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SmartVax Review From The Peanut Allergy Epidemic Author

SMARTVAX_LOGOv1 By Heather Fraser, author of The Peanut Allergic Epidemic (2011)

The SmartVax web site does two important and new things:  it offers concerned parents a place where they can obtain balanced information on vaccine risks and benefits; and it highlights parental concerns about vaccine safety to the wider public.  This adds to what we already know from polls and anecdotal evidence: vaccine safety is a number one concern for parents.

I have now given more than half a dozen interviews about The Peanut Allergy Epidemic. After outlining historical evidence of vaccine damage and current vaccine risks to children, I am asked to advise parents on what they should do!  Invariably, I point to the SmartVax web site as a place for constructive and balanced information.  Significantly, this information is non-adversarial, straightforward and compelling.  It includes: basic links to vaccine monographs; an explanation for the rise of pertussis in California; and even points to the fact that in many instances we lack data on risks and more research needs to be done.  This is enough to give vaccine consumers mental room to ask those important questions such as are we over- vaccinated?  Do we know enough about the adverse events that can emerge from the increasing variety of shots?  How do these vaccines work on the gut and lead to neurological damage and allergies? 

As consumers, it is our right AND our responsibility to ask these questions.  It is hard for parents to resist a trusted doctor and public pressure to use products about which they usually know nothing.  Few parents realize that should their child experience vaccine damage and they decide to stop vaccinating chances are they will be ostracized by their community or even branded as anti-vaccine.  This shuts down the conversation where smartvax opens it up again and refocuses our thoughts on vaccine safety.

Bottom line is that we live in a risk society and our best defense is knowledge.  I am grateful for the sanity of

By Heather Fraser

July 11, 2011 


Jeannette Bishop

@ASDFatherPa re allergy in Israel:


Nirvana or anyone, I read somewhere where someone said that while peanut oil or peanut antigens are used in shots over here which are causing peanut allergies, over in Israel, a different antigen is used in the vaccine matrix and is causing allergies to that particular substance. I don't remember what the substance was though. I was hoping someone else here does.


trusted doctor? When no education,no information,no knowledge of ingredients or side-effects provided for patients and the parent knows more than the doctor about adverse effects and research data-then that trust evaporates really fast.Safety starts with transparency and disclosure about all the ingredients and side-effects.Fear mongering and scare techniques will not work with well educated populations.What kind of "safe"vaccines are they promoting without responsibility from the manufacturers???
Thank you for sharing the Anaphylaxis lecture with us.

Bob Moffitt

@ Adriana

If you have never read it .. you should read Charles Richet's Nobel Prize Award winning speech on "anaphylaxis" at:


About VAERS, I filed my own report with information that I obtained from the doctor's office. The quack - I mean doctor - would never have filed it. Of course they wanted to know why I was asking for the lot number and for the name of the person who injected my son, but they did give me the information.

We received a confirmation letter from VAERS indicating that they recorded my son's adverse reaction to a vaccination. That and 50 cents will get you a newspaper.


Heather-- you wrote a phenomenal book, so the review says a lot. Anyone who hasn't read "The Peanut Allergy Epidemic" because they don't believe peanut anaphylaxis has anything to do with autism-- or because they don't think there will be anything new in the book to those who are ensconced in the autism arena--is in for an enormous surprise. Anaphylaxis may have a lot to do with autism and the two epidemics may be fatally entwined. Do yourself a favor and read the book. Something happens to your brain when you get a solid grasp on reality and this book is better than any drug in that respect.

Bob Moffitt

"...even points to the fact that in many instances we lack data on risks and more research needs to be done."

If only 10% of doctors and pediatricians are reportedly complying with the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System (VAERS).. absolutely no one .. especially VAERS .. has the "data on risks".

Apparently, VAERS does not care that 90% of doctors and pediatricians fail to comply as they request.

In addition .. while all agree that "more research needs to be done" .. after decades .. no one seems troubled that much needed research .. remains "undone". And it appears likely it will remain "undone" for the forseeable future.


Heather, can you point us to definitive information about possible peanut antigens used in vaccines? Sorry, I have not read your book- perhaps it is already discussed there.

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