I decided to vaccinate, what could I do to mitigate any potential adverse reactions. will give you the information you need to do your own research and apply the risks and benefits to your own family's situation. Then, cross reference it with any information you can find from relative re: auto-immune history in the family. Consider how much mercury the child has already been exposed to - did the child's parents have mouths full of amalgam fillings, did the mother eat lots of seafood during pregnancy, have rho-gam w/thimerosol in it during pregnancy, has the child had lots of earaches, antibiotics, and certain pain medications, or need for special formulas due to gastro problems or allergies, how much public exposure will the child have at each phase of his milestones ie laying in a crib or baby seat, when he crawls, when he starts walking. What protection would he realistically need? How is the child's nutritional level and toxic load? - is he just eating empty carbohydrates or is his nutrition centered around chemical free vegetables and proteins, healthy fats, and fruits full of minerals, nutrients and antioxidents? Each child and family is different from the next - hence, informed and educated choice is a must in each baby's life.

Read, read, read - and if you hear of someone condemning a book as anti-vaccine, rush out and buy that book immediately so you can find out what information they are trying to steer you away from.

Andrew Kennedy

I am extremely concerned about vaccinating my new born baby boy what advice, can you please give me?

Andrew Kennedy.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for shining the light on the deception that props up vaccine policy. It's frustrating to know that one probably has to apply some vague amount of division and subtraction to "expert" claims of vaccine effectiveness along with a vague amount of addition and multiplication to admissions of vaccine harm to somehow try to get to some kind of state of true informed consent, but clearly this is what all of us needs to know. I also think it would be very good for these "experts" to know that their statements are under such scrutiny.

I wonder about the rubella epidemic of the 60s. Was that an epidemic in cases solely, or possibly an epidemic of increased diagnoses fueled by having a treatment, thimerosal-preserved gamma globulin, and then further fueled, per Olmsted & Blaxill's Age of Autism (p. 216-223), from an apparent increased degree of harm involving the treatment?

Like barbaraj, I wonder about the exposure to rubella through MMR or possibly the potential for viral competition, maybe immune suppression from measles, and/or immune overload perhaps caused by mercury exposure. The research that found higher autism risk for the sibling born close in age to an older sibling, particularly--what happens if an expectant mother gets one or two doses of flu vaccine containing thimerosal, while one of her children is getting MMR vaccinated in a proximate time frame?

Erwin Alber

Thanks Robert!

"Vaccination is a massive fraud."
Dr Russell Blaylock MD, USA
Vaccines and Brain Development

Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity."
Dr Herbert Shelton, USA

As far as I am concerned, vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention.

Should I Vaccinate My Child?
By Shane “The People’s Chemist” Ellison, M.Sc.

"We live in a world ruled by corporate interests and agendas that are not in the best interests of the citizens of this planet... we have left consensus reality to be created by liars, cheats, killers and the junk scientists they employ."

Dr Kenneth Stoller MD
Autism, Vaccines, Mercury and the Culpability of the American Academy of Pediatrics


from a nationwide study.... trust your doctor

More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette

Tony Bateson

I have still not found convincing evidence of a single autistic person anywhere who was never vaccinated or exposed to vaccine materials such as Rho-Gam (Anti-D) in the womb. I have made my claim in front of over 2,000 attenders at autism conferences and on the web, and in newspapers and broadcasts in the UK since 1998 without finding these vanishingly rare individuals. If they do not exist it is an extraordinary achievement by the pharmaceutical industry to keep this devastating information out of the public domain.

The achievement of the industry in similarly frustrating any serious attempt to compare vaccinated with unvaccinated individuals would be not less than astonishing if it weren't at the same time just pure evil.

Tony Bateson, Cheltenham, UK


Excellent post, Mr Schecter. Thank you!

Well-stated comment, Bob Moffit. You have identified critical issues, to which the vaccine industrialists have no explanation.

"Since vaccines are credited with preventing deaths from all sorts of communicable diseases .. what could possibly remain that explains our poor infant mortality rate?"

"One other thing is troubling .. as vaccines increase .. our dismal infant mortality rates do not improve accordingly. Why is that?"

"Why is that?" Hmmmmm!

Because vaccine toxicity is systemic, cummulative, and synergistic. It has become glaringly apparent that global vaccine policy is unsustainable. Vaccine-related morbidity and mortality is growing exponentially. The vaccine zealots cannot maintain the illusion of "benefit" much longer.


This week I've read on several sites that we know three causes of autism, we KNOW and ARE not guessing. Then I read here where the mmr has been studied, and wonder "has it?". While the measle portion has been exposed as becoming in some cases somewhat of a chronic hitchhiker in the intestines of many a sick child, no one seems to zero in on rubella, except to say, wild rubella causes autism. Why is rubella short of being a suspect when in live form it's injected and has circulated unchecked in the bodies of these first generation vaccinated moms and their children.

Bob Moffitt

I am patiently waiting to learn what Dr. Offit blames for the poor "infant mortality" rates in the United States?

For some inexplicable reason .. the U.S. .. arguably the wealthiest, most technologically advanced country in history .. that administers the greatest number of childhood vaccines .. has an "infant mortality" rate of 6.33 per 1000 "live" births ..

The annual birth rate in the United States is between 4 and 5 million children .. at the rate of 6.33 per 1000 .. this equates to .. every year .. tens of thousands of children that die in their first year of life.

Since vaccines are credited with preventing deaths from all sorts of communicable diseases .. what could possibly remain that explains our poor infant mortality rate?

One other thing is troubling .. as vaccines increase .. our dismal infant mortality rates do not improve accordingly. Why is that?

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