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Crisis of Ethics at News International as James Murdoch Closes Down the News of The World

By John Stone

The News of the World phone hacking scandal is beginning to engulf the entire Murdoch News International empire ( Phone Hacking). After months of cover up the Murdochs are struggling to fend off scandal by closing down the 163 year-old newspaper. Now, standing between James Murdoch and professional wreck is the former News of the World editor, Rebekah Brooks, chief executive of News International who among other things is in charge of investigating herself. Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband, told the BBC:

“What I’m interested in is not closing down newspapers, I’m interested in those who were responsible being brought to justice and those who had responsibility for the running of that newspaper taking their responsibility…[Rebekah Brooks] should go. She should take responsibility. The idea that she is leading the investigation at News International, overseeing the investigation with the police, I think that beggars belief of members of the public up and down the country.”

But Miliband must know that if Brooks goes James Murdoch’s is the next head for the block. The Daily Telegraph blog editor Damian Thompson commented:

“It may look as if the closure of the News of the World is all about saving the skin of Rebekah Brooks, chief executive of News International. Not so, as Ms Brooks will be uncomfortably aware. She has one main responsibility now, and it’s not an enviable one: to act as a human shield for James Murdoch, chairman of NI and News Corporation’s chief executive for Europe and Asia.”

A National Union of Journalists’ statement reads:

“This outrageous manipulation of the legal right to be consulted about redundancies shows the contempt that the Murdoch empire has for its loyal staff. True to form, he believes he can buy his way out of his obligations. This is an act of damage limitation to salvage Murdoch’s reputation and that of News International – both of which are now tarnished beyond repair.”

It will be recalled that it was six days after Murdoch’s appointment in February 2009 as non-executive director of MMR manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline with a brief to “review…external issues that might have the potential for serious impact upon the group's business and reputation" (Guardian UK GlaxoSmithKline) that the Sunday Times unleashed a new load of flawed allegations against Andrew Wakefield by Brian Deer, followed by overkill columns in the Times of London by David Aaronovitch and reports from outside the Thoughtful House clinic in Texas. These are substantially the same flawed allegations re-cycled by Deer in the British Medical Journal earlier this year, which have been extensively rebutted in these columns Age of Autism The Big Lie, Age of Autism Time To Revisit That Wakefield Fabricated His Findings , Age of Autism Wakefield Findings Part 2 )and by Wakefield himself in his book Callous Disregard, but much of which the BMJ refuse either to publish or to answer. BMJ are also commercially linked with MMR manufacturers Merck and GSK (

Deer’s original 2004 “investigation” was instigated by a Sunday Times editor who told him that he needed “something big” on “MMR” ( That editor, Paul Nuki, was the son of Prof George Nuki who sat on Committee on Safety in Medicines when MMR/Pluserix was introduced in the late 1980s. Nuki junior went on to run a UK National Health Service information site, NHS Choices (Guardian UK). Last year BMJ removed letters from its correspondence columns asking how Deer gained access to confidential material relating to Royal Free Hospital patients and MMR litigants and have blocked all discussion of the matter ever since (Age of Autism BMJ Bias ). It is not clear that Sunday Times ethics are any more wholesome than those of the News of the World.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


Angus Files

Singing like a bird I hope...

Scotland Yard chief quits, Brooks arrested over hacking

"His shock announcement came just hours after police arrested Brooks -- who resigned on Friday as head of News International, Murdoch's newspaper arm -- on suspicion of phone-hacking and bribing police."

Jenny Allan

Rats still deserting. Met chief 'knew nothing', but that's what they all say!!


Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson quits

Angus Files

Best Sunday I have had in years..the best yet to come ..

Rebekah Brooks arrested over phone-hacking

The Met statement read: "She was arrested on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications, contrary to Section1(1) Criminal Law Act 1977 and on suspicion of
corruption allegations contrary to Section 1 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906."


Murdoch and vaccines

Patricia Atkins

Gordon Brown last night called in police after accusing News International of 'distorting' his claim that his phone was hacked.

The move came days after allegations that The Sunday Times and The Sun accessed his bank accounts, legal file, private details and medical records of his son Fraser, who has cystic fibrosis.

Read more:

Angus Files

Murdoch apology in UK papers, Cameron defends links

A day after Murdoch suffered the loss of two of his closest aides, the crisis returned to haunt British Prime Minister David Cameron as it emerged he had 26 meetings in 15 months with key figures from the Australian-born magnate's empire.

Angus Files

Murdoch lieutenant Hinton quits Dow Jones (52 years of service) Just James ,for the chop next..

"(Reuters) - Les Hinton, the top executive of Rupert Murdoch's Dow Jones & Co, resigned on Friday after becoming a target of criticism for the phone-hacking scandal that occurred when he oversaw News Corp's British newspapers."

Jenny Allan

Yes John and we all know the nature of James Murdoch's 'contributions'!! Interesting to see he was paid in GSK SHARES!! This gave him a 'vested interest' in deflecting, via his powerful media connections, any concerns about any of GSK's pharma products, regardless of any possible harm caused to unsuspecting patients.
"James Murdoch was paid 98,000 pounds ($158,000) in shares for serving on GSK's board in 2010. He is member of both the drugmaker's corporate responsibility and remuneration committees."

John Stone

'James Murdoch to remain on GSK's board'

* Drugmaker says Murdoch has made strong contribution

Jenny Allan

The Murdoch's are saying opposite things on opposite sides of the Atlantic!!

"In the adverts, Rupert Murdoch will say that he is "deeply sorry" for the hurt caused to those affected by phone hacking and will admit shortcomings in the response from the NoW's publisher News International, which still publishes the Sun, Times and Sunday Times.
The apology comes hours after an interview with the News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal in which Mr Murdoch said the company had handled the crisis "extremely well in every possible way", making just "minor mistakes".

Angus Files

Drop the girl in it why don`t you James ...nice one...

James Murdoch said: "I want to thank her for her 22 years of service to the company.

"She has been one of the outstanding editors of her generation and she can be proud

Of many accomplishments as an executive.

We support her as she takes this step to clear her name."

Angus Files

Breaking News: Rebekah Brooks resigns from News International

Son of Satan to follow..


Jenny Allan

DON'T be complacent. Murdoch is fighting back. He has stated publicly that his BSkyB takeover is 'on hold' and NOT abandoned. BEWARE!!
From above link:-
"A defiant Rupert Murdoch has said that he would challenge the "total lies" issued about his News Corporation media empire in the phone hacking scandal when he appears before MPs next week.
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, which is owned by News Corp, he said he wanted to address "some of the things that have been said in Parliament, some of which are total lies".
He added: "We think it's important to absolutely establish our integrity in the eyes of the public... I felt that it's best just to be as transparent as possible."
Despite the massive outcry over the allegations centering on the now defunct News of the World, Mr Murdoch insisted that the damage to his company was "nothing that will not be recovered".

Angus Files

Phone hacking: FBI launches investigation into Rupert Murdoch's News Corp
The FBI has launched an investigation into allegations that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp tried to hack the mobile phones of September 11 victims, it has been disclosed.

Workers Rights over Share Portfolios.

'Dr Evan Harris member of the Hacked off campaign'...I've heard it all!!"

Patricia Atkins

....Im sorry Patricia but ...

"Former Lib Dem MP Evan Harris, a member of the group, said:

Some people feel that anyone who has been involved in wrongdoing should face a criminal trial and other people are very keen that the truth comes out as quickly as possible, even if that means giving immunity to the people who admit to wrongdoing."

Guardian UK

Jenny Allan

Power to the people AT LAST!!

Angus Files

Phone-hacking scandal spreads stateside

By Alex Stevenson

A senior US senator has expressed concerns about phone-hacking, in a further sign that Rupert Murdoch is struggling to contain the contagion of scandal.

Jay Rockefeller IV, chairman of the Senate's commerce, science and transportation committee, warned of "severe" consequences if phone-hacking had taken place in the US.

Mr Murdoch's News Corp has substantial holdings in America, including the right-wing Fox News channel, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Po


Angus Files

Please pass this onto to anyone who might have been hacked...Seemingly no charge for finding out if a particular name is on the Met list ....procedure a lawyer has to write to the Met (takes time) regarding each name and the Met get backs to them saying whether the name is on the list...

Joanna Yates
Contact Law
Phone: 0208 9710 264
Fax: 0800 046 1475

Jenny Allan

Beckus and other would be posters:-

Here is the HuffPo link to the vaccine controversy including the Wakefield et al MMR controversy.

Workers Rights over Share Portfolios.


The Guardian newspaper is home to Brian Deer's blog.

I suggest you contact The Telegraph UK at


Patricia Atkins

Patricia Atkins

'Dr Evan Harris member of the Hacked off campaign'...I've heard it all!!

Workers Rights over Share Portfolios.

Gordon Brown - Sunday Times update

"The revelations will also shift attention away from accusations of “hacking” mobile phone voicemail accounts and on to other, potentially illegal, practices known as “blagging”, getting information by trickery or deception."

"When the phone hacking scandal broke, they suspected (The Browns) that mobile telephone hacking, or illegal accessing of the child’s medical records, explained how the tabloid got the private and personal information."

1. Sunday Times implicated in highly illegal behaviour outside phone hacking.

2. Sunday Times not afraid to TARGET children with disabilities for ? Well I'm not sure but it's still hitting a new low.


Hey Beckus-

Go over to the Huffington Post Rupert Murdoch piece and comment about Brian Deer there. They did not censor my comment about him and the Wakefield scandal.

John Stone

"In October 2006, the then editor of the Sun, Rebekah Brooks, contacted the Browns to tell them that they had obtained details from the medical file of their four-month-old son, Fraser, which revealed that the boy was suffering from cystic fibrosis. This appears to have been a clear breach of the Data Protection Act, which would allow such a disclosure only if it was in the public interest. Friends of the Browns say the call caused them immense distress, since they were only coming to terms with the diagnosis, which had not been confirmed. The Sun published the story."


I asked Nick Davies last week if he knew of Deer's deception, but got no reply. All my soberly-worded comments on the Guardian blog were removed, perhaps by a lawyer scared of NI or Deer. It seems though that Davies was saving the Sunday Times up for today's second wave. However, I'm doubtful that the Guardian will will allow Davies to expose the web linking James Murdoch to GSK and the GMC action.

Workers Rights over Share Portfolios.

It is my sad duty to let readers know that the "Sunday Times" has just been implicated in the scandal.

"Extraordinary new allegations from The Guardian's Nick Davies on the Gordon Brown hacking. Among the details, not only were Mr Brown's Abbey National bank details accessed - a "blagger" posed as Brown six times, according to the bank - but his lawyers, Allen & Overy, were tricked into handing over details from his file. And, perhaps most shockingly, details of the medical history of their son James, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, were obtained.

In another, huge, twist, it was not the News of the World who was behind these alleged intrusions. The bank details and the legal file were apparently obtained by The Sunday Times, while it seems that James's medical records were obtained by The Sun, who then published a story about his condition."

Brings a tear to the eye......


Here's a recent UK news report about the scandal. Murdoch's group behavior is described as "dispicable"

Speaking of dispicable, I want to know how Brian Deer got access to Wakefield patients private medical records. I think this hacking investigation should be broadened to include how Deer got access to these records.

Jenny Allan

I loved this quotation from today's UK Daily Mail (11-07-11)

"Privately Tory officials were blunt that the Sky deal has been politically damaging to the Prime Minister.
'We always knew we were going to have to eat a s*** sandwich over the BSkyB deal,' said one Government source. 'But we didn’t know it would turn into a three-course dinner.' "

Jenny Allan

John Stone says:-
"And of course they are all still pretending the didn't know anything - Coulson, Brooks, Cameron, the Murdochs, and probably they also all believe in fairies..."



Yes I listened to the blog that you "I think" gave a link to It said they hacked into a murdered girl's cell phone to listen to all of her friends and family trying to call her. When it filled up they emptied it so friends and family could continue to call in.

The family and friends then thought she was alive, because the phone messages had been emptied, and gave them false and cruel hope.

But I figured as Angus said someone elite and mad - made it an issue.

"Fairies" to funny!
They Better start believing in trolls.

John Stone


Oddly enough it was when it turned out they were hacking into "the little people" (for instance victims of crime or their families) that it finally became politically intolerable to let it go on. There was mostly a kind of repulsive tacit accomodation with the ruling class about who they attacked and didn't attack. Obviously, the Prime Minister was doing well with Andy Coulson as his press secretary, and spending Christmas with Rebekah Brooks until it finally blew up. And of course they are all still pretending the didn't know anything - Coulson, Brooks, Cameron, the Murdochs, and probably they also all believe in fairies...


So, Angus- as long as it is the little people that are hacked into nobody cares.

Angus Files

I knew somebody high up the ladder(a lot higher than the Murdoch clan)had been scorned...

Max Mosley bankrolls phone hacking cases against the News of the World
Max Mosley, who won a privacy case against the News of the World after it exposed his sadomasochistic sex life, has been bankrolling a number of phone hacking cases against the newspaper in the civil courts.

Workers Rights over Share Portfolios.

Remember this email ...cheers Nidreya, Mela

[email protected]

Independent Reviewer.

John Stone

Jenny Allen

Thanks for pointing out how blatant it all was. The documents were "confidential" but what's that to the Sunday Times, the police etc? All in a day's work.

Chance Find

Elizabeth (AussieMum)

The founder of the Murdoch Children's Research Institute is Rupert's 102 year-old mother, Dame Elisabeth. I am sure it is a completely random fact that Deer's renewed attack against Andy Wakefield was launched on the occasion of her 100 birthday (8 February 2009), but who knows perhaps the clan were toasting the South London reporter at a family re-union?



Does anyone else have a - Murdoch Children's Research Institute- in your country?

See link below


Jenny Allan

Thanks John-You are a great 'compiler' of evidence.

I have picked out a couple of excerpts from the first two Times articles, which seem to be a virtual ADMISSION that Deer's 'investigation' was based on the confidential GP records of 11 of the Lancet children. Also these articles were published DURING the GMC trial, and declared Wakefield et al guilty, long before the verdicts were announced. It all screams unjust and illegal collusion between the GMC and Murdoch!!
Confidential medical documents and interviews with witnesses have established that Andrew Wakefield manipulated patients’ data, which triggered fears that the MMR triple vaccine to protect against measles, mumps and rubella was linked to the condition………..

However, our investigation, confirmed by evidence presented to the General Medical Council (GMC), reveals that: In most of the 12 cases, the children’s ailments as described in The Lancet were different from their hospital and GP records.
In evidence presented to the GMC, however, there has emerged potential explanations of how Wakefield was able to obtain the results he did. This evidence, combined with unprecedented access to medical records, a mass of confidential documents and cooperation from parents during an investigation by this newspaper, has shown the selective reporting and changes to findings that allowed a link between MMR and autism to be asserted.

John Stone

There wasn't time to get them together when I wrote this on Thursday night but here are links to the sequence of articles which appeared in News International publications in the days immediately following James Murdoch's appointment to the board of GSK with a responsibility to "review...external issues that might have the potential for serious impact upon the group's business and treputation".



"News" report from Texas:

Lorene Amet

Very good post John. What this British Watergate shows is not solely illegal and unethical media practices, it shows the Murdoch media empire tight connections with the government, key British networkers (powerbrookers combining showbiz, politics, media and big businesses) and British law enforcement establishment.

A journalist interviewed on CNN earlier last week expressed that when it is in the public best interest, these means are justified. Many people would agree I would think, that the phone hacking of celebrities, murder and war victims in search of a story is not of any public interest. But as far as protecting the vaccination programme is concerned, in the eyes of desperate governments and national health agencies, are the means justified? We can expect the cover up to be a lot harder to dismantle, but this recent media saga is of great importance and relevance to the issues affecting us today. I only hope that the wave will wash as far as possible all the dirt and lies accumulated over the years.


Keep the faith.... good will prevail... I know it will. How could it not? Those who are doing bad things will start turning each other in to cash in on freedoms and try to save their soiled reputations. They are squirming and know their time is up for being up to no good. Just watch... Good will prevail.... and the bad willremain tarnished, and the tarnished need to be put at bay by the pubic. Put them at bay.

Jenny Allan

Nidreya, Mela reported:-
'UK PCC caught red handed employing dirty tricks to help suppress the medicine for autism, amongst other things.'

Yes, the PCC commission is packed with editors and they all have a vested interest in 'looking after their own'. This is also true of COPE, the body responsible for publication ethics. Fiona Godlee, editor of the BMJ, has chaired COPE in the past, and is very 'cosy' with the present 'chair'.

My husband's complaint to COPE about Brian Deer's recent, outrageous series of articles on the theme 'Secrets of the MMR scare', just got a response which referred him back to the BMJ Editor, (so presumably editors can publish whatever they like ethical or nor according to COPE)!! His complaint to the PCC was dealt with sympathetically by the person initially assessing it, but the Commission members collectively refused to even look at it!!

The PCC is SUPPOSED to have a majority of 'lay' persons over editors, but in practice it seems the editors have the upper hand in terms of what is actually investigated. In the UK, quite a few editors and ex editors have come forward to defend the PCC, after the Prime Minister and the Leader of the main opposition party both proposed scrapping it. These editors' arguments mostly bang on about 'freedom of the press' etc.

In truth, there is very little press 'freedom' anyway in the UK. Fear of litigation and overwhelming 'establishment' pressure to 'push' what amounts to political and big business propaganda onto a largely uninformed public, ensures we only get told what THEY want us to hear.

Nidreya, Mela

UK PCC caught red handed employing dirty tricks to help suppress the medicine for autism, amongst other things.

They sent the bitchy letter to the victims address by mistake! Cheats always slip up sooner or later ;p

Jenny Allan

Beckus- there is also the matter of this notorious Guardian Blog by Brian Deer, following his BMJ articles Jan 2011.

John Stone


Yes, unfortunately the the Guardian has its own skeletons in this department:

The excuse they eventually made about Goldacre's temporary volte face in November was that he didn't say it in the Guardian, he is not a Guardian employee (though a weekly columnist for the last 8 years) and they are not answerable for what he says outside the newspaper.


PS. I posted the original comment on the Telegraph thread under Peter Oborne's article: (page 28)

It's still there, along with a few favourable comments. You have to ask what the Guardian is so afraid of.


John Stone - "Last year BMJ removed letters from its correspondence columns asking how Deer gained access to confidential material relating to Royal Free Hospital patients and MMR litigants and have blocked all discussion of the matter ever since."

I posted this on the Guardian NotW open thread today:

"James Murdoch happens to be a GlaxoSmithKline exec, and used the Sunday Times to launch the witchhunt against Andrew Wakefield (who merely asked whether MMR and autism were related). Sunday Times journalist Brian Deer made the allegations against Wakefield to the GMC, and illegally obtained confidential patient notes and records from the Royal Free Hospital."

It was removed, along with replies (which mostly involved namecalling about Wakefield). A second post, pointing out that I was not entering the MMR-autism debate but questioning journalistic standards elsewhere at News International was removed as well. Finally, I posted:

"My comment of 11.45 has been removed, along with some of the discussion it generated. I have to ask what 'community standards' are being upheld here? Why should the acquisition of confidential patient notes and records from the Royal Free Hospital by News International (Sunday Times) hack Brian Deer be immune from comment or off topic on an open thread about News International ethics?"

Predictably, this was also removed, and my comments, as Beckus, are now being premoderated.

The Guardian is preening itself on destroying the NotW phonehackers, but they are only too happy to prevent debate about the less overtly tabloid NewsCorp output.

Jenny Allan

A brilliant analysis:-

Phone hacking: David Cameron is not out of the sewer yet
Poor judgment lies at the heart of Prime Minister David Cameron's crisis over the Murdoch empire.

Not an MD

That is some flowchart. Thanks for reposting it Jenny. Also, thank you to John Stone for the illuminating video.

This scandal is growing by the minute. It is far from over. Hope you have luck in exposing the whole Brian Deer scandal in England. Now is your chance to give back to him a bit of what he gave to Dr. Wakefield. Wishing you all the best in England. Remember-- never let a good crisis go to waste!

Jenny Allan

cmo -here's the web!!

Jenny Allan
The UK Press Complaints Commission is to be disbanded after (quote) "both David Cameron and Ed Miliband have called for it to be ditched in the wake of the News of the World's closure."

Extract from above article:-

Exact quote by the prime minister:
"The PCC has failed. In this case [hacking] it was absent, ineffective and lacking in rigour. It lacks public confidence. We need a new system entirely."
Miliband also said it has "totally failed" and that a "wholesale reform of our system of regulation" was required. Here's his exact quote:
"It failed to get to the bottom of the allegations about what happened at News International in 2009.
Its chair admits she was lied to but could do nothing about it. It was established to be a watchdog. But it has been exposed as a toothless poodle."


Great stuff John! I agree this sort of corrupt behavior is not just limited to the News of the World, but I suspect, is endemic throughout our 'system'. Politicians, pharma and the media - all scratching each other's backs - inextricably inter-dependent. Following this saga is going to be an interesting and illuminating experience.

There were three in the bed [or 4 or 5?]
And the little one said -
Roll over! Roll over!
So they all rolled over and one fell out......


"Wave the flag, trust your leaders, and you will enjoy the material fruits of your obedience"

Here's your fruit ration, America!

Just days after they rewarded vaccine manufacturing drug giants like United Kingdom-owned Glaxo-SmithKline complete vaccine injury liability for any harm done to America's young future, the apparently most loyal United States Supreme Court was treated to an official state visit by a very prominent member of the British royal family.


Ohhh, I get it, I think?
Phone hacking and privacy invasion.
It does or could or can later lead to
"Now tell us again, Brain Dearrrrr, how did you get accesss to 12 vaccine injured, stomach huting, sick --kids' medical records?"

Sorry I am so slow!


Was trying to find a "Wakefield witch-hunt" flow chart (posted on AoA) with all the Murdoch / Merck connections...

The key to successful corruption in the news media is never to get caught...

Jenny Allan

John Stone says:-
'It looks as if the monster at the heart of British establishment is in its death-throws although no doubt many of the political trimmers will survive.'

Brian Deer wrote in his Guardian Blog 12-01-11:-

'Because 13 years passed before I slayed the MMR monster. And although a single, severed hand may yet come crawling across the floor, for science and public safety, 13 years is still too long.'

It seems the monster is still very much intact and was only sleeping Brian!! Better hide!!

Workers Rights over Share Portfolios.

If you have any concerns in regards to your privacy, such as access to private and confidential medical files or alternatively you feel that someone has misrepresented themselves or you know of any incident that suggests impropriety by a newspaper journalist then now would be a good time to get in touch with your local MP.

Or perhaps medical authorities that released that information.

Don't forget to support the families of those that have been 'sacked'

John Stone


I have just explained above why "Wakefield bashing" is patently not irrelevant to the big picture although not perhaps the focus of attention at the moment. Moreover, the sinister and symbiotic relationship between Murdoch and the British establishment goes well beyond the winning and losing of elections: it is to do with making and breaking individuals with News International perpetually calling the shots: there was a brilliant explanation of it this morning by Nick Davies, which I posted earlier:

It looks if the monster at the heart of British establishment is in its death-throws although no doubt many of the political trimmers will survive.


The government of the day has to maintain good relations with News International, who bolstered Mrs. T for many years, and in 1992 'It's the Sun wot won it' for John Major; they later switched sides to play a role in bringing in New Labour. That is why Cameron has had close relationships with the individuals named in the controversy, and why Mllliband is using the situation to try to weaken the Murdoch empire as much as possible.

Sadly none of this will make the blindest bit of difference to truth in medicine, since the Wakefield bashing by the Sunday Times is largely irrelevant in the big picture.

Criminal Complicity

Pass the sick bag! Evan Harris is calling for an immediate inquiry and Tony Blair has announced that he is disgusted.

Angus Files

Could be they are going to start pulling them all in now and get the story of each of them....Ello!Mr Deer would you mind coming to the station with us..


Post script:
And that someone is probably more evil and will squash our rights, way of life and freedoms more than Murdoch.


Alli Edwards
You know it is no lowly whistle blower, but he has stepped on someone's toes high up - that is the way it works for the elite.

Jenny Allan

Labour opposition leader Ed Milliband, was on BBC TV this morning demanding the disbanding of the UK Press Complaints Commission. The PCC, who recently refused to investigate my husband's complaint about Deer's BMJ articles, on very spurious grounds, failed to admonish the NotW editors after the original phone hacking allegations resulted in the jailing of several private investigators, who worked for the newspaper.

The PPC are NOW making 'hand wringing' statements saying they were 'lied to' by Editor Andy Coulson and other senior persons, but the truth is that the PCC is mostly funded by the owners of Newspapers and other publications and the commission is plainly packed with persons whose interests, (and instructions), are plainly more about protecting editors than exposing their wrongdoing.

Ofcom, which deals with media complains, was also noticeably 'silent and invisible' over the NotW phone hacking. My complaint to Ofcom regarding a very hostile and unfair Andrew Wakefield interview on ITV's Lorraine programme, was simply dismissed as giving viewers a chance to 'make up their own minds'. Ofcom could have declared their opposition to the Murdoch BSkyB takeover on the grounds that, the criminal phone hacking involved a prominent Murdoch publication. This should have resulted in the Murdochs being declared 'unfit persons' to be in charge of such a huge proposed media empire.

In the UK, questions are now being asked about Prime Minister David Cameron's choice of friends. Andy Coulson, editor of NotW at the time of the phone hacking, was until very recently Cameron's communications chief. He was forced to resign following the phone hacking revelations. The Cameron's regularly dined with Rebekah Brooks, Chief Executive of News International, and her husband, and then there was THAT reported lunch with James Murdoch, possibly one of many. The Camerons are also friendly with PR King Matthew Freud and his wife Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert.

There is no question of Mr Cameron attempting to conceal these relationships from the public, but in view of all the criminal revelations involving a Murdoch publication, there are already questions being asked about whether these friendships in any way influenced Mr Cameron's judgement regarding the way his Government handled the proposed Murdoch BSkyB takeover.

Alli Edwards

I wonder if disgruntled staff turn into whistleblowers?

Do the general public realise the half? We are expected with mechanical regularity to trust Govt, police, banks and media - despite the deeply cosy relationships that have developed using our taxes, sadly the highly lucrative massive abuse that takes place, serving the few whilst denying the many will continue unless the public take part. Stop buying/investing or ingesting their products - vote with your feet.

Criminal Complicity


For years no action from the police, data protection, the Royal Free Hospital, the British Medical Association....


"It is not clear that Sunday Times ethics are any more wholesome than those of the News of the World." Or the BMJ.

John Stone

Superb overview of the affair:

Janice Percival

At last the truth will out. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. The sheer arrogance of the Murdoch family will be their downfall. As the media are making all this fuss over 'phone hacking to obtain personal information, we now want to see the same applied to Brain Deer who has been able to obtain personal medical records of children involved in the original MMR litigation.He has been protected in the past, but the Murdoch family are now sacrificing everyone to try and save themselves.

Jeannette Bishop (JenB)

I wonder if Deer is feeling less job security or perhaps less legal security at this point?

Jenny Allan

Murdoch's News International Corporation is presently attempting to take over BritishSkyBroadcasting, (known as BSkyB). This would make Murdoch responsible for more than 80% of UK press and media outlets, a dangerously high level for just ONE media corporation, particularly one with links to other huge global financial interests, including James Murdoch's Directorship of big pharma GlaxoSmithKline.

For YEARS it has been the case that Murdoch's empire has had more Government lobbying power than our UK trade unions, but our present UK Goverment's obvious facilitating of NI's takeover of BSkyB plumbs new levels. Our Prime Minister, David Cameron, had at least one 'cosy' lunch with James, and Rupert has been in the UK doing his usual 'networking' with influential 'cronies', no doubt involving a lot of expensive 'lunches' and other 'corporate hospitality'.

There are a number of 'checks and balances' in the UK, which would normally be involved with a huge takeover like this. The most important of these is referral to the 'Competition Commission' which would almost certainly have recommended refusal of Murdoch’s proposals. Needless to say, this important commission was 'bypassed' by the UK Government.

The Government Culture Secretary was strongly opposed to the BSkyB takeover. Cameron immediately sacked him and replaced him with Jeremy Hunt, who has consistently ignored a virtual clamour to investigate the UK Murdoch press and media before granting permission. This was mostly ignored, but a public petition opposed to the takeover, attracted a huge number of signatures, including mine, and at least delayed things. We were also asked to write to our Members of Parliament. Hunt recently gave the 'go ahead' for Murdoch to take over BSkyB. A few days ago, a new public petition, strongly opposed to this, attracted more than 100,000 signatures within hours.

Don't be fooled by Murdoch discontinuing the News of the World. A similar Sunday publication with another name will almost certainly 'rise from the ashes'. Murdoch is trying to buy himself out of trouble by sacrificing a huge NotW staff, most of whom are completely innocent of any wrongdoing. Hopefully, the UK Government will now be forced to re think the proposed BSkyB takeover. We should ALL pray that Murdoch is STOPPED and proper Government democratic process in the UK is restored.


Why are the British Police only looking at hacked voicemail accounts on cellphones? Much more was going on.

BBC TV's flagship Panorama documentary programme exposed the facts that:

1) there was more going on including email hacking and

2) this was not limited to the News of the World but was going on throughout News International - part of its culture.

Answer: they were doing nothing much about ANY of it until former British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott kicked up a stink over the voicemail hacking and kept on kicking.

You can view the Panorama programmes and details here:-

And when it came to getting evidence why the British police did not immediately go and get the News International email records which will have a treasure trove of details in their own emails of what the editors, journalists, executives [no doubt the Murdochs too] and others were doing when all of this was going on.

This was only looked into recently because John Prescott was still stink kicking.

Clearly, Rupert Murdoch and his son no doubt have a goodly deal of dirt on people in control and influence in the UK - its "if we go down you go with us" time.


That is the way it goes, isn't it. Men like this that have no morals, running around doing bad things eventually do step over the line and get caught.

Still this will not help Dr. Wakefield except knowing that immoral men do finally get it in the end. But I want Dr. Wakefield (a good man) to receive justice. He deserves that.


David Cameron values Murdoch's support, doesn't he? And though the British government is flat broke and laying off thousands of public employees, Cameron recently managed to come up with a huge pot of money to buy vaccines for the Third World, which would be immensely profitable for GlaxoSmithKline, of which Murdoch is a director, correct? In any case, Doctors Without Borders says that African public health systems are so corrupt and inefficient that the vaccines will probably sit in warehouses and never get to the people for whom they were intended. Well, it will be fascinating to see how this scandal plays out.

Media Scholar

I thought spying was illegal, unethical, and immoral?

Is this helpful?

News Int parts company with Jeremy Schwartz

Fri, 11 Sep 2009 | By Branwell Johnson

News International’s recently appointed chief marketing officer Jeremy Schwartz has decided to leave the company.

As part of the ongoing review of the marketing team, the marketing director for The Times and The Sunday Times and the marketing director for The Sun and News of the World will report direct to chief executive Rebekah Brooks.

Brooks, recently editor of The Sun, says: “I am sorry to lose Jeremy. We have made a commitment to marketing our core titles in the past year which is delivering real results. Jeremy has made a valuable contribution to this.”

That's a lot of power for a nosy little gal to have, ya know?



It is interesting watching this "train wreck" unfold and "damage control" must be in overdrive.

I wonder though, who will come out unscathed?

The last of "News of the World" will be printed on Sunday, but what will replace it?

There will be a lot of well paid lawyers defending the newspaper. Evidence will be skewed, evidence will be inadmissible, witnesses will be silenced-sound familiar!

Elizabeth-AussieMum and very sceptical (I hope I am wrong!)

Joan Campbell

It is quite a thing when a newspaper is shut down.

Wonderful stuff, long live the truth.

John Stone

The papers are also saying that Andy Coulsen, former News of the World editor and until a few months ago David cameron's press secretary will be arrested tomorrow (or today as it is here).

John Stone

From the Guardian:-

12.01am: Former home secretary Alan Johnson has suggested that James Murdoch could face jail over the phone hacking scandal.

Speaking on the BBC1's This Week, the former Labour minister said Murdoch's statement yesterday in which he admitted that the News of the World and News International failed to get to the bottom of the issue could lead to a prosecution under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa) 2000.

Johnson pointed to Murdoch's comment that he personally (and, he admits, wrongly) approved out-of-court settlements to victims of phone hacking, including a payment to Gordon Taylor of the Professional Football Association believed to be worth around £700,000. The MP raised the prospect this could place the News International chairman in breach of section 79 of Ripa. This states:

"Where an offence under any provision of this Act (...) is committed by a body corporate and is proved to have been committed with the consent or connivance of, or to be attributable to any neglect on the part of a director, manager, secretary or other similar officer of the body he (as well as the body corporate) shall be guilty of that offence and liable to be proceeded against and punished accordingly."

Angus Files

One card falls and the whole pack will fall just like Robert Maxwell.....good riddance to the Murdoch's lets hope Deer goes to as an accomplice when the criminal investigation starts .

Happy Days are here again...

Thanks John for the links as it is unfolding amazing.

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