Late Onset Autism and Anti-NMDA-Receptor Encephalitis: Part 1
Hate the Autism, Not the Kid, Please.

When Does a “Conspiracy Theory” Become a “Conspiracy Fact”?


By J.B. Handley

As many AoA readers know, publicly challenging conventional wisdom and stating that you believe vaccines cause autism is a great way to be attacked. One of the more common and surprisingly effective techniques of the other side is to label our community as “conspiracy theorists”, implication being that we are all crazies who also believe no one landed on the moon, that the CIA shot JFK, and that Area 51 is crawling with extraterrestrial life.

What happens when one of our conspiracy “theories” turns out to be true? What, exactly, is the label for that? My personal favorite? How about, “Parents speaking the truth"?

As we are all learning, certain British newspapers are willing to do very bad things to people they don’t like, particularly people who impede profits. If Dr. Wakefield wasn’t your biggest hero before, perhaps he will be now, for having endured an onslaught from some very powerful people and institutions.

Brian Deer’s role--and who was guiding him--in the destruction of Andrew Wakefield’s career will likely become more clear in the coming months. In the meantime, this post from earlier this year will help provide some clues and background for those interested in tracking this unfolding story.

Also, kudos to  Natural News for addressing the Sunday Times/Wakefield relationship yesterday.

Anderson Cooper, I’m looking forward to your mea culpa down the road!

Age of Autism: Keeping Anderson Cooper Honest: Brian Deer is the Fraud


JB Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue.



Media has been extensively used to cultivate what is effectively mind control.

COINTELPRO is a policy that continues to this day & which seeks to discredit & destroy truth by infiltration which seeks to undermine from within any dissenting voices. Check out Cass Sunstein's paper on Conspiracy Theorists.

In the UK we have similar assaults designed by the likes of DEMOS which is a think tank / propaganda unit of government (of both sides of the false political left-right paradigm) who wrote 'The Power Of Unreason'

Ridicule is the weapon of choice.

This is primarily a PSYOPS war.

We all know the internet is populated with shills & glove puppets who often pose as 'sceptics' & that whole websites are created to obfuscate the truth from the people.

Such websites delayed me from seeking treatment for my son for about 2 years because I naively believed that the people discrediting biomedical treatment & the link between mercury , vaccines & autism were genuine people.

It was only much later I came to understand that there is an orchestrated & persistent campaign against truth in all areas of knowledge that extends from the man made global warming myth, medicine, nutrition, spirituality, physics, politics, money / banks.

The crazy thing is that any cursory look at history shows the rich & powerful conspired time & again to increase their power & wealth, primarily by the terror, oppression & murder of others.

But yet somehow we are asked to believe that conspiracy is something only Muslims or poor people do!

In truth, there is a conspiracy against humanity. Vaccines & autism are but one small part of it.

Media Scholar

"I guess I struggle to understand the paradox that the on one hand the connections between the Murdoch's and GSK and on the other Fox News coverage of the vaccine autism debate especially Fox and Friends with Allison Camerato - some of the best coverage I've seen in the mainstream. I don't get it.

You are referring to this:

Fox News issued the surface report to create the perception that despite screwing vaccine injured people out of civil rights in the Supreme court there was still hope the Autism injury issue would be resolved in vaccine court.

I assure you the American public went right back to sleep.

But I said a "surface report". Yup, and that means something contrary to what Rupert's sock puppets are reporting.

Here's your answer, Nick.

Vaccine court is throwing Autism injury cases out like wild.

With Bill Gates despotic aims to kill off 15% of our population using vaccines as a chief weapon, the supreme court seal of approval legalizing vaccine injury and death, we see Rupert the head of socialist totalitarian government has control of the press.

The framework for the Marxist over-throw of the American government is staging itself right now.

Every house in America has a price tag on it for all the world to see whether you like it or not.,-Atlanta,-Georgia_rb/#/homes/for_sale/Midtown-Atlanta-GA-30308/71028_rid/1_hidenhoods/33.778901,-84.370052,33.777313,-84.373737_rect/17_zm/1_fr/


Which investigators in Congrees, as you suggest, are following the Poul Thorsen autism research fraud proceedings?
Aw, don't worry about that.

the 'house that Merck built' attempting to clear the decks? Details, please.
Check out the recently thrown out cases at their web site. I received a report that the special masters collectively added nine pages just the other day. And I am told they have added an additional three more since the last update I received.

If you believe it's righteous work you most likely haven't any idea who these folks are.

Dan E. Burns -

Kerbob: I love your quotable comments, which raise some questions. Which investigators in Congrees, as you suggest, are following the Poul Thorsen autism research fraud proceedings? And how is the 'house that Merck built' attempting to clear the decks? Details, please.

Angus Files

Australia putting on the pressure

"Australia's competition watchdog has expressed concern at a bid by Rupert Murdoch's cable television operation to buy out a rival, saying it would create "a near monopoly" of pay TV service in the country".


Stay thirsty, my friends.


I was in Barnes and Noble the other day and did a search for Paul Offit books.

His latest one, "Deadly Choices: BS & BS" did not even come up on the listing...

Has it been pulled from the shelves for some obscene reason ???

Cherry Sperlin Misra

I took a look at the Natural News article and I would really appreciate if commenters here could give their opinion on this idea that DNA vaccines are causing changes in human DNA.

Media Scholar

If the allegations by former editor Colin Myler and ex-legal manager Tom Crone were correct, he said, Mr Murdoch could face investigation for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

"I think this is the most significant moment of two years of investigation into phone hacking," he told the BBC. "If their version of events is accurate, it doesn't just mean that Parliament has been misled, it means the police have another investigation on their hands."
The white smoke that blows bad news every time J.B. Handley posts is blowing again.

I'm sure J.B. means well, but seeing a post from him is like seeing Brutus show up in Popeye cartoons. You just know it means trouble.

Every word out of the mouths of our kids' foes so far has perverted the course of justice. The attitudes are already hinting that both the ivestigators and the investigatees agree to not give our children anything more than slight cursory consideration.

While this diversion in the UK is going on vaccine court is paper shredding like crazy. Nine pages added to the dismissals the other day. More poor babies 'shot at dawn' to save a precious vaccine industry Siamese-linked to the the very UK government having a look at phone-spying.


This article really pleases me. Thank you JB Handley and anybody who in any way made it possible. There is still a huge fight ahead, but I am uplifted by the tenacity which is apparent here.

The British outnumbered the rag tag American forces five to one in the American Revolution. The Americans had made every possible attempt at reconciliation. They did not want this fight. Finally, they got it that they had to fight or be totally tyranized. There is a similar circumstance here.

John Stone, please look at the book Crisis by Design by John Truman Wolfe. So sorry to say that global events do not happen by accident. Crisis by Design describes the sources of the economic events that are unfolding at present. Inform yourself. Only if you know the source of a problem can you do anything effective.

“Sure I am that this day - now we are the masters of our fate; that the task which has been set us is not above our strength; that its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance. As long as we have faith in our cause and an unconquerable will-power, salvation will not be denied us.”
- Winston Churchill addressing a joint session of the U.S. Congress on December 26, 1941.


Jeannette Bishop : the man was upset and he was nothing more than a sports reporter.

I have not seen Alisyn for a while??? Of course this summer I have not seen much TV at all -

Has anyone seen Alisyn lately?
Is she still on with her same hours?

Maureen Fischer

If you haven't yet received a Free Bumper sticker in support of Dr. Wakefield, please visit

It is a small way to let hundreds of people see where you stand.


Terri, yes,,, but what are they doing about the Murdoch thing... I've seen nothing... They are great. But we are in the midst of a time to pounce some truth out there, and someone needs to lead the battle call and we all need to be united in how and who we ask for sunlight on all this.

Jenny Allan

Latest on James Murdoch:-

Terri Lewis


Check out The Canary Party.


Seriously.... each day that goes by I am amazed at how laxidazical this community is. The time is now..... What is the plan? Who is going to start the drum beat to real change instead of weak complaining on boards like this one. Where is the united outcry.... Where is the to do list on who to write to and what exactly to say. Honestly,.... I just don't get it.


They conspired at Simpsonwood to tell a big lie. How many children have been damaged because of this? This is "criminal science".

Angus Files

When your at the top the only way is down...fall ,fall falll...good riddence when it comes boot and kick from on the way down!!

James Murdoch's position under scrutiny

James Murdoch's future as chairman of BSkyB in doubt after former News of the World executives say he gave 'mistaken' evidence
His fate could be decided as early as next week at a crunch board meeting that will consider whether he should continue to lead the satellite broadcaster established by his father Rupert 20 years ago.

Jeannette Bishop

re: Fox News contradictory coverage of vaccines

My question is how are they treating Alisyn now?

Strike while the iron is Hot

A news report from today states, "Deliberately misleading Parliament is a crime in Britain, and Prime Minister David Cameron has joined opposition lawmakers in saying James Murdoch has questions to answer."

Did Deer or anyone else in his posse go before Parliament about Wakefield? If so, the crime angle may prove fruitful and the timing may be good to drive such an inquiry.


Adam M said:
"I guess I struggle to understand the paradox that the on one hand the connections between the Murdoch's and GSK and on the other Fox News coverage of the vaccine autism debate especially Fox and Friends with Allison Camerato - some of the best coverage I've seen in the mainstream. I don't get it. Does some one high up over there have a conscience despite conflicts?"

How better to ostracize a position than to have the one source that is seen as the odd man out regarding government, and by extension a criticized goverment approved and protected medical treatment like vaccines, be the one to tepidly carry the banner on vaccine scrutiny. Allowing Fox News to be critical to a mild degree should make one wonder why they would be so minded when pharma would be happier with them if they did like everyone else in the media and could have be a way to "immunize" them to the notion that they would be only pro-vaccine because it would give cover to News Corp and thier pharma tie and behavior over the Wakefiled affair. Remember, they still had Dr.Manny. Also, if they had been wholly pro-government about vaccines that would have been suspicious in itself as they are almost never simply pro-government. The reporters would not have to know of upper designs and strategy in what is allowed or why.


Between all this politics and the new CATS study, it seems like a good time for another full page ad.

John Stone

One point is that the "conspiracy theory" tag is consistently abused by the quackbusting fraternity: there is in fact nothing remotely implausible about people in politics, business, or government bureacracies scheming in various ways. I suspect the origin of the term relates to the paranoid interpretation of global politics in which virtually event becomes interpreted according a hidden agenda. It is when people fail to acknowledge the random aspect of many world events that insanity seeps in.

Meanwhile, I see that James Murdoch is doing a Dickie Horton and claiming that when giving evidence he had not taken in the information from documents that had previously crossed his desk, and been signed or replied to.


I am very glad that Fox News is honest and not part of Murdoch's empire. They have given both sides of the vaccine issue. They have even at times been highly critical of the judgment of the courts involving word games--- of don't cause autism but autism like symptoms.

It is a good thing because watching the news or semi- news shows that I can stand are becoming rather rare. I don't watch CNN because of Anderson Cooper, and I don't watch the morning show that has Matt Laur smug smile either.

So that leaves about only Fox News.

Angus Files

larf a minute just now...

The Wall Street Journal says that the subpoenas would be significant because they'd "represent an escalation of scrutiny" by the Justice Department of the paper's owner, Rupert Murdoch. The story cites "a government official" who says that DOJ is looking at allegations that News Of The World employees bribed UK officials -- as well as a charge made by the Daily Mirror that Murdoch employees tried to find news stories by hacking into cell phones of U.S. 9/11 victims. Senior leaders at the Justice Department have not yet approved the subpoenas. Still, the paper says that News Corp is "bracing for increased scrutiny" from the FBI as well as SEC. The corporate oversight agency is thought to be especially interested in whether News Corp bribed UK police or other officials: That could be seen as a violation of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The Journal quoted an anonymous person "close to News Corp" who says the subpoenas would represent "a fishing expedition with no evidence to support" them.

Rae Nadler-Olenick

I advocate against the dangerous practice of water fluoridation, which brings out the same parade of oppositional lies, distortions and character assassinations from all the usual suspects. When people ask me whether I believe in conspiracy theories, I reply firmly: "No. There are no conspiracies. There's just collusion at the top."


So where is the drumbeat from this community... thousands and thousands of families... to direct a clean and proper investigation in the matter? Could someone please do this.... Get all Autism groups together and instruct members to send direct pleas for inquiries to all news outlets and political peeps. Where is the drumbeat. Who is the drum major. Unless there is a drum major, the opportunity to march all over this will go away.


On July 11, 2011, Seth Mnookin published an article on his blog site re: CIA collecting DNA in bin Laden search.
One comment that followed expressed concern about the story feeding the "idiotic conspiracy theorists." I submitted the following comment, which is still "under moderation."

“Conspiracy” doesn’t require secret, midnight meetings where the details are ironed out. All that’s required is for a number of separate, vested interests to work toward a common goal–in others words, to “conspire” as in “to breathe together”. Such is the case between vaccine manufacturers, governmental agencies and medical providers. Why bother with the clandestine strategies when everybody’s getting what they want at the expense of those unfortunate victims who are damaged in the process?"
Several days later I added this comment: "Why am I not surprised you won’t post my comments?"
Several others have since commented to his article, but apparently it's being severely edited to meet his agenda. How surprising.


The GSK / MMR has such a fine history in the UK.

MMR: Turning the Tables on the British Medical Establishment

.....Bill Welsh’s complaint covers the whole history of recklessness and negligence surrounding MMR, going back to 1988 when a known defective version of the vaccine was introduced by GlaxoSmithKline despite the fact that it had already been banned in Canada, and indeed later had to be withdrawn in the UK.

Another media mystery might be why 60 Minutes or others have never done a piece on the Simpsonwood meeting, it goes far, far beyond medical corruption.

Autism Watcher

I was interested to note that the pro vaccination network is now trying to distance itself from News Corp media ...

I was also interested to note the article by Brian Deer now Guardian blogger (see distancing above) complaining about Nature magazine and clauses in regards to the ethics of articles printed in their journal...

...apparently the frightful clause that he found difficult was this ...

"You represent and warrant that the Article will not be libellous and will not violate the privacy rights of any individual..."

I'm sure the general public as a matter of interest and the editorial staff at Nature would appreciate the detailed scrutiny the media is facing at this time.

Perhaps it would be a wise thing for the media to review any articles recently published.

Bob Moffitt

I think the unfolding events in the U.K. will serve as a great opportunity to learn which U.S. media outlets will have the "journalistic integrity" .. to ask prominent television (Matt Lauer, Anderson Cooper, etc) personalities .. if they intend to recall Brian Deer as a guest .. to ask Mr. Deer to explain some of the more tawdry methods he reportedly practiced during his "investigative" series on Dr. Wakefield .. such as .. to name just two .. using an alias to gain the confidence of an unsuspecting mother .. or .. somehow acquiring the personal medical records of patients.

John Stone


Perhaps the opera is Twilight of the Gods.

Dan E. Burns -

JB, Parliament is the opera. Your previous article, “Keeping Anderson Cooper Honest,” supplies the program notes. Thank you for your pointer to this key document.

John Stone


Part of the issue is certainly the bad culture in UK Murdoch run newspapers, but actually the Sunday Times ran a big feature questioning the safety of MMR in December 2003 even while a different section editor with medicine licensing authority family connections had asked Brian Deer to find "something big" on "MMR". I doubt whether the Murdoch clan was involved at that stage but the question certainly arises after James Murdoch's appointment to the board of GSK in February 2009 and the unleashing of Deer's new wave of allegations which partially contradict the first: clearly the Sunday Times is in James Murdoch's part of the empire and Fox News is not.

Adam M

I guess I struggle to understand the paradox that the on one hand the connections between the Murdoch's and GSK and on the other Fox News coverage of the vaccine autism debate especially Fox and Friends with Allison Camerato - some of the best coverage I've seen in the mainstream. I don't get it. Does some one high up over there have a conscience despite conflicts?

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