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"Following Vaccinations" -- 900 Voices Telling the Truth

By Dan Olmsted

I've just spent several hours reading what I believe is one of the most important documents ever created about children's health. Just click on and see for yourself.

The simple idea -- on September 18, 2010, Joan Campbell posted the following note to parents of autistic children: "I am compiling a list of children who were adversely affected by any vaccine. Please if you could say in about 4-6 sentences what that vaccine was, how they reacted, how they are today and what city the vaccine was administered."

To date, more than 900 responses have been received. The cumulative effect is simply devastating.

Over the past few months, as we all know, the medical establishment and the mainstream media have taken to calling the concern that vaccines can and do cause autism "discredited" -- a "myth" based on fraudulent science, Internet rumors, hysterical parents looking for something, anything -- someone, anyone -- to blame. These reports tell a very different story -- children vaccinated in good faith, on time and in full by caring parents who then watch, often within hours, the physical and mental collapse of their beloved baby.

in this case, the plural of anecdote is the truth. The truth that we're talking about is much more than autism here -- everything from sudden death to seizures, acute allergies to horrible gut problems, arthritis to ADD. 

One thing that comes through loud and clear, time after time, is the degree to which most doctors are, at best, incompetent to address this issue. They do not recognize, or cannot admit, vaccine injury. Children who react badly to one vaccine react worse to the next, and the next, until finally they succumb. These doctors are not part of the solution.

While the MMR is the most frequently cited trigger, there are children who fall to the atrocious HepB shot on the day of birth. Or to a flu vaccine. Or the DPT or to God knows what combination of shots at 2 or 4 or 6 months, or a year, or 18 months. Some were sick at the time, others were victims of doctors who played "catch-up" or made a mistake and gave a shot too early, or two shots, or ignored or forgot parents' specific instructions. Being careful was too often not enough: Children went down even after the parents split up the MMR, or delayed, or skipped, or spaced out shots.  Some were affected after the magic autism cutoff date of 36 months. Brain damage hasn't read the DSM-IV, apparently.

Reading this sends the unassailable message that the infant vaccination program is irretrievably broken and needs to start over with some sort of zero-based methodology predicated on safety first. And the people who caused it cannot be the people allowed to fix it. They've already "fixed" it.

The glib idea that autism and vaccination just happen to occur at the same time is shown to be ridiculous. Yes, regressive autism and vaccinations do occur around the same time -- because vaccinations cause regressive autism. 

It's not just mercury. It's not just the MMR. And no one ever said it was. It's those things, yes, and the whole crazy out-of-control industry.

The list of people who need to read this is endless -- because everybody should read it. I cannot imagine a conscientious journalist coming away from it spouting the "widely discredited" line, although I suppose it will happen. But the most important audience is anyone forced to grapple with the vexed decision about vaccinating an infant or pregnant woman. That means prospective parents, new parents, parents of minor children, and anyone who cares about them.

These are not children with difficulties in communication, repetitive behavior, restricted interests and speech delay. They are grievously damaged. Some do get better and even get well, often through biomedical approaches these parents turn to in desperation and despite the disapproval of the same doctors who put them there. These children suffered, and many continue to suffer, the tortures of the damned -- today, in enlightened, family-friendly, compassionate 21st century America, England, Europe, Australia, Africa, India, and everywhere else.

Reading these accounts makes me so glad that there are growing efforts to spread the evidence and take back control of our health -- from the new Canary Party to the people who have risked careers and reputations an ridicule to tell the truth, from Jenny McCarthy to Andy Wakefield, to non-profits like Generation Rescue and TACA and SafeMinds and NAA and every single one of the parents listed here. I know some of them, and I also know that more of you will want to tell your stories there.

A final point -- these voices, without saying so, point up the obscenity of the current hand-wringing over measles. Good lord. Let's talk about measles, if we must, AFTER we stop destroying children's lives every single day.

I wasn't going to quote from any of the accounts, because it is their cumulative power that matters. But let me end simply with what is probably the shortest: "High temperature, high pitched scream and then silence."

These voices are silent no more.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.







Katie Cancro

We have 3 children. The first was diagnosed with non-verbal Autism at 20 months old. He was developing until 16 months old, a light switch shut off and he lost his ability to talk, eat, sleep. At that time, we also had a 6 month old girl. We stopped both vaccines (he had 20 months worth, she had 6 months worth). after months we realized she wasn't talking either. So we had a 2 year old and a 3 year old with non-verbal Autism. Neither looked at us, or answered to their name. When she was 4, she started to speak, look at us and answer to her name. Today she is a typical 10 year old girl with a reading delay. When the oldest was 5 and she was 4, we had another boy who we did not vaccinate. He developed perfectly fine. We strongly believe our daughter overcame her challenges because we stopped the vaccines early on. Our oldest had too much damage. He has come a long way but still clearly has Autism. We pray this stops.

Alli Edwards

Well done Joan Campbell for collecting and telling because the story of
each child's life lost or destroyed deserves to be heard.
There are more out there in every town and city.
Lives put on hold, locked-in to their child's daily care we parents will be heard
one day Joan, one day........

Kathryn Simmons

1999, on site in San Francisco. Late with vaccines but my brother was fine, talking, eating with spoons until we had to get it all when we returned to Maryland 7 months later. He is severe autistic, can't but say his name, has bowel problems, and has destroyed the fabric of daily life. Thanks to modern medicine, the liars or delayers at CDC and HHS.

It is a scam. It is not a "genetic" epidemic, it doesn't occur in these numbers in one generation. We have been scammed like those who were asked in the military to swallow "plutonium" who were in the military.

The schools, the pharms, the doctors all have no solutions and thanks to the Patriot Act you can't sue anyone. God bless America.


Thank you for this opportunity. I am outraged at our current state of vaccine, if only I knew then what I know now. I began vaccinating my son at birth. Around his year marker(I don't know exactly) we continued with our scheduled vaccinations. I Do Remember the scream, that scream will haunt me a lifetime. Horrible rash, gut issues, no bowel movements, maybe one a week. He always looked flush. He was not meeting his mile markers. By the time he turned two, he could not point, wave, or speak. He spent his time spinning in circles and flapping his hands. No babbling. Just Silence and Screaming. I was scared to death. What was wrong with my child? I knew, I did research. We had to work long and hard, my entire family for the good of my son. The meltdowns were horrible. If I turned the wrong way out of the driveway there was a situation....he was in the ER monthly because he could not breathe. Nebulizer treatments 6times a day. Finally, after reading enough, we began Bio-Medical intervention at age 2 1/2. Almost immediately his speech began to process, and I put him in a mainstream daycare under my strict supervision. After three son began kindergarten. And, if I may say, he rocked it! My son is now 9. He plays baseball, has an A+ average at school. We still suffer from sensory overload a little bit, and sitmming, but we got our son back, thanks to great underground websites, and parents who were willing to go into chat formats and help us all get through this, and answer questions. No more vaccines for my son. We are done! I am one of the lucky ones.....NO CHILD SHOULD SUFFER, OR SACRIFICE HIS QUALITY OF LIFE OVER BIG PHARMA'S DOLLAR.


I understand vaccines might be a cause of mental disorders but not in my case, I have living proof.
I have an 19 year old son with Autism, PDD,SPD, and ADHD, in his case it is Genetic doubt about it. When I married his dad we(he)didn't know the mental issues he had, I have 3 kids (they all have something from him) we left him when my son was 4 years old. They have had very little contact with their farther as they were growing up. During my ex's 2nd marriage he found out he Bipolar, ADHD and border-line schizophrenic. When I told this to my kids doctor, now we have more of an understanding about my kids (and my marriage to him). As my son grew up I started seen more & more of his dad in him. Again he had very little contact (14 years) so it couldn't be thought behavior or mimicked, it is Genetic. I have proof he is 19 years old.

Joan Campbell

Thanks Dan again but I would like to mention that when you click onto the link it goes nowhere so here it is again for anyone who wants to add their voice or download the pdf now Over 1,300 voices and viewed by 164 contries worldwide.

Mike Williams

MMR vaccine may be alright for many children. Ours had the combined jab in 2007 and was diagnosed with Autism when starting Primary School. Not wanting to risk him getting worse with the second MMR jab, my parents kindly paid for our son to have separate vaccines. He seemed so much happier and more able after these. Separately, his special needs school laid the guilt trip on parents for their children to have the swine flu vaccine, 14th January 2010. Ten days later he was admitted to hopital for a week with meningitis like symptoms, which turned out to be suspected Kawasaki disease. He had similar symptoms 31 May 2010, which meant another trip to hospital (it was said to be a blood infection this time). It is time the government and medical boards wised up to the FACT that no one treatment suits all. And they wonder why there's a measles epidemic?

Mandy Br

AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH - Our son was born healthy and well - he had a milk allergy which was solved putting him onto Wysoy baby milk. He reached all milestones and showed social interaction and eye contact (I have video evidence to this effect, and many of my friends and family were witnesses). Unfortunately, like many others he had his MMR at one year old. We called out an emergency doctor - he was high pitch screaming, had a fever and was inconsolable. He went on during the following weeks to have a rash all over his body and stopped eating. He had severe bouts of diarrhoea for which he had various tests, but they put it down to infantile ISB. He lost skills he had, became unresponsive and withdrawn. He had recurrent ear and chest infections. He was diagnosed at 2 with severe autism.

Jill Southgate

My grandson regressed into autism after MMR. Had high temperature, rash followed by many high fevers and infection - hysterical call from my daughter' Mum he's banging his head on the floor - I don't know what to do' He developed an outward squint in one eye and turned his head to look at you - then slowly lost speech, eye contact and interest in anything. Through GF diet, biomedical treatment, chelation and every other treatment we could think of and afford he is much improved. We count ourselves very lucky that he didn't have severe bowel problems and is now verbal.

Brandee Simmang

My daughter had minor reactions to all vax's, but final blow was 15 months. She was pricked with 5 needles(including one for ear infections!). Broke out in full body rash, screamed nonstop for hours, body as stiff as a board. From that day forward she lost speech, motor skills, the twinkle in her eyes! Went from completely typical to full blown autistic! Years of dietary and biomedical intervention and she is doing great. In mainstream school, but gets help for major reading comprehension issues. It has been a LONG HARD road, but sooo worth it! GET that body healthy and working again! GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL YOUR WONDERFUL CHILDREN!!!

Louise Humphris

My mother said that something was wrong with me when I was little. SHe never made the connection with being vaxed. I have had all sorts of learning, behavioural and allergy problems my whole life.
I have 5 children. Two were vaxed and while I was preganant with number four, I found the truth, and all my fears and nasty experiences with the older two all became a reality that I was told was only in my head. I stopped vaxing immediately. A few years later all 4 boys and one girl would be diagnosed on the ASD. My 4th child, who is unvaxed is classic autistic, and by far the worst of them all. I was really troubled with why he was soo much worse and yet he wasn't vaxed. I went thru years of apathy and blamed bad parenting and all sorts of things......I blamed myself and held myself accountable. I took him to a naturapath and I angrily asked him why is it that he is this way and he hasn't been vaxed. His reply was one that keeps me going every day for the last 11 years " it takes 3 generations for the vaccine to detox from the body, and he was predisposed to autism before birth. Had he of been vaxed, he would have more than likely ended up a worse case senerio, so be thankful that you had the courage to stop and not allow him to be injured anymore than he already is"
I have now with much research and thanks to the internet, found out that we are all our allergies are from being wheat and casein intolerant. Since we have made a change in our diet things are looking much brighter. My son is now 15 and learning at his age level thanks to years of home schooling. We are about to embark on the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) and look forward to our guts all healing and be whole in about 12 months time.

I can't tell you what a hard journey it has been for me and my children who incidently grew up with me being a solo mum and how bright our future looks, but vaccine I know from personal esperience is bad medicine!


My eldest son developed a rash after needles at 12mths. First his face appeared red til after a week it became itchy and he scratched and scratched. It was severe eczema, so severe people thought he had chicken pox or he had fallen over and grazed his face. Now at 8.5 years he still suffers with allergies and mild eczema but no more toxins deliberately put in his system (or that of my other babies), thankyou.

Ann Lewis

Excellent work - keep campaigning and informing.

Marijan Nout

our daughter now 20 years old, was vaccinated with MMR when she was 15 months. within 2 weeks she had about 100 seizures a day and have become autism finally. Today she is functioning as a child where it started, somewhere between 1,5 and 3 year old. I'm from the Netherlands and here are also much children with all kinds of developing problems problably by our toxic environments, vaccinating, toxic food, e-smog and so on...

Kelli Ann Davis

"High temperature, high pitched scream and then silence."

....and my now 18 year old son telling me, "I was dying" when recounting that experience shortly after he recieved his MMR shot at approximately 18 months of age.

INSANE. All of it!


My son got a sensory freak out and his leg turned in after his 6 month shot series (God knows how many shots but at least 4 because of one triple shot). The triple shots scare the hell out of me!!!! I couldn't vaccinate my next one but interestingly enough, she seemed to be "a serious baby/anxious" and she did not babble. She was showing signs anyhow but we got her early intervention. She fully recovered from her social problems with a year of Speech and Socializing. I definitely feel it is Central Nervous System related but the vaccines BLOW IT UP and cause inflammation. They are the vaccinated of the vaccinated. My unvaccinated Grandparents are the healthiest of ALL my relatives (vaccinated) living until 90 and 97 (still) respectively. I think maybe 3 days in the hospital? NO SURGERIES!!!! My genes are strong but the vaccinations seemed to have caused diabetes/heart problems and inflammation/eczema/cancer in the next generation. None of which my Grandparents (unvaccinated) saw. NO SURGERIES, NO MEDICATIONS! 90 / 97


What remarkable times we live in today when governments are more interested in the pound notes than the lives of our precious children , where has all the honesty gone do the research vaccinated v unvaccinated , when will someone stand up and say enough is enough


I could not bear to read any of the 900 stories. Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. But because of this article I have decided to educated my pregnant friend about vaccinations. I could not live with myself if the same thing happened to her son that happened to mine.


Barry, Karen said she had been vaccinated even while pregnant with one.

Immune systems react to the environment and then they pass on what they learn to the next generation.

Thus we have an environmental disease that mimics genetics disease.

SO I would bet that Karen's children did not have regression but was born with it.

Karen were they born with it?

I am truly sorry you have had this trouble, and it makes me so mad - a lot of people needs to pay for this disaster.


To Karen Giorgi,

Wow, I find it truly extraordinary that all 3 of your un-vaccinated children have been diagnosed with autism

Especially when you consider the near non existent incidence claimed by most parents of un-vaccinated children, or similarly by non-vaccinating groups like the Amish, or the Homefirst Medical Services group.

According to Homefirst's medical director, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, ".. We have about 30,000 or 35,000 children that we've taken care of over the years, and I don't think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines...".

Of your 3 children with autism, how many of them suffer from regressive autism?

Karen Giorgi

I have 3 children with autism who were never vaccinated. I was vaccinated while pregnant with my first child. They are 12, 10 and 8 years old. I'm still thankful that I didn't vaccinate them because I think they would have been a lot worse off.


As a very brief follow up to my last post about viruses and gene expression, either directly or indirectly at least in some cases, I suggest the article linked below. Of courrse, suggesting a more primary role for viruses does not mean that toxins, and hevy meatals, and all the other factors that we consider are not involved as without thee other factors serious symptoms of dysfunction might not come about.


Well done Joan for all the work involved in putting this together and making it public. We just need to read all the comments here to realise what an impact this has had on people. If it continues to grow, and sadly I believe it will, just WHEN will the authorities say - right - enough is enough?

To Willie

If someone spends a lot of money and time to do the vaccinated and unvaccinated study--- they better try to find mothers and fathers too that have been unvaccinated.

Immune system learn and they pass on what they learn to their offsprings. Research has shown that fathers also pass on what they learn, well it was in my college text book on immunity, anyway.

Measles for the Eurpoeans was no big deal but it was really hard on the native People of the Americans. After the Indians were introduced to the disease it did not take long for the Indians to have no problem with measles either.

Some evolutionists would say well those that had immune systems that could not contend with measles died and did not pass on such an immune system, while those that "survivial of the fittist and all".

That is very linear thinking and life is a lot more compilcated than that, and most certianly the immune system is.

Julie Leonardo

@ Susan, there are unvaccinated kids with Autism, at least unvaccinated extra utero. I have a friend who has an unvaccinated kid with Autism, but she thinks the Rhogam shot may have triggered it. I myself have a child who is showing some ASD symptoms, and she is unvaccinated. However we dealt with persistent thrush, and I am already ADD, so we have a genetic component here. However I fully believe that if I had vaccinated her, she would be a mess now. Most children with ASD's are vaccinated. You won't find too many unvaxed with it.

Tony Bateson

I have done this work in Britain and have reported on the outcomes repeatedly. We did not at that time have Age of Autism to provide a forum, I reported my findings to the Vaccine Information meeting of November 2002. My findings remain the same today in Britain I cannot find anyone with autism who is not vaccinated. Albeit the main work was done between 1996 and 2002. There were many instances of asthma, psoriasis, eczema, allergies and autism. I did a matching survey of unvaccinated kids there was no autism, much smaller numbers of the other immune system conditions.

There has to be a formal, extensive and respected measure of vaccinated kids vs unvaccinated kids please.

Tony Bateson, Founder of the Linden-Bridge School for Autistic Children, United Kingdom



When we (adults) visit a doctor and describe our symptoms; sore throat, coughing, sneezing and a headache. The doctors immediate diagnosis is, "you have a cold/flu."

Take our sick children to the doctors and describe their symptoms; seizures, high fever, beads of perspiration all over their body, head banging, inconsolable, spinning objects, not acknowledging their name, etc........and what are the doctors response.... "they have a cold/flu."

My doctor told me that my son will be fine in a couple of days, that was 7 years ago and still he is non-verbal and has a list of many disorders.

If all our children present with similar symptoms all round the world, then what exactly are doctors doing?


Louis Conte

I found this to be very powerful. These stories are right in line with the oral histories of the families we spoke to while doing the research that ultimately lead to Unanswered Questions.
The "main stream" can all of these "anecdotes." But all knowledge begins with observation and the observations long ago added up to what the "main stream" really fears above all else:

The truth.

Well done!

Louis Conte


Thanks you Joan Campbell...and thank you Dan! What a wonderful idea for giving us Moms a cumulative voice.


It is SO depressing to read the stories. I am wondering how many, if any, received any acknowledgement from VARAS court(sp)? The outrage is that they don't believe parents ... how can they look at our kids hear the same story of regression over and over and continue to say they don't know what causes autism? It's like they don't even acknowledge what the package insert says, even when the resulting injury is right there in front of them.


Where are the kids with autism that WERE NOT vaccinated? Are there ANY?


Thank you Joan for spearheading this incredible project. It's historic. No right thinking person can read this and say it's coincidence or correlation doesn't equal causation. These stories will force the reform of the vaccine industry.

Everyone should send this link to their elected officials and ask them to please scroll through and read as many of them as they can bear to read.

Maurine Meleck

How did I miss the link? Duh? Now I see it . Thanks,Maurine


Dear Joan thank you for doing this. We still have to submit our son's story which is part of our story, our community's story, and a now global story.

Reading through these one hundred and forty seven pages I recognize names from those families we met now almost thirteen years ago in Washington, DC. For those that attended, remember the first ARK rally?

I think sadly also, reading the shared and similair cases to our son's, how many of these stories would exist today if only people had listened then?

It's not to late, we need to be one voice, we need to show we are not a silent minority, but concerned parents whose children have been injured. Since our son's vaccine injury Supreme Court decisions have ruled that companies that designed seatbelts which result in injury are liable, individuals who do not advise minors of their rights prior to interrogations are liable, and many others who have shown deliberate indifference have been ruled against due to their negligence. Why are we still waiting? Why will this list get longer? Why are our children and families not obtaining assistance?

We won't go away, and our communities growth is their collateral damage. It's time to stop the injuries and time for our children to be able to heal and our families supported.

Jeannette Bishop (JenB)

I sent in my daughter's account. It may be too long to be posted, but in case it helps anyone:

The short version of my daughter's injury story is that (she) has been repeatedly vaccine/immune injured to the point she was becoming a vegetable.

The long version is below. I struggle to abbreviate it.

My child received all recommended vaccines including Hep B at birth until age 7 with one dose of Hep A. I was slow to make a probable connection between her regressions and delays with her "healthcare" and other toxic exposures. She was a full term 8 and 1/2 pound baby, no complications. She did have a mother with 8-9 large amalgams and strong family history of autoimmunity and allergy.

At 2 months her pediatrician announced amid the whirlwind of more doses of vaccines than I had seen given to my first child that they were now also giving the flu shot. Was she referring to HIB in 1997 or was my daughter actually receiving the flu shot? The flu shot was not included on her takehome record.

At 6 months she received a single injection (listed on her record as multiple vaccines) from a vial that had previous doses removed without proper agitation. Coincidentally or not she was close to sitting up on her own prior to that visit, but flopped on her side the next day and could not sit for more than another month.

At 9 months she went in on the third day of a fever. I was assured it was safe to vaccinate. That day in the tub was the last time I heard her babble for more than two months. When she began attempting to talk, it slowly became apparent that she was only using vowel sounds and a few misplaced consonants.

Multiple tantrums and obsessing with wearing shoes and other needs began following MMR + Varicella at 12 months.

At fifteen months she screamed through every part of the well-baby exam and the pediatrician was asking me what was wrong with her before she left the room to send in the nurse with for a combined DTaP and HIB. Were these experimental shots in 1997 and 1998 or combined by the pediatrician? What dosing of Al, Hg, etc. was she getting?

We moved because of a job change and changed pediatricians but not vaccine choices, and she got more at 18 months. The only words she had for a year were "no" for both yes and no, "dye" for bye, and "adda" for Dad. Her hands would shake when she was excited and she could get into unhappy moods that took hours to get out of. She would sometimes sit looking kind of blank. She had only a few repeated actions that she seemed to enjoy playing. I did not know what she was dealing with. She must have remembered the 18-month visit though, or it’s effects, because she screamed in severe panic and tried to drag me back to the car when we went in for the next “well-baby” visit, ironically not to undergo any vaccinations or blood draws on that day. She was also beginning to make slow progress at this point. By age four, she was beginning to toilet train with a little success and added a few words, a couple of sentences, and was learning to speak more consonants, and I was beginning to think Kindergarten would be a possibility and that she was delayed, but I was sure she did not have “autism.”

Then I was talked into getting her Kindergarten boosters even though I was not sure she would not be waiting another year to start school. I thankfully declined the unexpected additional flu shot despite it being already in hand, but within 10 days of her boosters she began to be constantly unhappy with every change and every attempt to communicate, toilet training halted and would take another year and ½. More tantrums. She had large loose bowel movements that she couldn’t seem to predict. She went back to just “no” for every question. She couldn’t walk out the door without arranging her steps just right. She began showing signs of precocious puberty. She began constant stimming with her hands. So many things she seemed to have learned were now gone. It was very hard for her to focus on schoolwork. She couldn’t seem to retain an answer we worked out long enough to write it down. She would learn by inches with frequent and frustrating sliding backwards. Following a visit to the dentist that involved both nitrous oxide and amalgam placement she lost completely all the math she had memorized over the previous month. She was moodier and foggier for weeks. I didn’t know what a mistake it was to take (her) to help a friend with house cleaning, and she was exposed to the cleaning fumes until she got nauseous. She had dark circles under her eyes for weeks after that and spent hours resting on the couch with only plaintive cries if we tried to engage her. I was beginning to get a clue that her “differences” were not hardwired, but in flux, and probably environmentally influenced if not solely caused by them.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Dan, In your vast journalistic experience, how many stories were written, how many Pulitzer Prizes won, how many "empires" brought down by only a handful of "stories" as leads? These aren't "leads" anymore, they are too vast to ignore as the tip of an iceberg, as a thread that leads to a bigger story, these are the elephant in the room that can no longer be ignored.


Speaking of the Canary Party, will there be a candidate on the presidential ballot? I'm tired of throwing away my vote with a Democratic or Republican vote.

Joan Campbell

Share this document please far and wide as there is a pdf link on the site.
Share it use it but don't abuse it.

We expect this list to continue and to grow. If you would like to add your voice to this list please forward to [email protected]

Angus Files

Well done Joan and I take my hat of to you for putting this together even more so as you have a child also who has and is suffering the Autism sentence .It must be said that this is only the tip of the iceberg, and not a day goes past when I am amazed of the willingness, by doctors, governments et-al to look the other way while the kids are being destroyed and they have the audacity to call Sadam a murderer?

Were with you for sure.

Angus Files


I often have thoughts or questions that don't fit any current threard post, so I end up posting those things into threads that may be somewhat unrelated. I wonder if having an ongoing set of subject defined links to pages dedicated to certain fields would be helpful.

The relationship of autism to genes is very confusing in general and rarely touched on as related except in limited cases here at AoA. While I think the genetic predispostion is at work this does not make the genes the progenitor of the problems to my mind. That said, I am not sure how the interplay functions and it seems that it varies depending on the genes involved and the person. The area I have studied the least and know the least about is genes, their expresssion, and dna/rna. As viruses are the most likely candidate to interact with human dn/rna is it possible that the altered gene expression reported in some cases of autism are the result of viral effects and not simply some "spontaneous" event? If not viral could it be that the altered gene exprssion is actually brought aboutby some protective mechanism to inhibit greater damage by viruses, certain toxins esp in utero, or by the disruption of other pathways by any of the above in early development? Or could it be a synergy of bad effects from these and by protective genetic mechanisms that end up silencing genes that are beginning to be altered by such assaults in order to prevent even worse effects such as deformities to organs, futher brain assault, cancer, or death? This might remain as a pathologic condition until the immune system comes online more fully and a number of factors disrupt this now more precarious biological/immune developing state to where detox and immune reactions are severly skewed and cannot react or adjust properly and strong activators of such systems like vaccines serve as pronounced triggers in these cases ending up with many direct and clear reactions like autism and other more drawn out patholigies of disease like daibetes and arthritis. In such immune altered states other pathogens and normal bacterial populations are altered and help develop the conditions.


And in addition to personal horror stories, brief and in print, maybe someone can see to it that a movie or TV documentary is made which has many, many clips of before-and-after. There are lots of home videos of normally-developing children who suddenly changed completely. Isn't there a documentary maker out there somewhere?

kathy blanco

I just don't get how in the course of a couple of decades we have become a vaccine nation, or should I say a pharmaceutical nation? Not only are they damaging our children, they are damaging our economy by marking up their "wares" for future chronic unwellness, and oft have markups of 3 thousand percent to an eleven cent pill. And no, I don't get that is what it takes to bring a medicine to market, bullcockee. And, I also don't get the dangerous and deadly childhood illnesses, which are MEANT to expel toxins, and regroup the immune system, or should I say, revamp the God given immune function we will need for life. Now, all we do is grow and develop new illnesses for which there is no, or little cure for and of which persist in our bodies as oncogenic and future neuroimmune disease starters. I would have GLADLY switched my present misery, to one of a week of battling the so called "wicked and dangerous" innocuous childhood illnesses, backed by a healthy diet, CLO, and numerous well known remedies including homeopathic, to support my child through a necessary and completely natural course of infection which through the years is how we conquered infections. Now, I have children with persistent viruses, who's immune system is forever confused about how to attack this or these pathogens, because now they have mimicked their neural and gut tissue, if not every body organ. Seriously. I have children who almost died of their interventions, and do die everyday because they will never, ever, be the child I once had. My son required a PACEMAKER after years of seizures and almost died of SUDAP due to a DPT injury from hell. My daughter's MMR vaccine was just as damaging. I trusted the white coats far too long, and the american people shouldn't as well. Unfortunately, until it happens to you, as a parent and when the shit hits the fan, then you will get it. Are we that dumb? Can't we wake up from this unpeaceful slumber yet? Isn't the holocaust becoming personal for many? GEEZ~

Cathy Buckley

Wow, that last line gave me the chills...and not in a good way!

Heidi N

I think there are a lot of clues in those stories. Interesting, how some regressed immediately and suddenly, and some regressed slowly over time. Out of my 4 diagnosed with developmental issues, they all were different. Two stopped developing at 1 1/2 years, one regressed at 3 1/2 years and one was born with symptoms (I had the tetanus vaccine while pregnant with him).


Lumi -

I'm writing a blog in Hebrew about vaccines.
In the blog I published already 9 testimonies of Israeli vaccine injuries. I would like to publish your story as well.

Pls contact me at:
[email protected]


Hello everybody !!!!!!!!!!!
My name is Lumi , i am 40 years old and i am from Israel.
My sweet 12 years old daugher, Dana , has epilepsy, was paralized, she has ESES and LKS , she is deaf and mute .
At age 6 months, after she received vaccination i saw that all her right side is paralized.
At 9 months she received her first seizure.
She could not turn around or walk untill she was more than 3 years old, and when she finnally succeded was after 2 years of intensive fizioterapy .
At 3 years old she understood that she is not a regular girl and she was depresed more than one year.She didn't even looked at ANYTHING around her.
At this time she also stopped speaking and hearing and became totaly
deaf and mute.
At 5 years she has a cochlear implant and she can hear noises but she cannot understand nothing if i speak to her. We learned sign language.
At 6 years she was diagnosed with ESES , ELECTRICAL STATE during EPILEPTICUS SLEEP. Since she was borne she couldn't sleep at night.Dana can sleep 1 hour- 1 hour and half at night.
She tryed many treatments : DEPALEPT , TOPAMAXS , FRISIUM ,OSPOLOTE , OMRIGAM , KEPPRA , PREDNISONE , and nothing helped. Dana is on ketogenic diet with MCT oil ( Medium - Chain Triacyglycerol ) for 2 years and a half and this is working for her.

I hope that i will find more people that are suffering from ESES and that we will be able to share and help each other.

I wish you all good health, Lumi.

Sandy Gottstein

For the record, I have been trying to get word out since the 1980s. And Vaccination News compiled a list of "personal stories of vaccine injury and death" starting in 2001.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Dan, this is one of the best things you've written. (And that is saying volumes right there after Age of Autism, the series, and The Age of Autism, the book.)

I'm sharing this story EVERYWHERE. I want reporters to read these accounts after they tell us how safe vaccines are. 900 VOICES should frighten everyone. If it wasn't the vaccines, what happened to these children?

Looking through the reports from parents, I found this one from a wonderful new friend I got to know at Autism One last month:

Karen Kain
After lorrin's one and only DPT at six weeks old she started having seizures. She died at 15. She received a settlement from the NVCA. My daughter received the vaccination in Orange County. As I am sure you know the drug companies scatter the lots across the states so no two children have reactions in the same doctors office. This is perfectly legal for them to do as they are protected by the government. There were 30 reports of seizures or worse with the surrounding lots and 10 surrounding deaths. Lorrin's lot was considered to be a, "Hot", lot. Reports were made from Hawaii, Utah, and Ohio to name a few. Most people don't realize the magnitude of the support received by the government to the drug manufactures. I am happy to share and focus my time now helping parents of unique children to enjoy their child and keep their spirits high.

The government acknowledged that Lorrin was severely disabled by her DPT vaccine. 900 voices makes it clear that this is not something isolated.

I posted my story:----- Original Message -----
From: Anne Dachel
To: [email protected]
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2011 9:08 AM
Subject: Anne Dachel

Anne Dachel (Age of Autism)
When my daughter Catherine (22) was 10, she had the HepB series. This vaccine contained high levels of mercury. One night, within a week of the last injection, she started having convulsions. She stopped breathing several times and she was still seizing when the ambulance got to the hospital.

No one could tell me why a perfectly healthy young girl suddenly develops epilepsy. We went to specialists. We had an MRI and a sleep-deprived brain scan. No one had any answers. Kate had seizures periodically for the next three years.
I asked my daughter's pediatric neurologist how many kids she saw with epilepsy. She told me that it was her whole practice. I was stunned. I asked her why so many kids now had seizure disorders. She had no answer.

Maurine Meleck

Stunning. Will the report be made available to more people
so we can pass it on to media etc?


I'd love to add our story to that list but I'm afraid to.

I have a feeling there are many more parents out there like me.

Dr. Levatin - thanks so much for your comment. HepB at birth is what tipped the scales against my 2nd child. Older brother didn't start it until he was a couple of months old. I always wondered why my 2nd child had so much trouble breast-feeding when I was quite successful with my first child. 2nd child also broke out in a horrible rash after the HepB. After reading I'm so thankful that my child survived.

We need more doctors like Dr. Levatin who will speak out. We parents are weary of getting beat up constantly.

Janet Levatin

Thanks for this article. I started reading the 900+ accounts and they are just heartbreaking. I have questioned the safety of routine vaccination and one-size-fits-all vaccination schedules since I saw a baby die hours after a DPT vaccine in the mid-1980s. Introducing the hepatitis B vaccine for one-day-old infants into the already bloated "schedule," and continuing this policy even after noting that the surge in autism parallels this procedure exactly, is nothing short of criminal in my opinion. Regarding the horrors of measles, my generation and I all had it as children. We are here today with our permanent immunity as a result. What's so bad about that?
Janet Levatin, MD
board certified pediatrician
Clinical Instructor, Harvard Medical School

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