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"It's Chicken Pox - a Normal Childhood Illness." Arthur's Dad.

5:50 seconds into this clip Arthur's Dad says, "It's chicken pox." and reassures his son - "No it's just a normal childhood illness. I had it. Mom had it." Then Mom decides to call Grandma Thora to come take care of Arthur. DW is terribly jealous of the attention and TLC her big brother recieies while sick. There's no panic, no Defcon 99 germ bomb, no shame, no calling child services for lack of proper medical care.  So what has changed in the last decade where American parents have been taught to fear and loathe chicken pox - and now adults face shingles regularly because tots are not shedding "varicalla boosters" via routine chicken pox?  Meantime, the rate of chronic, lifelong, debilitating sickness has skyrocketed with nary a care in the mainstream media and doctor's offices around the nation. "Just get the damn shot!" to paraphrase a certain TV doc.



Re: Geier

The following site has been following the situation in detail. Interesting write-up.


For those who might have missed the article by Dr. Mark Geier in the upper right corner of the AoA site.

Autism doctor: My therapy is unconventional, but it works -,0,981967.story

This looks to be another medical "witch-hunt procedure" ..... USA style.

Dr. Geier deserves the support of everyone.


From Evidence of Harm by David Kirby pages 280 - 283

In October of 2003, Dr. Mark and David Geier were given access to the CDC vaccine injury database at the CDC's Center for Health Statistics.

With the "inside help of a CDC staffer" with an affected child in her family, they compared Autism rates for children who had received "three DTaP shots with Thimerosal" and those that had received "three Thimerosal free" DTaP shots.

The CDC vaccine injury records of thousands of children, showed Autism rates 27 times higher in the Thimerosal / mercury group.

Jake Crosby

I think the show was a little after my time, but I remember the book series. To think PBS is now pushing flu shots through its "Sid the Science Kid" (more like Sid the Tobacco Science Kid). Even more ironic is that the guy who founded the production company behind the episode died because he wouldn't go to the hospital for two hours after coughing up blood - talk about jumping from one extreme to the other.


The propaganda can bypass the parents and market directly
to our children.How low can they go? It is time to turn off
the tv. or be extremely selective about the programs the kids are watching.Thanks for posting,please warn friends and family about this show.


My favorite is the Brady Bunch episode where all the kids came down with the measles. The kids WALKED home from school - the school didn't even call Ma Brady, they just told the kids to hit the pavement:

Jeff C


Had to see it to believe it, but here is the link to the Sid the Science Kid flu shot video:

This was uploaded by the USGOVHHS. Comments are disabled, but it is heartening to see the like/dislike count is 92 to 823. Googling around it seems even those who don't object to the flu vaccine itself are troubled by blatant government propaganda aimed at 3 year olds.


I've Got the Chicken Pox song - Too cute!


I was horrified two weeks ago when my daughter came running to me asking me to take her to the hospital immediately for a vaccine so she didn't catch a virus. I asked her what she was talking about, and she was watching Sid the Science Kid. I put the dvr on rewind and sure enough... there was a cartoon explaining to children how dangerous and deadly the flu was and that kids should make sure their parents get them vaccinated. Propaganda in a cartoon for kids!!! They should be ashamed of themselves. We will never watch that show again.

AutismDad in PA

Someone needs to compile all these older tv program episodes for references to child hood diseases. Any classic tv fans out there wanting to take this on?

AutismDad in PA

This just in... Federal agencies such as the dept of HHS, the FDA, and the CDC has requested that the president issue an executive order that bans classic TV programs that discuss the childhood illnesses of measles, mumps, and chicken pox, since the treatment of those illnesses in these programs only serves to perpetuate the "anti-vaccine" view, and therefore creates a clear and present danger to the public health. More details at our 5:30 newscast. Back to our regularly scheduled program...

"Here's a story of a lovely ladie who was bringing up 3 very lovely girls...."

Amy in Idaho

More Cartoons to educate the youngin's for the 21st Century:

Why does Joey scream all the time?

Molly learns to use an Epi Pen and saves a friend's life!

When hitting and head-butting mean "I love you".

Pass the popcorn

And here's a cartoon episode they never even bothered to make because the symptoms of the illness were so minor:

"Baby Ricky gets Rotavirus"


"The Federal Government last week declared its determination to eradicate measles from the U.S. in 1967."

"The disease fighters were hampered by the public’s unconcern."

"Measles always seemed to be an unavoidable part of
childhood, it has not loomed as threatening as other
diseases, and its characteristic red spots have long been
the butt of comic-strip jokes."

Full story: For the Good of the Herd

Maurine Meleck

Definitely need new 2011 episodes of these shows.

1. Why does grandma have the shingles.?
2. Why did Joshua get the chicken pox when he already had the vaccine ?
3. Why did Joshua stop talking?
4. Why is Connor's pediatrician refusing to see him any more?

John Stone

Remarkable to note that so far we have wisely not introduced chicken pox vaccine in the UK:


1988 episode of the UK's answer to Sesame Street - Rainbow

Zippy has Measles

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