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Vaccines & Liberty: Let Freedom Ring

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Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, has put out a short message on individual choice as it relates to the Fourth of July.  States are moving to limit vaccine exemptions at the same time the federal government is doing more to protect the vaccine makers and removing a parent’s right to due process if a child is injured by vaccinations.

Barbara: "Today there is no greater threat to liberty in America than the government enforced use of pharmaceutical products such as vaccines sold by corporations for profit that can both harm individuals and fail to work at all.

"Our natural right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is being violated when government health officials enlist doctors and politicians to track down and coerce us into injecting ourselves and our children with biological products that carry significant health risks for some of us without our voluntary informed consent. . . .

"The community immunity club being used today to take away civil liberties in the name of the greater good, conveniently fails to make a distinction between diseases.  Hepatitis B is not polio and chicken pox is not small pox.  But vaccine laws requiring mass use of dozens of doses of vaccine, treat all infectious diseases and vaccines the same.  The large gaps in the knowledge about the damage that repeated vaccination from day of birth throughout life could be doing to our brains and immune systems, have turned current vaccine laws into a forced, uncontrolled scientific experiment on the American population. . . . "




Ron Paul has a clear record of supporting individual freedom regarding our health and vaccines. He has a clear voting record of not being bribed by the elite lobbyists from big pharma and DC. I think he is our only hope of keeping what freedoms we have left in the USA at this point.

kathy blanco

the minute you get a social security number, you are a ward of the state....sigh...

Katie Wright

thank you Barbara! Freedom from unwanted medical treatment should be a fundamental right.


Thanks you Barbara Loe Fisher. You do so much for all of us.


Yesterday's Sunday School lesson was to "Render into Caesar what is Caesar's"

Yesterday's sermon afterwards was our government and what our founding fathers' were all about.

Government and their doing's was a big topic in Sunday School, and I embarassed myself about vaccines yesterday.
I told them some about my duaghter (she had high Sed rates after her forced third Hep B on her way to become a nurse and an additional, forced flu shot that led to mannias and dignosis of bipolar.) All after a bout with Kawasaki's from a foruced DPT shot as a child - I told them more than I wish. It is one thing to tell every one in the world on the internet about bipolar, while I remain faceless, but found it so very different to face my neighbors and trust them to be sympathic on this matter.
Yes, I suppose most know in my community that my son has autism. We lived away from here when he had his stroke, but my parents who were involved in this community now, herald the news.
I wonder will they go behind my back and whisper that is a crazy bunch that lives upon the hill. It is all genetic you know, after all her son and her husband are not right either. And you know she is stupid enough to blame the vaccines.

OR will they be the rebels with an open mind, that slung off British rule all those years ago. Those that see too much power is being given over to the government.Did I communicate well enough?

There is another lady in there that has a sister whose grandchild did get autism and they do blame the MMR. But the are new to it all, and I do mean new - only five years into this mess at the most.

I am beginning to think that the mark of the beast on the hand or fore head is vaccines and their effect on the mind and fine motor skills. We are already were many cannot hold a job unless we have received a vaccine, or go to school if we have not received a vaccine. How soon will we be unable to sell or buy unless we have our vaccines?

Mark Blaxill's words that we are not going to win, upsets me a lot!


This push for universal vaccination applies also to the flu shot.

"What is the evidence of benefit from influenza vaccines, especially among the general population? Previous reviews have found the evidence to support a policy of universal vaccination, especially among healthy adults, to be lacking. The government's expansion of recommendations is occurring at a time when the evidence in favor of influenza vaccination is being shown to be especially weak."

Read more: Vaccination Creep and Questions of Democracy:
will influenza vaccination remain voluntary? Peter Doshi


The right of refusing biologicals being injected into your body, or your child's body, is the foundation of freedom. What good is Free Speech, if you very BODY belongs to the state? If you cannot say no to vaccination, you are not free. And when that freedom is completely gone, the rest of your rights will be a piece of cake to grab.

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