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CA Seeking to Allow 12 Year Olds Sexually Transmitted Disease Vaccine without Parental Consent

Big-jodie-foster-taxi Click HERE for an easy to send Action Alert for CA residents.

A bill sponsored by Assemblymember Toni Atkins of San Diego is making its way through the California legislature that would allow children as young as 12 to get vaccines for sexually-transmitted diseases without their parent’s knowledge or permission. It will also provide significant protection to pedophiles who might be preying on children y weakening California’s mandated reporter laws.

The age of consent in California is 18, sex with and between minors younger than 18 is unlawful. Sex with a 12-year old child is a felony. All states, including California, have laws to protect minors from sexual abuse. A wide variety of professions in California are required to be trained in recognizing potential sexual abuse and are required by law to report to police incidents that a reasonable person would believe indicate that sexually abuse had occurred. These professions are called “mandated reporters” and include physicians, nurses, nurse’s aides, teachers, teacher’s aides, psychologists, social workers, police officers, firefighters, parole and probation officers, and many other professions.

If a twelve-year old child requests a vaccines for a sexually transmitted disease, what conclusion could a rational person come to other than a sexual crime has either occurred or will occur in the near future, which is exactly the standard required by California law for mandated reporters. How can a physician or nurse give a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease, or other professionals counsel a child on getting such a vaccine, without the child’s parents’ involvement, and obey the mandated reporter laws? We don’t know either, which is why we consider this bill to the California Pedophile Protection Act of 2011.

AB 499 that was introduced by Assemblymember Toni Atkins of San Diego and has already passed in the Assembly and will be considered by the Senate Appropriations Committee  on Monday. If you are Californian, and only if you are a Californian, please get on the phone and call Assemblymember Atkins and Senator Christine Kehoe, the chair of the Appropriations Committee, and ask them politely to explain why this bill does not provide cover for pedophiles and sexual predators.

Here are their numbers:

Senator Christine Kehoe, (916) 651-4039

Assemblymember Toni Atkins (916) 319-2076

And please click on this TAKE ACTION LINK to send an email to your Assemblymember and State Senator.

Beyond that issue, Assemblymember Atkins claims that this bill will have no financial impact on cash-strapped California. The HPV shot alone cost close to $500 dollars, not including the 3 office visits required. No financial impact?

And how can a child as young as twelve know enough about their own medical history to make an informed choice? Suppose a child had an adverse reaction as an infant to the Hepatitis b vaccine (also covered by AB 499) and gets another one and has another adverse reaction. How will appropriate care be provided to that child. Who is liable if the child suffers a lifelong injury?

This is a very poorly written bill the vaccine industry is trying to sell across the country.  We stopped it in New York and other states. It can be stopped in California too. But only if you get on the phone now.

Please share this message with friends and family and please post it to Face Book and other social networks. And if you support the work of the Autism Action Network please consider making a donation at www.autismactionnetwork.org/donate.html


Darcie Cancino

Thank you, Aussiemum!!!


Jim Witte: I don't think a 'sterility shot' is eugenics, per se. It's population control. They are more interested in your kids NOT reproducing, at all. Or having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get one live infant. (who can afford to be Michelle Duggar at that price?)

I'll go one further. I'd wager $20 (all we have, biomed is costly) that Bill Gates's kids have *not* received all their vaccines. Especially Gardasil. Bill 'Population Control' Gates has special DNA. He has THREE kids.

Eugenics comes later. What do you think all the genetics studies are about?

If Gardasil only results in 1:20 being sterile that will be 1:20 that never reproduces. Considered by some to be a win:win situation. Read up on all the VAERS reports of premature menopause in 16-18yr olds. Because that's obviously something we've had all along but just never noticed before now! *smile*


I am horrified by this! My goodness! I am only half way thru the comments so forgive me if this is discussed already, but what about the "cool" factor here and peer pressure???

Ok, if one 12 yr old, or 13-14-15-16-17 yr old "brags" about having been able to get this, and enter or not this child IS or IS NOT yet sexually active, the child could try to be "cool" in insinuating they ARE sexually active and therefore "needed" the vaccine,,,,so what about this factor? How many kids will get it just be part of the club? What about if girls start feeling that boys will be more likely to "be into" girls who have had this vaccine because The boys might see them as "easy"....so it could be peer pressure from fellow girls and/or boys, or combo....And what is remembered about middle school and high school? PEER PRESSURE!

And I agree with the issue of a child not knowing their own medical history...I think back to me, I kind of knew what medications I was "allergic too" and that's only because I paid attention to my mom during doctor appts, NOT that I actually would have , at that age, LISTENED DIRECTLY TO MY MOM....

At that age, as i believe so many girls have with their moms, I had a very rough relationship, and if my mom would have said NO to something, it was probably THE FIRST THING I WOULD DO....and better yet, had I been able to have ANY CONTROL OVER A DECISION that did not require my MOM t approve/sign for/etc, well, it would have been the first thing I DID DO...because I COULD and it gave me some sort of personal co troll because I had none in any other aspect of my life...

I was sexually active very early, with a same age, long term boyfriend, and when thinking back now, I think it was probably THAT EXACT reason, because it was something she had nothing to do with, decisions all my own, in fact it was the funniest and most empowering thing I felt when my mom decided to have "the talk" with me, three years AFTER I had been having sex with my BF, and said "I think it's time for your 17th bday we go and get you started on birth control just in case"...(yes, I was 14 when I started)...and I kind of laughed and said "oh ok mom"...she still probably thinks I was laughing because I was still "grossed out about sex" when in fact I was laughing because I had been on birth control for 3 years, and I was empowered because at that time I figured in had made super smart choices, ON MY OWN before I knew I would be sexually active to go to get birth control N MY OWN, IN CASE...and I think I was smart about that, of course the decision TO HAVE sex, well, not so smart, and the years of I fertility I believe caused now by the early and long term birth control use, well, those things we never thought of..,but at least I had the responsibility back then, when my mom never gave me any credit for anything ...(and btw, I was surely not considered one of the "loose" girls either, which it's totally a don't judge a book by it's cover thing!)...
Anyway, had there been a vaccine for me at that time, I probably WOULD HAVE GOTTEN it, maybe for the "cool" factor, but probably more for the reason THAT I COULD, and it gave me some sense of control over my choices.....of course, without knowing the full ins and outs/dangers/etc....heck, even had I known the dangers, I probably at that time, would have thought my moms control "more dangerous"....ya know?

It's JUST NOT RIGHT that a CHILD can choose something like this, with WAY MORE RISK TO LONGTERM LIFE CHANGING AND EVEN DEADLY reactions, than being able to get free condoms and/or birth controll pills.....surely birth control pills are dangerous for some too, but not in any way close to those of vaccines, right?

And also, where do teens get their info? Media and commercials and Internet, and surly, if you are going. To choose to be sexually active you should do the "responsible" thing and get this vaccine, right? At least that is I am sure howi would have seen it...and no, I wasn't a reckless, nasty, teen either..I was probably one of the milder teens too....

Anyway, all around, this is DANGEROUS! The issue here is NOT the same as whether or not to provide condoms or even birth control pills in schools or easier access for teens, it's a much more dangerous product with more dangerous, and almost IMMEDIATE reactions.,where if a child had this vaccine and had a reaction, first and foremost, would they even KNOW of the full range of side effects, nope, and would they even be able to then tell a doctor "could it be this vaccine I got"....and better yet, WOULD THEY mention it in front of the very same parents they didn't get approval from sitting accross from them in the docs office or ER? Nope...

Slippery slope, dangerous slope...not thought thru but thought soley for profits....

PROUD Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


Cherry,there are other girls who developed leukemia after Gardasil: 312479 from medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php
developed acute myeloid leukemia,305256 developed Lymphocytic leukemia,325814 developed leukemia and died.
325814 data is no longer available to review.I suspect the yeast is causing abnormal changes in the white cells from this garbage Gardasil.The info I saw about the baby mentions that the leukemia developed by "a different passway".You may also want review 333341 (arsenic found)
and 328348 (lead and mercury found)after gardasil vaccination.


This is absolutely appalling. Even more appalling is that this bill is likely to PASS with most California parents having NO idea what AB 499 is or does.

And if it passes in California, you can be darn sure that the other 49 will follow suit. Not only do we all need to call and fax these Senators, but we need to reach out to all of our contacts and urge them to do the same. Even parents who seem to think most vaccines are the best thing since sliced bread will not approve of children getting them without their knowledge or consent.

Bob Moffitt

@ Jim Witte

"Vaccine reactions that physically and psychologically maim people for life do *not* do that. They do exactly the opposite."

Jim .. I would respectfully disagree.

When my 4 year old daughter inexplicably suffered a "bizarre" blood disorder (ITP).. requiring lenghty hospital stay, numerous consultations .. resulting in surgical removal of her spleen .. our plans to have a third child were cancelled.

While this was my own experience, I suspect many others would opt to limit the number of children they planned to have under similar circumstances.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

There is an article on the internet about a three month old infant who was given the Gardasil vaccine by mistake. Naturally, the parents were assured that it woould cause no problems !!!!, but before too long the child was found to have leukemia. Its time to get that account out to the public. Does anyone want their beloved child given a vaccine that obviously gave another child leukemia ? Yes, one child was only three months old, but surely his cells, tissues, body functioning is not altogether different from that of an older child? Which parent would like to take that kind of a chance? The only way that parents will keep giving these bizarre vaccines to their kids is if the parents are ignorant of the truth.


Many of you have brought up some excellent arguments. The problem is, NONE of these legislative reps. have even thought about the consequences should this bill pass. AB 499 literally sailed through the Assembly! It looks to pass, unless we start jamming their phone lines and fax machines. The word is that they are looking to fund this through Medicaid. I have no real information as to whether this is true or not, but this is what I'm being told.

Pass the popcorn



From Woody Allen's movie Sleeper.



If any doctor was under the suspicion that a minor (Under the age of 16 yrs in this country) is having unlawful sex, then it is the doctors duty to report it.

The offending adult (regardless of gender)that is found guilty is then automatically placed on a 'sex offenders list' for the rest of their lives. This can restrict the adult in many ways because when you apply for a job, insurance, loans or anything requiring personal details, you must declare any criminal charges laid against you.

Also, a doctor here cannot provide any medical treatment to a minor (under the age of 16 yrs)without the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

"No doubt," 'Big Pharma" will eventually target us 'down here' it is inevitable.

Like 'Bob Moffitt' says this is a "slippery slope!"




Here is the contact information for the various Committee Members regarding California's Bill AB 499.

PLEASE contact these individuals and voice your concerns about this bill. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN CALIFORNIA, CALL/FAX these individuals. Your voice CAN make a difference.

AB 499 Senate Appropriations Committee for Monday’s Hearing, August 15, 2011, 11AM Room #4203, East Annex.

Sen. Christine Kehoe
Phone: (916) 651-4039
Fax: (916) 327-2188

Sen. Mimi Walters
Phone: (916) 651-4033
Fax: (916) 445-9754

Sen. Elaine K. Alquist
Phone: (916) 651-4013
Fax: (916) 324-0283

Sen. Bill Emmerson
Phone: (916) 651-4037
Fax: (916) 327-2187

Sen. Ted W. Lieu
Phone: (916) 651-4028
Fax: (916) 323-6056

Sen. Fran Pavley
(916) 651-4023
Fax: (916) 324-4823

Sen. Curren D. Price
Phone: (916) 651-4026
Fax: (916) 445-8899

Sen. Sharon Runner
Phone: (916) 651-4017
Fax: (916) 445-4662

Sen. Darrell Steinberg
Phone: (916) 651-4006
Fax: (916) 323-2263



Desperate Pharma wants to take the power and control away from the parents and directly market their vaccines (and promote undesirable sexual behaviors) with the promise of protection and safety to the children.This is the new technique,they try to bypass the parents,so we do not even know what is happening at the schools.The children must be protected from these profit hungry companies,they must be kept away from the schools and the children.They could easily manipulate the kids into receiving the vaccines with
their fear-mongering.A 12 year old does not have the ability to do research and to have an informed choice discussion with the doctor.


Another argument to make in California is that this is an unfunded mandate during a time the state is in a budget crisis. The bill as written provides the vaccines to children as young as 12, to be paid for by the State. There's nothing to stop all families from having their kids apply independently just to avoid the costs. It shifts the costs from parents and insurance companies to taxpayers, to the tune of up to 500,000 kids in each birth cohort. That's $300,000,000.00 annually, not including all of the costs of adverse events treatment, legal representation at VICP, investigation of potential sexual abuse under mandatory reporting, etc.

This is great business for vax makers and the providers who make money from 3 single-payer office visits per kid, but not so much for children or taxpayers.

Jim Witte

> It's a sterility shot. In light of that, it makes perfect sense..

I'm not sure I believe the "eugenics-sterilization-conspiracy" argument.. But the way our species is going? I find the argument ironic ironic though - I thought the whole idea of "eugenics" was to make the species "better". Vaccine reactions that physically and psychologically maim people for life do *not* do that. They do exactly the opposite.

Criminal Lawyer Australia

I have told my 12 year old daughter if anyone at her school comes near her with intent of vaccinating her she is to say - 'No my parents do not want me to be vaccinated because my brother was brain damaged from vaccinations.'

If that fails she is to scream it out loudly so there will be plenty of witnesses to her non consent.

If that fails she is to run away.

If that fails she is to punch and kick. (As a lawyer practising in criminal law I, and consequently my daughter, are well aware that the children's court can impose next to no punishment on her for assault.

Of course my daughter has a strong self-defence argument.

If she gets the shot I will sue them for all they've got - the nurse, the school, the school district, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Criminal Lawyer (Australia)


Kristina makes a valid point. But here is the issue for those of us living in California.

California affords two exemptions to vaccines; the medical (if valid) and the philosophical. These two exemptions have been on California's books for a little over 100 years. Contrary to urban myth, California has never had a religious exemption.

What this bill will effectively do, IF PASSED, is usurp California parents the ability to use either of their exemptions when their children turn 12 years of age.

AB 499 will effectively allow ALL MINOR CHILDREN IN CALIFORNIA FROM THE AGE OF 12 YEARS UP, to make their own healthcare and dental healthcare decisions, WITHOUT parental consent or knowledge.

Think about that. If you are a parent who has been using your exemption OR a parent who has opted out of certain vaccines, your child could conceivably come home some day having been vaccinated with something you know nothing about.

California Assemblywoman Toni Atkins sponsored this bill. She belongs to a group of politically active women called Women In Government. WIG is funded for the most part, by Big Pharma (including Merck) and other governmental entities.

Further, numerous attempts by some who actually do oppose this bill, have erroneously stated this bill has some sort of gay agenda behind it (Toni Atkins happens to be gay). Because various statements have been made as to Ms. Atkins in this regard, there has been considerable backlash by the public who are offended with this rhetoric. Thus, the much needed support in opposition to this bill, has quite possibly been thwarted with this type rhetoric.

In actuality, this bill has absolutely nothing to do with anyone being gay, heterosexual or somewhere in between. Instead of sticking to the science/medical issues behind Gardasil and the real intent behind this bill, this bill is being touted as being a pedophilia bill and/or a bill being used as a platform for bashing homosexuality.

May I suggest that neither of these issues really have ANYTHING to do with the true intent behind this bill? While the above article brings up a valid point and perhaps a well needed attempt to get Californians to move on this issue, it has greatly disheartened me to see these attempts at bashing Ms. Atkins simply because she is gay.

The question California parents need to ask about this bill, is the following: ARE minor children 12 years of age and older, capable of making healthcare decisions for themselves without parental knowledge or input? The answer is unequivocally NO.

This is a parental rights issue and a rights issue for the child, as well. Children need and deserve to have the guidance of their parents in determining healthcare decisions. I realize there are children who, unfortunately, do not have appropriate parental guidance, but I would suggest those children are not in the norm.

This bill is an absolutely horrendously written bill. I truly believe certain medical lobbyists knew darn well they could never go after California's exemptions; too many parents out here are knowledgeable about their exemptions and would fight to the teeth if anyone dared to try to either restrict them or do away with them completely.

Instead, what these lobbyists have done is to simply go after our children once they turn the age of 12. I can assure you that, should this bill be passed, they won't be targeting SOLELY those kids who are considered high risk; they will be going after ALL our kids with these vaccines and more.

If this sort of bill is chaptered into law in California, I can assure you, it can happen to any one of you in the state in which you reside.

Therefore, I would urge EVERYONE to call these numbers and voice your concern. I do not normally become involved in any sort of legislative and/or political issues. I refuse to play the political gamesmanship it would require to do so. But I did become involved with a vaccine mandate bill issue in New York some time back. I called each and every Senator in that Committee and to the last aide I spoke with, they listened and assured me their phones were ringing off the hook with irate citizens. (This was a bill that, if passed, would have mandated ALL vaccines for ALL children, from birth thru to the age of 18 years - WITHOUT parental consent.) Because of all the calls coming in re: this bill, the bill actually died on the Senate floor.

PLEASE CALL THE NUMBERS PROVIDED IN THE ABOVE LINK, whether you reside in California or not. Help make a difference. This could happen to you.


It's a sterility shot. In light of that, it makes perfect sense to eliminate parental consent from the datastream.

Bob Moffitt

We are heading down a very steep, slippery slope .. when vaccines are required to prevent diseases caused by "unhealthy behaviors" .. be they sexual or otherwise.

We already have HEP B at birth and HPV for pre-teens. Rumor has it there are 100 vaccines in various stages of development .. some of them supposedly to prevent "unhealthy behaviors" .. such as .. smoking and obesity.

Vaccines to prevent behavior transmitted diseases or unhealthy habits .. sounds like the plot of a book by ORWELL.

Maurine Meleck

No printable words to describe this action. Maurine


I never thought of the pedophile argument regarding this bill. A much bigger issue, I think, is that 12 year old children don't know their medical histories, and, how would a parent deal with an adverse reaction when they didn't even know their child got the vaccine?

But in a society that considers vaccines 100% safe, I guess we have to go with the pedophile argument.

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