Mercury Leaves Its Mark: Autism, Cancer & Neurodegenerative Disease Part 5
Flu Vaccination Propaganda Never Stops

Testimony To Massachusetts Legislators on H1055 & Right to School For Vaccine Exempt Children

Bill H.1055

An Act relative to childhood immunizations

By Mr. Keenan of Salem (by request), a petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. 1055) of Andrea Rupert for legislation to allow students not immunized to be admitted to schools upon the written request of a parent. Education.An Act relative to childhood immunizations

By Mr. Keenan of Salem (by request), a petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. 1055) of Andrea Rupert for legislation to allow students not immunized to be admitted to schools upon the written request of a parent. Education. Sponsors:

John D Keenan (By Request)

Referred to Joint Committee on Education

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Allison Chapman, Mark Blaxill, Dr. Richard Deth, Mish Michaels and others  give testimony:


Latanya Chapin

In the summer of 1990 My daughter was eighteen months old and already ahead of her older siblings at that age, a couple of hours after her mmr shot she had a fever that shot up to 106, she went into the hospital immediately and when she came out she had severe autism and epilepsy. so don't tell me it wasn't the shot!!


No shot NO NO NO NO matter what the Dr said Don't Lisen to them. all for money thay don't care for your child life .

j harvey

I had my first set of immunizations at 6 in order to enter school; I had reactions to them, and my mother in 1972 refused to vaccinate me any more or the rest of the 5 children she had. I went on to have mumps, measles and chickenpox. I not only survived that, but ended up as the brightest child in my school (school spelling be champion, 2nd yr college level in 5th grade, etc). I wasn't smarter than the others, I was just able to use the brain with no complications. My daughter is now the only one in her 3rd grade class with no shots; she is also the brightest one in her grade level. Again, I believe it was due to no shots. My cousin's little boy was 3 mos premature, and came home fine. They gave him the shots and within days became severely autistic. He is a mess now, 7yrs old and still in diapers. My massage therapist had the same issue and our FL State Attorney settled with her and several hundred others in court. They admitted that it was indeed the shots that caused the problems. Gratefully, she did not sign the 'stay silent and we'll reimburse you' papers and is telling anyone who will listen her story. Her son was saved because she took evasive action and went to the Paradise Cove clinic in Florida. Her son is better now. It's a choice for parents, not lawmakers. Knowledge is power.

Rebecca Carley, MD

I have been studying the BIG LIE that vaccines prevent disease since my only child was brain damaged from vaccines 15 years ago.

Inoculations are bioweapons, period. They cause a corruption in the immune system which leads to all autoimmune disease, non-traumatic seizures, cancer & genetic damage, in people & in pets. The scientific literature I have accumulated proving this occupies an entire storage compartment.

INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE! Stop maiming & killing your children & pets, no matter what your treasonous "representatives" mandate...

Rebecca Carley, MD
Court Qualified Expert in Vaccine Induced Diseases

Brett Bossingham

I work closly with pediatricians. One has worked extenively over europe and speaks Russian, Bulgarian, and English, another pediatrican was raised by a pediatrian who praciced pediatrics in the U.S.A. before vaccines and this Pediatrian has a Brother who got polio from the polio vaccine. The pediatrians support three things: Education, Prevention, and choice. People and physicians who have lived before vaccines, and have seen first hand the illnesses of the masses before vaccines, are the biggest supporters of vaccines. The prevention of illness is amazing, and the risk is worth the reward, but if some one wants to live without, like riding a motorcycle without a helmet, they do so knowing the grave risk. Even the Peditricans with the son and brother who had a rare negitive reaction to the Polio vaccine recommend the Polio vaccine. My own father naturally contracted Polio at 6 months of age,and has been through extream pain his entire life, and has spent over eight years in the hospital. For my father this was not a rare event, the rarity was surviving- he got his last rights three times. Stick with the pure science for information about vaccines. Talk to a qualified physician. Those masses who choose to be vaccinated create a healthier society and in some way reduce the risk for the few that do not choose vaccination. Scientists need to either promote vaccinations, or not. If they do not, then we will once again have a society filled with childhood pain and illness for the masses. In the 1800's families in amercia had lots of replacment children, it was not uncommon to loose 4 or five kids while bringing a few to adulthood. My family records show this on every family line. One great great grandmother just renamed five kids with the same first names. 99% of those parents who come in our office with a firm belief that they are doing the right thing in refusing vaccinations, are convinced otherwise, just by learning the truth and science behind the products. For those who make the choice not to vaccinate while clearly knowing the truth and risk, we support that choice as well. For physicians, there is no money made in the promotion of vaccines. Reimbursement is for costs only! Down the street the Gov't gives them away for free, so the only reason to promote their use is based on science. I agree that we should all know exactly what we put into our bodies, from food, water, medicine - everything. We need to learn for ourselves the truth and not blindly trust anyone one.


SEE "Alex Jones"


The video of testimony to the Massachusetts Legislators was excellent. We in England need a video like that to sock it to the English legislature.


I meant to say "rarely ill now" in my comment (without shots, of course)


my children's pediatrician knows that I no longer allow her to vaccinate my children. At the last visit, the only vaccine that she wanted to discuss was chicken pox for some reason. They are behind on all their "shots" obviously but she said that if my son didn't get his "2nd series" of the chicken pox vaccine then he would get Chicken pox worse as an adult. I didn't buy into her speech and left after he was weighed and measured which is about all I need to see her for now. They are really ill now. It really is telling, though that she didn't care about the other vaccines....hmmm.....

dr viera scheibner

I make the following comments to your information:
1. Vaccines do not immunise, they sensitise, increase susceptibility to the diseases which they are supposed to (but do not) prevent. So, please, use the word vaccination instead of “immunization”. Infectious diseases of childhood are beneficial, they prime and mature the immune system and represent developmental milestones.
2. I lived in former Czechoslovakia under the iron curtin soviet style regime; they called it a dictatorship of blue colour workers. According to a retired Australian High Court judge, the western countries have an elected dictatorship, not democracy. It is a dictatorship of vested interests and it is worse than the soviet-style socialism, because it doesn’t guarantee full employment, fully paid one year maternity/parental leave, free medical, hospital and dental service, price control and egalitarian high living standard, at least in the former European iron curtain countries.
3. There was a general effective positive civil disobedience, people refusing to obey bad orders.
4. By the way, why don’t parents exercise their right to legally refuse vaccination the the US and other western countries? Many don’t even check the legalities surrounding vaccination.


Well Done! Congrats!

Cheryl Thomson

Working in television news, both my husband and myself know firsthand that the Iron Curtain, Soviet-style, exists today all across America. This vaccination scandal is only one of many, many important stories that are being squashed, so that John Q. Public will never know the truth. Throw your television on the garbage heap where it belongs. Oh, by the way, the new High Definition (HD) models were designed by Big Brother as brain-washing tools by U.S. military intelligence. In his next campaign, Obama won't need to idiotically repeat the word 'Hope!' to elicit your approval, instead he can just beam the emotion directly into your head!


And governments are established to do their own will.
Sadly this looks like people begging, not demanding their already established rights. This is wrong in more than one way.
Parents need the exclusive right to decide the protection for their own child, regardless if the government has decided that people belong to them!


Really great work. Warmest congratulations !


I got a shot for tetanus, and became deathly ill within a week.

richard gallardo

Clearly this is a cover up.


After that speech was given at Brandis by Dr. Wakefield and you worked so hard to get it together- I must say you are among best that was in this video.


You would think people would connect the dots, but no, they just don't. I wish someone would have brought this article to the attention of the committee:

Somehow when it's framed as a financial problem, legislators start to listen. Stop the brain damage, stop the epidemic.


Tears! Very powerful...and hopefully very effective.

Lisa @ TACA

Nice work parents and family members!


I cried while watching this. I'm so proud of everyone! I wish I could get everyone I know to watch this. I still don't understand how people can be oblivious to the ingredients they are injecting into their children. Not only that but defend the idea and think that it's perfectly safe to inject ANY human being with these ingredients, it's simply irrational. That it's ok that "some" are hurt, maimed or killed by a vaccine reaction as long as it's not their child.


What excellent, articulate testimony, outstanding advocacy, and the film is so well put together. It's so great that this was recorded.

I also liked how Dr. Deth said, "There are limits that we have to understand and learn about in order to have the right balance between their benefits and their risks."

I really wonder what the listeners thought. With so many credible people telling their stories, surely something has to sink in.


Awesome job!


I sent word out about this video to all that I knew, just yesterday after I saw the link over at Facebook! Kudos to all those that spoke! What an impressive group this was! I agree with Dan; with this as a start since the Canary Party was launched, the prospects are limitless.


Thanks to all who testified. I hope this passes and can be a model for other states.


The people that spoke up were - words fail me!
The main reason that I allowed my son to have his last DPT shot was because way back in 1987- a news flash about childen denied access to schools in Atlanta, GA.

I wanted mine to go to public school, not home teach because of public school taught Socialization which I believed was an important process of personality formation.

Didn't know it was already hard wired in the brain and a vaccine could take it from my son.

Jayne Chapman

As Allison's mother-in-law I just wanted to post here how proud I am of her and how strongly she has fought to protect CJ from additional harm and how hard she is working to prevent everyone else's children from future harm.

When you hear about the number of vaccines infants are subjected to now as compared to when I was a child you would think it would be a no brainer to connect these dots. Shows you just how powerful the drug lobby is - how criminal this is. The current debates in DC about whether or not to raise the debt ceiling show just how broken our government is - no one seems to care about the people anymore. It is up to all of us to work harder to protect our precious children since our government seems incapable of doing so.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you to all who testified and organized this! When I look at the family's around me I'm not sure there are any with children of this generation not touched by the vaccine experiment in some adverse way. I'm praying for a more reasonably informed mindset about vaccination, including the understanding that there is the need for inviolable personal choice and for ending the continual violation of informed consent through avoidance of safety research.

Bob Moffitt

Cheers for the Canary Party .. it is about time the people had a political party that speaks for them on the subject of vaccines.

Thanks to all those who spoke .. truth to power .. a very impressive group of people ..

How about those yellow feathers? Any bumper stickers yet?

Shiny Happy Person

It seems surreal watching parents of injured children stand before their elected officials in the "Land of the Free" and plead for what is essentially a basic and fundamental human right. But if anyone has to plead this case, I'm not sure you could assemble better or broader representation, or present greater courage and eloquence in the face of this insanity.

dan olmsted

What a great video! Congrats to everyone who spoke so eloquently from so many different perspectives. An amazing performance just weeks (days?) after (before?) the Canary Party was launched. With this as a start, the prospects are limitless. I am really proud that AOA can help support and publicize CPUSA. I like Dick Deth's comment -- "vaccines, good idea. ideally implemented right now? i don't think so." I don't think so either! This is a mainstream approach and the vaccine zealots on the fringe of sane public health policy, although they have temporarily gotten control, had better be worried.

Maurine Meleck

This is incredible. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this-especially my good friend Allison.
Since I have contacted and spoken to a number of my congressional reps in SC(local and nat'l) this is the perfect video that I am sending them.
A big hand of applause. Maurine

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