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Jenny McCarthy on Celebrity Scoop

Magic bullet Managing Editor's Note: Please click over to Celebrity Scoop to comment directly on this article. As you can imagine, the haters stopped playing wizards of solitaire long enough to add a lot of comments.  I ordered my Rescue Blue Magic Bullet on HSN this week.  Healthy smoothies for my girls and happy SOOTHIES for Mark and me coming up!  KS

Activist mama Jenny McCarthy is partnering with the world's top-selling kitchen appliance, the Magic Bullet® blender, to launch the Blue Limited Edition Magic Bullet® specifically designed for her charitable organization Generation Rescue.

An outspoken advocate for children with autism, Jenny tells Celebrity Baby Scoop that her unofficial role as the celebrity spokesperson on the topic is nothing short of a blessing.

Anytime you can do something that serves the greater good and make a difference, you should act," the mom-of-one says. "So, what I thought was a hardship in my life, I now see as a blessing because I can reach so many people."

The best-selling author says a portion of the proceeds from the Blue Limited Edition Magic Bullet® will go directly to families with autism.

"Our partnership with Magic Bullet® allows us to leverage its worldwide popularity to generate funding for Generation Rescue’s programs that provide education, support and access to medical services for families with autism," she says.

Jenny's son Evan, 11, was diagnosed with autism when he was at 2 ½-years-old. The single mom has publicly spoken about the possible link between childhood vaccinations and autism. She is also well-known for saying that children can "recover" from autism.

Has the community embraced her since Evan's recovery -- and her controversial statement?

My story of Evan’s recovery is not unique, there are thousands of parents before me whose shoulders I stand on today," Jenny says. "I’m just as active today as when Evan recovered from autism. I still travel the country lecturing on autism, am the president and board member of Generation Rescue and actively fundraise throughout the country for the foundation. My journey now is for the other parents whose voice hasn’t been heard.

What's up next for the blonde beauty? "I’m currently developing my own talk show and writing my next book titled Sinner," she says.

Be sure to check out Magic Bullet® and Generation Rescue on Facebook for more information.



I know you are a super-Mom Jenny.Just ignore the enemy and
do your thing.Thank you for educating the other Moms and
opening their eyes about autism.

Heidi N

You Go, Jenny!!! I'll be on your show with my recovered kids.



I have just visited this website and noticed that "Anonymous" postings dominate the site. There is a desperation in the tone of their comments to convince everyone that Jenny should be discredit and all of those who support her.

Could "Anonymous" be a "shill" for "Big Pharma"?


j-insanity about some truly vicious and angry people over there. And these people are supposed to be rational and defenders of science? They REALLY don't like Jenny McCarthy. I do hope that she has some type of body guard to protect her. I'm serious...some of the comments make me worry for her safety.

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