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Dream On

Dream By Cathy Jameson

“If you are alive in 2011, no matter what your age, you have been part of one of the largest and worst experiments in history. No matter how carefully you eat or drink or watch your exposure to toxins, your body has chemicals in it that do not belong there and have the potential to make you ill, even fatally ill.” 

From: The Great Global Poisoning Experience by John DeCock:

DeCock continues:  “ … The Scientific American suggests that soaring rates of autism are linked to our constant exposure to toxics. Again, we pay an enormous emotional, practical and financial price to deal with the increase in this disease...”


Did my eyes just do a trick on me?  I was not reading this from an “anti-____” (fill in the blank:  government, vaccine, environment) blog.  It was posted on July 15, 20011 on The Huffington Post.  I’m not a big HuffPo reader, but the first paragraph of DeCock’s piece had me thirsty for more.  So, I continued to read.  I actually went back a good four or five times to reread the article.  More bold statements are made further in the post. I invite you to read it.  Go ahead.  Read it again if you have to. 

I first saw the link on Anne Dachel's website and was so moved by the article that I wanted to forward the piece to some people on my email/contact list.  I started thinking about what I would say when I introduced the article because I like to include something personal about why I’m sending a story that I think is interesting:

Hi Family and Friends,

If you're alive in 2011 and don't know anything about what John DeCock is writing about, I hope it's because you're living on some piece of God's green Earth that hasn't been touched by mankind’s greed…or manipulated by Big Brother…or polluted by Big Pharma or Big Industry.  I hope it’s because you have only eaten  pure food that hasn’t been destroyed by toxins, antibiotics, pesticides or been altered from genetically modified techniques.  I hope you have only breathed air that hasn’t known smog or smokestack emission.  I hope you only touch water that has never been tainted by chemical spills or human waste.  I hope it’s because your skin is clear of harmful ingredients now found in “health“-care products and pawned off to make us feel smoother, younger, softer.  I hope your clothes are ones that are free of synthetics, irritants and formaldehyde.  I pray your furniture and flooring aren’t off-gassing chemicals into your living spaces where you and your children eat, sleep and breathe.  Oh, I’ll stop now.  I’m dreaming up fantasies and probably torturing you.  Just go read the article, okay?

xoxo, Cat

If I said all of that in a quick email about the article, I wonder if I’d be looked at as Leader of the Wackos instead of just Cathy who is once again passing on what she thinks is good information. 

As much as I want to solve my problems and contribute to solving the problems that plague the world, I also want to help those closest to me in life.  I know not every friend or family member of mine has the same passion I do; life would get really boring if that were the case. No, we’re all a bit different bringing diverse opinions to each other’s lives.  My differences blend with yours and in turn mix it up a bit for someone else.  That allows us to see each other’s perspectives with a new view and maybe appreciate what we have and even what we don’t have.

 My original thought was to forward this article because John DeCock says so much in such a short read.  Plus, it’s what many in the autism community have been saying for years—toxins, exposures, environmentals, increased rates, illnesses, poisons, diseases, overwhelming problems—truly, all these exist!  And, things must change now before it gets worse.  I thought it would be a nice addition to what I’ve been forwarding for years and what I have been spouting non-stop since my son was affected by toxins in his environment (aka, childhood vaccines). 

I just couldn’t shorten my email message though, and it turned from short reflection into an essay of its own.  Influenced by a fantastic message that will hopefully go farther than from my computer screen to yours, I hope you have been as captivated as I have.  The article is probably going to be an old-news read for you, but it could be a gentle reminder for someone on your list, someone who may need to be reminded to be or become an educated consumer.  Don’t look at is an “I told you so!” sort of message but rather as a wake-up call. Plus, your name isn’t anywhere in the article so people like Uncle Johnny or Grama Louise (who your kid’s autism is just  bad behavior) won’t think you’re Leader of the Wackos.  Remember, that’s my job. 

Go ahead and share the link to DeCock’s essay.  Add your own intro.  Make it personal.  What a vision if every single person would stand up for their personal rights after reading an article like this.  I have a feeling a lot of people won’t care though.  It’s too easy to continue to ignore what so many of us have been saying for so long.  But, we can still send the information onward.  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else besides just us would get a clue that something’s got to give?

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Angus Files

In Aberdeenshire the potatoe crop is sprayed to kill the plant above the soil with sulphuric acid ....to give bigger potaoes below..Everyone would have sore throats cough`s for weeks if not months not ill but constant cough after breathing in the sulphuric mist that was obviously coming in the air...Then you eat them...and wonder how you feel ill...Live in the country for a healthy life not anymore ..



Read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson in 1962. She received a letter from a woman who was concerned that the birds were dying after DDT was sprayed in the area. She focused on the poisons from insecticides, weed killers, and other common products as well as the use of sprays in agriculture, a practice that led to dangerous chemicals in the food source. Carson argued that those chemicals were more dangerous than radiation and that for the first time in history, humans were exposed to chemicals that stayed in their systems from birth to death. They did everything they could to discredit her. She died only 2 years after she wrote this book.


Bay area Mom from Michigan
Do they still have that yellow plane that sprays the entire area in the spring for mosquitos?


My husband's grandfather was a WW I veteran. He was gassed over in France and returned home ill. He died at age 52 of a heart attack.
Perhaps a good experiment might be to see what are the effects of mustard gas an organophosphate on F1, F2, and F3 generations? I am sure it has been done, but where could I find such data????

Then add into that a little more organo phosphates simmulating human exposure to insecticides, and then add on top of that a bunch of vaccines and see what happens.

Veteran's descendants of wars first exposed to nerve gas reacting to vaccines maybe a warning if not looked at---could spell disaster for the entire human race.

But darn even if that is the case, I still want James Cherry's head and any one elses head that works or worked for the NIH and the CDC that ignored (more than ingnored - denied and covered it up) that there was even a such thing as reactions to vaccines!


Its already embedded in our DnA rDNA and here to Stay and increase with each Generation. The Worst epidodes were in the 60's, my Gen, and I am HFA, 48 yo in a few months. Parents of Baby Boomers were the Biggest pop. in/affected. Now, 5 Gens later, we have 1 in 5 Children, Teens, Middle and Senior-aged with Autism. I don't care how many Labels, Accronyms They want to Slap on Us, Downs, Palsy, Parks, Rhetts, ADD, ADHD, PPD-NOS, Fragile, Whatever is Coming Next ... AUTISM is AUTISM! I was Non-verbal, diagnosed Partially-Mentally R*t***** from Birth to age 7, told I would be Dumb for life. Today, I Am HF Aspergers, IQ btw 139-169, mentally-blocked off from Math because of Childhood trauma, I "got" the German Measles and Chkn Pox before age 14, and I was vaxed at preimature birth (I think I still have that little mark on my upper arm). Autism Changes because it is Changing because I have Changed. They will never Tell the Truth. Same old same old, for Profit and Greed Gain. There is not $$$ Gained if everyone is Healthy, Happy and CURED.

Jenny Allan

Interestng article by Paul Shattock.
Organo phosphates initially replaced sheep dips like Dieldrin, which is a chlorinated hydrocarbon with a carbon ring, as is DDT, both were found to persist in the environment, causing devastating mortality to raptors in the 1950s and 1960s. PCBs are another and even more dangerous example and include dioxins, some of the most toxic substances known to man. These have a double phenyl carbon ring structure, and are so persistent within the environment, that we are all likely to contain residues within our fatty tissues.

Head lice in children has been a problem for generations. I remember the 'nit nurse' in our schools, 40-50 years ago. The then remedy was a yellow shampoo, which contained an insecticide. More recently, the lice became resistant to this, and a new formula, based on organophosphate was introduced. Shortly afterwards some concerning problems began to emerge, associated with the new sheep dips. Some farm workers, who had been exposed to the organophosphates, began to exhibit strange neurological symptoms. In response to this a raft of new regulations was introduced, regarding the use and disposal of sheep dip.

Simultaneously, new instructions were issued to UK parents about how to deal with head lice. The procedure was a 'mechanical' one, similar to that described by Paul Shattock. School staff were also instructed to ignore all but the worst cases of head lice. I wish those health regulators responsible for vaccine safety, could be so pro active!! Even now, 10 years after Thiomersal was banned, there is still mercury allowed in flu jabs. How ridiculous!!

Benedetta, I can't comment on the mad cows. I'm one myself!!


But I thought they knew what caused mad cow disease!
I thought they said it was feeding dead cows to cows, and the prion molecules were turned already to either the right or the left and the cow digesting another cow turned it again to the wrong position!

That is not it?
Well that figures.
John did you use to use a lot of phoso- organos on your roses?

John Stone

I should be very surprised if organo-phosphates are not implicated as part of the toxic burden in autism and it is a main interest of Paul Shattock



Jenny Allan

Benedetta was quoting from a linked Scientific American article about possible environmental causes of autism. (below)


The article also contained this gem:-
'Mothers of autistic children were twice as likely to use pet flea shampoos, which contain organophosphates or pyrethroids.'

So are these so called scientific researchers saying (a) Mothers of autistic children are more likely to have pets? (b) Mothers of autistic children are more likely to have pets with fleas? (c) Mothers of autistic children are more likely to use flea shampoos on their pets, (than presumably other owners of pets with fleas?!!)(d) organophosphates and pyrethroids can cause autism?

I could go on and on - like - are autistic children more likely to get fleas?!! (My mother-God rest her soul- had an excellent way of ridding us of fleas. She put DDT powder in our beds!!)

If this nonsensical rubbish is the best that Scientific American can do, God help us!!


Well darn if it didn't even give a couple of sentences about some parents thinks it vaccines.

"Many parent groups believe that childhood vaccines are responsible because they contained thimerosal, a mercury compound used as a preservative. But thimerosal was removed from most vaccines in 1999, and autism rates are still rising."

Well---- that was the parent's theory of why the vaccines caused autism, but we could be wrong.

Do we have to do it (all) (everything)(every bit) of their job for them? I thought it was mighty decent that us to at least point them to a starting place to look - the vaccines - out of all the other 1000+ environmental stuff.


Media Scholar

We seem to be experiencing another one of those waves of promises similar to the one before the first Combating Autism Act.


Jenny Allan

Well -Good for HuffPo in the US.
In the UK the Licence funded BBC Commissioned a review about science media coverage. It is a lengthy, rather boring document, but make no mistake, it advocates promoting ONLY the 'establishment' views on such important issues as vaccines and genetically modified foodstuffs. This is extremely dangerous and will result in the elimination of minority views and protests.

'Prof Jones claimed an ‘over-rigid’ application of BBC editorial guidelines on impartiality has led to the BBC giving equal prominence to fringe scientific option and mainstream science opinion. The safety of the MMR vaccine and GM crops were given as examples of the damage that can be caused with this approach by the media.'

I assume the 'damage' referred to by Prof Jones is the 'damage' to the profits of the pharmaceutical and aggrochemical industries. Let's face it these vested interests don't give a toss about damage to PERSONS!!

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