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Age of Autism Contest: "The Day They Sold the Moon" by 9 Year Old with Autism

Day Sold Moon Fabulous Monday contest! A proud Mom sent me an email telling me her son had published a children's book, he's 9 with autism. Was I interested in reading it? Indeed! Leave a comment to win Jack Paschall's The Day They Sold the Moon.  About the book:

It is certainly news when a 9 year old boy writes a book and gets it published. However, when a 9 year old boy who suffers from autism writes and publishes a book then the world sits up and takes notice. This is very much the case with Jack Paschall. Jack was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 but now, only seven years later he has published a book called The Day They Sold The Moon.

The book is a delightful tale that has it main character, also called Jack, intrigued if not a little obsessed with travelling to the moon to see if it really is made of cheese, as he has read it is. With the help of an alien being called Musher Jack does indeed make it to the moon and also discovers that it actually is made of cheese. In fact, he sets up a cheese business using the moon cheese with the help of Musher the alien. However as his cheese empire grows the moon gets smaller as it is literally consumed.

Without revealing what happens in the story, Jack Paschall’s wonderful story tells the tale of how the boy discovers that natural resources should not be wasted and certainly not for money nor what money can buy.

The story is clever and although written by a young boy it asks the very adult question of what JAck P are we doing with the earth’s resources.

For information on the book as well as the ability to buy it straight off the page please visit today.





Super job,Jack. Keep writting,we will get the book.


Fabulous. Just fabulous.

Sommer Slosson

how awesome is this??? rock on, jack! can't wait to read it, and i know my son (also autistic) will enjoy it as well! :)

Michelle Wandrack

I just read the excerpt and Jack's a terrific writer. My boys would love to read this story. Reading a book has always been our before bed ritual.

Maria Milik

Way to go Jack! I am so interested in reading it and I know my two boys will be too. :) Congratulations!

Angus Files

The way to go Jack keep the informed more informed..




Well done, Jack!! I showed this to my Sam, who is also nine and also has autism. He said, "AWESOME!" Please enter him in the contest. And GO, JACK!! Bravo! Also, thank you, Jack, for sharing your talent and imagination with us.

Barbara Bucknam

Count me in as well!

Trish Rogers

Awesome! This keeps me keepin' on with my son. What an inspiration for all of us out there what can be accomplished. I am happy they took notice of his Autism and published anyway. Count me in!

Lisa Thompson

I would love to win a copy of this book and donate it to my son's school for autism, where I know it would inspire the staff and students.

Carol Wong

Good work, Jack!

Jeannette Bishop

I read part of the excerpt, and I think I'm going to have to read the rest. Thank you Jack for a great book!


Is this a contest where we are suppose to comment? If so,, I"m in.


Go Jack! I can think of many elected officials who should learn the lessons in your book.

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