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Dr. Amy Yasko To Host Autism Treatment Conference in Los Angeles in October

Age of Autism Contest from OurKidsASD and Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy

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CONTEST IS CLOSED: Congratst to Jenny, TripletMom, Julie and Valerie! I've sent you each an email. Kim

Dog days of summer got you down? How about a very cool contest?  Our sponsor Lee Silsby is giving away two bottles of 150 mg 150 capsule  ENHANSA Enhanced Absorption  Curcumin Supplement plus two containers of ASD Vitamin Mineral SCD Legal Powder 30 scoops per container.

Pharmacist Alan Israel is one of the world's leading experts in custom compounding products for the autism community.  They support our community at conferences, by advertising with us, and with their service and follow through, including constant work to get insurance coverage for families.  

Please visit their site at Lee Silsby or stop into their location in Cleveland Heights, Ohio at the corner of Lee and Silsby.




Julie Leonardo

Please enter me. I've heard that curcurmin is really good for Down Syndrome too, and she has both.


We have Triplets - two on spectrum, one who uses Enhansa. Works great for us - Lee Silsby is great!


Please enter me. This has helped my grandson SO much!!


Just got a sample of Enhansa from Dr. last night...hope I win!

Nikki Turner

Please enter my son. He's currently on Enhansa and it's been making a HUGE impact on his progress.

David Cornbleth

Yes - this is a great blessing for us. Thanks.

Michelle Wandrack

would love to win this. won a book called cutting edge therepies for autism last April but never received the book so this would be great, thanks


enter me!

Cody Jordan

Please enter me also!!!


Enhansa works great for my son. I have been wanting to try the Vitamin Mineral powder for him as I hear great things about this product but with financial issues, have not been able to. Thank you for giving families this opportunity to try these products that help our kids.


Put me on this list.


We have had such HUGE gains with Enhansa. Would love to win some. Never tried the Lee Silsby multi vit. Thanks!


Count me in. I just popped one for the first time tonight from the samples Israel gave me at the conference in Cleveland.

Kathleen Pierson

Please put my name in the hat-thanks!

Mandy Anderson

Please enter my son! I have wanted to try this supplement but money is tight!

Julie Pozda

We love the Enhansa and would love to try the vit/min powder!


Would love to try some!

Valerie Carlson

PLEASE enter me! They have made such a difference with my son!


Enhansa is great stuff, could sure use some more!


Winning this would certainly brighten our summer.

Lisa B.

I credit Enhansa with adding ability to ask/answer questions and conversation to my sons life, and would really like to try the Vitamin/Mineral powder.


Enhansa is one of our most effective supplements. We purchased a large bottle of loose powder at the Long Beach DAN! Conference. It lasted a long time making it a VERY affordable AND effective supplement for my children.

Barbara Bucknam

Would love to try this!

Tammy Swarek

Been wanting to try these for a while!

Maria Milik

I've been thinking about starting my son on this. I would love to put my name in the hat for this! Thanks! :)

Chris Hudson

Thanks AoA! We've been using Lee Silsby for about 3 years now. They go the 'extra mile' for you! They are a great bunch of caring individuals!


As donkey says ... pick me, pick me!

Heather Cornbleth

Please enter me! Enhansa has been helping my son SO much and we're almost out!

broke ain't the word for it.....

I'd be thrilled to win something! Thirteen years into this journey, thousands of hours volunteer work, and I'm scraping bottom! (wait, I think I scraped right thru the bottom, cuz I see a hole in the bottom!. )

My kid and I would both be lost without curcumin and minerals. Pick me, pick me!

susan O'Hale

please enter us too. My son sure could use it!

Lila White

Lee Silsby is great! My son wouldn't be recovered without them.


we order a lot of stuff from LS. extremely nice people. not sure if sucking up will increase my odds here, but they really are extremely nice people....


Would love to try those supplements!

Lizeth Sitta

I would love to win supplements for my son!

kim spencer



YAY!!! Great contest. Enter us!

kathy blanco

two with autism, CA CHING, enough said


We love Lee Silsby. Adam, over there, is our Know it all vitamin guy who can help avoid all allergens.

Holly M.

I would love to win! I'm broke and can use any supplements!


We love Lee Silsby - awesome company! We just spoke with our DAN doctor about starting Enhansa, so to win it would be a wonderful blessing to our family! Thanks, Lee Silsby C:


The staff at LS is so nice; would love to win so my son can try that ASD powder. Thanks for entering us in the contest.

Samua Cherry

Yaayy!! We love LeeSilsby and already use them for all our Naomi needs!! They are great!!

Karen Giorgi

Thanks for the opportunity to win supplements! And thank you for all you do for the autism community!

Deirdre Wulf

Awesome! We use Enhansa daily and would love to win! Our daughter thanks you Lee Silsby for being the #1 Pharmacy for her!


Would LOVE to win!!! We have 2 children with ASD as well as my nephew! Would lime to try it out!

Joann Mrozinski

Thank for supporting us and our kids...

Kate Whelan

Love Lee Silsby. We use Dr N's formula, enhansa, secretin, oxytocin, mb12 shots, compounded meds, leucovorin, etc. Great pharmacy.


We would love to try Enhansa!


Wow, we live off of Enhansa, the whole family! Would love to win. Thanks for a chance!

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