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RIP and Thank You Dr. Bernadine Healy

Bernadine healy lab coat  Dr. Bernadine Healy Dies at Age 67. To  share your condolences, you may send a card to the funeral home (a lovely gesture I'm sure her husband would welcome in his time of grief) or use the online guest book Dr. Bernadine Healy

Dr. Floyd Loop c/o

Schulte & Mahon-Murphy Funeral Homes
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Lyndhurst, Ohio   44124

In Age of Autism and Bernadine Healy Dan Olmsted wrote, " Many are concerned -- and rightly so -- that public health officials and vaccine advocates don't want "to pursue a hypothesis because that hypothesis could be damaging to the public" by scaring people away from vaccinations, Healy says. "I don't believe the truth ever scares people." Dr. Healy is treating Americans like the adults and citizens they are, and public health officials like the servants of the people they should be. She is the one Paul Offit and the wackosphere and the CDC and Big Pharma need to be disparaging, not desperate parents and the relatively few people who are standing with them while more and more researchers and writers take their grant money and their 15 seconds of prime-time newscast fame and run."

"The question has not been answered." It doesn't get much clearer than that. The question of whether vaccines can trigger autism in a susceptible subgroup has not been answered. Let's repeat for emphasis: The question has not been answered.

"One should never shy away from science. One should never shy away from getting causality information." Yet that is what is happening, she says.

"I think the government or certain public health officials within the government have been too quick to dismiss the concerns of these families without studying the population that got sick." Healy says we need to take 300 children whose parents say they regressed right after a vaccine and figure out what happened. This is the opposite of the nonsense that because autism and vaccination both occur in the first two years of life, it's just a coincidence. It's the opposite of slipshod epidemiology that "proves" there's no problem at the population level. We are not talking about populations, we're talking about people. We're not talking about a herd, we're talking about a child.

"I think public health officials have been too quick to dismiss the hypothesis (vaccines can trigger autism) as irrational without sufficient studies of causation."


Media Scholar

I never knew Dr. Healy. I saw her on TV talking about vaccines causing Autism. She said the government was sweeping the evidence under the rug. She didn't have to say anything, but she did.

I agree with her and will remember what she said as a way to honor her words. Knowing she had cancer I hope she had time to prepare her heart for forever.

I hope her loved ones will take pride in remembering her bravery and will accept our gratitude on her behalf.

Lin Wessels

Truly a hero and warrior to many, including the Wessels family. We miss you already Dr. Healy. Be at peace and may your family find comfort and solace in knowing how much you are loved and missed by the masses.


What a great loss to the medical and autistic community.
This is what the public needs-honest communication. She
is one of the greatest doctor ever lived.All public health
officials should review her golden words of wisdom
My heartfelt sympathy to her family.

Jenny McCarthy

I talked to her many times on the phone. She was so passionate about our cause. I had no idea she was sick in any way. She was a warrior. Knowing her she will continue to help us fight for truth. She just has more angels to help her now.

Lisa @ TACA

Dr Healy's passing is a true heartbreak for our community (& I am sure very much for her family as well.) She was a wonderful advocate pushing for science as a guide. She will be deeply missed.

Janet Keith

So saddened to learn of Dr. Healy's death. She was a hero in my book. Few have had the courage to stand up for what is right and logical on the subject of vaccines. She had a high profile, and was very impressive in this interview. Thanks for posting it again....I grieve her passing....we need all the heroes we can get in this area. I am so thankful we had her. I know she has earned her halo and wings.


Sad we did not know she was in medical difficulty, she may have missed a few hundred thousand cards.

I am sure the family will soon become aware of the support and appreciation Dr. Healy had with the Autism community.


This is an absolutely amazing interview. Even though I've seen it before, it strikes me anew. It gives me hope for rationality, after reading a recent series of propaganda-like articles. Rest in peace, Dr. Healy. I wish more had her courage and insight. Condolences to her family. A life cut too short, alas.


Perhaps the most educated response I have heard regarding the autism-vaccine issue. If any of the "medical professionals" wasting government resources to study the epidemic of autism were as thoughful and logical as this we would be much, much futher along in finding out what is making so many of our children sick.

Rest in peace Dr. Healy. You will be missed.

Maurine Meleck

"Only the good die young......" Billy Joel



So sad. She was one of my aces in the hole (when conversing re: studies). What a good, kind and thoughtful woman. Thank you Dan for posting the CBS news video.


So saddened to hear this news. I often wondered why we never heard much from Dr. Healy on this topic after that interview on CBS. I know she wrote a few follow up articles for US News but not much. I had no idea she was fighting this battle. We lost a good one. Rest in Peace Dr. Healy your words so eloquently spoken made a difference-got people to think. So honest. So sensible. I pray more doctors with your sense and integrity speak out. We need to stop disabling children. We need more Heros like you.

Not an MD

Considering Dr. Healy's unimpeachable credentials, and her belief that vaccines had not been ruled out as a potential cause of autism in certain susceptible individuals, I find the news of her death absolutely devastating. RIP, Dr. Healy.

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