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Mercury Leaves Its Mark: Autism, Cancer & Neurodegenerative Disease Part 4


By Teresa Conrick

If you have been following this series (Part 1 and  Part 2) on the connections of mercury, both environmental and pharmaceutical, I hope that it has become clear that many diseases appear to be sparked by exposure from both. Viruses, included as xenobiotics, may also be included, as mentioned in Part 3 here: " proteins in the intracellular signaling cascades that are activated by receptor tyrosines were initially isolated as oncogenes in cancer cells or tumor viruses." More specifically to measles, and for Megan and many of her autism peers, the additional regression, loss of language, fevers, rashes, GI disease, encephalopathy and seizures after the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine, changed lives forever: here Tyrosine phosphorylation of measles virus nucleocapsid protein in persistently infected neuroblastoma cells

"The mechanisms governing the establishment and maintenance of a persistent MV infection in brain cells are still largely unknown. To understand the mechanisms underlying MV persistence in neuronal cells, a tissue culture model was studied.... We present data to show augmented protein tyrosine kinase activity in the persistently infected cells."

Is it possible Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus ,XMRV, a virus first found in prostate cancer and now being linked to chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and autism, is also involved ? : "XMRV proteins are also homologous to proteins of the growth factor signalling networks (e.g. tyrosine kinases FLT3 and TYRO3) (Table 5) which are relevant to cancer-related growth (Fig 2)."

Since Meg's "estrogen behaviors" are such a drastic conversion of her usual self to a more "manic" state, I decided to look for a biological reason as to why it was happening: Protein Kinase C Inhibition in the Treatment of Mania A Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Tamoxifen

"PROTEIN KINASE C (PKC) IS A family of enzymes that phosphorylate neurotransmitter receptors, intracellular signaling molecules, transcription factors, and cytoskeletal proteins......Several lines of evidence implicate abnormal PKC activity in bipolar disorder (BPD).... estrogens, which increase PKC activity in the brain, may exacerbate mania and increase risk of postpartum episodes of BPD." That quite possibly is what is happening in my daughter. Interestingly, Tamoxifen in addition to blocking estrogen, is also a tyrosine kinase blocker used in breast cancer. Again, not endorsing any medications or drugs here but do need to add that this one does have serious side effects : blood clots, strokes, uterine cancer, and cataracts. The fact that it can stop mania by blocking estrogen AND protein kinase seems very important in our puzzle pieces.

A true test of a theory is to see if it fits into the real puzzle and that made me think of Donald T. For many of us who have been on the biomedical road, looking at environmental and vaccine toxins as the trigger to much of the injury and subsequent medical symptoms that are children began to have, we knew about Donald as he was an original Dr. Leo Kanner patient in the 1943 paper, (HERE) . Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill went back in time investigating the use of mercury historically, and did the most comprehensive exploration of those Kanner patients, showing mercury as the very plausible roots to what we now see as an epidemic of cases. Donald is alive, doing well, and a testament that autism can be medically treated and arrested -- not unlike cancer. Here was a trailblazing article by Dan Olmsted when he first embarked on the journey looking into those original cases. Thanks to Ginger at Adventures in Autism, for reporting on it 6 years ago: The Age of Autism: Gold? (Adventures in Autism)

"Why would treatment with gold help someone with autism? ... That first autism patient, known as "Donald T.," is now 71 and lives in the small Mississippi town he grew up in. Diagnosed with autism at age 5, he had a life-threatening attack of juvenile arthritis at age 12, according to his brother; his temperature spiked uncontrollably, his joints stiffened and were extremely painful. He stopped eating.

"It looks like Don's getting ready to die," his father told a small-town physician after specialists failed to diagnose the ailment or find an effective treatment. That doctor suggested it might be juvenile arthritis, and after treatment with gold salts at a Memphis clinic, Donald's autism as well as his arthritis improved.

Injectable gold salts -- sodium aurothiomalate -- were used to treat arthritis because they have anti-inflammatory properties ..... "He had a miraculous response to the medicine," his brother told us at his Mississippi law office. "The pain in his joints went away. When he was finally released, the nervous condition he was formerly afflicted with was gone. The proclivity to excitability and extreme nervousness had all but cleared up." Donald also became "more sociable," he said."

--- A MIRACULOUS RESPONSE to the MEDICINE ---! Beautiful words in the world of immune issues, behavioral manifestations and autism. Let's take a look at where that may fit into this hypothesis: Effects of gold coordination complexes on neutrophil function are mediated via inhibition of protein kinase C

"Previous studies have shown that the gold compounds auranofin (AUR) and gold sodium thiomalate (GST) inhibit responses of various cells and tissues. ....we investigated the possibility that gold compounds might be interfering with signal transduction at this level. Enzymatic assays indicated that both gold compounds reduced the level of PKC (protein kinase C) activity... It is suggested that modulation of PKC represents a mechanism of action of gold coordination complexes at the cellular level."

Gold(I)-Mediated Inhibition of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases: A Detailed in Vitro and Cellular Study

"Gold(I) complexes containing N-heterocyclic carbene ligands were synthesized, characterized, and along with the antiarthritic drug, auranofin, tested as inhibitors of the cysteine-dependent protein tyrosine phosphatases, which are implicated in several disease states. These compounds exhibit potencies in the low micromolar range against the enzymes in vitro."

This though, has to be my favorite. I mentioned it briefly in Part 1 but it came up again when looking at gold salts, sodium aurothiomalate. It may be showing us both the poison and the antidote:

Mercuric chloride activates the Src-family protein tyrosine kinase, Hck in myelomonocytic cells , "Hck is a member of the Src-family of protein tyrosine kinases that appears to function in mature leukocytes to communicate a number of extracellular signals including various cytokines. In this study we show that the thiol-reactive heavy metal, mercuric chloride (HgCl2) induces rapid and robust activation of tyrosine phosphorylation within human myelomonocytic cells....Concomitant with the activation of Hck, there is a physical association of Hck with another cytoplasmic protein tyrosine kinase, Syk. The ability of HgCl2 to activate Src-family kinases such as Hck in hematopoietic cells may help explain why exposure to the heavy metal is associated with immune system dysfunction in rodents as well as humans."

Interesting, pertinent, and mentioned in the 50 references is number 43: Mechanism of inhibition of protein-tyrosine phosphatases by disodium aurothiomalate.

The Poison: "The administration of subtoxic levels of heavy metals such as mercuric chloride (HgCl2) is able to induce an autoimmune response that is similar to systemic lupus erythematosus in certain strains of mice and rats. In addition, there is a correlation with immune system dysfunction, including autoimmune disorders, in humans who have been accidentally exposed to mercuric compounds".

The Antidote: "Disodium aurothiomalate (AuTM) has been used successfully in the treatment of various autoimmune and inflammatory disorders....cellular effects of gold result from the inhibition of these important cell signaling molecules"

Mercuric Chloride needs some defining -1 ) Thimerosal, a mercury derivative composed of ethyl mercury chloride, or 2) Syphilis was frequently treated with mercuric chloride and more precisely, in discussing Donald T from Forest, Mississippi: 3 ). mercuric chloride - a white poisonous soluble crystalline sublimate of mercury; used as a pesticide or antiseptic or wood preservative. Wood...Forest....mercury preservative... takes us correctly to Dan and Mark's book - (HERE)

Round and round through the years and it may just turn out that autism and cancer share many factors. How horribly sad and wrong that the many ill children, like my daughter, have suffered while the history of autism research has allowed autism to remain a psychiatric disorder with first unloving parents of the 1940-1990's and then a new blame -- on the invisible, bad parent genes, when evidence-based research shows that autism, and its other adult versions of neurodegenerative disease (ALS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Schizophrenia, etc), plus cancer and autoimmune diseases, have roots to the environmental, toxic, manmade chemicals, including those found in vaccines. Shame on so many who have allowed this to happen and to so many who CONTINUE to let the denial spin.

We have seen how autism and cancer have such similar components, from glutamate dysfunction to over-expression and altered protein tryosine kinase and phosphorylation. The use of gold salts helped Donald tremendously and again, I am not endorsing their use but to identify a point of origin. These diseases seem connected by not only a toxin, like mercury or a vaccine virus exposure, but are also connected by the DENIAL of that truth from too many who have a vested and often financial interest in that denial. Illnesses have become big business and "targeting" them with vaccines and then pills once chronic illness steps in has become as common as the nonsensical commercials for each. The list of side effects from vaccines and medications on those commercials describe a path to worse health consequences, comical back on Saturday Night Live, but in reality, a true tragedy to good health today. Unfortunately, there has been a trend for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Government to turn their back on seeing the cause/effect of disease and JUST looking for the business angle/financial gain of "herding immunity". Targeting the PTPome in human disease

"Protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs) play vital roles in numerous cellular processes and are implicated in a growing number of human diseases, ranging from cancer to cardiovascular, immunological, infectious, neurological and metabolic diseases. There are at least 107 genes in the human genome, collectively referred to as the human ‘PTPome’. Here the authors review the involvement of PTPs in human disease, discuss their potential as drug targets, and current efforts to develop PTP inhibitors for the treatment of human disease. Finally, the authors present their view of the future for PTPs as drug targets." (HERE)

Riluzole gives a patient with ALS a few months on a ventilator. Is that as good as it gets or can we STOP the majority of these diseases? Please join me in supporting The Canary Party, because we have had enough! Also join me next in Part 5 for a look at medications, supplements and vitamins that seem related to these "targets."

Teresa Conrick is Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Teresa - I know you are very busy working on this series, but when you are done w/it, I'd be interested in hearing your take on this:
And whether it there is a modified but similar mechanism in sensory disorders.

kathy blanco

just read this one, the Fallon leukemia cluster and an infectious origin. arrrrgggh


I wonder if gold chains and earings in children,a part from the protective/religious reasons, had a "detoxifing/healing" effect, more and more I find popular medicine interesting and wise


Yes,the toxins bio-accummulate.If the person has immature
developing organs or kidney or liver issues,they will suffer
more as they have reduced ability to detoxify or excrete the toxins.Also the combination of the toxic ingredients make vaccines more damaging, eg.aluminum adjuvants,yeast,
detergents(polysorbates,borax)etc.and mixing it in with
proteins (non-self)but similar proteins that exist in the human body like l-histidine,damages the immune system.
Auto-immune illnesses now sky-rocketed.Yes,all degeneretive illnesses are connected.We,the parents will have to find all the answers,as they will continue to deny and mislead.
Do not ever allow them to control the food source.


This just in, The National Autism Association (NAA), along with several other advocacy organizations and thousands of families nationwide, has consistently pointed out that a purely genetic "epidemic" isn't possible, and that environmental factors including vaccines must be examined more closely to find the causes of autism so that new cases can be prevented and existing cases treated. "This is further evidence that we have to stop siphoning scarce autism research dollars to search for elusive autism genes," said parent and NAA board chair Lori McIlwain. "Blaming genetics has gotten us nowhere. With one percent of our nation's children affected, we must focus on autism research that will lead to better treatments in the shortest amount of time possible."

Jeannette Bishop (JenB)

Is thimerosal a mercuric chloride compound then? Not that it makes a much difference in the whole toxic issue as far as I'm concerned, but some people ...


Here's something positive we can take from vaccine madness: we will never become "food" (ala Soylent Green) for the controlling elites, a.k.a. the NWO, because we've become far too toxic. They might still "use" us, to recycle the toxins, however. The environmental toxins (e.g. mercury, aluminum, fluoride, borax, etc) that they are inoculating (force-feeding) us with have a shelf life that is forever. They can be recycled indefinitely. They control what WE eat. :<(


Have we learned anything from history? Governments and certain industries (pharma, BIO, GMO giants) know all too well that by controlling the food supply, you control the population. Mom, apply pie, and food "safety" - What could possibly be more American? Preventive health is an area where we need less government, not more. S.510 and S.1310 are just a few recent examples. We're leaving a terrible legacy for future generations. We are well down the road to tyranny. Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing. S.1310 is a "gift" not worth having.

"NWO Codex Alimentarius: ‘Control of the Food Supply’ moves ahead in the Senate Senate Bill S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act has now passed today … S. 510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act is all most law. Today Sen. Dick Durbin gave his opening remarks on sponsoring the WTO’s Corporate take over of the worlds food supply. Big Corporate Giants like Kroger is playing a major role in implementing Codex Alimentarius, Control over the Food Supply and World Government. (NaturalNews) Senate Bill 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, has been called “the most dangerous bill in the history of the United States of America.” It would grant the US government new authority over the public’s right to grow, trade and transport any foods. This would give Big brother the power to regulate the tomato plants in your backyard. It would grant them the power to arrest and imprison people selling cucumbers at farmer’s markets. It would criminalize the transporting of organic produce if you don’t comply with the authoritarian rules of the federal government. “It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God.” – Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health whistleblower This tyrannical law puts all food production (yes, even food produced in your own garden) under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security."

Cynthia Cournoyer

Given all the activity lately about spontaneous gene mutations, viruses (natural and otherwise) and the effect the womb environment could have on the rates of autism, don't rule out the fact that young mothers these days were vaccinated many times before 2002 with the full compliment of mercury in their vaccines!

It is becoming increasingly impossible to study an unvaccinated population, when we are finding that the toxic levels of mothers could affect the child's development. Rates of autism could still go up for generations, even after mercury is removed. That's why the "look somewhere else" argument does not put any finality on the controversy at all.


I read the article too.
I read it three times very slowly.
Did I miss something?
I thought this article mentioned many other thing other than mercruy!
Am I right on this summary?
Through looking at the research Tereasa Cornick found that the medical research people know the specfic enzymes that are being affected. It is tyrosine kinases which affects a lot of thing on down the line in the metabolism - like phosphorlation, neuro cells, and signaling those blasted cytekines (which is inflammation).

She mentioned that many things affect tyrosine kinases including even estrogen. I bet Testosteron too. Hey I wonder if postpartem depression after having a baby has something to do with this bunch of stuff?

She also mentioned viruses affected it too.

And Tereasa also said there was some indication that there were other man-made chemicals too - I assumed she was referring to this short version of all the aluminium salts in the vaccines, even fluroide that to my suprise that the presents of alumiunium together causes the body's bones to take up more fluroide, and then there is squalene in the anthrax vaccine and on and on and on. Ohhh that squalene is really bad stuff surly concerned mom you know about that stuff. when Britian went off to war again after the Desert storm all the anthrax vial washed up on shore were I assumed a lot of military people were protesting.

And then there was mercury too.

And the boy from Forrest Miss, that did get better after the gold treatments.

By the way; My sister-in- law who also lives in Forrest, Miss, that is sick with an autoimmune disease, has two twin adult sons with autism, has one other son with bipolar - also has a best friend that lives only three miles from her and her five children also have a host of problems - including one daughter with autism who is dating one of her twin boys. There sure is a lot of something down in that area for sure!

My sister-in-law did not have gold treatments but she did have a very long series of IVIGs. She is somewhat better


@ Jenny -

Dick Durbin's S.1310 is a direct assault on our medical freedoms, such as they are. The ramifications are totally frightening, should it be passed, and signed into law. It will create an immediate need to seek alternative treatment and preventives off-shore! It seeks to make outlaws and pariahs of those who seek to detoxify themselves and those who seek biomedical recovery from Pharma's chemical and biological intoxicants.

This is an issue of enormous importance to all of us! We are all in this together! It's time to circle the wagons!

Dick Durban and Pharma have no right to impose their will over us. It's time to push back on S.1310, now! Durbin should be voted out of office. He's made it into the Hall of Shame.

Sue Morgan

Sorry, Hep-B. Forgot my alphabet for a minute. Meant to say the Hep-B vaccine!

Sue Morgan

Gold salts are rarely used because insurance companies refuse to pay for them. They cost, well, a LOT. And besides, that's old-school medicine. No profit in new patents for BigPharma in gold salts. The Three Wise Men knew what they were doing bringing gold, frankincense, and myrrh. All three are curative. Remember, medicine isn't out to effect a cure. Medicine is out to make Big Bucks on the backs of sick patients. Mercury is still there. They reduced its use in the infant vaccine schedule and then increased it in the Hep-C vaccine and also started mandating extra flu shots (including that disastrous swine flu shot).

Teresa Conrick

To Concerned mom and also Karin-

I am wondering why you are not only dismissing so many children and young adults like Megan who have had enormous amounts of thimerosal via the vaccine program but also research showing that viruses could be included in this pathway?

How is it that you are not seeing the importance of one of Kanner's first 11 in this same pathway and then his remarkable recovery? Are you not curious, hopeful, concerned about this link? Your quick neutrality and apparent denial of this major trigger to autoimmune issues is disturbing (think autism, cancer and much of the above diseases). Thimerosal [and mercury in general] is a major concern and a major player in these diseases.

Simon's OT mom


I'm with you about the CFL. I believe this is another example of a well-orchestrated media blitz to get the masses to believe that something so poorly thought out, as to its devastation to this planet and its people is really "great for the environment". I understand that you have to use hazmat procedures in your home if you accidentally drop one of these "environmentally friendly" light bulbs. No thanks! Never planning to ever buy or use one!


I am with Karin. Known cases of prenatal or early life mercury exposure look nothing like autism. Postmortem studies of brains damaged by mercury, both from acute and chronic exposure, look nothing like posmortem autism brains. The pathology is very different.


Conflict of interest? What conflict? How could there possibly be a COI at FDA? Amazingly enough, a “revolving door” policy has existed between Pharma and FDA, for quite some time now. It shows no sign of even slowing-down. Why do we allow it continue? They have abandoned us!

“They note that FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg is a former official with Long Island-based Henry Schein Inc., a dental amalgam company,...”

“FDA Deputy Commissioner Joshua Sharfstein has given his seal of approval to major mercury exposure for millions of ’s children and unborn children – and to covering up both the neurological risks and the flawed rulemaking process.”

Well done, from a scientist

@Karin, You are right that the amount of mercury is dramatically lowered but even the pediatric vaccines today contain "trace" amounts of mercury well above levels that have been shown to be toxic. It is somewhere around 2000 ppb and even 0.5 ppb is toxic. It just shows you how much mercury is still in the vaccines.
In addition, as mercury was lowered, aluminum has increased. Aluminum is also neurotoxic and mercury has a synergistic affect on aluminum. So the vaccine issue is still very much alive.

Simon's OT mom

To Karin:

Please keep in mind facts that affect the entire autism population, not just your child's particular situation, before insisting that the conclusion of the autism puzzle is "something else is out there".

1. The author of this piece has a child who was old enough to have received the full mercury-preserved dosed vaccines. She is writing from her perspective. Many of us are blogging from the perspective of our children being born before your 2002 cut-off time. Please don't write us off.

2. Our most recent autism cohort studies, putting the numbers of children affected as 1 in 100, were still done on children whose birth age would put them before your 2002 cut-off number, which presumably means that if they adhered to the CDC vaccine schedule, these children would have fallen into the catagory of having received the most mercury-laden vaccines.

3. Please also familiarize yourself with the updated CDC recommended vaccine schedule that calls for pregnant women and infants after 6 months to receive a yearly flu vaccine. This added recommendation almost coincides to the year that the last mercury-preserved childhood vaccines were manufactured (not taken out of circulation, not recalled, no call by the CDC or AAP for pediatrians to immediately stop using their stockpiled or in-house mercury-preserved supply). There is only one manufacturer of the 5 or 6 that produces a mercury-free vaccine. Since the recommendation by the CDC does not come with a call for these same pregnant women and infants to be given the mercury-free flu shot, doctors and families uninformed of the dangers of in-utero exposure to mercury would have no idea to insist their shots are mercury-free, thereby creating a generation of children, after your 2002 cut-off time, with the potential for mercury exposure at crucial developmental stages both before birth as well as subsequently after.

4. Please give credit where credit is due. There have been NUMBEROUS articles posted here at AOA that have dealt with the increase of other toxic substances in vaccines, such as aluminum, such as questioning the adjuvant in the H1N1 vaccine, such as the pig-virus/DNA found in the Hib vaccine, such as SV-40 virus found to have contaminated the polio vaccine early on, as well as the close relationship between lime disease and autism, MS and autism, and so,so,so much more.

I am always so floored on this website when someone blogs in about how mercury was removed in 2002, rates have increased, therefore mercury can't be the offending agent - at all. I just encourage you to take advantage of the wealth of information this sites puts out in both its informed writers and bloggers that should FOREVER put to rest counting out mercury as having played/playing a significant role (no, not the only, but yes a significant one)in the damage caused to our children as well as ourselves.


Is anyone concerned that the "innovative" new CFL light bulbs will create a whole new bio-hazard with their mercury ? How will they be disposed ? With Hazmat gear ? Will it end up in a landfill ? Will they just "recycle" it ? Will dentists and vaccine manufacturers continue to be a big market for the mercury ? I wish I felt optimistic on this subject.


@ pass the popcorn -

Actually, colloidal gold and gold salts have been used therapeutically for thousands of years.

Not an MD

@ Concerned Mom- If a child eats a banana, then drinks Drano and immediately dies, are we to blame the healthy banana for the death of the child? Where is the logic in that? You are okay with injecting neurotoxic mercury into children? Well, I am not okay with it.

How about looking at all the known toxins and known poisons our children are exposed to, whether the toxins and poisons are injected directly into their blood, inhaled, absorbed through the skin, or ingested? Something toxic is most certainly causing moderate to severe brain damage in many of our children. Shouldn't we do a full investigation that must, of necessity, include neurotoxic mercury? I don't intend to "move on."

Thank you for your wonderful article, as usual, Teresa.


The fact is that the dose of mercury injected into our children has dramatically decreased since 2002, yet the autism rates keep rising. So yes, we have to move on and look for the real cause of the autism epidemic.

By being obsessively stuck on mercury, we are missing the real root cause of the autism epidemic. It is something else, guys, and WE NEED TO FIND IT!

Some are stuck on the all-genetic theory, and ZERO progress has been made. If we get stuck on the all-mercury theory, we'll commit the same mistake.

I am saying that, after believing for years that mercury was the cause of my son's autism, and years of chelation (that helped a lot by the way, but I now believe it helped through another mechanism than plain heavy metal chelation). It made perfect sense back then.

Now I've moved on.

Mercury is a very dangerous neurotoxin, no doubt about it, and injecting it into pregnant mothers and babies IS criminal, no doubt about it.

But when the rates of autism keep rising even now that we inject an order of magnitude less mercury into our kids, mercury isn't it, no doubt about it either.

Something else is out there.

Simon's OT mom

Concerned Mom

I can't move on to something else, as my 15 year old, non-verbal son with autism, who received the full load of mercury-preserved vaccines through age 4, has, on lab tests, shown mercury toxicity. And yes, he is also toxic with aluminum, and other toxic metals. And yes, he still shows a high titer for measles, mumps, rubella, and HHV-6. But getting the mercury out has proven to be the most difficult. So, again I say, I can't move on to something else, as my 15 year old, non-verbal son with autism, still tests as mercury toxic.

Hugs are better than Hg

"Concerned Mom"

It sounds like you're fine with a mercury preservative continuing to be injected into pregnant moms and tiny babies - as it currently is in flu shots. Considering the fact that mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on the planet and crosses the blood-brain barrier, I've gotta say - you don't seem like a very concerned mom to me.

Well done, from a scientist

Teresa, You are a scientist in the true sense of the word as well as the many autism parents who are putting us "real" scientists to shame.

To Concerned Mom: I think we would all like to move on from mercury. So, let's make sure it is fully removed from vaccines and other medicines. But I agree that other environmental factors are important too.

Concerned Mom

How does it end up that we always go back to mercury? It seems to me that this research is slanted to always lead to a mercury-road. Can we please move on to something else?

Pass the popcorn

Excellent article - once again. Thank you so much for your in-depth investigation.

Does anyone know why gold salts are not used for treatment today?


Thank you, Teresa. I've jumped in late on your series, but I've gleaned enough to see the substance of your post. Autism is iatrogenic. Classical homeopathy does a better job of treating autism than orthodox medicine. Homeopathy is a very legitimate medical practice paradigm. I'm an integrative/complementary medicine practitioner and politically independent. I just now joined the Canary Party and, also, joined the Office Medical and Scientific Justice. The perversion of medicine and science by Pharma has got to stop. Medical freedom, or health freedom, should be a litmus test for election to public office.



Contact your reps to vote no on Senator Dick Durbin's S. 1310 attack on supplements by needlessly increasing the power of the FDA to attack the unpatentable natural sources of health solutions.

Then - take the time to comment on this, I think there is a 90 day period to comment on:

ANH-USA tells us that the new draft for supplement guidelines could end up removing supplements from the market that were developed/brought to market after 1994.

Does this not pretty much exclude the last 17 years of advancements, despite years on the market with little or no adverse reactions? Hey FDA, how about actually using current science and research to promote health and wellbeing instead of trying to throw citizens into ignorance, ill health, and medical slavery!


Of all the things that can mess up this family of enzymes - are you saying that estrogen can mess it up too or that it just makes it worse?

Maurine Meleck

Bravo, Teresa. You are an A1 researcher and friend. Thank you, thank you. I am even starting to understand some of this.

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