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Autism The "It" Disease: Dr. Al of the DSM-IV Scores One for Pharma

Absurdity-mark-twain-resize By Lisa J. Goes

"Well, Mr. and Mrs. Goes...about your son..." "Yes...yes? What is it doctor?"  I was ready to practically jump out of my skin with excitement.  My husband and I were holding court with the tippity-top, bestest of the best pediatric neurologists in the whole of Chicago and she was about to hand down our son's diagnosis.  "Clearly, you already know...your son has Autism." 

 "Sweet!" Simultaneous high fives, fist pumps and mid-air chest bumps ensued.  "I knew it!" My husband exclaimed!  "I am so psyched!"  We hurriedly thanked the celebrated doctor, bundled up our totally cool kid and headed for the car to start texting and facebooking the good news.  "Oh the Johnstons are going to be green with envy." I remarked, my voice teeming with satisfaction.  

"Yeah," my husband said--"and the Smiths. Man, they think they are so great with those twin Mercedes...and that whiny kid of theirs with that annoying asthma. Always complaining, "maaahmmmy, daaaaddy, I can't breathe." I can't wait for the next barbecue to show off that--what do you call it? That, IEP thing our son is going to need. Totally trumps an inhaler. That's right Smith kid, our kid is so much better than you he get's to go to a special school!  Bwaahahaha!" 

"Oh look, babe!  He smeared his diarrhea all over the window!  Hang on...I'm gonna tweet this, the girls are going to flip!  Hey, can you hand him that strip of tin foil he likes to chew on, that screaming is driving me nuts."

Sounds absurd doesn't it?  Not to Dr. Allen Frances, former chair of the DSM-IV and author The Autism Generation.  He writes, "The most likely cause of the autism epidemic is that autism has become fashionable--a fad diagnosis." He goes on to speculate the reasoning for this is so that parents can gain access to services for their children that they don't actually need. After digesting his post along with my morning coffee I marched right over to my son and explained the world according to Dr. Al.

"Hey, angel man!  Guess what? Autism is a false epidemic!  You may now start processing information just like the rest of us."  He smiled, spit up, smeared the DNA filled liquid all over his finger tips and pressed it into my eye sockets. This went a lot like an episode several months back, when I told him about the Good Doctor. "Great news, son!  The GMC says the measles in your gut are fraudulent. You can stop having explosive diarrhea umpteen times a day!"  He promptly...well, you can probably imagine.  If not, I posted it on Facebook.  Where most folks showcase their kid's soccer triumphs, I post pictures of diseased bowels, so other parents who are told they are making up their children's illness can see they are not alone.

In TAG sentence after sentence is rife with inaccuracy, blaming parents, non-pharma funded studies, celebrities and advocacy groups for the "false" prevalence of autism. Ah, but there is a surprising twist. In some ways, Dr. Al is actually one of the good guys. To his credit he is a champion of the people on the issue polypharmacology.  I've read several articles he has written prior to TAG, and it is clear he is passionate about halting the practice of over-medicating.  He frequently cites the Hippocratic injunction,"do no harm".  A strong proponent of cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of PTSD he states, "It is important to recognize that sometimes the treatment becomes worse than the disease."  The "treatment" he is referring to is the practice of prescribing pharmaceutical solutions to solve the side effects caused by previously prescribed pharmaceutical solutions.  Drugging, drugging, and more drugging. While it has a lovely effect on pharma's bottom line, it actually kills people, and Dr. Al is bothered by this. 

 However, he fails to recognize that his disdain for over-dosing does not qualify him as an Autism specialist. His comments reflect a profound lack of understanding of the metabolic, immunological, and complex systemic issues that cause many of our "fashionable" kids to exhibit autistic-like symptoms. Dr. Al does not know what an increasing number of physicians, scientists, researchers and parents do.  Autism is medical. He discredits environmental causation (thereby it's potential medical and biomedical solutions) without facts or statistics, by simply waving his magic doctor wand and claiming over-diagnosis. Like many public mouth-pieces these days he has zero data to back up his claim. Of course, this is of no consequence because Dr. Al knows none of his contemporaries have the answers either (they aren't looking).  But doggone if that doesn't keep them all from yammering on as though they've spent their lives holding seizing children, cleaning clostridia-laden feces out of their mouths, and hauling their stimming bodies to and from every recommended therapy under the sun.  When a standard of care for those suffering from Autism is non-existent, the so-called "specialists" step in from pharma (I would have said medicine, but there is no longer a discernible distinction), psychiatry, and science to make their mark on a disease they know nothing about--because they are not talking to the right people. Psst...the right people are the parents. We can put you in touch with the doctors who are saving our kids' lives. Not sure why this is so hard.  

TAG reads like a pre-written pharma press release that was born on some PR lackey's hard drive and has spent it's life awaiting a greedy doctor with a media-savvy image to come along and claim authorship. Score one for pharma, Dr. Al. It is utterly tragic what a little bit of knowledge spewed from the mouth of an expert with a public platform, can do. For those unaffected, let me demonstrate what I mean by taking Dr. Al's voice on Autism and applying it to real world issues facing contemporary culture and the global community, today. Remember, people are listening to him.  

Dr. Al on the debt ceiling:  There is no such thing as a debt ceiling. There's plenty of money.  Everything is fine.

Dr. Al on human trafficking:  Human trafficking is a myth. The buying and selling of children is not really that big of an issue. More and more children are simply making the sex trades their career of choice. 

Dr. Al on the search for weapons of mass destruction:  Don't believe the hype. They are out there, we just have to lose countless human lives to find them. It's worth it.  

Dr. Al on the elusive autism gene: Don't believe the hype. It's out there, we just have to spend millions of dollars to create..er, I mean find it...and harm thousands of children in the process.  It's worth it.

Dr. Al on Human Rights and Individual Liberties:  It's a fad.  

 LJ Goes is Managing Partner of The Misuta Project, LLC., Contributing Editor to Age of Autism, and Executive Board Member of the Illinois Canary Party.  



Well, he is right. Autism is medical, it is a Vaccine Induced Encephalopathy, abbreviated as VIEN. The prevention is – no vaccination at all, the treatment is – the diet and behavioral therapy, the remedy is – prison for all vaccine pushers from the CDC, FDA, big pharma, and pediatricians who commit this crime on humanity.

Tara Marshall

As an Autistic Adult who has improved GREATLY on Biomed, I get criticized from all sides.
First, there are those lovely fools over at Autism Speaks, who claim that I'm not really Autistic because I verbalize fairly well these days... although that was such a new skill at age 8, none of my schoolmates could remember hearing me talk before third grade. Okay, yeah, I wasn't diagnosed as Autistic when I was a kid - because when the school referred me OUT for the diagnosis, the psych told my mother that even though I met his symptoms checklist, I couldn't be Autistic because I had a normal IQ! (Guess I was really good at faking it, my mother didn't bother to reveal that fact until I was diagnosed Asperger's at 28 and called her with the news... only to be told I was absolutely wrong when I explained to her what that meant because they'd already ruled it out...)
Then there's the well-meaning but not always in-touch members of the adult self-advocacy movement... who frequently insist that Biomed can't be why I've improved, never mind that I go back to having bowel issues if I eat gluten or soy, or that artificial ingredients make me have seizures, or that if I don't take my Omega 3 Fatty Acids I ticque a lot, or so on...
I believe that vaccines are linked to autism in at least some cases, because I have multiple autoimmune disorders, and those are CLEARLY linked to vaccination. I know a lot of kids who regressed right after vaccination as well, including my own nephew... who after diet, supplements, epsom salt baths, and lots of Floorime courtesy of "Aunt Tara" almost lost his diagnosis... he just barely qualifies on the edge of High Functioning Autism these days, even though he was almost non-verbal at 4 and needed one-on-one supervision when he was awake because of a lack of danger awareness and a propensity to attack other children and destroy rooms (fortunately, he's always been a good sleeper).
Yeah, Autism is a "fashionable diagnosis". It's fashionable because so many different attacks upon the body (genetic, mitochondrial, environmental, etc.) can lead to the same sort of behavior... and Autism is still a behavioral diagnosis.

Jan Randall

yes Autism is a fad... that is why I had to stop reading to check on my 25 year old because he was getting into something again!


I guess I was "fashionable" today in my jammies putting my 5 yr. old autistic son on his mini-bus in the middle of summer because he has to go year-round or he will lose what little skills he has gained. The reason why I wasn't dressed was because my son has escaped from the house before and needs all eyes on him during every waking (and sleeping) hour. Last time I attempted to shower before he left for school, he climbed the stove to reach a high cupboard and he and the stove came crashing down. Luckily, he wasn't hurt and to this day I feel guilty for...for...for TAKING A SHOWER! After having one son diagnosed, Boy was I looking forward to having another one diagnosed because I am always in fashion!

Ttacy Gott

yeah this fad has brought us so much happiness over the past 13 years ! we have loved all the wonderful attention we get out in public ...everyone always starring at us !!!

Wills mom


It always bothered me that teachers unions heavily invested
their pension funds with drug companies. At the same time
they promote vaccinations and psychiatric medication for
attention deficits and other concerns. Teachers need to
distance themselves from drug companies and focus on teaching the children.Transparency should also exist and the parents need to know what connections and investments they have made with the companies whose vaccines they openly promote.(eg.Gardasil/Teacher's retirement funds/Merck)It appears they are all connected by their wallets/stocks.

Kendra Pettengill

Dr. Allen Frances
"The most likely cause of the autism epidemic is that autism has become fashionable – a popular fad diagnosis. Once rare and unmistakable, the term is now used loosely to describe people who do not really satisfy the narrow criteria intended for it by DSM IV. Autism now casts a wide net, catching much milder problems that previously went undiagnosed altogether or were given other labels. Autism is no longer seen as an extremely disabling condition, and many creative and normally eccentric people have discovered their inner autistic self".

What an ASS!
Here is what I say
1) I have personally never met a parent that wanted a "diagnosis" of any kind for their child so they could get "services". Instead we all want our children to be typical, blend in, be in typical classrooms, play sports, join in activities. I know many parents that have their typical children in 100s of activities (many times overdone) to give them every possible advantage in life. So far in my life, not one of those has been to get their child a lifelong diagnosis of a profound disability. I find this argument for the increase absurd. Have you ever seen a group of Moms sitting around bragging up their children, "Johnny is the best baseball player, Suzie won a scholarship, Lisa got straight As on her report card".........."Michael has profound Autism, he can't speak, isn't potty trained for school, and will have to be in special ed classrooms and may even be put in a rubber room or restrained when he gets sensory overload and out of control, but hey, you should see all the servcies we are getting at no cost to us"!!!! Anyone see the absurdity in this???
2) I have yet to meet a child in my state with a diagnosis of "Autism" that isn't obviously autistic and suffers severe debilitating symptoms that affect them every day if not every second of their life.
3) I have met many children with NO DIAGNOSIS at all that seem to be severely affected, yet their parents are told they have "autistic like" symptoms but not enough for a diagnosis. Some of these children seem far more severely affected than my own child who has a diagnosis of full blown classic autism. So from my seat, I am seeing an underdiagnosing as schools get pickier about who they offer services to because they are simply overwhelmed and cannot help everyone.
4) Again, anecdotal but I never met anyone in my lifetime, through school, University, Air Force service, and adulthood who exhibited even mild symptoms of what we now know as Autism. In 12 years of public school I knew one single child with a diagnosis of MR, and never witnessed a single child that rocked, flapped, couldn't speak, wasn't potty trained, etc. etc. Yet I went to school in a post IDEA environment. Now that same school has Autism classrooms that are overflowing and it is a very small town.
5) In fact, statewide, we went from 3 children known to have Autism and receiving services to nearly 8,000 (Oregon). And this in a relatively short period of time. Of course this isn't counting the huge numbers now being diagnosed with bi-polar, tourettes, and flat out schizophrenia all before the age of 4.
For anyone that doesn't think we have a HUGE problem in this country, you are dilusional. When other people see our kids in their special ed classrooms and they see the physical manifestations of their Autism, I see these parents exhibit palpable fear, they most certainly are not saying, "Hey I want some of that"! If parent's are seeking out a diagnosis for their child, it is most likely that their child has huge issues that need to be dealt with, not because parents today somehow WANT their child to be labeled with a disability or they WANT special services for their child. I did not seek out a diagnosis of Autism for my child, Autism reared its ugly head and hit us with the force of am Amtrak Train. I would give anything in the world to not be on this train, to not have that diagnosis, to not have the abysmal services offered, to not have the insurance denials, to not watch my child suffer everyday to have friends and learn. This guy is an idiot looking for his 15 minutes of fame, but his concepts have no basis in reality. It goes against our very human nature to WANT a child to be disabled, or labeled with a disability or wanting to have to tell friends and family that our child is in "special ed" while they tell party jokes about the "short bus". There is absolutely no common sense in this concept and is beyond an insult to parents who are today forced to deal with this multi-headed beast we call Autism with all its awful consequences, my child has no immune system, my child has severe allergies, and has challenges that no one would wish on their worst enemy let alone their own child.

LJ Goes

Clearyoga, my bad. FIRST AND FOREMOST we must listen to the adults with autism. Apologies, lj


Oh now it all makes so much sense why my daughter didn't get diagnosed. She was flapping, toe walking,lining stuff up, smearing poop on the walls, rocking and afraid of some of the toys. She also enjoyed being spun and never smiled at any of the examiners. They declared her normal despite me telling them she screams in stores(for over an hour)Early Intervention firmly believes she's on the autism spectrum, and mother's day out does too because they had to show her how to play plus they thought she had a speech delay. Her neurologist claimed she has PDD-NOS but the psychologists at a well respected institution told me it was all environmental and basically my fault(because I have Aspergers and her 5 yr old autistic brother's fault as well). Yes it's CLEARLY my fault she dislikes other children(looking at her or touching her)and has a specimen bag and is obsessed with books about Toucans at the age of 2.The GI problems and the sleep issues must be my fault too.

Clearly we are going in circles as the psychologists trot back to the old blame the parents spiel. Next thing you know they'll be telling us about a revamped version of the refrigerator mother.


"Psst...the right people are the parents."

What about the autistic adults who have worked out how we can do it for ourselves?* Listen to us too please. Don't be like Orac & Co ;)

*Autism professionals and psychiatric professional's opinion, backed up by me & my parents opinions and friends opinions. That trumps 'the parents'.



"Let me get this straight," head-banging, screaming, night-terrors, high fevers, abdominal distension, hand flapping, high-pitched squealing, lack of speech, etc.....

All this can now be considered as normal?

I am now going to sit back and enjoy life without the strict diets and the daily supplements.

I can now enter into any shop and not fear the sudden tantrums from his oversensitivity.



Cynthia Cournoyer

Maybe some parents WANT the diagnosis in a desperate attempt at getting a tiny possibility of a small amount of assistance or support, probably because up until then, they would not have had any help.

If it's fashionable, I want to know when will it wear off? (It won't because it's not)

Heidi N

Uh, maybe it's time that some professionals in the autism recovery arena get together and make their own version of the DSM-IV. It's just a book an organization made up. Any organization can make one as well.

Jeff C.

@Theresa O

Thanks for responding to my comment as I really do think that is the dynamic here, as I said, I went through it myself.

Here's an example: People are now told that four million kids need to take amphetamines (like Ritalin) every day so they can pay attention in school. Every school has a nurse whose primary job is dispensing the "medicine" (no school I attended ever had a nurse). Not only that, we are told, kids were always this way, we just never noticed it or properly treated them before.

While there are many gullible fools that believe this, most people with common sense know it isn't true. Kids did not need amphetamines to pay attention when we went to school. In fact, the problem was keeping kids off drugs not getting them on drugs. If you don't have one of these kids yourself, wouldn't you just assume it was a scam to sell Ritalin or possibly a way to make it easier for schools to deal with difficult (but normal) kids? Doesn't that seem much more likely than the horrifying conclusion that something is literally poisoning our kids brains and causing all these neurological problems?

Those of us that have had this damn disease turn our lives upside down know that this plague is all too real. Instead of automatically condemning those that don't accept the prevalence of ASD, we should reach out to them. They also realize what the medical establishment is pushing (the lie that these kids have always been here) is nonsense.


L.J. ROCKS! Plain and simple! Thanks for speaking the unpleasant truths the world would rather avoid but desperately need to hear!! And accept!

Theresa O

You know, Jeff C. has a point: if you had never met a child with an ASD, you might think the whole thing was made up. After all, to say that roughly 1 percent of kids have something he probably never saw as a child--well, it does seem pretty shocking.

It's a little like food allergies. Foods that every kid in my class ate once a week or more (like PB&J) are now banned from sections of elementary school cafeterias. It must be tempting for some people to think that parents are over-dramatizing a finicky child's eating habits.

But then you meet a kid on the spectrum, or (like me) you have several family members with life-threatening food allergies, and you can't deny that it's real. You see a kid get hives after his milk-mustached brother gives him a kiss. You can't deny it.

I wish Dr. Al would spend some time thinking about the rise in food allergies and other obviously physical issues that have risen dramatically, and then ask if there's any "fad diagnosing" going on there. Maybe then he could realize that the same thing is true of autism: more kids now have a very real illness, an illness that once was very rare.

And then (since he is suspicious of polypharmacy) he could ask what could help these kids instead of throwing Ritalin at them. And then (o miracle!) he could ask how we got here--since it isn't made up, and it certainly isn't a fad.

The former president of my college gave a speech once in which he said that when we find ourselves believing something intractably, we should always ask ourselves, "Is there any information that I could discover to be true, that would make me change my mind?" I wish people like Dr. Al would ask themselves that, then spend some time with ASD families, before writing their books.

(Because you know, I've thought about that question. If someone were to find the hidden herd of autistic 90-year-olds, 60-year-olds, etc.; if someone could explain what happened to Hannah Poling in a way that didn't involve vaccinations; if someone would show me a well-run monkey experiment involving the entire US children's vaccination schedule resulting in happy, healthy monkeys; if Paul Offit would get 10,000 shots in one afternoon and emerge happy and healthy and never develop any neurological or GI impairments ... well, if someone could do all those things, then I might change my mind about autism and vaccination.)

Meryl Dorey

Fantastic article and spot on!

On a related but scary note - I read yesterday that the second round of spending cuts which are supposed to be passed by the US Congress may take money away from the already poorly-funded assistance for the disabled and special education programs.

With 1 child in 38 (according to the latest research in South Korea) already falling within the autistic spectrum, what will happen when our kids no longer even have the lousy services they're entitled to now?

I have a suggestion to make. When this happens, go to your local member of Congress and leave your kids in his or her office for the day. Tell them that since there is no other program for these children and since it is their responsibility as your representative to ensure that children like these are cared for, you're sure that they won't mind seeing what your life is like - just for a day. That will hopefully affect their intentions when it comes to voting.

Oh, and tell them that you will be giving their details to all of the other parents in your autism support groups and that they have already made up a roster to do the same and since autism is so common now, they should make sure that their office is staffed day and night - weekday and weekend - for the next 12 years!

That will be one way to let these $%686^^&& know what living with an autistic child is really like. It will be an educational experience all around.

Meryl Dorey
Australian Vaccination Network, Inc.


Well thank you Dr Frances, for giving me the perspective I need to make sense of my life.

Because now, it all just makes so much more sense. Since our youngest son was diagnosed with autism, the neighbors have definitely been a little different towards us. Play date offers have pretty much dried up, and while I idiotically believed my sons autistic features might have made them uncomfortable... the REAL reason is that they were filled with envy, so desperately wanting those antisocial behaviours for their neuro-typical children. I guess the envy was just more than they could stand. Imagine the anguish of having to take their children to little league baseball games, when they could instead have been home trying to somehow comfort them through excruciating bouts of constipation

Finally, after all this time, I have a newfound perspective. I finally understand what all those looks are about when we drop our son at school. While the parents of neuro-typical children simply drop their children in the school yard, we get to bring our son to his educational assistant, who’s been assigned to shadow him through his entire school day , making sure that he isn’t disrupting the flow for his less fortunate, neuro-typical peers. I can just imagine the frustration of those parents, when my son’s assistant takes a well deserved break at recess time. While my son often stimms in isolation in the back end of the playground, their poor kids are forced to play and learn in a neuro-typical fashion wherever they see fit.

All sarcasm aside, proclamations like this from idiots like Dr Frances don't surprise me anymore. In fact, I've come to expect that kind of tripe from the medical community, particularly from 'doctor wannabe' psychiatrists.


I would love for this guy to come hang out at my house for a few days and see how cool autism is. I wonder what would be the most exciting -- no sleep, chronic diarrhea (my personal fav)or nonstop jumping, flapping and inability to communicate with humans. Oh wait, or the meal time nightmare when he refuses to eat any food -- but non-food, load up my plate please. This guy is a complete moron Does he think I like never going on vacation, never going to a restaurant, never going to the movies, not having any friends anymore and virtually spending every cent we have on alternative treatments that actually work? Complete bonehead!!

John Stone

Exquisite work Lisa,


Carolyn M

Gain access to what services?

Medical? Until we took our daughter to a DAN doctor, her gastrointestinal dysfunction was hardly treated at all by standard, "conventional" medicine. This was grossly inadequate, to say the least.

Government assistance - ie. the various waiver programs? As someone else posted the waiting lists are YEARS long; I do not see this improving given the current situation with government budgets and the economy. In addition, your child will likely have to be examined by a psychologist/psychiatrist - as I understand it, they have to report on your child's IQ before he/she can be approved to be on the list for either the DD waiver or the ID (formerly MR) waiver. This adds time and expense as well.

Education? The diagnosis will get your child admission into a more appropriate classroom. However, my experience is that parents will then have to attend MANY hours of IEP meetings which often become very contentious - and can easily necessitate obtaining legal representation. In fact, if Dr. Allen Frances' assertion were correct then the school system would be DENYING services to our children - if such services are not actually needed, then the public school system has absolutely NO obligation to provide them, and they will not do so.

Drs. Frances and Witnitzer (who asserts the same thing) are apparently living in an alternate universe.

Donna L.

We're fashionable now? Who knew?! Maybe that explains all the looks of awe and envy my son and I get from the NT kids and their perfect mommies as we meltdown our way from the playground to the car. Oh wait, maybe those aren't looks of envy...


"Dr. Al on human trafficking: Human trafficking is a myth. The buying and selling of children is not really that big of an issue. More and more children are simply making the sex trades their career of choice."

This is unbelievably wrong. I wish it were a myth.


Made my day... very funny (but tragic).

Jeannette Bishop

Can he make that leap, that in this case the label has not been rolled out to increase pharmaceutical use, then leading to more pharmaceutical use to treat the pharmaceutical use, but this is largely a case of increased pharmaceutical use (and probably other environmental exposures), from a branch of pharmaceuticals that has been held so sacred it's been above scrutiny (and adequate study and regulation) for decades, leading to the epidemic of labels and more pharmaceuticals? If pediatricians had started universally putting infants on prozac (or something) for crying and keeping parents up at night, many doctors would be saying that unprecedented and experimental exposure was doing whatever harm it would do, but I don't think most in the field even let themselves consider for two seconds the ramping up and untested acceleration of exposure to pharmaceutical-like compounds through vaccination.


Excellent article!! I am always amazed when I hear that people think that we label our children with a diagnosis just in order to get these wonderful services afforded to people with autism. What the hell services are these that they are talking about? Do they mean the 1/2 hour of speech therapy that comes with a $25 copay? Really? People will label their kids with a Dx of autism just for that? Or is it those wonderful waivers that have long wait lists. Hey! All you have to do is get on a wait list, wait 5 to 10 years, do extraordinary amounts of paperwork, get your kid a state psych eval and tadaa! You get 4 hours of respite a week. Life doesn't get better than this!

Jeff C.

This is a very insightful article, and our community should reach out to people like Dr. Al instead of condemning them. They are our natural allies.

At the heart of all the statements attributed to Dr. Frances is a mindset I recognize as it's the exact same mindset I had prior to our son's diagnosis. Most older folks and younger people blessed with common sense realize that something is very wrong. It used to be bad for kids to take mind altering drugs to escape reality, now it's good as long as they get them from a doctor. Schools that used to be staffed primarily with teachers, now require six-figure behavioral therapists, school nurses, and special education coordinators. Whereas it used to be understood that "boys will be boys", rambunctious behavior has now been medicalized as a psychiatric disorder by over-feminized school administrators.

Folks like Dr Al correctly perceive that things did not used to be this way, much like us they reject the "new normal". They go off the rails in concluding it's all a scam and none of the problems really exist. They instinctively know the "solutions" are BS, but they error in concluding that a BS solution means the problem is also BS.

It is extremely difficult to read others dismiss the difficulties parents of ASD children face. However, as one who has been on both sides of the fence, please understand many of these folks are halfway to where we are. We need to court them and bring them the rest of the way.


Dear God...to think that ANY family wouldn't wish this hardship and heartache away, but instead WANT it??? Dr. Allen Frances needs to educate himself (i.e. go out and spend significant time with these poor kids and their exhausted families) to form a more relevant and accurate opinion.


Well..........This might sound strange... but I agree... the dx of autism seems fashionable to some parents. I know parents who seem to wear it like a badge of honor. They follow the directions of the doctors and take their kids to special programs for neurological disorders rather than demand medical attention for their children. Furthermore, Autism is a fad dx for lazy doctors. The A word has to go. Sue any doctor that gives your child the A word diagnosis without proper medical assessment. After all,,,,in the view of today's medical community, Autism is an incurable neurological disorder. If you think your child can be recovered fromt their symptoms, he/she been misdiagnosed by the doctor, as Autism as it is defined has nothing to do with digestive disorders, metabolic disorders, immune dysfunction, heavy metal toxicities....or any other physical issue that most of these kids have. The A word might be hurting your child. Don't allow it unless you believe your child has an incurable neurological disorder for the standards of care are not there to help children with "Autism". Rather, fight for a proper medical diagnosis.


Thanks for this! After 2 years of 'wait and see how he does in therapy' from cautiously optimistic specialists, we're expecting an autism diagnosis for our son in the next week. And the first question from just about everyone has been 'what kind of medication will he have to be on?' Makes me crazy.


My neighbor had concerns about one of her twins. He flaps, he wonders around aimlessly on occasion, he stares at the fish tank for hours...minor concerns. Ya know.
She asked me if I would suggest a doctor to take him too that wouldn't "beat around the bush" and tell her the straight "poop" about her kid. I suggested our doctor. So she makes the appointment with our doctor and the first thing she hears is..."You just want to be like "______" and have a kid diagnosed with autism". Yes, my life and the amount of work I have to do to get my kid those "so called" services, is SO very glamorous. Yes, I'd want to run out and get ANY kind of diagnoses so I could "one-up" the Jones.


These comments are not new, way back when my son was put in special ed. A news reporter came on and said that special ed classes were filled to the brime because parents encouraged it - and they encouraged it because;

It was a better education, smaller class sizes, better teachers, better teaching practices.

So--- thus, every body wants their kid in special education.

I wrote that reporter.


Dr. Al on global warming: Global warming doesn't exist.Its just a fad. The environment is totally sound. People that claim otherwise are merely trying to take government funding away from other programs and draw attention to themselves. Oh wait, Rick Perry is already (actually) saying this.


LOL! Very funny! Well, I realize it is totally NOT funny, this state of affairs. But you made me laugh Lisa! And I am "stealing" this when confronted by ignorant people with similar ideas!


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