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Attend The Houston Ability Expo August 26 - 28!


By Karen Kain

Join me at the 
Abilities Expo in Houston at  the Reliant Center, August 26-28, Friday 11 AM-5 PM; Saturday 10 AM-5 PM; Sunday 11 AM-4 PM.   ADMISSION IS FREE!

My name is Karen Kain. For almost 16 years, I was the parent of a child who was grievously injured by her DPT vaccine at six weeks of age. My daughter, Lorrin, had a five-minute seizure two hours after her shot and continued to have uncontrolled seizures throughout her life. I did everything that I could to take care of her. Lorrin never walked or talked, and she breathed out of a hole in her neck and was fed through a tube. Two days before Christmas in 2009, Lorrin died in my arms at home.

Lorrin touched many people and had amazing gifts. She communicated by blinking her eyes and Lorrin's world would visit people in their dreams. She received a canine companion, and in middle school, she made neurotypical friends. Lorrin lived a full life and participated in a beauty pageant, camping, Girl Scouts (vice president of her troop), and regular sleepovers. Lorrin had an amazing ability to draw people towards her. She loved everyone she met, and within only two weeks after her death, I received 2,000 hits on my website,

I have attended the Abilities Expo every year since Lorrin was an infant. I found a wealth of information that the doctors and schools were not providing. At each event, I met inspiring people and had a great time. I was educating myself on what was available for my child in every arena: vehicles, computer technology, medical equipment, service dogs, wheelchairs, legal experts, fun opportunities, and unique entertainment. For 30 years the Abilities Expo has been the one show dedicated to educating and improving the lives of Americans with disabilities. Most of the people who have helped me as a parent of a unique child are parents whom I met at the Expo. In my opinion, The Abilities Expo is a must-attend event for families living with a disability.

I encourage families to join me at the Abilities Expo and meet the vanguard of the autism community. Learn more at:  Ability Expo



Lorrin was loved and treasured,you gave her the greatest
gifts a mother can give.Stay strong and do not remove her pictures from the web.She is safe in your heart.


I will be there! My grandson has autism and I live near houston. I didn't know about this event, thank you so much for the information.

Teresa Conrick

Though your sweet child is gone, you have not given up on helping so many others. My heart goes out to both you and Lorrin, and your family.

Thank you so much for the care and love that you continue to extend.


This event should happen in Wash, DC and our congressmen and women should be invited. Gabriele Giffords had amazing rehab....perhaps her office would champion an event like this. I am a huge supporter, though my childen were not harmed, i feel i was lucky. Could have been my children, too. However, we must continue to educate all the young mothers around us. Last year, a young mom in my circle gave her infant daughter 6 vaccinations bec she was about to lose insurance and wanted ro "get all the shots in."

kathy blanco

my son was also damaged by DPT, though not as grevious as this poor baby. My son today has autism, seizures, mitochondrial dysfunction and required a pacemaker last year due to conduction loss of his heart due to long term seizure disorder. I am so sorry for your loss. But in a way we share the loss, as I loss my son to a manmade disease that had no right to be had on my family, especially my son. Prayers for your peace. I am very glad I have faith that this life is a small smidgen of our eternities, and that our children will be made whole again while those responsible for this tradgedy knowing they did damage for profit will pay for this damage.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Thank you Karen for all you do. It was wonderful meeting you at A-1 in Chicago. Having two daughters of my own, I could only imagine my Laura or my Kate in the place of Lorrin. It brought me to tears just thinking about it. Lorrin is all our children. We've got to wake up to the injuries happening all around us. We have to protect them.

Karen, you're the hero-mom. Your devotion to your daughter is an inspiration to us all.

Love, Anne

Maurine Meleck

Hi Karin, sounds like a wonderful event. Wish I lived a little closer. Wishing you the best.

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