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Special Ed on Chopping Block with NY State Tax Legislation. Is Your State Next?

Choppingblock What is happening in your state? Here's an NY action alert.

Action Alert: Please Oppose the Flawed NY State Tax Cap Legislation

Special Education in School Districts will be on the “Butcher’s Block”

Local Governments are being bullied by Albany!!

Dear Concerned Parents of Special Needs Children in New York State:

As you are aware the Assembly recently introduced its version of the Tax Cap legislation (A.7916), similar to the Senate’s (S.2706) that was passed back in January. Democrats in the Assembly are being promised by the Governor that if they pass the 2% Tax Cap in the Assembly, then the Republican Senate will reinstate “Rent Control” legislation as it is set to expire by June 15th.  This is another Albany deal at the expense of NY residents. If this legislation passes, the quality of special education for our children will decline significantly.

We find this legislation flawed on many levels such as:

  • Creates an undemocratic environment -- a 60% school budget vote will be required to override the 2% cap, giving "no" votes more weight than a normal, democratic majority
  • Does not allow for the current formulation of a contingency budget and states that a 0% increase will occur if voted down by the local districts
  • Does not offer any mandate relief to lower the blow of blunt legislation
  • Only includes partial exclusions for pension fund costs -- no exclusions for health care costs, enrollment increases or payments related to assessment reductions

With pension and health costs already scheduled to rise substantially, local school districts will have no choice, but to cut essential programs and teaching positions to adhere with this 2% Tax Cap.  We urgently need you to join us in taking the below ACTION:

How You Can Help:

  1. Immediately Sign the online petition to Oppose the NY State Tax Cap Legislation by clicking here Albany Press Conference this Monday, June 13th at 2pm outside the Senate Chambers to deliver this petition.
  1. Call Governor Andrew Cuomo at (518) 474-8390 to Oppose the Flawed NY State Tax Cap Legislation Senate bill: S.2706 & Assembly bill: A.7916
  1. Call & Email other members of the legislature below to Oppose the Flawed NY State Tax Cap Legislation Senate bill: S.2706 & Assembly bill: A.7916.  (see attached samples letters to use for the legislators below-remember to sign your name on the letters)

Assemblyman Sheldon Silver, Speaker of the Assembly

(518) 455-3791 [email protected]  

Senator Dean Skelos, Majority Leader in the Senate

(518) 455-3171 [email protected]  

Find Your Assembly Representative:

Find Your Senators:

Please forward far and wide, post on your Facebook and twitter accounts.

Thank you,

Lisa Rudley
Co-Chair, New York State Coalition for Local Control
Co-Founder, Ossining Citizens for Schools

Member of various autism organization in NY




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