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Age of Autism Contest: "The Day They Sold the Moon" by 9 Year Old with Autism

Team Stagliano Raises over $20,000 for Autism in ErnieEls4Autism Golf Event

Els Family
Update: Mark's team came in fifth out of 44 teams - and they raised over $21K.  I met one of the heads of the event - very interesting work going on. More to share later.   Mark and Don are going to Vegas in the Fall for the next round. Now, how to bring the kids? Think Vegas can survive us?

Mark and friends

By Kim Stagliano

Indulge me a proud wife moment. Like most couples, Mark and I share the work of raising our children. But it's usually me in the "limelight" (although sometimes it feels like a searchlight during a breakout) when it comes to autism. It's Mark's turn. He and his friends Don and Lisa Fleck and Marty Eunice entered two teams in the Connecticut tournament for Els4Autism and have raised over $20,000 for the Els foundation and school. Mia, Gianna and Bella are honorary team captains.

Ernie Els says, "The rest of my life, I will be fighting this thing [autism.]"   I was encouraged by seeing Dr. Martha Herbert as an advisory board member.  Maybe autism finally knocked on the wrong door for real? (Name that reference in the comments and win a prize. Or at least a high five.)

So, hats off to my husband Mark and his good friends for helping our kids in a meaningful way. 

To learn more about his team and the event click Els4Autism golf team Stagliano.

All I Can Handle Small Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her book from Skyhorse Publishing, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa; A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism is available now. Visit her website at Kim Stagliano.


pass the popcorn

Great photo too - beautiful family - and friends.

curtis j

Sounds like a great golf event Kim, great job.

I am sure that Ernie Els will see that Autism interests are presented for support by the PGA.

I recall the "feisty golf part" of your book...

As you may know, it can be difficult to get a wife involved with the game.

One husband took his wife out to play in a couples "alternate shot" event.. The husband booms the first shot down the middle...

the wife then hits it off into the trees.... the husband then hits a pretty good recovery shot to the back part of the green.

The wife then putts the ball a bit too hard... and it rolls off the front of the green and into a sand trap. The husband then blast out and the ball goes into the hole for a five.

"A five is not a too bad of a score honey, but I think we can do better..."

"HEY ! ...Don't look to me like that, only TWO of those shots were mine..."


Way to go Team Stagliano!! Very well done, and THANK YOU!!

Maurine Meleck

Truly a YA HOO moment. Congratulations, Kim and Mark.

Kim Stagliano

CMO, I do not play golf. I'm pretty, um, up front about that in my book. As far as I know, ElsFoundation is not affiliated in any way with Autism Speaks, although Els did create that ad a few years ago. I plan to learn more about the foundation - they are launching a really interesting and useful education program nationwide, since the Center for Excellence is regional.

Also, they educate at NO COST to families. Thereby giving to the community, not taking.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you!!

John Stone

Really great achievement!!!

Lisa Thompson

"Autism knocked on the wrong door" can be attributed to Mrs. Suzanne Wright, founder of Autism Speaks.

I was there in the audience at the Flutie Foundation conference in Waltham that fateful day when Ms. Kim Stagliano had the temerity to raise her hand and ask Mrs. Wright when Autism Speaks planned to address the vaccine/autism link head on. Mrs. Wright promised that no stone, including the vaccine/autism link, would be left unturned.

My life and the life of my ASD son totally changed that day, after meeting Kim, Dr. Deth, and other biomed parents. My son has made incredible gains in the five plus years since reading Evidence of Harm and embracing the concept that autism is likely a vaccine injury, and is treatable as such.

Still waiting for Autism Speaks and Mrs. Wright to authenticate her statement that autism knocked on the wrong door.



Do you play golf or did you just carry a golf bag on each shoulder for the real players ?

I know Ernie Els did a spot for AS a while back. Does he also look at other treatments options ?


(Name that reference in the comments and win a prize. Or at least a high five.)

Katie Wright

Wow, Congratulations!!!!!!! Fantastic work Mark!

Kim Stagliano

Mark raised the money OUTSIDE of the autism community. We would never be so bold (obnoxious) to hit up families we know are already struggling. We sent announcements to many places.

And of course, I want every penny of every donation anywhere on EARTH to go to our Age of Autism sponsors first and foremost. But Mark really wanted to do something of his own and well, it's golf - so if you've read my book you know all about that! :)

The girls and I will go up to the club (TPC River Highlands in Cromwell CT) this afternoon to see how the teams did.

Thanks. KIM

Jan Randall

Fundraisng can be tough in these lean times so a BIG WOW and HATS OFF to the golfing guys! I hope Andrew and his Dad can raise 1/4 as much for local Autism supports for families over here in SE Massachusetts!

Alison MacNeil

In our house we love Ernie Els and we love Team Stagliano, every one of you! Well done fund raising, so impressed.

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