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Governor Rick Perry's Gardasil ‘Mistake’ Cost Girls their Lives

Rick perry Reneging on Gardasil mandate in the Lone-Star State is an admission of guilt
and should not be forgiven or forgotten.

By Leslie Carol Botha

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 22, 2011 – According to VAERS analyst and SANE Vax team member Janny Stokvis, Governor Rick Perry should have been aware and taken action on the mounting injuries from Gardasil in Texas before an attempt to mandate the vaccine. VAERS reports one girl died post-Gardasil vaccination, there were 14 life-threatening situations and 31 girls became disabled after Perry’s attempt to issue an executive order. The effort to introduce the drug into Texas schools turned into one of Perry’s greatest defeats.  His admission of a ‘mistake’ five years later is reprehensible.

Perry’s order would have become effective in 2008 and girls would be involuntarily immunized unless they ‘opted out’ upon entry to the 6th grade. Texas was the first state to require that schoolgirls get vaccinated against a multi-strain virus to prevent ‘cervical cancer.’ Unfortunately, the National Cancer Institute has not directly linked the virus to cervical cancer.1

Is this poor judgment from a man running for president?

During a 16 month investigation of Gardasil, side effects were documented in a disturbing number of cases to VAERS including 3,589 during a 16 month period.2Even though thousands of girls reported adverse reactions to the vaccine, Perry found no reason to modify or withdraw his executive order. Those numbers have now risen to over 22,000 and yet, it took political posturing for Perry to admit his ‘mistake.’

In addition the executive order mandated that the Department of State Health Services make the HPV vaccine available through the Texas Vaccines for Children program for eligible young females up to age 18, and the Health and Human Services Commission shall make the vaccine available to Medicaid-eligible young females from age 19 to 21. 3

Medicaid? That means that the private sector that refuses to buy into the HPV vaccine scheme would now pay for Merck’s Gardasil hoax.

Is this a man in bed with Big Pharma?

According to VAERS, Texas has had its fair share of reports of adverse reactions:
As of July 12, 2011 the total number HPV vaccine adverse events reported to VAERS is 22,619 – with an estimated 1 to 10% of the HPV vaccine injured population reporting.4

19,170 reports are from the U.S. – 3,127 of those events are from unknown locations.
914 reports out of the 19,170 reports are from Texas. But considering the fact that 3,127 reports have an unknown location, this number could be higher.5

Gardasil Adverse Events in Texas:

•   One death report of a 26 year old woman who died Nov 20076
•   67 reports are listed as serious7
•   14 reports of Life threatening situations8
•   433 reports of emergency room visits9
•   45 reports of hospitalization10
•   10 reports extended hospital stay11
•   174 reports where the girls did not recover from their injuries12
•   31 reports of girls now disabled13

Is this a man who ignores his constituency in favor of Big Pharma?

Even after the issuance of the executive order, and the challenge by the Texas Legislature, Perry defended his position.  At a press conference, he played a video message from a 31-year old cervical cancer patient hooked to an oxygen tube, who was too sick to testify earlier at the statehouse. Perry declared:

‘I challenge legislators to look these women in the eyes and tell them, `We could have prevented this disease for your daughters and granddaughters, but we just didn’t have the gumption to address all the misguided and misleading political rhetoric…’14

Is this a man who has been corrupted by Big Pharma?In fact – Rick Perry’s previous Chief of Staff worked as a lobbyist for Merck at the time and Perry and eight other Republican law makers received donations of $6000.00 from Merck lobbyists just a few days before the executive order was issued.

Now that Perry has declared his candidacy for President he told reporters in New Hampshire that he regretted his handling of the vaccine, explaining: “I signed an executive order that allowed for an opt out, but the fact of the matter is that I didn’t do my research well enough to understand that we needed to have a substantial conversation with our citizenry.”  Too little – too late, Governor Perry.

SANE Vax Inc. believes that every governor should be looking at the number of Gardasil adverse reactions in their respective states.  It is time that other politicians admit their ‘mistakes’ to their constituents as well.


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# # #

SaneVax believes only Safe, Affordable, Necessary & Effective vaccines and vaccination practices should be offered to the public. Our primary goal is to provide scientific information/resources for those concerned about vaccine safety, efficacy and need.




Important Gardasil update,latest data as of January 03,2013
Adverse reaction reports from 0-9 days after Gardasil: 4801
10-14 days:517;15-30 days:739;31-60days:704;61-120days:579;
after 120 days:775;UNABLE TO FIND EGZACT ONSET:6922
Vaccine: Gardasil,Manufacturer:Merck Life threatening illnesses:473;ER VISIT:9912;HOSPITALIZED:2466;Extended hospital stay:223;DID NOT RECOVER:5104;DISABLED:801;DIED 117; I think the numbers speak for themselves.To truly understand the numbers,you can multiply these by 25 as only 4% of the complaints make it to the database.
Dr. William Jamison,you had been severely brain washed by big pHarma. I have two nubers for you to review and explain from the vaers database:333341; 339034;-now the girls did not have any pre-existing conditions.You honestly really,
really need to look with an open mind and try very hard to prioritize the patient's best interest.(PS:I do not have hope for you Dr.William Jamison.)By the way how much educational grant or funding did you receive from Merck to
promote this aluminum/polysorbate/borax/contaminated vaccine?


99.8% of the girls will not get cervical cancers.This aluminum/boric acid/polysorbate containing vaccine may
damage and weaken the girls immune system.This polysorbate/boric acid detergent combo will weaken the cell
membranes.Boric acid contains arsenic.Smoking,chemicals and
not doing pap test for 5 years or longer are the problems.
HPV virus can be passed on the newborn during a vaginal
delivery.HPV virus can be picked up at the day care by/from
shared toys.Your immune system will clear up more than 94%
of the viruses.Do pap test regularly,keep your immune system strong.Have a very healthy sexual relationship, minimize the number of partners as infections and cancer
will RISE in the future due to weaker immune systems (vaccine and toxin over-load/bio-accumulation/lab-viruses).
Turn off the tv/lies/pharma marketing/it is always about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$s. There is only one winner in this game. Over 20,000 reported adverse effects,over 100 dead,
many disabled,many in pain,many lost the quality of their lives.Only about 4% of the complaints make it to the vaers data-base.Stay smart,stay strong,research and educate yourself first.

Lawrence Aikens

I would encourage your readers to check your citations, as your claim that "Unfortunately, the National Cancer Institute has not directly linked the virus to cervical cancer" is incorrect. The NCH states on the page you provide the link to that "Based on fair evidence, vaccination against HPV-16/HPV-18 is effective to avoid HPV infection, and thus cervical cancer." In addition to this their website states that "Persistent HPV infections are now recognized as the cause of essentially all cervical cancers" (http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/HPV).


Please see this:



Link: http://www.gaia-health.com/articles201/000235-india-stops-gardasil-trial-ethics-and-logic-questioned.shtml


"New Delhi: The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has told Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat to immediately suspend the cervical cancer control vaccination programme for girls. The programme is part of a two-year study to look into the utility of a vaccine in public health programmes and acceptability of Gardasil, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine made by Merck. Gardasil, available in medical stores across the country, is marketed in India by MSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.

The programme was marred by controversy after four deaths and complications among 120 girls were reported after vaccination. The girls complained of stomach disorders, epilepsy, headaches and early menarche. Women activists fear the vaccine may impact the mental health of girls who have shown no signs of distress so far..."



Jan 04, 2011 - "Amidst all of the media hype surrounding HPV vaccines, the traditional press has remained silent on many critical issues, not the least of which occurred on the 31 of August 2010 in France. As of that date, Merck’s marketing partner for the HPV vaccine Gardasil, Sanofli-Pasteur, was officially prohibited from advertising Gardasil for cervical cancer prevention in France."




"The SaneVax Team would like to formally thank the French government for examining the situation and taking appropriate action. We sincerely hope governments around the world follow your example and prohibit pharmaceutical companies from continuing to mislead medical professionals and consumers by distorting data and making claims of facts where none exist."

"The SaneVax Team would also like to know why this story was not covered by any of our traditional press counterparts. Where are all of the investigative journalists in the world? One has to wonder."


I am not Nick M and did not make the confused response indiciting Bayareamom, though my last name starts with M. I only post as Nick. I am sure his mistake was honest, but I don't share the proclivity that led to a response of such a nature and want to clarify that another Nick that posts to these boards at times did not post this.


If you read this I want you to know I am not able to post in the thread where we have been conversing for some reason. Kim does not know why and thinks it will resolve.I am not ignoring your comments.


Dr. Jamison,

Did you READ the stories regarding the four girls who have had horrific side effects from the Gardasil vaccine? Dr. Jamison, I am as of this very moment, receiving reports from families from all over the United States as to the type of side effect, duration of side effect; timing of the adverse event post-vaccination, and whether or not the adverse events were life threatening, disabling, and/or still current, upon receipt of the Gardasil vaccine by these families' daughters.

The MEDICAL expense incurred after these events for these families runs anywhere from $20,000.00, plus, to well over $100,000.00.

You are absolutely delusional if you think these events are MINOR. Wake up, open your heart, and take a look at the VAERS database if you don't believe me.

Better yet, if you would care to, (the oath "First Do No Harm" comes to mind), please contact Marian Greene, who runs the The Truth About Gardasil website, or contact journalist/researcher Leslie Botha who put together two presentations before the FDA as to research she and a panel of researchers performed as to adverse events regarding Gardasil. Botha, Dr. Diane Harper and this panel of women could provide you with a plethora of information as to the side effects young girls have experienced upon receipt of the Gardasil vaccine.

How in the world you could come away, feeling these adverse events are MINOR, is absolutely beyond my ability to understand. I would not call a death of a daughter or son to this vaccine, a MINOR incident. If one of these children happened to be your daughter/son or your granddaughter/grandson, how would you feel then?

My dear Dr. Jamison - WAKE UP. India halted the Gardasil vaccination campaign out there because it was causing too many untoward side effects and death. France will not allow the Gardasil vaccine to be marketed in its country because of the known side effects; two young French girls have now filed lawsuits because of the damage caused to them post vaccination.

I will, at times, read articles as to the numbers of children who die in bathtubs on a yearly basis, or the numbers of children who die from any other assortment of issues, but the ONE article I don't see in our mainstream press, is about the high numbers of vaccine damaged children and adults. These children are our future, yet I see absolutely NOTHING in our mainstream press which appropriately addresses this issue.

I have been told by several physician friends of mine that actually, more physicians ARE speaking out as to their concerns as to the United States immunization program, but they do not dare to speak out openly about this issue, for a variety of reasons.

But the fact that YOU are here, Dr. Jamison, at this website, speaks more in volume than in words. You're here for a reason, Dr. Jamison.

Perhaps you care more than you are willing to acknowledge. I certainly hope that is the case.



Donna K

Results from the clinical trials revealed that there was a concerning number of females who received the HPV vaccine who started the trial seropositive (for HPV type(s) found in the vaccine) that then suffered abnormal disease cytology subsequent to vaccination with increased risk for cancer. That there revealed an increased risk at all should have stopped the licensing of this vaccine. Are doctors carefully screening their female patients for seropositivity prior to vaccinating them. No they just want to force the women to take the risk because the sales pitch from the pharm rep made it sound too good to pass up.

In the field of medicine today it seems we have an epidemic of medical professionals who have made intentional decisions to build and protect their reputations at the expense of harming patients. Vaccine safety promotion has proven to be the ultimate show of loyalty, demonstrating the selfish and syncophatic traits corporate medicine demands in persuing market value, not public health. To just decide that the HPV vaccine carries no more risk than a sore arm, regardless of evidence to the contrary that autoimmune disease and death are very real risks, reveals the true mentality of the apologist(s) and the type of character that impersonates concern to force innocent girls and young women to risk their health and lives today on the chance that a vaccine administered today will save them from a cancer forming 30 or more years in the future. That vaccine has not demonstrated any efficacy in reducing cancer rates as that data will only be available decades from now. The efficacy William Jamison ascribes to the vaccine for cancer prevention remains until such time to be theory, nothing more. The kind of researchers and medical professionals that refuse to be objective and therefore lack legitimacy in matters of science should expect their opinions to be dismissed, rejected, or even ridiculed.

On a personal note, our family has personal experience dealing with one of the doctors involved in the trials for this vaccine. Though our daughter was not involved in the HPV trial nor has ever received the vaccine, for a different issue we received a referral for my daughter (ASD) for consultation with this doctor regarding her behaviors as he was part of a local pediatric practice that provided consulting based on his training as a "neuroscientist" with "expertise" in such cases. In our one and only consultation with this doctor, upon describing our daughter's seizure condition which included a history of emergency room visit for status epilepticus, EEG-confirmed epilepsy and more, he proceeded to try to convince us that what we thought was seizure activity was most likely just a behavior commom to autism and not really a seizure disorder at all. My husband is a scientist and he got into a further discussion with the doctor that I could not follow because my daughter was screaming, but I knew this doctor's demonstration of expertise got even more questionable when I heard my husband say to the doctor very politely, "you can't say that--that's not even logical." At that point the doctor stammers that he's late for another appointment and leaves the room--we were only 10 minutes into our 60 minute consultation with this doctor. That doctor was one of the HPV trial doctors who was responsible for reporting any reactions following vaccination, which would include identifying any syncope, tonic-clonic movements and seizure-like activity that was otherwise identified and recorded according to the published trial results. Our experience helps put into perspective the level of objectivity and clinical astuteness of the trial researchers and their official reports of adverse reactions.


Nick M.,

Take a deep breath and READ my comments: I am NOT the one that made those comments - Dr. William Jamison/OB/GYN/OHIO, made them. Go back and read ALL my comments. I have a vaccine injured child (thankfully, almost completely recovered). I am not now, nor have I ever been, a proponent of forced/mandated vaccination.

I am the California State Director for the National Vaccine Information Center. I reach out to parents as to parental rights issues regarding medical healthcare issues.



Theresa O

Nick, that comment is from Mr. Jamison, not Bayareamom.

Mr. Jamison has decided not to address the concerns I brought up, and I guess ("I'll have to add one more comment" and "Best wishes to all") he's going to keep quiet now.

He he expressed his view that a vaccine that has been tested in an extremely limited fashion (with a non-inert placebo for comparison) is an acceptable risk to compel a young and vulnerable population to take, in order to prevent a virus that can lead to cancer in an infinitesimally small percentage of people.

He won't let us know his feelings on mandated helmets and fire suits for automobile passengers and drivers, or any other preventative mandates. He just believes that Gardasil is the best thing ever to happen to Texas. As Barney Frank would say, "Good luck with that."

Nick M.

Bayareamom says: "This is my final comment here: Shame on all those who seek to turn young women against these life-saving vaccines."

Shame on you for trying to force people to take a shot. If you want people to be able to take the shot that bad then go out and campaign and hand out pamphlets. But no one should ever be FORCED to take a vaccine. Shame on you, Bayareamom.

William Jamison

Sorry, but I'll have to add one more comment in response to BayAreaMom:

The adverse effects associated with these vaccines are mostly minor. I say mostly, although I realize that in some cases the possible, and perhaps coincidental, effects may be more than minor.

Having said that, it's important to note that the adverse effects associated with infection with HPV16 or HPV18 are definitely not minor. We speak of these vaccines as being capable of preventing death (they are), but another important benefit of vaccination is protection against moderate/severe cervical dysplasias, which require surgical intervention, with the potential complication of interfering with reproductive capacity. The prevention of 300,000 to 500,000 cases of dysplasia requiring surgical intervention each year in this country alone is quite a substantial benefit to public health.

My apologies to anyone that I may have offended with my comments, as I truly did not wish to do that. It's just that I strongly believe that efforts to dissuade young people from getting these vaccines will lead to unnecessary morbidity and death.

While there are those that strongly believe these vaccines actually cause severe morbidity and/or mortality, it's important to note that equally severe morbidity and death occur from non-vaccine-related causes in non-vaccinated populations of the same size as the vaccinated population.

Best wishes to all readers/commenters here.


Well, Dr. Jamison, can't say as though I'm surprised. You spout the same rhetoric repeatedly, but give no indication whatsoever as to whether you've taken the time to review the VAERS database regarding adverse events re: Gardasil. You're not appalled with these dire outcomes?

Shame on YOU, Dr. Jamison, SHAME ON YOU.

William Jamison

I have been silent of late because I'm truly appalled by the comments here.

Believe me when I say that I am no fan of Rick Perry, but as Governor of Texas.he did one thing right, and that was to require that all young women in his state be protected against a form of cancer.

Texas has one of the highest rates of cervical cancer in this country, and his mandate, if enacted, would have led to a dramatic decrease of this disease.

This is my final comment here: Shame on all those who seek to turn young women against these life-saving vaccines.


THANK you, Benedetta; that was very sweet of you. I've written a more lengthy story about our son's vaccine injuries awhile ago, but wanted to clarify re: the above article.

I've noted a resounding silence from one Dr. Jamison. I sincerely hope our good Dr. Jamison will check out the VAERS database regarding Gardasil adverse events. Over 90 deaths are being attributed to the Gardasil vaccine. This vaccine is perhaps THE most horrific and dangerous vaccine on today's market. Efforts by many groups is ongoing for the removal of this vaccine from the world-wide market.

I would beg any physician who has perhaps been induced by big pharma lobbyists (and others) to look into their hearts and take a look at the other side. There are ALWAYS two sides to any story. There is NO such thing as coincidence; all things happen for a reason.


Thankyou for sharing your story with all of us. I am still sorry for the mother that lost her daughter and it still makes my heart ache for her. But still I am glad your son is okay.



It wasn't my loss, but the loss of the Mom who wrote that first piece about her daughter. You can read more about her story and others, at the Truth About Gardasil.com website.

I have one son who was damaged by a whole cell pertussis DPT vaccine at the age of four months. Our son suffered horrific reactions to all his so-called well baby vaccines and was also exposed to the RhoGam vaccine, Penicillin and a tetanus shot given to me when I was pregnant (for an extremely mild cat scratch which barely broke the skin). I have recently found out that I was most likely given a DPT vaccine at that time.

We quit vaccinating our son when he was six months old, because - even without the pertussis component, which he was exempted from - he still suffered complete somnolence for two days post vaccination. Our son was no longer vaccinated after this point.

Today, I am happy to state, he is a healthy, vibrant 18 year old young man. We use homeopathy for all our healthcare needs. Dr. Randall Neustaedter is our physician and quite literally gave us our son back.

This was a huge lesson learned for me and for my family. I have since made it my mission in life to help spread the word to other families, just as all of you are doing as well.




I am so sorry BayareaMom! That is horrible! I am so sorry for your loss.

Theresa O

Oh, Mr. Jamison, you're really on fire now.

Here's the right way to use "begs the question":

As for a license to kill, if a girl believes she's protected from HPV by Gardasil and (based on that belief) goes on to have unprotected sex with a large number of individuals, and contracts HIV, and dies a horrible death, who will be to blame then?

Of course, you still have not addressed the issue of whether it makes sense to mandate a vaccine aimed at protecting people from a virus that is avoidable by behavioral changes--a virus that only in a very, very small percentage of people ever causes cancer. More lives would be saved by mandating fire suits and safety helmets for automobile drivers and passengers, or by upgrading every family to a car with anti-lock brakes. I wonder why Rick Perry didn't think of those mandates...


Further, at the moment, there are 1,428 adverse reactions to Gardasil and Cervarix FROM CALIFORNIA reported in the VAERS database. These are REPORTED cases; VAERS is a passive reporting system; it is estimated that perhaps only 1% - 10% of vaccine reactions are reported to VAERS.


Dr. Jamison,

Here are but a few girls whose lives have been changed forever since they have received the Gardasil vaccine:


"I want to introduce you to Ashley. She was 15 at the time of her first shot and she is now 16. Here is what her mother has to say about her daughter. “I am a single mother and have dedicated my life to providing a safe, fun loving environment for my daughter. She has been a gift in my life. I describe her as having an old soul. People of all ages, race, disabled, even animals connect with her. She has always attracted attention from everyone even complete strangers. Ashley will immediately help anyone in need. From holding open a door, to standing up for a child being picked on. People in our community always tell me what a great job I have done raising her.”

“Ashley has always been involved in extra curricular school activities and has always received top grades. My healthy teenage daughter became a chronically ill young woman. In the last year I have called 911 more times than I can count. She has been hospitalized three times within a year. We have seen many doctors and specialists who have done many tests multiple times all to be within normal limits. Ashley experiences life threatening episodes of seizure like activity, difficulty breathing, major back spasms, paralysis, dehydration, memory loss and tremors and she becomes unresponsive. She has daily illnesses of nausea, exhaustion, vomiting, pain and hair loss. I have provided CPR and life saving skills on a regular basis”.

“Ashley and I have had conversations in the event she may die. I can only promise her that I will do everything in my power for this not to happen and that we need to focus on healing. I never thought in a million years a vaccine would do this much damage to my beautiful girl. I stay strong for my daughter. I also cry with her too. I keep faith in knowing God doesn’t put more on our shoulders than we can handle. As a mother, I also feel the responsibility to get Ashley’s story out there so we can help other families.”

“Now she is ill – her life is dealing with daily symptoms and hoping for a day without a life threatening episode.”


“Nora has always been a great kid—she’s the oldest of our 3—a 16 year brother, Jack and a 15 year-old sister, Sally.

"Nora was an honor role student her entire high school career, a 3 sport athlete until her senior year where she only played basketball and softball. She was named all academic-all conference for each sport she played. She has always made friends easily and enjoys the things that most girls her age do. She started working as a hostess at a local Red Lobster in the spring of her Junior year and was promoted to waitress last summer. She attends the University of Illinois at Champaign and plans to major in Kinesiology.”

“I am very proud of Nora and I feel very badly that I agreed to have her receive Gardasil. She asked me the other day why we didn’t know of its potential harm….I had no good answer.”

“Nora is now taking seizure medication. There is no family history of seizures.”

“She received her first shot June 16, 2008 and fainted June 21, 2008. My husband and I were at a friend’s house for dinner. At about 7:30pm, our youngest daughter called to say something was wrong with our 18 year old daughter Nora, and that the ambulance was taking her to the ER. She received her second shot August 19, 2008 and had the seizures September 2, 2008. I got a phone call from a young woman who lives on the same floor in the same dorm as Nora to let me know that Nora had had a seizure.”

Age 21 (Marlborough, Massachusetts)

"Prior to Gardasil, I had no previous known illnesses or behavioral issues, except for an occasional migraine headache. I had no complications whatsoever with IUD or menstrual cycle until after I had my first Gardasil shot (Lot 1758U) on April 28, 2008 – IUD removed October 2008. My second Gardasil vaccination (Lot 0651X) was on January 8, 2009 and I had this along with a tetanus shot. My symptoms include: 30 lbs unexplained weight loss and my hair falling out in clumps and migraines. I experienced sudden sharp pains all over my body, which are most intense in my head, abdomen and legs."

"Earaches and frequent ear popping with pain and stiffness in elbows, knees, wrists and ankles and a numbness in my face including lips, nose and cheeks; pressure in sinuses, stiffness and tightening in my neck. I have had vision problems including double vision, blurred vision, light auras, difficulty focusing and pain/pressure in and around my eyes. Frequent muscle spasms all over and a weakness/numbnes/tingling in arms and pains in legs. Have experienced weak to no reflexes in my left elbow and right knee and have had chest pains and tightness. Sharp shooting pains in pelvic area/vaginal areas. Also my menstrual cycle has been irregular and heaviness with pain in lower back. Cramps/Charlie horses in legs and feet and also cold hands and feet and also experiencing tremors in my legs. Severe anxiety issues, causing my heart to race/blood pressure to increase; anger and irritability issues. I am unable to concentrate for any length of time. The sensation to urinate comes on strong and it feels like I am going to lose control and am left with a feeling of incomplete urination."

"Diagnosis: An X-ray showed my spine is straightening and CT scan showed my intestine is swollen. I have received no exact diagnosis as yet. I am to receive an MRI of my brain and neck (cervical) in August 2009 and shortly afterwards I am scheduled to see a Neurologist."

"Gardasil has completely changed my life. Before Gardasil, I never had a pain that I could not explain. For a year now I have been in and out of doctors offices desperately searching for an answer. I am no longer able to perform my job the way I used to. Before Gardasil, I was enrolled in college with a 4.0 and now I cannot even finish a book I am just trying to enjoy. I feel like I am not giving my son and fiancé the time they deserve from me, because I am too tired, in too much pain, or because I am at the doctor’s office. I just want to be myself again and enjoy every moment of being a mom, but everyday it feels like I am falling further away from the “old me” or the “me before Gardasil.”


"My daughter Steffanee’s illnesses started after she had completed her three Gardasil vaccinations, the first was in 8/2008, the second in 11/2008 and the final vaccination she had on 1/2/2009. Her serious health problems started on February 2, 2009 and from that moment on things started to deteriorate. Over a period of time she had four ER visits at the University of Missouri, Columbia and the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota. Her many symptoms included: headaches, panic attacks, she could not breathe, felt her throat was closing up, brain fog, fatigue, severe joint and muscle pain and spasms, really bad knee pain, energy level low, non epileptic seizures, twitches, neurological disorder with muscle movements that are uncontrollable, jerking of limbs and entire body. That is to name just a few and today there has been a slight improvement, doing better, but still has twitching/jerking of limbs and knee pain."

"Our lives were turned upside down on Feb 2, 2009. We got a call from her school, our 17 year old daughter was having severe seizures, screaming in pain. This was the very first time I had ever seen anything like that. It started with muscle spasms in her back. It was like that for 6 weeks, ambulance rides and in and out of hospitals and ERs. It was her first visit to the hospital; she was a very healthy girl prior to having the Gardasil vaccinations. I worry about her every day. Her life has been on hold for about 5 months, she sleeps a lot. She is very fatigued most of the time. Her personality changed through all this, I’m sure it’s because she was in so much pain. I hope and pray every single day that these seizures will stop, that this Gardasil vaccine will get out of her system and let her have her life back. She went through a depression when she was in and out of the hospital, missing school & cheerleading. She was VERY active prior to February 2, 2009."

"I have to have my cell phone with me every minute of the day, afraid that she will need me or that one of her friends is trying to get in touch with me, because she is having a seizure. Adolescents are supposed to be carefree and worry
about nothing. Gardasil changed that for a lot of girls. The emotional stress alone has been very hard on our family. The financial part has added more stress. I believe they have run every test available on her, all results……normal. That in itself is not normal with all the serious health problems that Steffanee has."

"They say stress adds to the Gardasil Girls problems. How can they not be stressed, worrying that they will become ill at school and their parents would then have to be sent for?"

TRUTHFULLY, there are HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS, of similar reports, detailing almost the exact same adverse events as the above.

For more information, learn more about Gardasil deaths and injuries, at: http://truthaboutgardasil.org/injuries/


Dr. Jamison,

I think it would behoove you to check out the The Truth About Gardasil website and take some time to review the VAERS reports regarding Gardasil reactions.

Also, please see the following: http://www.nvic.org/pdf/Tarsell-Report-Unexplained-Gardasil-Deaths.pdf



"The data in this report evidence patterns in the type of post-injection symptoms experienced by respondents as well as an increase in the occurrence, number and severity of symptoms with additional exposure to the HPV. The temporal relationships between inoculation and onset of symptoms fall within the realm of biological possibility. For the 6 deaths reported there is statistically detectable evidence that the hypothesis that Gardasil is not related to any of them is not tenable."

"Analysts who have assessed post-approval surveillance of the Gardasil vaccine have concluded that Gardasil is safe, based primarily on comparing rates of adverse events to background rates. However, a vaccine can have a low rate of adverse events while still indicating strong evidence that the small number of events that do occur are related to the vaccine."

"It is not a contradiction that the frequency of adverse events including death associated with Gardasil may be small, yet the evidence for an association may be strong. This would constitute strong evidence of a small yet real association."

Additional Information: http://sanevax.org/there-is-no-justifiable-reason-to-support-ab-499-and-on-behalf-of-children-the-legislation-should-be-defeated/


"1. There is no evidence that the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) will prevent cervical cancer (1, 2). Gardasil has limited use as an HPV vaccine, not a vaccine for cervical cancer. In August 2010, the Director General of the French Agency for Safety of Health Products found Merck’s claims of efficacy to be unproven and the claims that it will prevent cervical cancer are unsupported by any studies. The French have forbidden Gardasil ads in their country. (3)

2. Rates for cervical cancer in developed countries are very low. According to the American Cancer Society, the incidence of cervical cancer dropped by 75% since regular Pap screening procedures were implemented four decades ago ( 4). Nearly all cervical cancer can be prevented with annual pap smears and a non-invasive, inexpensive DNA sequencing test to detect and appropriately treat any high-risk HPV types.

(2) HPV vaccination is unnecessary particularly since one must continue to have Pap smears and HPV testing anyway since the vaccine only addresses two of more than a dozen HPVs that could lead to persistent infection. (2)

3. Side effects from the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) can be severe and serious. The FDA reports that there are three times as many Adverse Events reports (AEs) from Gardasil than there are for all other vaccines combined. (5). Even though they are greatly underreported, there are currently over 21,000 AEs including almost 9,000 emergency room cases, 2,000 hospitalizations and 94 deaths.(6) My 21 year old daughter, Christina was one of the deaths resulting from Gardasil. We have expert opinion Chris died from an autoimmune response to Gardasil. In her memory, a website with documented information and links, a Gardasil study and video interviews with both medical professionals and victims is available at www.gardasil-and-unexplained-deaths.com.

4. The rate of serious adverse events from the HPV vaccine, Gardasil (3.34/100,000) (5) is greater that the rate of cervical cancer (2.4/100,000) (4, 7). The CDC/FDA continue to call the adverse events (AEs ) “coincidences” and continue to say the vaccine is safe and effective.

5. Despite the fact that in June of 2009, the FDA approved the addition of “Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders” including “pulmonary embolus” and “seizure-like activity” to the package insert Warnings and Precautions section for HPV vaccine (Gardasil), current literature given to consumers and ads about Gardasil do not disclose the risks ( 8, 9).

6. In April 2010, the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) was pulled from the market in India due to reports of illness and death following Gardasil injections and unethical marketing practices. (10,11)

7. In February 2011, the FDA denied approval of the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) for women over the age of 27 because the efficacy of the vaccine has not been studied in this group. (12). However, the efficacy and safety of the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) were also not studied in females under the age of 15. (13)

8. The HPV vaccine (Gardasil) was fast-tracked and approved by the FDA in just six months due to heavy lobbying and intense pressure by the pharmaceutical company, Merck (14). There are no long term safety studies, and no studies of the possible interaction between Gardasil and other vaccines like Menactra or Tdap that might be given concurrently. (13)
9. The HPV vaccine (Gardasil) is one of the most expensive vaccines ever produced costing around $400 for the three injection series. Merck made $1.5 billion dollars in Gardasil sales the first year alone and was criticized for an aggressive campaign that “created a market out of thin air” (14). Vaccine manufacturers are also protected by law against any liability for adverse reactions to the vaccines. For the manufacturer, it is all profit and no liability (15).

One practical consequence of these ndings might be that those who choose to receive Gardasil should be informed that if they experience certain adverse post-injection symptoms, it might be an indication that they should abort the inoculation protocol."

William Jamison

To Mr. Blaxill:

My name is spelled J A M I S O N, not J A M I E S O N.

Furthermore, regarding your series entitled "License to Kill", it is becoming increasingly evident that a percentage of young women (and probably young men as well) will either die or suffer through horribly invasive surgery, precisely because, on the advice of you and others, they elected not to be immunized against these cancer-causing viruses.

This observation begs the question: will your efforts to persuade young people against receiving these life-saving vaccines someday be characterized as a "License to Kill"?

Mark Blaxill

Willian Jamieson misstates my argument deliberately and is wrong on the facts. I refer our readers to my series "License to Kill" for a factual account of Gardasil's development.

As for me being naive, a more cynical friend pointed out to me that Jamieson is in all likelihood a paid consultant to pharmacutical companies. If correct, that tells you all you need to know.


Theresa O

William Jamison, to mandate a vaccine aimed at preventing a virus that can lead to a type of cancer that currently strikes 0.004 percent of Americans is just not a reasonable cost/benefit decision. I'm waiting for firesuits and crash helmets to become mandated in Texas; after all, far more Americans die in automobile accidents than of cervical cancer.


In the 70s they gave cancer drugs to patients with cancer. It was found recently that those very drugs were actually giving them cancer. The people who died from AIDS died from the drugs they were given to cure them, AZT. Like alcohol gets one drunk, so does vaccinations cause autism. 22,000 adverse reactions and 126 deaths from the vaccination Gardasil. No recall. 1 Toyota supposedly has a sticky accelerator, and millions are recalled. Go get your vaccinations... they don't do anything except kill people.


William you have come to the wrong place to tell us about the joys of vaccines.

Three of my family members had reactions and one family member was just recently re-injured from a forced vaccination to become a nurse.

You have no idea the joy it is to be up all night in a hospital keeping an eye on your daughter that had a psychotic episode. That was last year. Would you like to hear about the long drawn out story of how my son had a stroke six hours after his third DPT shot, or about his heart murmur and inflamed left venticule after his first. Or long ago how my two year old daughter had Kawasakis from her DPT shot, or how my husband has acquired mitochondrial disorder from his vaccine.

You want Rick Perry to get our support?
Is that what you are after?
Then don't come here telling us about
" Gardasil most definitely protects against cervical cancers caused by vaccine-related HPV genotypes."
Because most of us know how many genotypes are out there and actually know how many genotypes the vaccine covers.
We also know that there is a limit on how many vaccines can be taken by the human body - because most of us that read this blog knows personally people who have over reached their limit.
You are not helping Rick Perry, I really had not made up my mind - I thought he was perhaps naive and maybe could get it - but if you are from his camp (me, a die hard republican) will just stay home.

William Jamison

In response to Mark Blaxill's comment entitled “For the Merck defenders…”

1. Gardasil most definitely protects against cervical cancers caused by vaccine-related HPV genotypes. The evidence on this point is very clear and growing daily. One needs only to examine the data from Australia to learn that wide-spread use there has brought about a significant reduction in the incidence of HPV-associated precancerous lesions among vaccine recipients. This is NOT theory, it is clinically-proven FACT.
2. To believe that reducing the prevalence of vaccine-related HPV types in the general population through vaccination will cause other HPV types to “fill the ecological niche of the vaccine strains” is naïve and un-informed. HPV is a virus that has evolved over thousands of years. Some of the strains, notably types 16 and 18 (i.e., the most prevalent types found in cervical cancers) have evolved in such a way as to be particularly adept at evading the immune system. Thus, they are able to persist in the infected host, and with increasing time of persistence, there is higher probability of progression to cancer. Importantly, these are double-stranded DNA viruses that mutate only very slowly (i.e., over thousands of years), so it is highly unlikely that, should HPV types 16 and 18 suddenly be removed or dramatically reduced in the host population through vaccination, that other types will suddenly mutate in such a way that they are now able to cause as much cancer as types 16 and 18.
3. A comparison of Gardasil with Prevnar is not relevant as Gardasil protects against infections caused by viruses that do not mutate nearly as rapidly as bacteria associated with pneumoccal disease.
4. “In the meantime, Gardasil harms, disables and kills young women. This cost is not theoretical, it was incurred in the clinical trials and continues.”
This comment is factually incorrect. Gardasil has an excellent safety profile. NO deaths have been linked to use of this vaccine. NONE. The most common adverse event associated with use of the vaccine is soreness/tenderness at the injection site. This has been proven repeatedly in numerous large-scale clinical trials involving tens of thousands of women, performed the world over.
Lastly, in response to the summation: “So on the theory that Gardasil might prevent cancer many years from now based on protecting against infection from a handful of HPV strains (cancer cases that could just as easily be prevented through other means), some want to mandate a vaccine that makes Julie Gerberding's Merck Vaccine Division billions in revenue while killing and diasbling a significant number of young women and also disrupting the HPV ecosystem and promoting the development of more virulent strains.”

Gardasil WILL prevent cancer and is doing so NOW and in the years ahead among women that have not been persuaded against being vaccinated by viewpoints such as those promoted in this article.
It does NOT kill people, and the notion that it will somehow “disrupt the HPV ecosystem” is highly naïve and the commenter that made that statement doesn't know what he is talking about.


The Texas Breck Boy can't hide from the truth:



But Mark, you are not a scientist!
How can you walk and chew gum without that paper in your pocket stating you are a Bonafide scientist.

Can you read even since you are not a scientist?
Certianly cannot think unless you are a scientist?
How does a scinetist get to be scientist in the first place?
Are they some super race from the moutians of Endor?
Are they from space?
Oh, that is right they are human beings that have been educated in special monastaries in Tibet.

Mark Blaxill

For the Merck defenders here, a few facts.
1. The idea that Gardasil vaccination protects against cervical cancer is a theory. We won't know for many years whether or not the vaccine works. There might be other factors involved even if the four HPV strains in the vaccine are involved in causing cancer and induced immunity to them is in some way protective.
2. There are unintended consequences when inducing immunity to a few HPV strains. Almost certainly, other strains will arise to fill the ecological niche of the vaccine strains. These may well be more virulent and lead to an increase in cancer risk not a reduction. For this reason alone, Gardasil is not a substitute for regular gyneological exams and pap smears, which have been hugely effective in preventing cervical cancer deaths.
3. The largest beneficiary of vaccines against polyvalent microbe strains is the vaccine manufacturer. Wyeth made billions on Prevnar, a vaccine that ended up simply promoting the growth of different and likely more virulent strains of pneumococcal bacteria and has had an ambiguous impact on reducing death from invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD). Prevnar 13 was introduced as a reaction to the failure of the seven strains in the original vaccine to provide adequate protection against IPD. Gardasil strongly resembles Prevnar in its both its commercial and protective profile.
4. In the meantime, Gardasil harms, disables and kills young women. This cost is not theoretical, it was incurred in the clinical trials and continues.

So on the theory that Gardasil might prevent cancer many years from now based on protecting against infection from a handful of HPV strains (cancer cases that could just as easily be prevented through other means), some want to mandate a vaccine that makes Julie Gerberding's Merck Vaccine Division billions in revenue while killing and diasbling a significant number of young women and also disrupting the HPV ecosystem and promoting the development of more virulent strains.

Does that seems like rational policy to anyone other than Merck?


The Gardasil mistake was horrific,I hope he never ever becomes a president,he should not be a governor either.
He is corrupted to the core and will represent big pharma interests.
Gardasil appears to be an infertility vaccine.Injecting
L-histidine into the girls means that their immune system will produce antibodies to L-histidine (a pre-cursor to histamin)and their immune system will interfere with the implementation of the fertlized ova as histamins usually rise around day 5 to allow the endometrium to accept the fertlized egg.Gardasil also reacts with lipids and causes myelin damage.Death and disability is not an acceptable
side effect of vaccinations.Big pharma is here at our blog
tries very hard to minimize the damage.We know better,we
believe the victims.I have investigated the VAERS database.

William Jamison

To the author, regarding the robin comment:

You say that association does not equal causation, but that's because you are not an epidemiologist, or perhaps a scientist of any kind.

The facts are this: in numerous studies worldwide, HPV viral DNA has been detected in 99.5% of all tumor specimens tested. In addition, scientists know in great detail how HPV viral oncoproteins (I.e., cancer-causing proteins) actually cause cancer.

As I stated before, the connection between infection with either of the strains that are protected against by the current vaccines and cervical cancer is closer than the connection between smoking and lung cancer.

Do you also believe that scientific evidence proving that smoking causes lung cancer is some diabolical plot designed to prevent you from enjoying cigareetes?

A. Gallardo-Perez

Dear Vicki, great point! I'm going with the Canary Party, or none!


Keep up the good and hard work of following Rick Perry around - reminding him of how he betrayed humanity FOREVER.
When I first learned of his sloppy Executive Order, I vowed I would remember his action till the very end. Many of us mothers and fathers will. Monumental mistake.

Correlation does not equal causation (in case you forgot)

Correction for Mr. Jamison:

I stated my analogy incorrectly. I should have written:

Robins are "associated with" suburban landscapes.

However, robins do not "cause" suburban landscapes.

Heidi N

For all you posters here saying Guardasil isn't really all that bad, you're wasting your time. I have talked to people personally, and have seen gobs of Youtubes and reports by actual victims. If you think I am going to believe these victims are lying and those who get paid to come on the Internet to promote vaccines by posing as the general public, aren't, let me quote Jim Carrey, "How stupid do you think we are."

Heidi N

To be honest, I have to give him credit. At least he didn't maintain the stance that "the good outweighs the harm" like so many other profiteers do.

Correlation does not equal causation (in case you forgot)

Mr. Jamison,

I am sorry that you do not read science-speak. Let me help by translating the quote you provided:

"Nearly all cases of cervical cancer are associated with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection,[3,4] which is transmitted during sexual activity."

Associated with ≠ cause

We can safely conclude that the authors did not mean "are caused by"; they meant "are associated with." That is what they wrote, after all.

Robins are associated with suburban landscapes in temperate climates, but suburban landscapes do not cause robins. I am willing to bet that there are many other viral and retroviral and bacterial DNA sequences "associated with" cervical cancer, if only enough research and analyses were done to identify them. Whether or not any of them "cause" cervical cancer remains unknown. How do these scientists know that cervical cancer does not just provide an environment that somehow favors replication of the HPV virus?

Apparently, they don't know. Otherwise they would not have chosen the words "associated with." The wording makes it quite clear (to those of us who actually read science articles carefully) that the scientists who wrote the statement were not willing to stake their reputations on an unproven assumption, i.e. that HPV causes cervical cancer.

That quote might work well for advertising, (or for convincing politicians who reportedly barely made it through school), but it isn't going to fly here.

Vicki Hill

He made his admittedly inappropriate executive order shortly after Gardasil went on the market...BEFORE the side effects were widely known. He is correct that he made a mistake and didn't research the entire situation as well as he should have.

I'm waiting to hear the name of the presidential candidate from either party who is 100% correct on the vaccine issue.

Jeannette Bishop

Correlation does not equal causation, unless there is a pharmaceutical that either targets the correlation or may be protected by blaming another correlation. Gospel according to St. Merck?

Maybe misinterpreting here, but Perry seems to be apologizing for helping create a greater backlash than the vaccine might have caused on its own? But for certain he is responsible for pursuing a course that violated informed consent at the risk of some girls' and their families' liberty, sometimes including their lives. The existence of an unmentioned "opt out" with no discussion or research on the risks is not informed consent. I don't exactly see his statements now as a call for an informed public in regards to vaccination or as a promotion of patient choice.

Autism Doctor

I dislike any vaccine mandate, and especially HPV vaccine, but this article is very biased, and skewed in its telling of this story. Any approved vaccine gets paid for by the Medicaid system, If there was an "opt out" then in wasn't "involuntary vaccination", and the reported adverse event numbers dont even add up within themselves. As for him as a candidate, well, find me one candidate that doesnt vote for stuff that helps their lobbyists, and that is who I will vote for.


The Breck Boy's minions will not like being made ...


Jeff...this is damage control on the part of the Perry campaign...they are trying to squash this before Mitt Romney, Ron Paul or whoever hammers him with this in the primaries. That's why they addressed it head on with the 'apology' ...it is their Achilles heel, and they know it! Between all the pissed off parents of kids with Autism, Asperger's, ADHD, ADD, etc...they know that voting block is just too big and if they sniff Perry out for the pharmawhore he is, they will get buried in the primaries...

Jeff C

@William Jamison

Funny how commenters like you always claim the vaccine would have prevented deaths (despite the high failure rate of many vaccines), yet any death after the vaccine is always coincidental. It never fails, the recipient always had one foot in the grave long before the vaccine. Of course, any comment whatsoever questioning vaccine safety is condemned as irresponsible, reckless, and unethical.

What’s your angle? Is your livelihood supported by the sale or administration of vaccines? Pediatrician? Drug Rep? Public Health employee? Do you personally profit from the vaccine industry and state vaccine mandates?

Our angle is our kids got sick after being vaccinated, usually from simultaneous does of vaccines that had never been safety tested together. I’m sure it’s just another one of your coincidences.


WOW !!!! Between William and Victor, I say the Perry campaign staff is working overtime !!! :P ...damage control at it's finest, although you cannot fool us.

William Jamison

It's important to note, in the discussion of adverse reactions to this vaccine, that nearly all such reactions are minor, and that there have been no deaths linked to usage of the vaccine.

People that imply that the vaccine has been linked to death tend to gloss over the fact that in a population comparable in size to the population that's been vaccinated, a roughly equal number of deaths have also occurred, which obviously are from non-vaccine-related causes.

Thus, death can happen regardless of whether or not you've received this vaccine, and to say that the vaccine caused those deaths is unethical, immoral and irresponsible.

It also may be useful to consider that cancer can be thought of as an "adverse event" in life, and it is unquestionably more inconvenient than soreness at the site of injection, which is the most common adverse event associated with this vaccine.

William Jamison

the author of this article is intentionally misleading the reader. He cites a National Cancer Institute article to support the statement that that organization has NOT linked HPV infection with development of cervical cancer, but in the body of the article he references, it states:

"Nearly all cases of cervical cancer are associated with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection,[3,4] which is transmitted during sexual activity."

By "nearly all", they mean greater than 99.5% of cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV. The connection between HPV infection and development of cervical cancer is actually closer than the connection between smoking and lung cancer.

This article is factually incorrect.


Victor...follow the money....


Is Victor short for Victor-y? Are you a Rick Perry mark?


Does anyone know if Gardasil is one of the vaccines that comes from aborted fetal cells?

Shawn Siegel

Uh, rather than Perry and the legislature throwing the idea out the window, it was more like the legislature throwing Perry and his executive order out the window.

If the executive order mandate, that the Department of State Health Services make the HPV vaccine available through the Texas Vaccines for Children program for eligible young females up to age 18, and the Health and Human Services Commission make the vaccine available to Medicaid-eligible young females from age 19 to 21, was implemented, it's certainly possible that girls lost their lives as a result. However, that said, without reasonable evidence that that indeed occurred, I agree the headline is misleading.



Further, a Texas State citizen tells me that Perry fought to the last minute to prevent the overturning of this mandate. It was also found that Texas State vaccine waiver forms had already been PRE-PRINTED WITH THE HPV VACCINE MANDATE written into the language on the waiver, BEFORE this bill was over-turned. Think that was a coincidence? Perry fought tooth and nail to shove this mandate down the throats of Texas parents and their little girls.

Governor Perry doesn't have a leg to stand on with his so-called apology.

Again, Botha owes absolutely no apologies for her article above.

Jeff C


You wrote: "When conservatives spoke out, Perry and the legislature threw the idea out the window before the legislative session was over"

Perry did no such thing. The legislature passed a bill by a huge margin overturning Perry's executive order. Perry blasted the legislature and trotted out cancer victims and accused the legislature of wanting more of the same. When it became clear that the legislature would not back down, and that the legislature had the votes to override Perry's veto, Perry let the bill become law without his signature. This is clearly documented and incontrovertible.

I agree that the headline is confusing, but your comment adds to the confusion. The article is dead right that Perry did not change his stance until this started to become an issue for the presidential nomination. It was political opportunism at its worst.

Many conservatives (myself included) are very troubled by Perry's actions. This is not political posturing on our part; this is a very valid issue that speaks poorly of the Governor's judgment.



Botha did NOT state that the HPV WAS mandated in the State of Texas. Her first paragraph reads as follows: "Governor Rick Perry should have been aware and taken action on the mounting injuries from Gardasil in Texas BEFORE AN ATTEMPT TO MANDATE THIS VACCINE."

Botha then went on to state: "The EFFORT to introduce the drug into Texas schools turned into one of Perry’s greatest defeats. His admission of a ‘mistake’ five years later is reprehensible.

Further, the issuse with Perry's attempt to mandate the HPV for little girls in Texas, is NOT whether young girls have died and/or been injured by this vaccine BECAUSE it was mandated. The issue is the fact that Perry jumped on the bandwagon with his ATTEMPT to mandate this very dangerous vaccine for little girls, when he a) never attempted to offer public discourse on this mandate; 2) he attempted to mandate a vaccine which had not been appropriately studied for safety/efficacy; and 3) he attempted to mandate a vaccine for young girls in his state designed to ostensibly prevent cancer as a pre-condition for school entry. Cancer is not a contagious disease, unlike mumps, measles, chicken pox, etc.

Here is what happened to this attempt to mandate:

HB 1098 Overrides
Governor's Executive Order

"Today I successfully passed HB 1098 on the House floor with overwhelming bipartisan support by a vote of 119-21. This bill reverses the Governor's executive order mandating the HPV vaccine of all eleven-year old girls entering the sixth grade and ensures that parents are given back the right to individually decide what is best for their children."

"I am not opposed to the HPV vaccine but I am strongly opposed to the state telling parents that we know better than they do. Until we know how the vaccine could affect the future health of these young girls, it would be extremely irresponsible for us to mandate it."

"We'd be sending a false message to families saying that we know it is safe when, in reality, there are so many questions left unanswered about its effectiveness and long-term implications. I am authoring HB 1098 to reverse the Governor's mandate and ensure Texas eleven-year-olds are not used as Merck's guinea pigs."

"I will continue to fight for the rights of families on this issue as this bill now moves over to the Senate for further debate."

As we all know by now, Texas citizens were OUTRAGED when they found that Perry tried to mandate this vaccine.

Botha need offer no apology to anyone per the above article.


Did you purposefully give false information in your headline to promote a different candidate, or did you just not do the research?

In Texas, no law, no mandate, no requirements, no anything went into law or into practice. When conservatives spoke out, Perry and the legislature threw the idea out the window before the legislative session was over--something few other officials would have done.

Will you apologize for insinuating that Perry has cost lives, given that nobody--not one person--in Texas received a mandatory Gardasil vaccine?

Shawn Siegel

Perry's statement that he'd issued an executive order that allowed for an opt out, as though he were magnanimous in the inclusion of the exemption, reveals the suffocation that is the assumed governmental authority to dictate medical treatment. The only medical role the government should play, if any, and at any level, is to educate.

As Governor, he's lower level management; as president, he would be mid-level management, and therefore, especially considering, indeed, he's already tied to pharma, capable of much more damage. Those who are vaccine educated will know that, while his affiliations will be a political advantage, they will be a distinct disadvantage to the health of the nation's children and adolescents.


Middle Americans believe in forgiveness if someone says they are sorry.

But that does not mean that they skip punishment.

He could very well be the: "Make him the example of what can happen if you end up on the wrong side of an issue".

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