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AAP: Trampolining Injuries Are An EPIDEMIC!

Evil tramp By Katie Wright

Recently,  the “Today Show” broadcast a terrifying segment on what the American Academy of Pediatrics has labeled “the epidemic of trampolining related injuries.”

Trampoliners all over our nation are in jeopardy! Any random jump can result in an injury. No one can know in advance if they can trampoline without causing harm. The AAP referred to trampoline injuries as a “national crisis!” Indeed, a generation of children are at risk.

Yet probably 95% of the time kids have a pleasant and safe experience on a trampoline. Why then are a small % of kids get hurt on a trampoline while other kids, jumping on the very same trampoline, are fine? Something must be wrong the kids who get injured, right? It could not be the fault of the trampoline!

My friend Heidi Roger argues these injuries must be result if an underlying genetic predisposition. I say that Heidi makes a lot of sense. If 95% of kids who trampoline do so without incident, environmental factors can only play a minuscule role in this epidemic of trampoline related injuries.

Heidi recommends that we immediately research the genetic backgrounds of all injured children. Do these children have parents or siblings who have been trampoline injured? Has the child always been a poor trampoliner? Did the parent miss the signs? Even though a child has trampolined safely for years, a sudden and severe accident must be the result of an unknown, but certainly latent, genetic condition.  Is there a secret history of bad bouncers in the family?

We must also study the DNA of unaffected siblings. Are uninjured siblings unaffected because they were no longer allowed to bounce or because they have less of a genetic vulnerability to bouncing related injuries?

Did the mothers of injured trampoliners take illegal drugs or prescription drugs while pregnant? Did mothers have infections during pregnancy that could have affected her yet unborn child’s sense of balance? Do multiples suffer the same rate of bouncing injuries as singleton trampoliners?

Obviously this is work for the genome researchers! The NIH must fund a study of all genes remotely related to coordinated bouncing. It is unlikely there will be just one gene for bouncing. This research will take dozens of years and hundreds of millions of dollars. Hopefully, in time, we will discover the genetic pathways into bouncing coordination and that will allow us to develop pharmaceuticals in order treat this condition.

Trampolining accidents are a mystery we need time to unravel.

Yes, Heidi and I are kidding. We know that trampoline accidents are real and can be very serious. I have been hurt on a trampoline and so has my younger son, but in this case at least, it was own dumb fault for buying a trampoline in the first place. Is there anyone in this country who is not aware trampolines are potentially dangerous? I knew the risk and chose, stupidly, to buy a trampoline anyway.

 No one told me that my kids would not be allowed to attend school if I did not buy a trampoline. No camp refused to enroll my son unless he was allowed to be a trampoliner. Most importantly, no doctor or health authority promised me that trampolines were “100% safe.” Quite the opposite, the medical community has always been upfront about the dangers of trampolines and the importance of parents making informed decisions.

Sounds pretty reasonable right?

I agree 100% w/ AAP recommendations that small children should never be allowed on tramps and that older children be supervised at all times. If reasonable safety precautions are not taken serious injuries and tragedies can and do result. The AAP is right; parents need to take the responsibility or owning a trampoline very seriously. The AAP also recommends that manufactures make a safer product!

I really like how the AAP laid out their argument against children on trampolines.

1)           Trampolines have never been rigorously studied for children’s’ safety.

2)           Trampoline accidents can result in permanent injuries, sometimes even death.

3)           Kids are not substitute adults!

4)           Children’s’ brains are much more vulnerable to long term and severe injuries.

5)           And my favorite: One Size Does Not Fit All When It Comes to Children and Safety!

However, the eagerness of the AAP to use the word “epidemic” in describing trampolining injuries is curious. Over and over and over again the AAP, the NIH and the CDC have refused to label autism “an epidemic” because, as their reasoning goes, only infectious diseases can be considered an epidemic. Hmmmmm…How does one “catch” trampolining? How does a person suddenly find themselves on a trampoline against their will? How can one be unaware they are in contact with or bouncing on a trampoline?

I’m not a doctor but trampolining doesn’t sound like an infectious disease to me. The AAP does not dispute the fact that autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the USA. The AAP does not dispute the fact that an astonishing 1 in 100 children are on the autism spectrum. The AAP does not dispute the fact that autistic children often suffer from lifelong devastating medical disorders.

So…..How can this inconsistency be explained? I wonder?

 Katie Wright is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



William Sutton

I agree with Katie Wright. Thanks belongs to Katie Wright for sharing this innovative thought with us. Ammy, my little girl like to jump on trampoline. I'm glad that I found this post.


If you keep writing like that, Miss Wright, I may need to re-think my opinion of you. I'm impressed.

After all, I guess we can't choose our parents. ;-)


Oh, just let the kids hurt themselves on the trampolines...they'll grow out of it eventually...

Alexandra G.

This is hysterical! Thanks for posting!


You missed one thing: The U.S. government hasn't indemnified trampoline manufacturers from all possible liability in the use of their products. The USG would then have to set up a Trampoline Court and hire "trampoline experts" (former employees of trampoline manufacturers and developers) to review any injuries for possible settlement.

Texas Toast

We have a GE trampoline-model Signa 1.5. All the kids used it and they were fine. We upgraded to the Signa 3.0 model and immediately the kids were jumping higher and higher, until one bounced over the fence into the next yard.

It was determined that there was no evidence that this trampoline contributed to our child's injury, and as a result, insurance denied all of our claims. We have since joined Trampoline Speaks and were shocked that other families also had kids afflicted by the powerful trampolines. We believe the heavy metals in the trampoline contributed to the increased trajectory and thrust. The manufacturer said there is no connection, although the new model 3.0 "P" is now made with Lexan plastic rather than metal.

We now warn all parents: DO NOT TRAMPULATE YOUR KIDS!

Tracy M

I'll need to print this out and share. GREAT Point and VERY FUNNY! Thanks Katie!


Trampoline injuries have always been with us. We are just diagnosing them better now. ;)


Insurance wont cover trampoline injuries-


Trampoline Speaks-brilliant comment,you can explain it like big pharma would.


Thanks Katie and all who commented....I seriously needed a good laugh!

Sommer Slosson

oh my, that is freakin hilarious. nice, katie! :)


I am sure this is caused by old trampolines or perhaps excessively cold ones!

Lisa B.

My Mother was a poor Trampeliner and broke her arm. But my Dad swears he was excellent at it and never fell. He subscribes to the harder and higher they bounce the harder they fall theory, but who knows if that is true? I sure am glad to know that someone will be starting to figure this out so for future generations we will have some answers. It would definitely help my family if we knew for certain how high we could bounce safely!


Thanks so much. Sad as the situation really is, this gave me a great laugh today.


I was really wondering if anyone was looking at whether or not those trampoliners’ parents were related. Regardless, if you are a parent who is concerned, you could take it to a special trampoline injury court and possibly find the trampoline at fault for causing a type of backyard acrobatic apparatus anatomical affliction. Everyone knows trampolines do not CAUSE “trampoline injuries”. Continued jumping on the trampoline (particularly during limb development in the first two years of life) should continue to be recommended. Not jumping on the trampoline is just plain selfish.

Jettison Flinger

It's old moms. Too decrepit to break Junior's fall.


That's funny right there. I don't care who you are...ya'll some funny people. clever, smart,,,

kathy blanco

I am really distrubed that the AAP is taking time away from true epidemics that have real generational lifelong consequences. A nation like ours can do better, but apparently, we like to wallow in stupidity and can't be bothered by real science and real tradgedy. This kind of apathy and non deference to our kids is very alarming...but hey, we murder kids in utero too, so, I guess talking to Nazi like associations like AAP about our medically systemically sick children is a little too hard for them to grasp (especially because they caused it). I guess trampoline accidents are all they can do without implicating themselves. That old strategy of diverting and off topic concern for really stupid agenda like topics is s sure fire way to make sure the public never knows about a generation of sick children. Ever notice when we have real earth breaking news about new research/critical findings in autism which illustrates our points, is on fridays or when a disaster, holocaust shooting or political wranglings suddenly come to fore and peoples attention spans are of gnats or can't be bothered?


Not sure what Paul Offit has been saying lately, but according to the latest findings from the esteemed Dr Eric Fombonne, the incidence of trampoline injuries actually went up after children were removed from their trampolines.

Of course, it wasn't that parents had any reason to remove children from their trampolines. Trampolining risks are purely theoretical, and the removal of kids from their trampolines was done as a precaution, to you know... alleviate public concerns about the nations trampolining program


LOLOLOLOLOLOL!! Yall are so funny! Benedetta, that is priceless!!!!!!!! I may be laughing over that for weeks!!

Einstein was a poor trampoliner

Poor trampoliners have always been with us. Einstein was a terrible trampoliner. Sir Isaac Newtown's difficult relationship with trampolines is legendary. The bouncing apples really slowed Newton's research.


Okay, I got to know who posted under
Trampoline Speaks - it's time to listen
Best one yet! and there has been some great ones!

Donna L.

We probably shouldn't be joking around about this - there really was a serious trampoline accident today in Philadelphia. While attempting to prove the safety of his new trampoline vaccine, Paul Offit jumped on 10,000 trampolines at once...and no one has seen him since.

Maurine Meleck

Ah yes, I remember now that sudy on trampolines and freeways(thanks for reminding me, Alison) Done almost two years ago with 2,000 unsuspecting illigitmate children with the chicken pox. The groups was divided into thirds. 1586 children jumped near a freeway. Fifty jumped on a trampoline
away from the freeway. One hundred and forty eight children jumped on the freeway. 147 ambulances were summoned from Cedar Sinai Hospital.
Summary of the study: The traffic on the freeway was tied up for weeks and children with the chicken pox do better on tea and crackers.

Maurine Meleck

In case none of you have read the newest study on trampolines
from Denmark