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Dan Olmsted Interviewed on Progressive News Network

Radio mic From the Editor: I had the good fortune to be interviewed for an hour by Jon Rappoport on the Progressive News Network Wednesday and the interview is available at

Jon is a knowledgeable and astute host and we got into current topics including the parental reports on, the purpose and future of the The Canary Party, the Wakefield drama, and the history of mercury poisoning and the medical industry's denial of harm and abandonment of the precautionary principle. Talking to Jon reminded me that we have a lot natural allies out there who can help us spread the word. Thanks, Jon! -- Dan Olmsted





@(JenB) a very appreciative THANKS!



It was a great interview, I loved every minute of it.
Dan, have you ever tried to get on some of the conservative radio stations?
They are very listened to by a lot of people.

Jeannette Bishop (JenB)

@ AussieMum:

Jeannette Bishop (JenB)

I also want to say thank you again for all your investigative efforts and speaking out!



Once again, a very informative interview Dan.



P.S Can someone direct me to Gary Null's interview with Brian Deer?

Donna L.

Exellent interview! Dan, I can't thank you enough for your continued efforts to expose the truth behind this disaster, and for all you do to stand up - and speak up - for our injured children.

Becky Estepp

You were fantastic Dan! I hope everyone has a few minutes to listen.

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