Autism Linked to IT Regions?
Canadian Government Takes Girl with Autism Away from Loving Father

“Dirty Medicine: The Handbook”: Martin J Walker’s Guide to 21st Century Medicine

Dirty medicine By John Stone

Order Dirty Medicine: The Handbook Today!

This is Martin Walker at his best:  an indispensible, witty, idiosyncratic guide to the dirty world of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and an anatomy of how their tentacles reach into every aspect of public and private life in the UK and beyond. His perspective derives from two decades of observation, research, and deep cynicism about the motives of the powerful. It tells you a lot about contemporary Britain but also the pivotal role it often continues to have in global affairs.

Some of us can remember a time when however disenchanted one might feel with this or that government there was still a certain sense of optimism about being British: some minimal belief in the quality of British institutions. This book meticulously chronicles how things have deteriorated.

Gruesome as the tale is this is a very entertaining book either to read or to dip into, as well as being an invaluable work of reference.

(HERE is a UK pounds to dollars conversion site - and you can use PayPal. A single copy costs about $24 US, a standard book price point.)



Thank you for taking the time to tell me, I did not know, and yes that is bad! I like Clarence Thomas(silly I know since I did not know him personally),But I thought he was raised in poverty stricken south by a tough, and moral grandfather and hoped Clarence Thomas did have a high moral compass. I remember Anita Hill and scratched my head on that matter before deciding it was --- not true.
Checks and balances rules are there, we just don't have any moral people to see that the rules are followed.

John Stone


I do believe charting this stuff except in outline - which you achieved superbly in the latest book - is well beyond the scope of any single person, as I think this website, which only deals with a bit of it but publishes new articles after day, proves. You only have to look at the great commercial machine worth tens of billions of dollars a year to realise that no one single person stands a chance of catching up. Nevertheless, we must none of us let go. Whether sooner or later large parts of this are going to unravel, and many of us a grateful for your unique contribution.


Martin Walker

I have been interested in the direction that the comments on the short review of my book by John Stone, have taken, particularly in the information on Benedetta-Clarence Thomas by CT Teacher and the accompanying mention of unfettered and unaccountable capitalism. On the first matter my book Dirty Medicine: The Handbook, is 300 odd pages of this kind of information — the kind of information that should be readily available to you if you live in a 'democracy' — without such information citizens can't make decisions about who should represent them or in whom they can place their trust. The contemporary corporation does everything possible to ensure that we are all subject to misinformation rather than information. I wanted my book to right this balance, although this is a vain hope given that we now, eat, drink and sleep misinformation, every second, minute and hour of our days whether in relation to the contents of white bread or US foreign policy. In relation to unaccountable capitalism, I think that both views expressed in the comments are right; the phenomena has two sides, the competition and aggressive search for profit, explicit in capitalism creates secrecy, covert marketing tricks and ultimately a threat to the public health (obviously this is not to say that 'communism' doesn't do the same via another route — the defence of the State rather than the corporation). This 'philosophical' and economic framework fosters and encourages a personal sense of immorality in many public figures — note the recent decimation of member of parliament in the UK, with many of them having been shown to fiddle their expenses. Either way those in favour of democracy should always fight hard to make the truth available. I originally wanted Dirty Medicine: The Handbook to be an ongoing project, to which information was added continuously — unfortunately this task has proved to be beyond me, although perhaps the equally difficult task of making the information readable, I have managed, at least according to John and a couple of other reviewers.


Isn't Clarence Thomas also the one on the bench who hasn't bothered to asked a question during arguments over the past how many years? Either he is God and thinks he remembers and knows absolutely everything about law, or he doesn't think anyone could sway his already made up mind about issues. Neither option is good in a position such as his.

CT teacher

Benedetta-Clarence Thomas neglected to report his wife's income and her source of income when filing his conflict of interest forms for at least the past six years, maybe more. At the same time he was voting on decisions that directly impacted the groups that were paying her. He should have recused himself from these cases. As it stands, any corporation or interest group could be paying him huge sums of money through his wife, to influence him when deciding on cases that affect them. This situation is a disgrace. He also spoke at a secret Koch brothers event that was very political indeed. He was instrumental in bringing us the Citizens United decision, which if allowed to stand, will allow corporations to avoid accountability and to destroy the rest of us. It gives them citizens' rights. You are right that lack of morals is behind the mess that our country is in, but unfettered capitalism has allowed these immoral individuals to rise to the top and thus hold power over the rest of us. Our system of checks and balances is gone because so many people in positions of power have been corrupted by this system.


CT teacher;
What about Clarence Thomas, what did or has he done?

Oh, and it is not free market and captalism that is the problem, it is the morals or lack of morals behind society. A free society will not work unless there are morals and so I suppose we may not make it.

CT teacher

Hopefully that 2nd American Revolution will come in my lifetime. I'm sick of the mess that unfettered capitalism has created. There is not one institution that has not been corrupted by greed and dishonesty. We, the citizens, will have to bear the responsibility to fix our broken govt. I say we should start with the Supreme Court.....the great friend of the giant corporations. We need to retilt the balance back to the people. IMPEACH Clarence Thomas while Obama is still in office, so we can get a justice who does not believe that corporations should have the same rights as private citizens. Then maybe we can go after Big Pharma before they destroy all of the children and everyone else as well.

Jenny Allan

I can only endorse the other comments about the excellence of Martin Walker's essays and books, including the two Silent Witnesses books. These are all 'must reads'. I will be adding this book to my collection.
Thank you Martin, for everything you do so well.


how things have deteriorated...everywhere,not just in Britain.I have just researched implantation issues.Remember Gardasil with the L-histidine (foreign antigen).Imagine that the girls immune system is stimulated and anti-histamin antibodies are produced.Implantation will be nearly impossible when the fertlised ova is unable to implant into the endometrium,
this process is histamin dependent.Yes,things are deteriorating on a daily basis...
I will get the book.

John Stone


Yes, basically you need the American Revolution all over again.

Heidi N

Until the system of laws are changed to keep powerful people, companies, etc. in check, we will continue to have these problems. There was a time when things were more in check. We need to re-implement those laws or just start following them again. We can not have conflict-of-interests and market domination without having negative consequences. I am not for more government nor for socialism, just a change in laws keeping anyone from having too much power, and especially, laws need to be enacted to separate the ties between governmental regulatory agencies and corporations.


Multiple schlerosis like disease found in macaque monkeys at Oregon National Primate Research center, could be due to a herpes virus. 1-3 % of the more than 300 monkeys kept on site get it each year and are euthanized. Do human vaccines get developed by running the germs through monkey tissue? Do the monkeys on site get vaccinations while they are there?

Sorry for being off topic, looking forward to reading the new book.


I can't begin to imagine the phenomenal amount of research involved for Martin to continue in his quest to expose the deceit and corruption pervading our 'system'. Thank you Martin for all your hard work. Like all the others, this book is a 'must read'. Apart from all the information it contains, his style of writing makes it a pleasure to read.


I havent read this book but i know what a marvelous job he had done with Silenced Witnesses 1 and 2 and if you can go by the writings of those two books it should be a very honest and interesting read , Martin seems to have an undeniable passion for all that is wrong and unjust concerning medicine , as advisor on the tv show Judge John Deed Martin is well informed with a passion undeniable and im all for truth at least he is willing to look at the failings of drug companies and the denial of damage to many thousands of children

Angus Files

Has to be the most honest writer around bar none..Great read nobody will be disappointed with this book.

Thanks Martin

Angus Files

Janice Percival

Martin Walker's talent is undeniable for writing and campaigning about incidents in medicine and the pharmaceutical
industry. Without people like Martin Walker to enlighten us these huge companies would have us all addicted to prescribed drugs with catastrophic effect.
Thank you Martin for all you do.
Martin's books are a must read.

Jack Hep

Just purchased via Amazon, if it's as good as his original version it is an essential read for those who wish to understand the intricacies of the web of big pharma-vested interest medical players.



Martin's edited - Silenced Witness Vol. II was very informative, so I am looking forward to this read.



Another must-read book. Martin Walker is principled, analytical and tenacious. We're all lucky to have his watchful eye trained on heatlhcare policymakers and medical manufacturers.

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