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Flu-cover By David Burd

The United States “Flu Season” ended back in March, but ever since, and today in mid-July,  I have been bombarded by radio station ads to give 6-month babies a toxic, mercury laden flu shot injection (actually two shots, at 6 and 7 months)  that might  ”save their life.” 

As I’ve amply documented here on AoA, the flu shot itself given to infants actually can or may result in death and/or permanent injury, and it is medical insanity to inject such into an infant, or their mother before they are born.

 This endless  propaganda from our Federal Agencies such as CDC or citizen groups’ such as “Families Fighting Flu” never stops.  I can only guess it is mostly funded by the pharmaceutical industry enriched every year over $20 Billion in yearly vaccine product in the U.S. alone.

Government Agencies (CDC, etc.) supposedly existing to protect the populace from big Pharma have completely abrogated their mission, and instead keep promoting every vaccine shot beginning at birth with Hepatitis B (that will in time be termed the medical definition of insanity - as will all shots at 2 months plus!).

David Burd, Medical Technology Consultant, Alexandria, Virginia




Thank you Mr.David Burd,I agree with you 100%. I like the poster you have up there,lot of parents think that the mercury is taken out of the vaccines.This is not the case at all but they mixed it with polysorbates (just to make sure that it passes through the blood brain barrier)and the placenta.
This is a crime against the unborn to give pregnant mothers a vaccine like that.No testing for safety had been done on pregnant women and no follow up to see the results (increased miscarriages)of the vaccination.The money machine
just never stops in a fear mongering society.

Jeannette Bishop


I'm not completely sure about the timeline, but I understand that in the U.S. they have been recommending two doses of flu vaccine for the first time a recipient gets the shot at any age. The logic for needing a booster the first year escapes me seeing how the shot changes about every year and everyone is probably exposed to flu viruses every year of their life anyway, but that would mean that when they started pushing the flu shot during pregnancy, many mothers-to-be were getting two doses of thimerosal, etc. around the time thimerosal was supposed to out of the schedule.

They were also "recommending" the shot for infants before it was "officially recommended" about the same time. This allowed them to claim for a few years that thimerosal was out of the childhood vaccine schedule when it was still being used.

Then--I'm really guessing here--it probably didn't make much sense to leave out older children, since it probably wouldn't be more of a risk, nor demonstrably less efficacious than pre- and postnatal use, so they officially added an annual shot recommendation essentially for all of us.

david burd

Jen, It is indeed scarey, and yes it is indeed two (2) shots at 6 and 7 months per the U.S. CDC -- flu shot injections containing a multitude of toxins and unknown contaminants.

Actually, it is more than scarey, it is insane.


Have they picked out the three ( of 200... ) flu viruses that they are going to protect us from this year ???

Did not they say that the H1N1 virus would continue to mutate until it killed millions ???

I understand the shingles shots are nearly $200... but is covered for seniors by medicare... thank goodness 75 cents of that goes to the Vaccine Court fund.


Seriously, not just 1 shot but 2? scary!

Jeannette Bishop

Will the rest of the world sign on to this?



I stopped grocery shopping at Ralph's because of the incessant bleating over the loudspeaker about flu shots and shingles vaccines. What ever happened to elevator music?


H1N1 vaccine linked to 700 percent increase in miscarriages

Read more:

and from the same article, "the CDC continues to lie to the public about the vaccine, urging everyone, including pregnant women, to get it."

To read the report for yourself:


This is so upsetting!

The Cochrane collaboration has found that under age two the flu vaccine is not efficacious.
In addition, earlier this year the CDC was investigating higher seizure rates after flu shots, 80 % of which affected children under two.
So, it is not only that the flu vaccine in children under two doesn't work it causes more damage. Not mentioning the potential for harm for the fetus in a pregnant woman.
It defies logic but scare tactics really work.

Carolyn M

I have seen an electronic CVS sign for several weeks now which says: "Book a flu clinic" and on the next line: "Ask a Pharmacist".


Beware of the show Sid the Science Kid... My daughter came running up to me one day demanding I take her to the hospital for a vaccine so that she could grow up and live happy and healthy... or something like that. I asked her where she had heard that... She said she just saw it on Sid the Science Kid. So it was on the DVR and I watched it horrified! My child shoulnd't have to grow up afraid of the flu.


Several nations are banning flu shots for babies because of harmful effects; convulsions, high fevers, narcolepsy and the death of a baby girl in Australia.


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