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SmartVax: Weigh The Risks

By Scott Laster, SafeMinds

SafeMinds has launched a new website, SmartVax, to change the discourse on vaccines in a manner that will create a positive environment where consumers are empowered and scientists are encouraged to pursue the necessary research on vaccine-injury and vaccine-effectiveness.  The website raises an important question: To what extent has an increase in vaccine-injuries changed the risks versus benefits of the USA vaccination program for young children?  The SmartVax website provides a Weigh The Risks analysis of the current vaccine risks versus benefits for American children which indicates that vaccine-injury risk (1 in 13 children) is currently higher than the injury risk of each disease.  The vaccine-injury risk was quantifiable for vaccine-induced asthma.  Since there were insufficient studies available to calculate other risks, this section provides discussions on the plausibility of vaccine-induced autism, vaccine-induced allergies, vaccine-induced ADHD, and vaccine-induced deaths.  The disease risk was calculated as the incremental risk to an individual child if that child is not vaccinated during ages 0 – 4 in two cases: 1) in a highly vaccinated population and 2) in a population with low vaccination rates:  

WTR analysis results

The point of this analysis is not to argue against vaccination programs, since vaccines can provide valuable protection against disease injuries and deaths, but rather to dispel the unproven assumption that all existing vaccines’ benefits exceed risks in the USA today and to issue an urgent call to scientists for research to dramatically reduce vaccine-injuries.  The SmartVax philosophy proposes that knowledge gained by understanding the mechanism of vaccine-injuries will lead to a smarter vaccination program that produces the best overall public health results. 

Follow SmartVax on Facebook (HERE) and let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the online conversation there. If you find the information useful, please share the website information with prospective parents, family, and friends.  




Funny, Orac and friends are totally convinced that SmartVax is a sneaky plan to get people who have concerns about vaccines converted into total anti-vaxers. What does he know and when did he know it?


This is a good thing, because:
Many people have gone to school and did not get a good education. You know they got PROPAGANDIZE instead.

So while real life is re-educating them to question everything

They need support!

And Smart Vax is that crutchy support.

Media Scholar

Now. Now. We all should know some people by nature sit the fence. However, that's their choice and they can expect to be hit with projectiles from both sides.

While we may be beside ourselves to wonder why, it is suggested the occupation of mud lark often had unexpected bounty.

The french fry lawsuit? Second-hand coke? Green vaccines?

What does it tell you about bitter irony when the web site search button is inoperative, but the donation button works like a charm?

Bob Moffitt

The very first step to be taken is to change the current Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) .. which relies solely upon the following posted on their website:

"Please report all significant adverse events that occur after vaccination of adults and children, even if you are not sure whether the vaccine caused the adverse event."

From all accounts, pediatricians and doctors routinely ignore this request .. with less than 10% adverse events reported.

Common sense suggests there is absolutely no reason to expect voluntary compliance in reporting adverse events ..

After all, why should a doctor or pediatrician report an adverse vaccine event following a vaccine that doctor just administered? It would be far more likely to expect that doctors .. acting in their own self-interests .. dismiss the adverse event as merely "coincidental" to the vaccine .. rather than being "caused" by it.

In any event, until the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is changed to some type of "mandatory" reporting of specific events .. we will never know whether or not the "benefits of vaccines far outweigh their risks".

Of course .. there are many who prefer not to know the "risks".


When I see the words smart and vax together I cringe and my eyes lock up and I stop reading. Sad, I use to like Safeminds. sigh

Adam M

Amen Barry. EVERYONE in our community needs to read Vaccine Safety Manual by Neil Z Miller. When you do you will see how long this fraud has been going on. Before I read the book I thought the controversy was recent but it goes all the way back to the beginning with Jenner and smallpox vaccines. We want quick fixes to our problems and vaccines seem to offer that. It's much harder to alter your lifestyle toward better habits and choices. But vaccines aren't vitamins folks. They're POISONS. On purpose. You do nothing to help your immune system by using them. You only pick a fight with it. Starting with a sucker punch through the side door. The right goal is to nourish the immune system starting first with breast milk from a mother who is eating a nutrient rich diet and then add nutrient rich foods as the child grows while avoiding processed food and sugar which suppresses the immune system. Read Lick the Sugar Habit by Nancy Appleton Ph.D and get the cook book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig Ph.D. I'm sure I'm not alone on this, my never has been healthier by far than my vaccinated children. It was following the latter course described above that got those results.


"... The point of this analysis is not to argue against vaccination programs..."

Why not! When I read this article, I see phrases like VACCINE INDUCED autism, VACCINE INDUCED allergies, VACCINE INDUCED ADHD..... and even VACCINE INDUCED DEATH!!

What the hell are we trying to argue for here? A sensible amount of clearly established poisons for our children??? That makes no sense to me at all, in fact I think this whole line of thought erodes our credibility as parents advocating for our vaccine injured children

The painful truth is that there's no such thing as a sensible amount of poison, just like there's no such thing as REAL science to support the safety and/or effectiveness of any vaccine that has ever been produced. Finding that science should be the first step for anyone advocating for a "safe" vaccine schedule. And if you cant find it, than you shouldn't be blindly advocating for anything.

The analysis above seems to show that less vaccines are safer, but what's missing from that analysis is a comparison to a completely un-vaccinated postulation... remember, the study that vaccine manufacturers will prevent at all costs?

We will never get anywhere as a group, until we open our eyes to the whole truth, which is that vaccines are designed to make us sick... and the drug companies rich from the sickness they create.

There is no safe vaccine schedule

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