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Fresh Fraud: Brian Deer’s Vanishing Writing

Laptop-sales-consumer-fraud-2 By Jake Crosby

Brian Deer is the reporter spearheading the current smear campaign against Dr. Wakefield, the lead author of the 1998 case series about children who developed autism and bowel problems after their MMR vaccinations. Deer falsely accused Wakefield of altering data. Yet, a new discovery reveals Brian Deer drastically altered the content of a copyrighted 1994 article he authored for The Sunday Times newspaper featuring Susanne, a grieving mother whose daughter was killed by a defective antibiotic known in the UK as Septrin, and her connection to the mother of a vaccine-damaged man. Deer committed this act of deception on his own website.

Brian Deer altered a passage from The Sunday Times, March 20, 1994 article, The Pill That Killed, which he authored. The original version is now archived in the Factiva intelligence engine. Text deleted by Deer from the original article is in red and Deer’s newly added text is in green.

Hers is perhaps a naive view, but Susanne has been stronger on questions than answers about the reasons for Justine's death. For the past five years, she has voraciously hunted for any information that might fill the yawning gap in her understanding. comprehension of what happened. In January, she studied a BBC documentary about Margaret Best, an Irish woman who was awarded [£]2.8m in compensation against Wellcome last year after its whooping cough vaccine damaged her son. Yet still Susanne could make no sense of the feelings that were nagging inside.

"Tell her not to feel guilty," says Best, who believes that Susanne should get immediate advice from a good specialist lawyer. "I know what it's like. There's something that's eating away at you. You've got to find the truth of what happened. And you just go and look for that. I can understand her anger and her frustration.” 

Click to enlarge the screenshot of the original 1994 Sunday Times Article by Deer:

Jake Post

Altered Passage First Uploaded to Deer’s Site in 2003:

Passage on Deer's site from 2009, remained altered six years later:

Passage as seen on Brian Deer's website now, still altered:

Unlike the original article that actually ran in The Sunday Times, the butchered version expunges all reference to vaccine damage and the hefty claim that was won against DTP vaccine manufacturer, Wellcome. The deleted text said the three-in-one DTP vaccine for Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (Whooping Cough) damaged the son of an Irish parent named Margaret Best, who was also quoted in the original article. All her quotes along with any mention of her or her son were among the text that was deleted.

In 1998, four years after he wrote The Pill That Killed, Deer would betray Best and son in The Vanishing Victims, a Sunday Times magazine article he wrote denying the vaccine damage suffered by DTP vaccine recipients, including Best’s son. Deer actually quoted himself in the article asking Margaret Best if her son is a dog due to his behavior.

The Vanishing Victims has been refuted before on Age of Autism, first in Kevin Leitch's Jab in the Dark and again when the bogus premise of Brian Deer’s only award was exposed. While Deer was lauded in 1999 for “policing drug companies,” his previous article “The Vanishing Victims” defended drug companies by denying damage caused by the DTP vaccine.

Yet “The Pill That Killed,” the text of which has since been altered on Brian Deer’s personal website, contradicted his “award-winning” article, “The Vanishing Victims” regarding DTP vaccine damage in relation to Margaret Best’s son. Whereas “The Vanishing Victims” denied his DTP vaccine injury, the earlier article, “The Pill That Killed,” said the vaccine made by Wellcome caused his brain damage. The grieving woman featured in that article was trying to come to terms with the loss of her daughter, Justine Gibbs, to the defective antibiotic, Co-trimoxazole, marketed as Septrin by none other than the UK pharmaceutical giant, Wellcome, now GlaxoSmithKline – maker of the MMR and DTP vaccines. (Septrin is also marketed as Bactrim  by the Swiss pharmaceutical giant, Roche.)

Although he has not written any article about Septrin since 1995, by which time the UK Department of Health had already curbed its use, Brian Deer’s Septrin writing would give him credibility in future articles defending UK drugs. In fact, Brian Deer has relied on his Septrin articles more so than perhaps anything else he has written to argue that he is unbiased toward the pharmaceutical industry and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry in particular.

Ironically, what Brian Deer has done to victims of Septrin is almost as disgusting as what he has done to those of vaccine injury. Not only did Deer erase Margaret Best’s quotes along with his statement that her son suffered vaccine injury, but in doing so, he changed and misrepresented the nightmarish experience of a mourning parent who lost her daughter to a lethal side-effect from another drug made by the same UK drug company that made the DTP vaccine. He will readily subvert victims of adverse drug reactions in favor of his own interests as he has done with the mother of Justine Gibbs, trivializing a parent’s anguish over losing a daughter by completely omitting and denying Margaret Best’s tragedy.

With Wellcome now part of GlaxoSmithKline, Deer is backing a Goliath bigger than any he has ever fought before. As a result, he has caused medical help to be denied to children who developed autism and gastrointestinal disorders following their MMR vaccinations. According to one of their parents, Lancet mother Isabella Thomas:

“It is interesting that Brian Deer also believed vaccine caused brain damage in Children and challenged the drug companies. Then he changed his mind and came back fighting against families of vaccine damaged children.


Whether or not Brian Deer changed his mind, he certainly changed his writing, after making the original text in “The Pill That Killed” vanish. He would, after all, need to continue to support the inaccurate tale he already told in his 1998 vaccine-damage denying screed, “The Vanishing Victims.”

In the midst of my investigation for this article, I have lost access to Brian Deer’s personal website while everyone else I contacted could access it with no problem. But when I attempted to log onto the site, I got:


You don't have permission to access / on this server."

From my IP Address in Connecticut, Brian Deer's personal online shrine and cesspool of self-adulation and deception has vanished, too.

Jake Crosby has Asperger Syndrome and is a contributing editor to Age of Autism. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a BA in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy. He currently attends The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services where he is studying for an MPH in epidemiology.



Now is the time to punch those statistics home! Thanks Jenny. Thanks to those for reviving this article! How does one give this figures more publicity?? This is the most important aspect of this whole issue. Vaccination does not work. The genral public needs to know these statistics. To hell with Horton.

Jenny Allan

Eindeker-Get your specs out and read the SMALL print at the base of the table:-

"In 2006 there was one measles death in a 13 years old male who had an underlying lung condition and was taking immunosuppressive drugs. Another death in 2008 was also due to acute measles in unvaccinated child with congenital immunodeficiency whose condition did not require treatment with immunoglobulin. Prior to 2006, the last death from acute measles was in 1992."

Yes - ONLY TWO official CHILD measles deaths; both children could not be vaccinated due to their other co-morbidites.
Incidently in the UK single measles child vaccinations were introduced around 1968. The MMR vaccine was introduced in 1988. There have been 4 OFFICIAL child deaths recorded from MMR vaccine, but most post vaccination child deaths were invariably put down to other causes by officialdom.

"All other measles deaths, since 1992, shown above are in older individuals and were caused by the late effects of measles. These infections were acquired during the 1980s or earlier, when epidemics of measles occurred."


"There has only been 1 child death from measles in the UK since 1940, and that was a child suffering from other complications"

Oh come on John Ivens is that a typo or deliberate falsification, how about 180+ measles deaths in the UK 1980-2008, is this "acceptable" moderation AoA or is any nonsense acceptable??? Or I guess its part of that global pharma-industrial-government-uncle Tom Cobley-et al conspiracy??

John Ivens

Following my comments about Asthma deaths and their inevitable links to vaccination, the evidence that unvaccinated children live much healthier lives is overwhelming.
See The Hopewood Children, The Chicago Group of Clinics, The German Study of 17,000 children,The Amish, and no doubt others,so how can any argument for vaccination be sustained?

I am really surprised to hear even Dr Wakefield making a case for the measles vaccine being given at all. Why?
There has only been 1 child death from measles in the UK since 1940, and that was a child suffering from other complications [in 1992?]

According to the late Anita Petek-Dimmock's "Aegis" website contracting wild measles as a child cuts breast cancer incidents when girls grow up by more than 50%.Something to do with the Immune System, no doubt? The 3 MMR diseases also cut the rates of ovarian cancer considerably, if contracted as children. Contracting wild rubella as a child, prevents deformed babies or terminations when pregnant, as contracting rubella whilst pregnant is not possible. These wild diseases are truly immunisations for life, which is the meaning of "immunisation" designed so by our Creator. GPs deceive by using the word "Immunisation" when they mean "vaccination". This is clearly intentional.

Child Health Safety maintains that vaccination against mumps and rubella should be made criminal offences, as they are unnecessary and fraught with serious risks.There are no recorded deaths from rubella, and one in 8 years from mumps in the UK.

With these statistics I defy anyone from the Medical Hierarchy to put up a logical case for vaccination, which includes the damaging effects of the adjuvants, and any statistics they can dredge up which attempt to show vaccines work at all.

This of course would have to be fraudulently concocted research since we know that approximately 50% of all diseases occur amongst fully vaccinated children, and many diseases are deliberately put down as something else, if the GP is aware they have been fully vaccinated against the disease in front of him or her. That's the criminality of which most parents are totally unaware and which distort the real statistics..

Parents are urged to give their children the winter flu jab, but are not told it contains mercury, which damages the brain cells, nor that according to Cochrane it only protects 1 in 100. What Parent would agree to it if their GP was honest in confronting them with these facts?

Talking about honest GPs, Dr Mark Porter writes a column in The Times. He wrote a piece "I'm pro-immunisation- and the facts back me up" [his headline in his December 12th? column].He went on to say that both he and his 2 Daughters have had "all the immunisations we were supposed to have including the annual flu jab" Note again the deliberate use of the word "immunisation" intending to deceive, since he knows no vaccine immunises.[See "Vaccination is not Immunisation" by Dr Tim O'Shea.]

I wrote asking why he didn't treat his Daughters with Vitamin D for flu protection, proven to be vastly superior to the largely useless vaccine? He replied he was very much in favour of Vitamin D and had given talks on its benefits on many occasions, including on the BBC !!

Here comes the shocking revelation !! He continued by saying his daughters have never had the flu vaccine. "Why should they when they are fit and well"? Porter is clearly saying that if you are fit and well then vaccination is not desirable.He seems to have forgotten what he said in his column, unless it is ghost-written for him? Curiously it is the malnourished and sick whose lives are most at risk from Vaccination, so who does he think would benefit from Vaccines? Clearly not the fit?[see Dr Kalokerinos on who is a world expert on vaccinations on 3rd world children and also Dr Viera Scheibner]"Everyone", according to his December Article, but not his children and probably not himself, unless he is unfit and unwell?

I note also no mention of his wife having any shots, and my research shows he is married.

Surely if he was trying to put forward a united front in favour of blanket vaccination coverage, a Doctor who had just stated he was "pro-immunisation", would have gone on to include his wife in his family support for vaccination?
He clearly didn't like my probing questions,exposing him as a liar, so he rapidly pulled the plug on my mail, as did his Editor.

I would imagine it is possible he gets considerable "advice" about what the Pharmas expect him to say in his column, as James Murdoch is on the Board of GSK as well as being the Supremo at News International, or was until moved rapidly sideways a few days ago.Hence I believe my remarks about his 2 Daughters are fair comment.

Why else should he also declare that smallpox was wiped out by the miracle of modern medicine, when all the evidence shows that Jenner's vaccine-[he wasn't even a qualified Doctor] killed millions and spread smallpox round the world?

Why would he say in the article that the possible link of autism with the MMR Vaccine was now disproved?

This from someone only identified as Wendy.
"Just recently a Dr. named Peter Hotez wrote an article defending MMR vaccine and he made a statement which jumped of [sic]the page at me. He stated: Ironically, the only known cause of autism is rubella, which the MMR vaccine prevents. Which really got me thinking. If autism is caused by rubella virus in utero, is it such a stretch to think it could happen in an 18 month old? First I wanted to see if anyone else had made the same statement and I found that a doctor Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health, Richmond House, said basically the same thing: "In fact, the rubella component of MMR is really our first "anti-autism" vaccine. Intra-uterine exposure to rubella (congenital rubella syndrome) is one of the few proven causes of autism."

Yet Porter says the link is disproved, although many Courts have awarded damages,accepting the link. Parents will believe him because he writes in The Times. It is disgraceful that any Newspaper allows such misrepresentation in something as vital as children's health and wellbeing.

I refuse to believe Dr Mark Porter MBE was not aware of the facts, but his readers will be thinking, "Yes, we must go along with vaccination for our children, if it wiped out the terrifying killer smallpox" This is surely totally misleading medical advice by inuendo,resulting quite possibly in unnecessary horrific damage to the children of unsuspecting Parents.

Mark Struthers

Why did he do it? What led Deer to do all the dispicable things he's done? Why did the BMJ editor do what she did? In considering the possible motives, it is well to remember the words of Gandhi: "He who would do a great evil must first of all convince himself he is doing a great good." What good have these folk done?


The police have been handed evidence which suggests that private investigators compiled dossiers about the personal lives of a lawyer of victims of News of the World phone hacking.

Jenny Allan

Kerbob1 - Missing the big picture? -Not us!!
'Watch the hand operating the puppet politician. That will be the rich, rich men.'

Oh yes-filthy rich men like Rupert Murdoch and the directors of MMR manfacturers Merck and GSK, the latter including Rupert's son James.


I do research investigations for more than five years now.I am an insider who keeps an eye on things.I am aware of the lobbyists role and can really see how corrupted things are.
Thank you kerbob1.I have to make sure that I do not step on a landmine.Deer is dangerous and he destroyed (should I say he"neutralized")Dr.Wakefield's life and research work. Instead of moving forward and find out what the inflammatory processes do in the bowels (lesions,leakage,chronic immune stimulation)and to our children's immune system and developing central nervous system deer interfered with this process and scared the doctors (possibly) who work in this area. If you loose your licence,your admitting privileges,your funding,your position then poverty will knock on the door.
That is what "neutralizing and destroying where they live"
means- I learned this from a Merck e-mail.


You are right Jake, we can not let him off the hook.
You're missing the big picture.

Rich, rich men pay people to do things. Dirty things. Dirty-dirty things to hide their dirty-dirty secrets.

Climb out of the trench. Run across No Man's Land. Run through the enemy trench. Tip toe through the mine fields. Follow the trail of enemy supply vehicles. Slip past the enemy guards at the bridge head. Hop on the enemy train at the depot. Ride the rail to the enemy town. Watch the hand operating the puppet politician. That will be the rich, rich men.

Jake Crosby


I'm glad we agree.


You are right Jake, we can not let him off the hook.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Hey , I JUST FIGURED IT OUT !!!! Brian Deer is another victim of MERCURY !!! He lives near a coal burning power plant and a busy crematorium; has a mouth full of mercury amalgams ; eats fish and chips every day for lunch, gets his flu vaccines with 25 micrograms of ethylmercury free from GSK as a perk ; takes Chinese medications for his ailments and he's turning into a MAD HATTER !!!!

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Jake, There is another 1984ish aspect to this evil episode: Here is my experience- A few months back I met a young gastroenterologist who works in the UK. I have known this person for many years and know him to be a humanitarian at heart. He already knew that I am pro-Wakefield and it turned out that he was totally convinced that Andrew Wakefield is a scoundrel. He kept repeating " That isn't the way you do science !" When I told him that he could read Wakefield's book and I had it, he forcefully replied, "I wouldnt want to read it!" Rather taken aback, and not wanting to get into this very detailed affair, I said, "Why do you think that the other two , very senior gastroenterologists decided to commit career suicide?" His reply was simply, "I have no idea!"
Now here is my point , Jake- How do you smear a doctor in such a way that his colleagues will not even listen to his side of the story for a second ? I think that someone has to plan and execute that.
My only regret is that I did not say to my friend, "I hope that someday if someone tries to destoy your name , credibility and career, your doctor friends will at least listen once to your account."

John Stone


Yes, they are all hiding behind him but could they have got someone else to take on the job. As we know Deer used a false name when interviewing parents: the Sunday Times couldn't just send another journalist who was confident about using their own name. No, it had to be Deer incognito.


You'd think Big Pharma could pay a smarter Goon. Deer is so, well, stupid.

Mark Struthers

"Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent", or in English, "If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas". I'll bet the BMJ editor-in-chief has got an itch.

Jenny Allan

As the grandmother of a 'Wakefield babe' (now 18), diagnosed and treated by those wonderful Royal Free clinicians Professors Walker-Smith and Murch, I will continue to campaign to clear their names until Prof Walker-Smith and Dr Wakefied are vindicated and their names restored to the UK GMC register. I pray that I will live long enough to see that happen. My tactics have included formal complaints to the Press Complaints Commission, COPE (journal ethics), BMJ, the BBC, (UK TV and radio) ITV (a commercial station part owned by Murdoch and reliant on pharma advertising) and of course putting comments on internet press and independent articles, Facebook and AoA.

Brian Deer is proven to have been employed and paid by Murdoch's News Corporation. His Sunday Times articles attacking Dr Wakefield, were all commissioned purely for that purpose. The first of these articles were published in 2004. Deer's 'investigative journalism' and conclusions were all based on illegally obtained and published confidential child medical records. The BMJ has also admitted 'commissioning' the ignorant and medically and scientifically UNQUALIFIED Deer to write three articles published earlier this year on the theme 'Secrets of the MMR scare'. To all intents and purposes, Deer's first article 'How the evidence linking MMR and autism was fixed' is a rehash of those earlier Sunday Times articles. BMJ Editor, Fiona Godlee has been forced to admit to huge conflicts of interest regarding pharma sponsorship and funding including MMR manufacturers Merck and GSK. There is also the matter of the Murdoch connection, via James Murdoch's directorship of News International and BSkyB ---AND his non executive directorship of GSK.

Without the tireless exposure of Deer by those relentless AoA editors, John Stone, Mark Blaxil, Jake Crosby and all the others, Brian Deer's lies and false allegations, both published and spoken on his US lecture tours, would be believed without question.
Let's face it, with the likes of Murdoch having a virtual stanglehold on the world's press and media, only a few brave reporters like Melanie Phillips and presenters like Gary Nunn attempt to present the truth.

Take a bow AoA. Brian Deer- We will NEVER ignore you until the day you enter the gates of hell.

Mark Struthers

Stunning stuff, Jake! Now the evidence is in ... Deer is a proven fraudster. It's so good to see the tangle of deceits unravelling. Well done, Jake!


At this point, I bet Brian Deer and Pharma wishes people would ignore him.


Yet another inspiring article Jake.

'First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you WIN!'



Jake Crosby

"It is time just to ignore him...He does not deserve our attention."


I understand your sentiment, but I honestly think that's a very dangerous approach. Frankly, I think one of the reasons why Deer has gotten away with so much is because too many people, especially people in the US, have ignored him - hoping he'll simply vanish. As much as I hope for the same, that simply will not happen, not without very openly and actively taking him on.


brian deer seems to become a cover-up an clean-up agent for
big pharma.he looks polished and well dressed we can only wonder that he gets payed well doing the dirty jobs he was hired to do.he had destroyed Dr.Wakefield's life,he had hurt
many families.It is time just to ignore him,he sank down to
the lowest of the low.He does not deserve our attention.


This guy just flat out pisses me off.


Erik wrote, "I don't know what is more sad, the damage he has done to people or what he's become?"

The damage he has done to people, by far.


Deer's hours old addition: "[The length of this report varies slightly between Sunday Times print editions]"

This is obviously because there is limited space on the internet. ;-)

Angus Files

Deer makes it up as he goes along so its hardly a suprise from Deer & co..The sand is slipping slowly through the timer hole and soon his time will be up just like Murdoch ..

Phone hacking: News Corp loses £17 million contract with New York education department

"officials could not be sure that Wireless Generation's parent company had an appropriate record of "vendor responsibility".

Thanks Jake

Erik Nanstiel

I just wonder what Brian Deer thinks will be the legacy he leaves behind with pride when his life eventually draws to a close? He has no ethics, no honor, no loyalties, no love... I don't know what is more sad, the damage he has done to people or what he's become? All I know is that he must be professionally neutered.


Deer was probably offered something along the lines of "silver or lead."



Haha! A slick little coverup. NOT!

Symes of the Times

Not an MD

Yes. Donald Pleasance (in the famous 1954 BBC production of 1984 with Peter Cushing) would have been perfect as Deer.

Everything looks worse in black and white

It would come as no surprise that drug companies go all Murdoch on any "reporter" who dares to reveal their malfeasance. I think that if you have a lot of skeletons rattling around in the closet -especially if they have been documented on film OR if you have a massive ego and are looking to make a big name for yourself- you'll be easily persuaded to switch sides.

Not an MD

Wow, Jake. This is all so very Nineteen Eighty-Four. So disturbing...

Jake Crosby

Within the past hour or two, Brian Deer added the following to the bottom of his Septrin article:

"[The length of this report varies slightly between Sunday Times print editions]"

In fact, the only version of this article that exists outside Brian Deer's personal online shrine is the one that includes the paragraph and a half about Margaret Best, including that her son was damaged by the DTP vaccine, which Deer would later write a Sunday Times Magazine article to deny.


So, Deer sold his soul between 1994 and 1998. Probably for only about 30 pieces of silver. I wonder what happened in Deer's life to account for his change of heart.

The "festering nastiness" (to conjure up Deer's writing himself) that has been revealed in the Murdoch scandal included blackmail of celebrities and other public figures. Maybe there's something in Deer's background to explain his about-face.

John Stone

Great work Jake. Melanie Phillips also reported Deer altering crucial statements on his website to cover his tracks:

But, of course, altering newspaper copy from 18 years ago is especially creepy.


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