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AofA Contest: Win 2 Gluten Free King Arthur Flour Mixes

Congrats to Angie who won the chocolate cake and pancake mix. Contest is closed.

Contest is closed but do share your KAF success stories.

The fine folks at King Arthur Flour have offered two free GF mixes to a lucky AofA reader.

I've tried every mix except the bread - and they are delicious.  I doctor the cookie mix weekly, adding raisins, coconut flour, extra eggs, flax, bit of the kitchen sink, you name it! The chocolate cake mix is perfection - and makes a two layer cake. King Arthur Flour uses aluminum free baking powder too, which we can appreciate.

Choose from cookie mix, chocolate cake, flour, pancake, muffin, pizza crust, bread and brownie mix. King Arthur Flour Gluten Free section for recipes.  Just leave a comment telling us which two you'd like to win - and if you're already using the mixes, share your success stories.

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Good luck! Kim



I would love to try the brownie mix and the cookie mix because I know my son will eat those two foods!


My family would love to try the chocolate cake !


... wow, wasn't aware they had so many varieties!

Eileen Cooper

I have never tried these before...it would be a hard choice but I would say the chocolate cake or pizza crust (we love pizza)

Janine A.

My kids love the chocolate cake mix! We'd go for the chocolate cake and would love to try the pancake.

Karen G

We would love to try the pizza crust and bread mix! Thank you!


Oh! I have wanted to try these! We would love to try ANY OF THEM since we haven't yet..but particularly the pancake and from your description the chocolate cake! Yum!!
Thanks King Arthur and AoA!
Proud Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

Kate Whelan

I would love the cookie mix and brownie mix please!!! My kids love these mixes! Great little project to do with your little one. I have my son read the directions on the packet and he helps me make the cookies or bread, etc. Great to get him involved in making his special food.


Pizza crust and chocolate cake! Thank you for this contest :-).


Never heard of this brand before!
I'd love to try the pancake and chocolate cake mix!:)


I would like the muffin and brownie mix. thank you!

Lisa Brooks

Always looking to try something new!

Amanda Bonser

I use the flours occasionally. Usually when they are on sale. We would get the best use from the all purpose and bread mix.

Michelle Wandrack

Saturday mornings are pancake days at our house and the boys love to help me bake cookies so I would wish for cookie and pancake mix. Thank you!

Julie L.

chocolate and pancake!


I'm always up for a good giveaway...especially to try some new-to-me GF products! I think I'd go with the Multi-purpose Flour and the Brownie Mix...although any of them would make me more than happy!

Alaina Jensen

We are always looking for a good pancake/waffle mix!


Would love to try the pizza crust and choc. cake! Yummy!

s. perrin

My picks would be... well all of them! But if I must choose only two it would have to be the cookie mix and bread.


It's become a tradition to have pancakes after swimming this summer (don't ask me... I didn't make the rule) so I'd like to try the pancake mix and the cookies! :) Thanks A of A and KAF!


I have heard wonderful thing about this flour but have yet to try it.

Nina Maden

I would like to try the pancake and pizza crust mixes.
I'm beginner in the Gluten Free Challenge. It would be nice to start with good products.Thank you for this contest!

Katherine Revell

I just tried the bread mix and it is the best we have tasted. I added GF oats and flax. It even did well at high altitude, with a few modifications. Would love it if they made a whole grain version. I would like to try the cake mix. Every other GF cake mix only makes a 1 tier cake. Kim is a cake baker extraordinaire, so if she says it is good, it must be!

candace candy-lynn

Love their chocolate cake mix. Have had great success with it and even doctoring it to include a raspberry puree so that we had gourmet cupcakes one day for a birthday treat. With these mixes, my aspie son on a GF diet can feel like a "Normal" kid and share his food without his friends thinking him weird because they don't know it is GF. Would love to try other any of their other mixes. thank you for your consideration.

christina m

I would like to try the pizza mix and brownie mix! Yum!


I'd love to try the pizza crust and the bread mix.
Well, honestly, I'd love to try the chocolate cake, but my son doesn't like cake, yet. It's always an adventure trying a new pizza recipe with him, though. :-)


I would love to win the chocolate cake and pizza crust mix. Me and the kids are gluten free and love a good chocolate cake! I'd also like to try their pizza crust mix since my home made attempts are generally not as well-received as box mixes. :)

Michelle Del Rosario

I'd like to try the flour and pizza crust


I would like to try the bread and brownie

Heather Cornbleth

I would love to try the pancake and bread mixes! Thank you for the contest!


I'd like to win the pancake and the cookie mix. I make the pancakes for everyone in the family and I made the chocolate cake into cupcakes for my son's class and they loved them and the brownies. These products taste better than the gluten filled products we are used to and are easy to make.

Chuck Hancock

Love to win the pancake mix and pizza crust mix. Love too. About all Charlie eats is pizza and pancakses; oh yeah fishsticks.

Jamie Smith

I would like to try the bread mix and the chocolate cake mix.


I would love to try the chocolate cake and cookie mix.

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