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Generation Rescue Teams Up With Magic Bullet to Help Autism Community!

Magic bullet
Wow, here's a fabulous product tie in for Generation Rescue that will wrap around and come right back to the community purchasing the product.  And it's something we can all use! And afford. As you know, GR puts dollars, hope and help into the hands of families through their grants, Rescue Angel program and so much more. And they fund actionable research that could directly impact your child in his lifetime! (There's a concept, eh?)

Think of the smoothies you can make with this beautifully blue Magic Bullet. Supplements for the kids and maybe a little something on a Friday night for Mom and Dad? (Share your recipes in the comments.)

Introducing the Rescue Bullet, the limited-edition blue Magic Bullet, where a portion of the proceeds benefit Generation Rescue. Catch Jenny McCarthy on HSN July 18 and visit the Facebook page July 19 to get your own Rescue Bullet before they run out!

Catch Jenny McCarthy on HSN (Home Shopping Network) July 18 during the follo
wing segments: 9AM - 10AM EST 5PM EST (20 Minute Segment) 10PM - 11PM EST

Visit Generation Rescue to learn more, find that last credit card with a few bucks on it (ha ha!) and order yours! KS


shake, shake, shake

I use my Magic Bullet every night:

Half fill with Almond milk
Add a ripe banana
Add some frozen strawberries if available
Add a half tsp. Barleans Flax Oil
Optional: juice of a fresh orange

Turn on bullet.

For a little fizz, I might add a splash of Stevia Orange Soda or even carbonated water.

Other family members prefer OJ and water as a base instead of almond milk.


This is a fantastic product,I own one. Make some yummy milkshake with blueberries (super-antioxidant)flax seed oil
(1tablespoon,Omega 3 essential fatty acid)some ice-cream or
yogurt with organic milk or almond milk and enjoy your

Heidi N

I have a magic bullet, and I use it several times a day. You just put in liquid, fruit, and ice and then screw a lid on it and then put it upside down on the blender mechanism. It blends right in the container you can drink from. For clean up, you just rinse very easily. It's so convenient that we use it several times a day. I sometimes put ice cream and milk in it to make shakes as well.


Love my Bullet! Gonna use it right now. A big Yeehaw from the Calgary Stampede!

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