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Doctors on Autism Environment Tightrope: Dr. Perri Klass in NYT

British Medical Journal: the Emperor has no Clothes

Emperor's New Clothes Henry Justice Ford By John Stone

Three days ago I wrote about the refusal of BMJ and its editor, Fiona Godlee, to acknowledge that it is joined at the hip to US pharmaceutical  giant Merck through its educational division, BMJ Learning, and Merck’s information agency, Univadis (Age of Autism Godlee, Merck, Univadis ). This is a conflict so brazen that it poses the question how after many months they can still go around like the emperor in Hans Andersen’s story pretending that they are not naked. Of course, the point of the story was that all the fawning courtiers who knew perfectly well did not dare say anything: it took a small boy to state the obvious. Age of Autism has taken just that role for the past six months since Martin Walker first took up the subject (Age of Autism Merck's Medical Media Empire ).

It poses a very interesting question about the power edifice supporting the journal that they think they can go on carrying it off: even more interesting that they think that they need to. What is it about this conflict that it must never be formally acknowledged? 

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


Sandra degiorgio

All I know is from anger I am now very sad to see the greed in this world and how a beautiful boy like my son and millions of other children had no chance from birth, the decision to ruein their lives was in our hands and I can never ever forgive myself. I heard some warnings 10 years ago and ignored them because people close to me where telling me the vaccine is necessary your son won't get into kindergartens or schools otherwise. Well I did what I was told and my son is now paying the price.

Heidi N

Well, there are many obvious things going on and frankly, people are angry. What do you expect from people who are disabled when it was totally preventable and could be treated much better than what is currently going on? Right now it's the alternative medical arena doing the healing because mainstream medicine is too busy touting that they can only do what the insurance companies tell them to do. And sadly, it appears that most of the treatments working aren't even covered by insurance anyhow, because they usually only cover what the pharmaceutical companies push. It's a broke system. Everyone over 35 knows this because we didn't have all this illness and disease in our childhood. I get sick to my stomach as I look at those around me disabling ill, on psych meds, etc. There is way more illness nowadays, and it's because of the denial that they have causes and are treatable. If medicine looked for the causes like they are suppose to do, then they would find them and treat them or even better, warn others, to prevent them. But, instead, what we have is a bunch of conflicts of interest covering each other in whatever manner to protect the profits. But, how much profit do you really have when you have to spend more and more in taxes to pay for all those who are disabled, plus all the money you will need to spend to keep your own family healthy.

All in all, today the world is much more educated than just a few years ago. I can't wait to see what we progress to in the next few years. More and more people around me are avoiding vaccines, eating organic, etc.

Angus Files

Possibly the high priestess of the BMJ would do herself a justice by taking a lie detecting test and prove us all wrong…..were waiting. ...

John Stone

Just to emphasise the point: supplanting my article at the head of google news for BMJ this morning is the following press release (published by the Murdoch owned Wal Street Journal):

'BMJ Group Chooses SDL to Support Medical Translations for Univadis Online Platform

'MAIDENHEAD, UNITED KINGDOM, Aug 17, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- SDL /quotes/zigman/252074 UK:SDL 0.00% , the leading provider of Global Information Management solutions, announced today that it is working with BMJ Learning to translate medical education courses for the Univadis online platform. BMJ Learning is the innovative learning division of BMJ Group (British Medical Journal Group) and a leading provider of education, assessment, training and quality improvement services. In 2011, SDL will translate over 700 of BMJ Learning's online courses for doctors all over the world...'


John Stone

Rather like sports grounds being re-named after their sponsors it might be an idea in future to refer to the journal as "the Merck BMJ".

Jenny Allan

From the film "Hans Christian Andersen" (1952)
(Frank Loesser - Based on the 1837 children's story
"The Emperor's New Clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen)
Danny Kaye (Film Soundtrack) – 1952

"Well, as the King came by the little boy looked and, horrified, said:

"Look at the King! Look at the the King! Look at the King, the King, the King!
The King is in the altogether, but altogether, the altogether
He's altogether as naked as the day that he was born
The King is in the altogether, but altogether, the altogether
It's altogether the very least the King has ever worn"

Summon the court physician! Call an intermission!
His majesty is wide open to ridicule and scorn.

The King is in the altogether, but all together, the altogether
He's altogether as naked as the day that he was born
And it's altogether too chilly a morn!"

All together and across the world, we WILL expose this corruption and collusion at the highest levels. Godlee & Co have NOWHERE to hide!
Thanks John Stone et al.

Tag, You're It!

Well,,,,,,, if you look at it from an ABA perspective..
What is causing their problematic behavior to continue? They are being postively reinforced with money. There is also negative reinforcement in that they are allowed to escape the aversive truth. What would an ABA do to abolish the behavior? You should hire an ABA to figure that out. That is what they are doing when they make their business plans. You need to play their game.


I keep up with the XMRV virus thing, and I just read an article that scientist that disproved the theory are now getting death threats and the poor, but noble BMJ confessess that they too have seen such horrible trouble from the foolish massess.

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