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I had a hard time understanding Seth Mnookin's latest piece about the Amish and autism. He trashes the idea that the Amish don't vaccinate. We're told that "at least some of their children had received at least one vaccine," but that a significant number of parents are worried and refuse to vaccinate at all.

In Mnookin's article Amish and Anecdotal Evidence ( HERE) claims disproved by fact-based study, Mnookin wrote,

"One of the most persistent [claims] has been the Amish fallacy: Most Amish don't vaccinate; there's almost no record of autism in Amish communities; ergo, vaccines cause autism. (This argument has also been used, time and time and time again, to illustrate the efficacy of a proposed vaccinated-versus-unvaccinated study.) . . . .

"Yesterday, Reuters Health reported on a recent study in Pediatrics titled "Underimmunization in Ohio's Amish: Parental Fears Are a Greater Obstacle Than Access to Care." The study found that majority of Amish parents do, in fact, vaccinate their children and among the minority that don't, the most common reasons cited were the same anti-vaccine fueled fears that have infected people around the country."

Mnookin cited the Reuters story:

'Of 359 households that responded to the survey, 85 percent said that at least some of their children had received at least one vaccine. Forty-nine families refused all vaccines for their children, mostly because they worried the vaccines could cause harm and were not worth the risk.'

The Amish are a diverse sect with a number of subgroups. No one, including Dan Olmsted, ever claimed that the Amish never vaccinate, but as Mnookin himself admitted, they're not hauling their children in every couple of months for multiple vaccinations at once like parents in the general population are mandated to do. We also don't hear reports that almost two percent of Amish boys have autism.

The blog Left Brain/Right Brain just ran the piece, Underimmunization in Ohio's Amish: Parental Fears Are a Greater Obstacle Than Access to Care (HERE) , and just like Mnookin, the story proves nothing. LBRB said that while the Amish are "under-vaccinated," they do vaccinate. And, we were told, they do have autism.

"Preliminary data have identified the presence of ASD in the Amish community at a rate of approximately 1 in 271 children using standard ASD screening and diagnostic tools although some modifications may be in order."

So it seems that LBRB confirmed the hypothesis that if a group of children is under-vaccinated, their autism rate would be significantly less than the massively vaxed general population.

All this is just another red herring designed to avoid doing the one critical study to end all studies. Why isn't Mnookin, in all his media interviews, demanding an independent comparison of fully-vaccinated and never-vaccinated kids. Forget the Amish question. Show us a one percent rate of autism among these children. Show us thousands of never-vaccinated kids with the undeniable signs of classic autism. More and more parents in the general population are exempting their children, so the study group is out there. There is no excuse for not seizing the opportunity.

Not only has no one ever done this research, officials have done everything to avoid doing it. It is however, the only way this issue will ever be finally settled.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Theodore Van Oosbree

Mnookin is too addled to understand the significance of the autism/Amish data he cites.


"Not only has no one ever done this research, officials have done everything to avoid doing it. It is however, the only way this issue will ever be finally settled."

As was already pointed out, we all know the truth and they know the truth also. We don't need any more studies and asking for them is naive. The people who run the vaccine and medical industry are psychopaths, and that is at least 4% of the population. That 4% has been running the planet for at least 10,000 years, hence all the wars, poisons like vaccines, aspartame, fluoride etc

The more you look into it the more obvious it becomes that vaccines were designed to cause death and disease. Just studying smallpox vaccine history will show anyone that.

Read 'Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath By Thomas Sheridan. Not a bad starter to the true nature of the psychopaths running the drug/vaccine industry.

After all Sydenham showed them in the 17th century how to cure smallpox making vaccination completely unecessary, but they ignored that like they do with that disease and all the others to this day.

The best example of medical psychopathy is how they have suppressed the Vitamin C cure for infections (also cot-death, heart disease) for at least 60 years, letting millions of babies and adults die and thousands live without limbs.

Dr levy documents the research, 1,200 citations

and this NZ story is a man who they were quite happy to let die ratrher than give Vitamin C

Do you honestly think these psychopaths are going to do another proper study? I don't think so.


That would be a great study!!! I think it should be done. It would help a lot of families decide what to do by the results of the study!!!

LJ Goes


THANK YOU. I was so angered by his piece I was literally wordless. I sat down at my computer 5 times trying to hammer out my thoughts but could not overcome my anger. Conjecture, cynicism, and just plain avoidance of the truth. That is what Mr. Mnookin is about. Pretend it is not happening america. Nothing to see here. Nopers. These Amish folks (who I have not had the pleasure of meeting) are just as sick as the rest of us. THANK YOU. So well executed. Best, lj


This video is exactly 1 minute. I quoted verbatim part of Dr. Eisenstein's statements on this video below. (in case someone doesn't have 60 seconds to watch this)

Dr. Eisenstein's pediatric practice has primarily involved the Amish community who do not vaccinate their children. He has been treating Amish children for over 40 years and he is the medical director of the Homefirst Medical Clinic which he founded in 1973.

"What causes autism? I'm going to give you Meyer Eisensteins take: VACCINES cause Autism."

"40 years ago when I started my practice only 1 in 10,000 children had autism. Today it's 1 in 100. What is the only difference we have seen? The inordinate number of vaccines that are being given to children today. My partners and I have over 35,000 patients who have never been vaccinated. You know how many cases of autism we have seen? ZERO, ZERO. I have made this statement for over 40 years: "NO VACCINES NO AUTISM".


Behind a PEDIATRICS pay-wall sits the latest seeing-eye vaccine study designed to not look out of the ordinary, not examine the unsafe nature of vaccines, but privily provide relatively stupid vaccine industry flaks something to throw into the air while standing down-wind inside a Jet Propulsion Lab wind tunnel switched to full blast.

This study actually deserved the inappropriate attention given to it by world leaders in scamdemic fraud like Reuters' Health, but really it has nothing to do with Autism, declining Autism rates, the fact that vaccinations singly or insanely grouped together based on their propensity to be neurologically-active infections which can cause Autism.


Once the 10,000 subject vax/ unvaxed study is completed, ( It will be one more nail in the side of the head of the vaccine industry.

It is a bit obscene that the CDC cannot do this study on their own, (when told by Congress ten years ago to do so) but they know exactly what they will find....


Another link here, with a snip to follow:


"After learning that “Autism Rates Rocket – 1 in 38 British Boys – Cambridge Study” we now find Dr. Max Wiznitzer, a key vaccine proponent admitted on Friday night’s US TV programme Larry King Live that the rate of autism in northeastern Ohio, the largest Amish community in the USA with low rates of vaccination, was 1 in 10,000. He should know, he said: “I’m their neurologist.” [See: Larry King Live – Breakthrough Coverage & More]

..."Dr. Max Wiznitzer of University Hospitals in Cleveland is an expert witness for the government against the families who file in the US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. In the US Federal Court case of Ben Zeller of proven developmental delay caused by vaccines the Court commented on Dr Wiznitzer’s expert testimony defending the vaccines on behalf of the defendant US Department of Health and Human Services that Wiznitzer had no alternative explanation for Ben Zeller’s injuries beyond:

..."Wiznitzer admits to Amish vaccination rates being around 50% but others have reported very much lower rates..."


All I did was Google, "Do the Amish vaccinate?" and this url appeared:

Here's a snip:

"Vaccinations have recently been a contentious topic in the general public, due to controversial associations made between immunization and autism. Vaccinations have not been as widely accepted by Amish, for a number of reasons, including uncertainty over safety."

"Amish vaccinate at a lower rate due to:

Lack of understanding of benefits-some Amish may simply see no benefit in this preventative measure. Distrust over safety-some may view immunization as putting themselves at risk through exposure to a disease or fear that a vaccination may cause an illness. Religious grounds-some Amish may see immunization as putting faith in man over God
Lack of understanding of benefits."

"Amish may fail to see the purpose of vaccination. Hurst and McConnell note that Amish “underutilize immunization”, and may reason that “many of their parents and grandparents did not get immunizations and suffered few, if any, health problems as a consequence” (Paradox, Hurst and McConnel, p228). Gertrude Enders Huntington states that “In health matters, the Amish are pragmatists. When approached with facts by individuals whom they trust and when immunization is easy to obtain, most Amish are willing to be immunized” (Health Issues, Huntington p 185)."

I've not read any of the above cites, however, I grew up in Ohio. As many of you may realize, there is a huge Amish and Mennonite populous, in Ohio. I have Mennonite and Amish in our distant family (some of them used to come to our family reunions in their horse and buggies). From what I understand, most of these family members did not vaccinate their children. It goes against their strong religious beliefs' - that our bodies are pure in Spirit and thus, not to be tampered with...impure substances.

Adam M

Re: Not only has no one ever done this research, officials have done everything to avoid doing it. It is however, the only way this issue will ever be finally settled.

With all do respect Ms. Dachel, We all know that such a study would only settle the issue in our minds. And for that matter my mind is already settled. It was settled the day I found out what was in the vaccines. Once I knew what vaccines really are it became crystal clear what was happening. Neurotoxic Poison = Nervous System Damage! If someone of average intelligence like me can see that without a study, certainly doctors and health officials can. Even with such a study do you really think they'll put their hats in their hands, neil down and ask for forgiveness? They simply refuse to except truth because it condemns them. And because of this they will come back with as much industry funded junk science as they need to so they can continue to get away with the crime of the century. And as long as the media is their willing accomplice the issue will not be settled. The only way we make a difference is when we take this information to our friends, neighbors and coworkers the way the media should be doing it. Doctors won't speak up. Most of them are too cowardly and selfish. They don't want to become Wakefield. And they don't want to lose their positions of authority in our culture. Can you imagine if suddenly everyone started questioning everything their doctor wanted to do the way our group does with vaccines? Can you imagine the keg of worms that would open? I agree this study needs to be done but its not going to settle anything. This is our cross to bear. We have to do this grass roots. It's the only way its going to work. And it's going to take time.

Hmmmm  --new poster

Hello Karmen, RN and new poster here. I always find it interesting that as soon as the Amish and vaccination issues comes up, we have comments from people who have never cared about how sick most of the autism community is yet they are here at the speed of sound .. when it's about vaccinations. It appears that there is still much evidence that the Amish do not receive much, if any, of the vaccine load that the general population does. Mnookin wrote that too. His apparent haste to downplay that as well as try to paint Dan Olmsted as wrong sure makes him look like a sock puppet thug when it comes to concern for autism.

Where are you, Karmen when Age of Autism is discussing autoimmune issues, inflammation, seizures and regression after vaccines? Your timing here says much .....


Karmen Wagler RN BSN
Before commenting, you drove to their house or asked them to meet at a specific time in order to contact this person? Did you speak to her via the public phone on the lane or did you ask her to meet you for breakfast as this article was posted at 5:45am??? I've spoken to quite a few Amish and they say they DO NOT vaccinate as they follow the strict teachings of the Bible. Now I don't expect you to believe MY assessment of MY conversation with an Amish person, so you can't expect me to believe yours either.
I call bull shit.


Now wait just a minute here...I could have sworn that ALL of my education came from Google the Amish now have internet and Google??? I think I'm missing something here. It's perhaps because their religion forbids someone taking photos of them but it is apparently okay dokey to inject them??? Seth wouldn't know an Amish person if they ran him over with their buggy and offered to sell him heroin.
By all rights, the Duggars should have at least 2 children with developmental delays. At least 1 to 2 children with food allergies. Oh, not to mention that 9 to 10 of them should have some sort of chronic illness like asthma or diabetes. The Duggars are conservative Baptist. The Amish are anabaptist. They follow the Bible and it's STRICT guidance when it comes to "putting something" into the body. The Amish DO NOT vaccinate.

david carr

Go to they are in fact doing a study (I hope they are not biased)of 10,000 people who are not vaccinated. They have 9400 in the system and only need 600 more. Of course I suspect that there will be a portion of people who will try to change the numbers by putting false information in their as well. Spread the word so they can get to 10K.


"The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) will leave no stone unturned in its assault on the brains of healthy children. Their latest salvo is aimed at the Amish, who have an extremely low autism rate and (not coincidentally) do not follow the CDC and AAP recommended vaccine schedule. This resistance of the Amish irks pediatricians."


I agree; Do the damn study that will answer the question that everyone wants to know!


This is the last post on the subject unless someone follows up as I don't want to takeover this thread.
Gammar IM

"Immune Globulin (Human) (IG) Gammar is a sterile solution of immunoglobulin G (IgG), containing 16.5=1.5% protein. It is prepared by cold alcohol fractionation of pooled plasma. Immune Globulin (Human)-Gammar contains the mercurial preservative thimerosal, at a concentration of 100 mg per liter and is stabilized with 0.3 M glycine. The pH of the solution has been adjusted to 6.8=0.4 with sodium bicarbonate. The product is intended for the intramuscular route of administration."


I did find info about immune serum globulin for the control of infectious hepatitis as a prophylactic that existed during the 70's and before. Since my wife was given this after possible exposure it could well have been this ISG.
I suppose it could have had something to do with the problems, but who knows?


It seems Hep A vaccine came out in the 90's.


YES!!! Someone needs to design a study of not only autism, but all other potentially related disorders - comparing never-vaxed kids with fully vaxed kids. It is SOO past time for this! We need to be asked about muscle tone, coordination, speech development, focus/awareness, sleep patterns, behavior, bowel movement patterns, sickness rates, the way their bodies deal with sickness...etc!! There are so many things that are different about no-vax kids. Someone PLEASE give the world the opportunity to see this! It's the first thing I'd do if I had the means.


I cannot find certain information so I thought I would ask here. Knowing that the Hep B vaccine did not come out until the mid 80's I have been at a loss to find out what shot for any form of Hep would have been given in the mid 70's. It may hve been for Hep A. My wife had two of the same shots in the same year for some type of Hep in the mid 70's. Does anyone know what these ahots could have been and exactly what they were giving for Hep during that time? It is possible that her mother could be confused, but that she had shots for hep is what she tells me.

Karmen Wagler RN BSN

Before commenting, I contacted an amish friend of mine to check my facts. She confirmed that all the amish she knows vaccinate their families completely and on schedule. She does a know a few that have not done the chicken pox vaccine because they do not think it is necessary.


From this Dan Olmsted piece:

Now, Mr. [Autism News] Beat has nailed me [Dan Olmsted] as a fraud as a result of his interview with “Dr. Kevin Strauss, MD, a pediatrician at the Clinic for Special Children in Lancaster County.” They say I never contacted the clinic (demonstrably untrue many times over but irrelevant here), and Mr. Beat gleefully quotes Dr. Strauss as saying he “sees plenty of Amish children showing symptoms of autism.”

Smackdown! There are “plenty” of Amish children with autism! A serial fabrication has been exposed! Oh, but wait, let’s hear a little more about those children.

Mr. Beat continues: “Strauss said the clinic treats ‘syndromic autism,’ where autism is part of a more complicated clinical spectrum that can include mental retardation, chromosomal abnormalities, unusual facial features, and short stature, as well as Fragile X syndrome. ‘We see quite a few Amish children with Fragile X,’ he said.”

Short people, unusual facial features? Well-known genetic disorders with autistic features? That doesn’t sound like the autism that’s soaring out of sight and causing a public health crisis in the United States at this very minute, does it?

No, it doesn’t. And there’s a reason for that. According to Mr. Beat, “Strauss says he doesn’t see ‘idiopathic autism’ [autism for which the cause is unknown] at the clinic - children with average or above average IQs who display autistic behavior. ‘My personal experience is we don’t see a lot of Amish children with idiopathic autism. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist, only that we aren’t seeing them at the clinic.’”

So, let’s input this data: The sole clinic for special children in Lancaster County, heart of Amish country, doesn’t see “idiopathic” autism – the kind described by Leo Kanner in 1943; the kind that can’t be “explained” as a feature of genetic disorders with constant prevalence rates; the kind that every new parent in America is scared to death of, and rightly so? And this means the Amish have nothing useful to tell us about autism?


Hmm, interesting. I am sure noticing Altzheimers among this generation of elderly (people born from around 1925 onward). All my grandparents seemed to fare o.k. As far as this horrible disease - they were born around 1900. But, the poor guys born to them seem to be undergoing a really high rate of Alzheimers. I know my grandparents all had amalgam dentistry but a big difference (and one of many environmental differences, admittedly) seems to be the flu shots, never mind all the others they're now pushing on seniors (hepatitis, dpt). I bet my grandparents (none of whom were in any kind of long term health care facility) had hardly any shots at all-the one my nana got gave her Guillaume-Barre. My dad's doc convinced him to get hep b at 80 which seems insane. Most of the present day seniors seem to love their flu shots. It may well be that mercury/aluminum from vaccines (as opposed to mercury amalgams is quite a bit deadlier for the brain. Teresa C. - I wish I'd had time to ask you this in your mercury series post. Please comment if possible. I hope someone is studying this health issue somehow before we think it's normal for all seniors to have Alzheimers. My dad has 2 cousins with it and his brother and I know for a fact that my uncle would have got any and all vaccines advised for travel etc. He, like my dad, was in drug sales.


I think the study that should be done is one of genetics. Why does one kid develop vaccine reactions (autism etc) when the neighbor's kid had the same doctor, same vaccine from the same lot and NOT have any reactions? Why does autism tend to run in families? Could it be something in their genetic make-up that causes them to react to vaccines? I agree that we need to "clean up" the content of our vaccines and the FDA and Big Pharma need to stop pretending that they are safe.


I don't think Seth Mnookin or Reuters knows anything about Amish folks or they'd know their "studies" are probably skewed because not all Amish sects are alike. As a journalist in northeast Indiana, I had the opportunity to meet polar ends of the Amish community. One side is very strict; the other is what they describe as "more English." (If you don't know what that means, you need some basic Amish training.)

In this area there are still quite a few Amish grammar schools, and you can just about be assured that the children attending those schools are not vaccinated. But as they migrate or matriculate toward "English" schools, more and more Amish parents are getting their kids vaccinated because the law requires it. Some will use a religious exemption to get out of it, but most are complying because they don't like to make waves.

Also, since more and more Amish girls are having their babies in a hospital instead of at home, you'll find that these children are getting vaccinated too.

The most interesting thing is this, however: as a reporter covering the Amish community, over the years I started noticing that Amish children weren't looking quite as healthy as they once did. Used to be they had cherubic rosy cheeks with bright eyes. But slowly, these kids started looking tired and sleep-deprived, with dark circles under their eyes. And their cheeks are losing that rosy glow. The English blame those circles and pale faces on parents who let their kids stay up at night watching too much TV. Only the Amish don't have TV -- so what's causing Amish kids to look like that?

I also noticed that more and more Amish kids had runny noses and coughs. Just between 2001, when I did an extensive series on the Amish, and 2008, when I did another series, I noticed that this was a major change -- why are Amish kids so sickly now, as compared to only a few years ago?

Of course I don't have a scientific answer to that. But I will tell you this much -- very UNscientifically I started asking Amish parents whether their kids were vaccinated or not. Inevitably, the healthy-cheeked, clear-eyed kids who were NOT coughing or snotting around were the unvaccinated ones. Unscientific but true.

The parents who were not vaccinating their kids seemed uncomfortable talking about it and admitted feeling intimidated by doctors and schools to get their kids vaccinated. Then I asked the bomb: did they have anyone in their community whose kids were autistic? To a T, every single autistic child also was a vaccinated child.

Again, there's no science in this, but the purpose of my comment is to add a little information on something that Seth Mnookin obviously knows nothing about -- that the culture and social dynamics of Amish families vary so much that this little Ohio study is nothing but a commentary on that particular group.

For Pete Sakes, just in Steuben County, Indiana alone, the Amish on one side of the county are as different as night and day to the Amish on the other side. One side wouldn't THINK of attending an English school; the other side is being accused by the first of being too English simply because they're accepting unemployment checks after being laid off from some of the local factories. There's so much to know and learn about these people, and it's a travesty that somebody doesn't go in there while there's still time, like Dan did, and do a REAL vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study.


They will do studies waste all our money and convince that it not vaccine. How many more they do, it getting evident and evident that it is vaccine that caused these damages. Now because we all know this trigger autism, now they (cdc) are trying to change the definition of the word autism itself, so they could get out without a stain in their hands.

victor pavlovic

There are over 55 different types of Amish subgroups in Holmes County, Ohio. Few use modern day conveniences such as an automobile, and then some go back as far as horse and buggy. I seriously doubt that the surveys went into all the different subgroups, and if they did I bet they would find one of the reasons their children get only a few vaccines is because they only go to the medical establishment a few times in their lives, like maybe extreme illness. I also know for a fact that the Amish have foster children that they care for,which have been vaccinated, so it would be interesting to find out how many of those children were included in the Reuters story.

David Taylor

An ASD rate of 1 in 271 children?

Gee, those were the good ole days! You don't have to be Mark Blaxill to see that the less-vaccinated Amish have less than half the rate of ASD compared to us in Pharmageddon.

The strawman that Mnookin and LBRB set up ("never vaccinate") is embarrassing for anyone with more than a ninth-grade education or a shred of intellectual integrity.

National Institutes of Humbug

Of course, even now this would be very fertile ground for a vaccinated vs unvaccinated study with otherwise socially and ethnically similar groups. So it is absolutely imperative that it isn't done!


The real point with the Amish vaccination/autism issue is this:
Why haven't the CDC conducted a study of the Amish in the past 6 years since Dan Olmsted has laid the news at their doorstep?

Needless to say Seth et al will not address this question. Well, this is not surprising: Bob's their uncle!

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