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IOM To Release Adverse Events of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality 8/25

Webinar The Institute of Medicine will release the report Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality on Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 11:00 am EDT. Committee chair, Ellen Wright Clayton, and two members of the committee, S. Claiborne Johnston and Douglas Barrett, will host an audio webcast at 1:00 pm EDT on August 25th.

A link to the webcast will be available shortly before the 1:00 pm start at or . Listeners will be able to email questions to the committee during the audio webcast via a link on the same webpage.

The report and summary material will be available for free download at 11:00 am at

Please use the registration link ( HERE). Registered participants will receive an email reminder 15 minutes prior to the start of the audio webcast on August 25th



Well, go figure who would have GUESSED "major technical difficulties in having the webcast with public input" considering the CONTENT of the press release/reports! SHAME ON THEM, HOW PREDICTIBLE!

CANT THEY BE HONEST and just SAY something like -do to unexpected high levels of interest and because our faults may not be as complete and as accurate as all of the public who will be attending and seeking to provide input we have decided it best that we dont have that public option open today, maybe at another time when the news media or others who would be VIP in hearing the public comment, they won't be able to attend at a later period, so the public comments will ne open at a later unknown an probably unpublished time...

If they had such terrible technical problems, AND the public is supposed to be involved when the meeting happens, when things are released, the shouldn't they have then postponed the RELEASE of the Info too? You would think then everything would be rescheduled...because now, the media will get to see their report, read just thenpress release wihtout hearing ANY backlash.,exactly what their plan wasz,

Ok, so who would look to get the FOIA request in for all of the commitiee members emails, as well as if any emails really did go back and forth between them and their IT willing to bet, it's exactly what I mentioned above!

How sadly expected....


Wondering why the symbol of the IOM on their website is a picture of a serpent. I imagine it is intended to be representing wisdom, however, it seems to fit more with the whole hellish ordeal that we have been through to have science/research match what thousands of parents witness first hand which is adverse events caused by vaccines that affect our children's development.


So, any predictions out there? How will this go? hmm...

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