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Win Two Free Tickets to the AMAB Cleveland Autism Conference!

Free ticket By Kim Stagliano

THE CONTEST IS CLOSED. We'll alert the winners by email.

We have ten sets of two free tickets (one for you and a friend) to the AMAB conference in Cleveland, Ohio on Friday July 22 and Saturday July 23rd compliments of the conference organizers and our wonderful sponsor Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy. Leave a comment to enter. Winners announced on Monday.Go to to learn more.

I'll be speaking and signing books on Friday afternoon and would love to meet you!

Speakers include Raun Kaufman of Son Rise, Dr.Patrick Elliot, a surgeon with twin boys on the spectrum, Dr. Derrick Lonsdale, a pioneer in Defeat Autism Now! (and our daughter Mia's first physician for autism treatment) and many others. The therapy panel on Sunday includes top speech, OT and cranio-sacral experts from the area. Click HERE for the complete list of speakers.

Lunches and refreshments are included each day

Lee Silsby logo 09 The treatment category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.


Brianne Knight

I would seriously love to win tickets for this. I have 2 boys on the spectrum. Any info is wonderful to have.

Katie Kagan


Thank you to Kim Stagliano for mentioning this contest to me! I would love to be entered to win tickets to the AMAB conference in Cleveland. I have Asperger's and other medical conditions. My mom and I would love to learn more about biomedical treatments. We are both extremely excited to meet Kim, the amazing mother.

- Katie


I would love the opportunity to attend any autism conference. Thank you.


I have never been able to go to a conference. I just can't afford it, let alone be able to buy the tickets. This one is an hour from my house and I wouldn't need to get a hotel, plane tickets or rent a car to go. This would mean the world to me to get to go and take my husband. I appreciate that the A1 conference was live streamed but it's just not the same. You don't get the feeling of "one-ness" by attending the actual event. Look I'll give you my first born! He's 17yrs old and can do some pretty heavy lifting, not real good at keeping his room clean but can mow and take out the garbage! He's even been trained to put the toilet paper on the roll!
In all honesty, this would be the chance of a lifetime because we would never be able to do it other wise.

David Auten



I very much hope to be able to attend such an informative conference. My son is a patient of Dr Demio and it means so much to see the health of my son improve. Being able to continue to learn more from such amazing and inspiring speakers is an opportunity I hope can be a possibility.


I would love to go! We have two children on the spectrum. We live in Michigan, so we are within driving distance too!

Mike T

I would love to be able to go, and get some insight to my ASD stepdaughter.


I would love to attend this conference with my husband. It would be very educational and informative for both of us.

Lee Anne Berna

I would like to enter to win tickets to the AMAB Conference in Cleveland. I have two boys on the spectrum. We have worked extensively with a DAN! Dr. as well as undergone various therapies, schooling options and continuous battles. Any and all information available to recover our boys is extremely valuable. However, due to the severe financial strain ASD has caused our family, we are unable to participate in any extra activities. I know our story is, unfortunately, not uncommon these days. However, we are parents who have worked dillegently to help our boys. We have not dismissed the many successful options available that a lot of parents disregard just as the medical community has. Thank you so much for your consideration.


This would be an amazing opportunity! Not only to be able to listen to some of these incredible speakers, but to have the chance to network with other parents in my same situation. To learn from their trials and errors. Thanks for doing this!

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