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How Do We Fight for Our Children?

Pink-boxing-glove By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

My daughter's one-on-one aide spent last weekend in jail. 

You see, in addition to being one of the best things in my daughter's life, her aide is a passionate advocate for animal rights.  She protests at the circus, rescues turkeys (I'm not kidding) and other animals, and was even one of the leaders in a recent successful California ballot initiative on behalf of more humane conditions for farm animals.  Apparently, one of these protests got a little out of hand and that's how she ended up in a jail cell.

It got me thinking that if we ever want to change the discussion about vaccines and autism, that we need to get loud.  The current medical system is destroying a generation of children.  A recent report found that 54% of children suffer from a chronic health problem, and that 1 in 6 has a developmental disorder.

And we worry about sounding crazy.

We're supposed to genuflect at the altar of vaccines, then speak in a reasonable tone of voice, and ask for them to please look into the safety of their products.  But they never do.

They'll never provide us with the answer to what happened to our children.  We will have to take it from them.  We need to get militant, and I mean in a way that scares those in power.  You know what I'm talking about.  We saw these kinds of people when the AIDS epidemic was taking so many lives.  We saw these kind of people when segregation was the law of the land.  I see one of these people on a regular basis because she works with my daughter.

And I wonder when the autism parents will be willing to do as much as my daughter's aide is willing to do for the animals she loves.  I know this kind of activism and confrontation doesn't come easy to us.

But I'm starting to believe that what's more important is not the kind of people we are, but the kind of people we need to become to stop this epidemic.  We need to have the kind of strength to pull down those in positions of power and toss them into the street.

Let's tell the truth about vaccines.  They have been a large uncontrolled experiment on the population and we are seeing the results.

All of us need to be willing to spend a night in jail to help our kids.  Only then will we start to get real change.

Kent Heckenlively is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism



Good post Kent. Some ideas that may be useful.

Sheer numbers of people are important to make them accountable.

Maybe find media outlets that can help educate and form public opinion.

These videos of Burzynski and under our skin are powerful movies. Folks needs to make politicians our aware of those movies. They really drive the point home. Maybe Autism needs a movie, CFS, and Gulf war etc.

Good counter advocacy. Seems like the organizations we have are corrupt.

need to raise private funds. Somehow private donors need to understand they have to donate to the right organization to make the donations productive and not fall into some black hole.

Cat Jameson

About those college student...a group of young adults/students was at the 2010 AutismOne conference. They wore sun glasses, looked like they were ready for a rumble and were standing up against those college admission "required" vaccinations. I can't remember the name of their group and I didn't see them at the recent AO conference. I wonder if they are still speaking up for their own health or were silenced.

jersey joe

With the media having its collective head up its butt, I don't think we should rule out some type of political action such as Act Up did during the AIDS crisis. What was that quote by Margaret Mead that went something like Never doubt that the concentrated actions of a few people can bring about change, it is the only thing that ever has. This is a paraphrase, but even though parents are cautious and frightened, not to mention tired!--I still think we may have more power than we realize.


I have been where you are now. You are angry, and you dont know where to put that anger. Me too.

What this little GI doc needs is a good whipping which we can't do, but she needs it-- she forgot who was paying her bill. Health insurance has done to us and for us, we think that the doctors are here to do us a charitable favor, not provide just a service that they get paid for or not get paid for, if they tic us off. There have been many times I have walked out of an office and came close to calling my insurance company, and telling them not to pay. If I had had to pay out of pocket they wouldn't have got paid till hell froze over. Believe me, I know they also have billing sharks they hire to harass till they do get paid (they can afford to from what we and our employers have paid them). I think they have broken up the country.

However, In the last few years docs have been so much nicer to me than they have been in the past, that I honestly thought that maybe they were seeing things, understanding things unlike before. A change in attitude and opinion, perhaps? But I see you have run across one of them, so they are still out there.

Or am I just being patronized by them?

I told my son's new doc three years ago all the stuff that went on and she said that she believed me, that she was not like others in the medical profession about vaccines.

Later when my daughter had her psychotic state, this doctor said that it was an emergency (true even if it was a whole two days later and then we went home for yet another day before we could get an appointment with some kind of mental health in the big city of Lexington. Turns out the state government said my daughter could not go to the big city of Lexington, but had to got to our local county mental health (not insurance problem here, but state run-- and all mental health places are in lock step with the government, mostly run by the government.) We did have an appointment for our county mental health, but it was a whole month away - remember it was an emergency.

After this doctor who says she is not like the other doctors about vaccines has her office calling around for half a day -- we ended up going to a psychologist. How about that, someone in a full blown mannia, can't sleep, going in and out of a psychotic state-- going to a psychologist. Think a psychologist can sit you down and talk you through your problems in a psychotic state? But from the psychologist office we then were directed to a nurse practitioner psychiatrist within the hour. Emergency and it only took four days - close to light speed here - 180,000 miles per second don't you think?

Back to the doctor in the beginning that I mentioned - the one that said she was not like other doctors about vaccines. I told her how my daughter came to be psychotic - three Hep B's, high SED rates (this doc is the one that found the high SED rates to begin with, and directed my daugther to a useless rheumatologist) and then came a flu shot.

My son came out of his last appointment with this doctor - last December - He said she had asked him if he would like a flu shot?

So, maybe if I am generous she was asking to make sure he being the epileptic, PDD-NOS, tourettes self was capable of saying -- no?

Hey Riley my kids are 25 and 29 whew!

This is only the last three years I am telling you about.

There is another 20 and 25 years behind that, and just as many hair brained moments and hair brained doctors.

I keep thinking well - they saved my father by wringing out his prostate, and when my Dad had his heart attack they were were able to open up his arteries. I am willing to admit they can't cure all, but can cure some things that would have killed in the past generations but geeze--- they are such a slow leviatian organization- we out here in the real world - dying or at least coming close to it and we are having to teach the doctors about things that have been problems for the last 40 years.

That is what you did Riley's mom - you educated this doctor, maybe you should send her a bill. Maybe you made it a little bit easier on the next patient. That is all you and little bitty me can do. That and get a sand bag and hit it ever once in a while.

Jail, there have been some people that blogged that they can't go to jail, well --- they won't jail you for getting snippey, or being loud, or stating your opinion or writing on all the vaccine brochures and pamphlets


Some still have small kids and are really still freah meat, and I know how they feel,more bewildered than angry. I have been there too. But as the years go by you get angier - just hope the medical profession understands that - because if the numbers of patients are aging out there is trouble brewing. AND I am so sorry that every one of these parents and children are going to have to continue to go through this.

All of you fearing jail - they cannot put you in jail for being passionate.

So, relax.


I try not to judge Sarah Bridges. I give her credit for speaking out when she didn't have to. Her support of vaccines in spite of her sons injury shows how conditioned people are. Once upon a time, vaccines were safe. Something changed. Perhaps once they became a money maker for Pharma regard for patient safety went out the window. I won't be vaccinating again but I am glad the parents with vacine injured kids who won settlements are speaking out. We need to stick together in this fight for the kids sake.


If you were to use a product on your child ex. Johnson's Baby Shampoo, and your child had a horrible reaction to it. Skin falling off, burning, itching. You'd STILL recommend that product? Would you STILL stand behind that product and say, "Well, most kids can handle it just fine and the benefits of a clean baby far out weighs the risk of having a dirty baby. I would wash my baby in this again if given the choice."
I posted this the other day on another board. I simply don't understand the "We're not anti vaccine, we just want safer vaccines and accountability" side of things. I know I also asked this question on another thread but I feel like I got the same canned response I've always gotten from that side. No offense intended at all but I STILL do not understand how someone like Sarah Bridges can go on national tv and state that she isn't "anti vaccine" when she watched her child destroyed within hours. Some would say that perhaps she doesn't want to be another Wakefield but again, IF SHE doesn't stand up to main stream and put everything on the line like he did, then AGAIN, we've gotten no where. I'm tired of the "lip service" given to the powers that be. It is MY belief that the American people, who listen, they really do, are getting the wrong message with that statement. We tell them to DEMAND answers but yet we're telling them it's ok to except "some" vaccines.
We were referred to a gastroenterologist in a LARGE hospital near us. We went on June 1st. I went into this appointment with transparency and truthfulness. I told her from the get go that I stand beside Dr. Wakefield and any study that replicated his results. She immediately turned a bright shade of red and told me, "I WILL NOT discuss this with you. That man lost his license for a reason." I asked her what the REASON was. She repeated she would not discuss it with me. When I told her about Riley taking liquid Nystatin for yeast flare up, she asked, "Who told you he has a yeast problem"? I told her our autism doctor. She made a funny face and said "Oh, one of those DAN doctors". I mentioned to her that we did the stool samples and found yeast and that our DAN is one of the best and that our DAN listens to ALL of my concerns without cutting me down. Well, that pissed her off.
She told me she wants to put my son on Miralax and an acid reducer as my son was diagnosed with EE 3yrs ago. I told her that we give Aloe Juice and probiotics. She said "Well, that's not going to cure the EE." She's right but I told her that there is no cure for EE and putting a chemical band-aide on the problem wasn't a cure either.
She told me that Miralax is perfectly safe and that her 2 yr old daughter has been on it for about a year because she poops hard golf balls. She also told me that her daughter will probably be on it for the rest of her life. I mentioned giving her information on GF CF diets and how amazing it is that the function of the bowels is directly linked to the foods we eat.
I'm DOING MY PART by standing up to doctors who think they know all there is to know about the human body. I'm doing my part and being that pain in the ass, educated parent that let's the doctor know that they can stomp their feet and try to shut me down all they want. They can either look at my child as a individual person or they will be fired immediately. We WILL NOT be going back to that gastro doc ever again because she wouldn't even listen to me.
I'd be willing to get myself arrested at this point. I would be willing to put everything on the line to stand up for my children and MILLIONS of others. I'm NOT crazy, I'm just tired of the bullshit lip service.
I am willing Kent. I truly am.


Find the pressure points.. where are they most vulnerable?
It took two men to bring down the president of the United States by exposing the Watergate scandal in 1973. Two men.

It took one woman to help spark the civil rights movement by refusing to get on the back of a bus. One woman.

We need to continue working with our allies in the government, media, science, sports and entertainment worlds and work through them to help get our message out. Continue using social media to expose corporate greed and corruption. Believe it or not people are getting the message b/c they are questioning the number and safety of the vaccines.

One of the most powerful tools I found is the parents who won settlments in vaccine court. I send the Ebcala.org link to people I know and use it as a link in my posts. I ask friends to forward to everyone they know and keep on forwarding.

Ebcala web site:


This crisis has touched so many families from all walks of life. Perhaps we could hold a benefit concert or sports event for our kids and get some big names. Ask them to speak out. Somewhere highly visible like Fenway Park.

Or have a billboard with a picture of a crying baby surrounded by hyperdermmic needles labeled w/ dollar signs.. above the baby say "My health is..." and under the baby say "not for sale" and a web site to go to.


Love the post - makes sense but you cannot only go after one issue to make people make a stand.....the one dissenter that had a great point got deleted when I went back to post my support.

We have to take this further and go after much more then the vaccine issue - you will NOT win on this alone, even if science is on your side. And I will say, I am ANTI VACCINE all the way - there is no way to green them and make them safe.

I'd go on and on but this comment will be moderated out too. I'm not pushing an agenda either.......just me....


I think the best idea so far in this discussion is to get college students involved in the cause. This could be big.


Just learned the government - as the Agency for Healthcare Ressearch and Quality (HS17146) - funded a study of the effect of "piece-rate" performance incentives for physicians on immunization rates. In 2003 the plan introduced a Pay for performance program whereby physicians received a $200 bonus payment for each child fully immunized in a timely fashion by age 2. The plan offering the bonus program saw an 11% increase in immunization rates. See "Improving timely childhood immunizations through pay for performance in Medicaid-managed care," by Alyna T. Chien, MD and others in the Dec. 2010 HSR:Health Services Research 45(6) Part II, pp. 1934-1947. This feels unethical.


The Vioxx people have been "debunked" (an Offit term...) for 4.8 Billion dollars but they still make vaccines,

...and are preparing to test their new "6 in 1 obscene vaccine" on any infant they can get their hands on.

There are court cases every day where the victim has to wait 10 or 20 years for justice to be delivered. The battle for our children will not end in our lifetime.


In my opinion, we are living through an unannounced war using various, deliberate 'soft kill' methods designed to dumb us down & make us sick.
Vaccines & the premeditated addition of neurotoxins & hi tech sterilants (Africa, Philippines, South America & Asia)
GMO food.
Banning of herbal remedies & whole foods.
The suppression, smearing & criminalisation of practitioners, information & treatment modalities that have far higher success rates in the treatment of cancer.
BisPhenol A.
I could go on & on.
All this I have learnt through researching biomedical & nutritional therapies for my son who developed autism following a DPT vaccination.
We know he was born healthy, happy & bright.
I actually think one of the most powerful ways we can show our opposition is to simply walk away from the medical mafia.
I am also embarking on a tax protest as my conscience will no longer allow me to pay into such a twisted & sick paradigm that is being used as part of depopulation program.

Carolyn M

I agree with Taximom. They would enlist social services to take our children away; the children would then be vaccinated, biomedical interventions would be discontinued, and the children would be medicated.

Also, there is the possibility that being arrested and going to jail could adversely affect the employment of the other parent - depending on the field in which that parent is employed.

There are most likely more consequences than these; the pharmaceutical companies are not going to just sit back and watch their major revenue streams evaporate - they will take action to prevent this happening.


Skipping scheduled medical appointments is, in some states, grounds to have CPS intervene.

Just be aware of the laws where you live before doing this.

Jeanna Reed

Whale Wars (new season) starts tomorrow....just sayin' Carefully studied, we could learn a few things from the Capt. Paul Watson and there tactics/team. They hit em where it hurts, $$$$$$$$...and it's apparantly effective.


Exactly, Kathy; my feelings exactly.


I love the idea of this becoming a campus issue. These kids are more open to environmental topics and are at the age to soon become parents. Maybe campus newspapers might be a future forum for these ideas. I recently tried to educate my book group. They are a very smart group of NY women but I was shocked at how clueless they were. When I threw out a few facts, even about mercury in flu shots, they could scarcely believe me. I am not sure they did. People are really totally brainwashed. I am all for shaking it up! I wrote on another post some time back that I think we should print up stickers with something catchy like, Did you know that most flu shots contain mercury, a known neurotoxin? and put a website address. And do some autism ones as well. We could stick these all over New York City and elsewhere. Start seeding, so to speak. Also I absolutely loved the interview that was posted a while back on Aof A with Sebelius (sp?) about vaccinations--she made a number of false statements. Maybe someone rich could pay for this interview to run somewhere like John and Yoko did with anti war ads.

Alaina Jensen

If I go to jail, who takes care of my kids? I can't take that risk. I do talk to everyone I know. I share my story with other soon-to-be parents, in hopes that they will do the research and make a safe choice for their child. I might not be able to get to those in power...but I can reach parents, and for me, that is reaching the frontlines.

kathy blanco

I tell every new mom I know, you don't HAVE to hire a pediatrician. Yes, I know, the insurance thing. Go ahead and hire one and tell them they are the primary care person, but never show up to an appointment and or just see them if they bump their head or something (never go for fevers, ear infections, vaccinations, etc). So, go see an ND who is not in love with vaccines, or a chiropracter, see them once in a blue moon, and educate yourself how to have a healthy baby inspite of your pediatrician. Become the nutritionist, the healer, just like our forefathers did. Let's not relegate our brains anymore to the AMA. I will give you this...by so doing, I almost can guarantee you will not have a child with learning disabilities, autism, asthma, or diabetes. I think that a rather good tradeoff, because frankly those diseases cost a pretty penny, as opposed to an ND. At least, that is what my daughters did, and in so doing, the "genetic aspect of autism" has stopped in their generation. If autism was so genetic, (I have two with autism, a girl and boy), don't you think my FOUR BOY grandchildren would have it by now? Seriously?

Brian Francis

I have been saying this from the beginning. writing your senator or congress person does not work and never has. it is time to make some noise and get in the face of those in power. We have become way too complacent as a society. when is the first rally? I'm there!!!


I understand where you are coming from. But the emotional toll that vaccine injury has taken on my family, I am not sure that I could fight this fight to that degree. I spent the last 5-6 years writing letters to doctors, government agencies such as the CDC, newspaper editors, to anyone who could make a difference. I was depressed and all I wanted to talk or read about was vaccines and autism. I had to stop reading anything to do with either topic just to regain a sense of resilience through all of this. My family suffers when I get too involved because I care too much, and that takes me away from what I need to focus on - my kids. I have twins on the spectrum, and 2 who are 'typical'. Autism has done enough to try and break apart this family, and honestly I can't give anymore than I already do every day with what's in front of me. I think that is the crux that many of us face. But I feel your pain, and I would absolutely spend a night in the slammer if I knew it would make a difference for another child. But somehow I don't think it would change a thing.

Sue Morgan

We go to jail, and then Social Services gets involved, and they take our kids away from us and forcibly medicates them. Get real, Kent. I'd love to take this to the streets, but not in this day and age of Homeland Security. They'd love an excuse to lock us crazy autism parents away. Permanently. It ain't the 60s, man.


Kent, I'm really frightened by your suggestion, almost as much as I'm frightened by the pharmaceutical cartel.

You want us to spend a night in jail? So that our children can be taken by social services, WHO WOULD VACCINATE THEM WITHOUT US THERE TO INTERVENE?

Please rethink your suggestion.



Yes, I neglected to state in my original post that Family Practitioners are also an option over using Pediatricians (insurance covers them as well).

And no, Sarah, I wouldn't advocate boycotting DAN! physicians; they're HELPING recover these kids.

All of this issue with vaccines makes me so angry. The creed "First Do No Harm" means for ALL, NOT just for those who are in the majority.

I read a story/article years ago. It was about a pediatrician who is now speaking out about vaccines. His wife looked at him and said, "Well, you BROKE them, now you FIX them!" (meaning their patients who have been damaged by vaccines)

Pediatricians have not only an ethical responsibility to their little patients, they have a moral obligation to them as well.

If a vaccine program which is supposedly designated to help the majority of society harms and/or kills a minority, then those in charge have a responsibility to help those they have harmed.

I'm certainly not stating that Pediatricians as a group, are evil. I truly believe most of them are well intentioned and care deeply for their patients. But they are conditioned in medical school into a certain almost religious fervor belief system about vaccination. Questions medical students may have about vaccines, i.e., the harm they may cause, questions about the ingredients and the manufacturing process are definitely frowned upon (same thing goes for nursing students as well).

But why aren't our institutions teaching our medical and nursing students about both sides of the vaccine issue? Why aren't our medical students encouraged to ask more about vaccines, other than what they are taught? Why is it that some of these questions are verboten?

There is NO transparency and that was a huge issue for my husband and I when we started doing our own research.

My Dad used to always tell me when I was a child, that "This World is not as it seems," and/or "People are not always who and what you think they are."

Words to live by and I do.


I wanted to add a caveat to my recent above post.

One of the things that was so difficult for me to get over as a new Mom was the overt pressure I was literally surrounded with; other Moms, be it thru my own friendships or 'friends of friends,' my OB/GYN, nurses, family members on both sides of the family - ALL would ask me whether I had "found a pediatrician yet" during my pregnancy.

The pressure to find a pediatrician BEFORE I gave birth was pervasive. I never gave it a moment's thought that I didn't HAVE to use a pediatrician for our new baby. Unfortunately, I succumbed. I found a pediatrician through a friend of mine who used him; the result was an unmitigated disaster. But it taught me a huge lesson.

Btw - Dr. Robert Mendelsohn knew an acquaintance of mine, who is a nurse. He stated to her (years ago) that pediatricians were not THEN so initially enamored of the well-baby check-ups. They realized that the 15 minute or so examination, was not really beneficial. But this was a meeting that occurred prior to what is now commonality (the infant well baby exam). Even pediatricians in those days, did not see the benefit of these exams! But this meeting occurred BEFORE the many vaccines now being administered to our infants.

I learned to interview any and all physicians PRIOR to accepting them into the fold. I learned that physicians should be an enhancement to my family's overall health-care strategy; that we needn't be intimidated through fear into utilizing any form of medicine or medical procedure until we were fully informed of the risks and benefits for us and our infant.

But this awakening was a long process for myself and for my husband. We eventually left the practice of that first pediatrician and sought the services of another. It was a true leap in spirit, for we did find someone who was willing to work with us on the vaccine issue. But eventually, and as we kept learning, we realized the allopathic model re: preventative health-care had a lot of drawbacks and provided us with more than a few concerns.

If new parents could just understand the lack of necessity in finding a pediatrician in order to maintain their child's health! It took me awhile, but I finally got it; my perfectly healthy infant DID NOT need to be seen for those so-called well baby check-ups. I really COULD trust my gut level instincts as a Mum; I KNEW when my son didn't feel well. In short, I learned to listen to my heart-felt instincts.


We can't spend time in jail. Who would take care of our children?! That is the reality. We are busy enough being parents of special needs children. But if aide can protest for the animals who can't speak why can't she (or others) protest on behalf of our children? We should be spreading our message to all the college campuses so that others who have more time on their hands can take it up. I really think that this is one of the best ways to spread awareness.


whew, I'm glad I'm not alone on this. I feel I can come here and be totally open without fear of getting ambushed.

I've been wondering if there's some kind of global agenda ever since the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. The manipulation to get people to vaccinate during H1N1 was so obvious. Now they are using the measles and pertussis outbreaks to strongarm the public into vaccinating.

I started researching the history of the pharmaceutical industry and found some have ties back to the Nazi party, wealthy elite groups in Europe and US and the eugenics movement. I think this is a movement by an elite group of scientific extremist to curb population.

Perhaps because the Nazi's were such clods in their attempts to ethnically cleanse Europe, the eugenics movement went underground, got much more sophisticated but never actually died.

"There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear" - FWIW, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young


Bayareamom, I like your idea of boycotting pediatricians!

If insurance coverage is an issue, there are always family practice doctors.

Would the boycott include DAN! pediatricians who don't vaccinate? I don't think it should.

cynthia parker

I joined the Canary party last week, hoping I could get together with other parents to protest, speak in public forums, raise public awareness, and effect change. I don't know if the Canary party will effetively utilize us thousands of angry parents. Would the Age of Autism consider setting up a forum in which parents in mid-Missouri (for example) could find each other and arrange to meet and plan what to do next? Maybe the Age of Autism could suggest nation-wide initiatives to be carried out by all local groups. I started an animal rights group in college twenty years ago, Amnesty for Animals, it is an entirely analogous issue, to speak up for the innocent victims who have no voice, but are being killed and maimed by those in power. ¡El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!


Martin Luther King spent many a night in the slammer, too.

I can see with some of your posts that some of you are perhaps waking up to the nightmarish reality to that which is really going on here. The XMRV issue was just bulldozed over; I read that article two days ago in complete astonishment and sensed immediately it was a cover-up.

I certainly do not condone violence...of any kind. But perhaps a nationwide boycott of pediatricians is in order. Maybe that's something the new Canary Project could help muscle up. And I do mean a massive boycott, including those pediatricians who are well liked. I can envision those pediatricians who are 'vacc friendly' to be forced to speak out and tell the truth. I KNOW there are pediatricians (and other physicians) out there who have a great deal of concerns about the U.S. vaccine program. But they're too afraid to speak up, for a variety of reasons.

Parents do not need pediatricians; Osteopaths, Homeopaths, Doctors of Oriental Medicine...are all quite capable!

How to get the word out? I'm not sure, but it's interesting I see Kent's comment today, because my mind was just tumbling with this 'boycott all pediatricians' issue just this morning. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn once stated that if parents wanted to keep their children healthy, he stated, "keep your children away from pediatricians!" It always astounds me when parents will ask me what they can do to keep their pediatricians 'at bay' when it comes to the discussion of vaccines. I will always tell them to stay AWAY from them - eliminate the hassle and find someone else who isn't obsessed with vaccinating! I realize some parents are forced into the allopathic model because of insurance issues, medicaid/medical issues, etc. But that's not the majority of parents - most parents DO have an option.

Boycotting pediatricians surely wouldn't equal jail time, but it would sure hit them hard in the pocketbook. Not sure how this could be organized, but that old saying 'where there's a will, there's a way,' does come to mind.

Anne McElroy Dachel

I've been so naïve. I watched the rate go from one in 500 to
one in 250,
to one in 166,
one in 150,
one in 110,

and each time I believed that numbers were now so terrible that the lie of better diagnosing, no real increase
would have to stop.

Incredibly, it never does. One in 38 kids with autism in S. Korea doesn't get anyone alarmed.
Experts happily say we probably have the same rate here. It's all due to greater awareness.

We have to realize that health officials will never recognize the autism epidemic. If they did, they'd have to admit that toxins are damaging our children and there are too many of us now who will point to vaccines. They don't have the science. They only have pharma-funded studies, years of denial, collusion, and cover-up. As long as members of the media are their willing collaborators, the public will continue to believe the lies. This will however all end shortly as autism becomes an adult disorder and we're all paying for it.

So parents keep talking about what happened to your children, keep going to the rallies, and commenting on the news stories. These are the most powerful tools of all. Eventually the world will wake up to the truth. They'll have to if we're going to have any future on this planet.
Anne Dachel


It amazes me that government officials have always thought the up most important thing was to always be honest, to maintian the trust of the people.

Looking for employment with Kentucky state government they stress honesty, honesty, honesty.

Yet, they give these shots with birth control in them, it is hard to believe, hard to really believe, but I know it is true.

My husband was with me in the emergency room when I refussed the tetanus shot, explaining extentsively --- why. The doctor did not have to tell us, but he broke down - finally and told us something that just floored my husband and he has yet to get over it. I don't think he would have believed me if he had not been sitting there. The ER doc told us that the tetanus was really a DPT shot or DTaP shot, but they did have just the tetanus vaccine if asked. How do you give someone a DPT shot and say it is a tetanus shot???? How???

Which goes back to the day I got my son's last DPT shot and he had a stroke.

"Dr. Block," I said, as he tried to leave, with his hand on the door knob, "But the temperatures are so high, surely we can divide the DPT shot? There is something wrong, surely it can be separated?"

"NO, he says impationally, "It is either all three or nothing."

Another Liar. So much for teaching in medical school, trust is important to maintain with a patient, honesty is important to maintain trust, unless there is an exculustion clause when it comes to vaccines?

Maurine Meleck

I'm willing to spend two days in jail if someone will take care of joshua. I'd even share a potty with anyone named Alison. Maurine

Media Scholar

Maybe Kent is ranting about stampeding folks into disobedience because his pet project is being summarily crapped upon?

Just go to Google News and search XMRV.

From those of us with children permanently disabled by Thimerosal-containing vaccines and the MMR:



I agree with Sarah. Our children are killed and maimed by millions by an evil design, but also because we allow the medical-pharma Nazis to do so. Without open massive revolution, 90 % of this country children will soon be destroyed. We must become very strong, very thick-skinned and even brutal while dealing with these mass murderers.



It's hard for me to understand why a push for pregnant women and children to get thimerosal-containing flu shots started just after thimerosal was removed from childhood vaccines. So, no, I don't think your fears are unjustified.

Then there's this from 1995:

"A priest, president of Human Life International (HLI) based in Maryland, has asked Congress to investigate reports of women in some developing countries unknowingly receiving a tetanus vaccine laced with the anti-fertility drug human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). If it is true, he wants Congress to publicly condemn the mass vaccinations and to cut off funding to UN agencies and other involved organizations. The natural hormone hCG is needed to maintain pregnancy. The hormone would produce antibodies against hCG to prevent pregnancy. In the fall of 1994, the Pro Life Committee of Mexico was suspicious of the protocols for the tetanus toxoid campaign because they excluded all males and children and called for multiple injections of the vaccine in only women of reproductive age. Yet, one injection provides protection for at least 10 years. The Committee had vials of the tetanus vaccine analyzed for hCG. It informed HLI about the tetanus toxoid vaccine. HLI then told its World Council members and HLI affiliates in more than 60 countries. Similar tetanus vaccines laced with hCG have been uncovered in the Philippines and in Nicaragua. In addition to the World Health Organization (WHO), other organizations involved in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine using hCG include the UN Population Fund, the UN Development Programme, the World Bank, the Population Council, the Rockefeller Foundation, the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and Uppsala, Helsinki, and Ohio State universities. The priest objects that, if indeed the purpose of the mass vaccinations is to prevent pregnancies, women are uninformed, unsuspecting, and unconsenting victims."


Cindy Keenan

Sadly, I think the deck is so stacked against us that it's almost impossible for us to prevail, at least right now. To prove my point, take a look at this pending legislation in NC:


As long as our elected officials are allowed to take big money from Pharma (and other huge corporate interests), the average citizen doesn't stand a chance. That said, if there's a practical way to get loud without risking our livelihoods and parental rights, I'd be happy to join the revolt.


We could make an impact even without spending a night in jail (although I'm not opposed to that). It's been 3 years since the Green our Vaccines rally. There's been nothing on that order since.

I think we should organize local protests (nationwide) in front of pediatrician's offices. That's where the injuries are taking place every single day. It could be done legally, and would get plenty of attention. It's time the doctors recklessly overvaccinating our children felt some pressure.

Julie Leonardo

Sarah, I have heard of this and other things being a means of population control. I think the name of it is Agenda 21. I don't know how I feel about this concept (in terms of its legitimacy) however a lot of people do believe this is something that a very few elite (think Oprah, Bill Gates, and others) are involved in in order to "cull the herd."

Theodore Van Oosbree

Sounds great except for the going to jail, paying fines and maybe losing professional license part. I'll just continue to proselytize the open-minded, write letters to the newspaper and pray.


Okay, I'm going waaaayyy out on a conspiratorial limb here but with autism numbers like 1 in 38, no sincere effort by the government to stop it other than pseudo concern, denial, media censorship, scientific red herrings being tossed out to the public, a dramatic rise in chronic diseases and the US Supreme Court protecting vaccine industry has anyone considered that this, on some level, may be deliberate? Horrible, horrible thought I know afterall why would our own government allow the maiming of children? The idea of it makes me wince too.

Then it occured to me that if a child is disabled their chance of reproducing drops dramatically. Could a global population control/ reduction agenda be what's driving this?

Is it taboo for me to think this way? Am I just being paranoid? An overactive imagination?

I know it sounds like I'm channeling Jesse Ventura but sometimes I feel we're part of a gigantic psych op taken right out of the X Files and our kids are just human guinea pigs. It's surreal.


Kent - With all due respect, if you want to remain "fringe" and provide your opponents with all the ammo they need to cut you off at the knees, this is the correct path to take. The right wing backs pharma (as represented by the recent abominable Supreme Court decision on liability as well as the proliferation of astroturf groups that pharma is funding mightily). The left, as represented by the New York Times et. al., the Daily Kos folks, and a ton of others on Huffington Post, think vaccine safety issues are settled and those who still advocate on the issue are out of their minds and anti-public health. It's not a very conducive environment to "recruit", unless you're preaching to a very small choir.

However, I still think there is still an opportunity for biomed focused folks, even those few who oppose vaccination of any sort, to work within existing constructs to present (and aggressively promote) vaccine safety and biomedically focused studies and data in a way that undercuts knee jerk reactions on both sides. It is a fact that vaccine injury happens. It must be minimized, if not eliminated, but railing against all vaccination won't further that goal in my view.

It sometimes takes swallowing hard in the public policy arena but, in the name of enhancing safety for our kids (and adults), I think it's worth it. The hexawhatever it is (like proquad) looks like a pretty easy target to focus on, if vaccine safety constructs were in my cross hairs (which they're not...as stated many times in earlier comments, my efforts are focused on adult issues like housing and employment).

I realize that my approach is opposed by many (most) on AoA, but I think the approach you advocate will only lead to more intense isolation and less science that helps advance vaccine safety and biomedically focused research. There doen't appear to be any groundswell of support for AoA, and it's unlikely to appear out of the blue...so what's Plan B?

Diane W Farr

I used to fantasize about slapping warning stickers on all vaccine posters and picketing doctor's offices. It might be time to start dreaming and make it a reality. The sticker could be bright orange and say, "May cause death, permanent brain damage, seizures, digestion problems and unpleasant autistic type symptoms. If this happens it is only your parental observation and the administrator of the vaccine will call it a coincidence. You should first contact VAERS to report the injury. Do not contact the vaccine manufacturer or administrator of this vaccine because neither is liable nor will admit that they did harm. You can try for compensation through NVICP."


I sense a shift in people's attitudes on this subject.

Even my extended family - formerly very pro-vaccine - is skeptical now that we see the differences in the grandkids (which seems to correlate with their varying vax schedules).

We just have to stay consistent, persistent, and remain willing to tell our stories simply but effectively.

We have to resist and counter the "nuts and sluts" arguments that are constantly made.

Great article Ken.


Last night I saw a "PSA" - a mother crying in her kid's room saying how hard it was to tell her child that his sibling wasn't coming home. Guess why? Because he died of a vaccine preventable disease. Sponsored by NY State. This is what we are up against.


This is an undercover investigation of a care home for autistic and learning disabled adults. Multiple complaints had been made to regulatory authorities about the place before the filming was done, they did nothing. This will be the future for children unless they have somebody to fight for them. WARNING, it is not pleasant viewing.

Part one of four:


Son in Recovery

I'm ready and willing! Unfortunately Big Pharma and the Government have taken advantage of our situations. As Kim said, many of us do not have respite - I don't have a baby sitter I can trust. We are so financially strapped spending 30% or more of our incomes on our children's recovery. If my son were not around, I would be happy to do more than sit a night in jail. What that would be, I cannot post. But my feelings about the loss my son has experienced and the ongoing money machine that continues to injury this country's children makes me want to do more than sit in the slammer. My plans are to become more politically involved once my son is better - but I agree we cannot be complacent. The recent uprising in the Middle East has made wish that we too could protest in DC and NOT leave until something is DONE. We have done call-ins to the White House which have seemed to have some impact, but there needs to be more. What I do know is that I'm ready for a Revolution to free our children from Big Pharma's toxins! PS - I think the military would support our sit in since their autism rates are so much higher than the general public.


You mean we should act like this:


Well, okay, it is something I have been holding back for a really long time, and it could easily get away from me.


To take a slightly different angle, highlighting the plight of the disabled will meet with widespread public support when done loudly. This is what can happen when regulation fails, it is every parent's worst nightmare:


Alison MacNeil

I agree with you 100% Kent and I'd be honored to sit in the clink with you. I think they have us shackled (sorry, couldn't resist) by our need to be taken seriously. We speak in moderate tones and use academic science to counter the image of us they initiated by spinning our community as overly emotional wack jobs. We're boxed in by the notion if we act out we feed the crazy stereotype they perpetuate. This works beautifully for them.

Enough! We are the parents of the damaged children and we control the conversation from now on. I have said this before - we are not going to get justice for our children sitting in front of our computers. No one is going to give up an inch of ground on this unless absolutely compelled to.

"Um, excuse me...would you mind not continuing to mame 1 out of every 38 children, if you would be so kind, thanks ever so much"

needs to be replaced with DEMANDS FOR ANSWERS!

The biggest problems I see is childcare, bail $$, and what happens if mummie gets badly hurt protesting.


I would saw off my arm if it would stop it! I think parents like us are always daydreaming about a way to make it stop. But many of us know it would take money and time away from the precious children we want to save. Some of us have no respite or spouses or support to spend time in jail or at a protest. But believe me, I think about it, that bullet I would take to save future generations, all the time.

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