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Extra_extra By Anne Dachel

As frustrating as it is to look at the news stories on autism each day, many of us keep on doing it.  It seems the false and misleading information the public is continually fed will never stop.  As long as someone is from a big name hospital or has an official title, what they say is never questioned.  It always amazes me that neither reporters nor the experts they cite are never really concerned about what happening to our children. They're satisfied to leave autism as a perpetual mystery, regardless of the fact that they have no answers.

I'm just one of many parents out there monitoring the news and for a number of years I wrote to reporters daily about what they were saying about autism. 

That’s changed since most Google news stories now have a comment section.  We have an opportunity to challenge all the phony claims and reach a wider audience and we're doing it.  It's one thing for a reporter to cover a story and have it published online and quite another for that story to be attacked in writing in the comments posted at the bottom of the piece.  Thousands of parents search daily for information on autism and on the controversial link to vaccinations.  What we’re doing makes this issue one of the hottest ones in the news.  Reporters have told me how surprised they were that there were more comments on their autism story than on anything they've written.  Parents need to continue to hold reporters responsible for covering autism issues from all sides.  A huge percentage of parents are a lot more knowledgeable about autism than most reporters will ever be.  We need to use our knowledge to expose the truth. 

I also know that many parents living with the unimaginable demands of raising a child with autism don't have the time to keep up with the latest stories on autism.  I hope I have a way to help. Thanks to my good friend Nick Haas, I now have a daily blog where I report on AUTISM AND THE MEDIA.  I try to focus on important autism stories, especially from major news sources.  It's free and it's easy to subscribe to by just entering your email address on the site,  Once a day you'll get an email from with several of the important autism stories that were published online that day.  The comments I post on a story are also there.  If someone wants, they can go on the story and add their own comment.  My aim is to have a way to alert members of our community to the latest news.  Autism is one of the most popular topics out there so there's always something coming out.  I hope a lot of you will sign up.

Anne Dachel is media editor for Age of Autism.





Here's one British article, out today, that the media has allowed to slip out. It states that, "the study done earlier by Dr Wakefield and published in 1998 is correct. That study didn’t draw any conclusions about specifically what it means to find measles virus in the gut, but the implication is it may be coming from the MMR vaccine. If that’s the case, and this live virus is residing in the gastrointestinal tract of some children, and then they have GI inflammation and other problems, it may be related to the MMR."

Read more:

why not here?

Anne/Dan/Mark/Kim - Why not here? Why can't the Age of Autism add this aspect - the treatment of ASD by the media? It would serve this site very well to diversify out to the media bias. It could even have it's own tab (above). I really do not want another place to go to for our news. I'm not pleased.



They just cut about a dozen media staff from the local newspaper here.

For the "news to survive" with the internet and 600 television channels, they have to do whatever is required to secure advertising dollars...

which of course means doing whatever pharma tells them to do.

Was there EVER a major newspaper story, or major magazine story on the (vaccine nazi) Simpsonwood meeting ???

The Simpsonwood event was a story made for 60 Minutes if there ever was one. The media of course has never picked up on it, as it would end their pharma support in a heartbeat.

jane Casey

Thank you! And Age of Autism, thank you for your tenacity to continue to report on what is hot in the news. Your voice is truly important!
Jane Casey


Thank you Anne. I do not have your skills for commenting effectively. I'm particularly slow, but I do try to add my 2 cents. I also really appreciate seeing your skillful critiques of the mainstream news. I'm sure you are making a difference for the better.


Just signed up. Thank you for everything!

Teresa Conrick

Count me in, Anne. I always need a daily dose of Anne Dachel news! Thanks for your commitment and passion.


Dunno about Google News, but Yahoo News censors comments. Anything contrary to the mainstream will be deleted.


Anne - I always enjoy seeing your comments out in cyberspace. Signing up for your blog - great idea.


You make your points very well, and every reader you reach may just be one more child saved from a terrible illness.

You have just guilted me into making more of an effort. I have only posted a comment myself a handful of times, when the attitude of an extremely patronising scientist has pushed me over the edge, and they have always had to concede - so at least a seed of doubt has been sown in their mind.

It is actually quite easy to do when the facts are so blatantly clear.


Great tool. I'm in.
Thanks Anne.

Cindy Keenan

Thank you for your new blog and your consistent efforts to combat the misinformation so prevalent in the mainstream media. I just signed up for your daily e-mail. My husband often says that we will need to chip away at the lies one small bit at a time and eventually the truth will prevail. Your blog will be an invaluable tool in the struggle. I admire your calm yet passionate, intelligent, fact-based comments and imagine they must be food for thought for any parents researching vaccine safety. Thanks, Anne.

David Taylor

Just subscribed. Excellent news for us. We appreciate the great effort you put into this war.

Alison MacNeil

Anne, just signed right up. You amaze me with your tenacity on this subject. I love it. You are like the 'EverReady Bunny' on the Autism media front.It brings me such comfort after reading another sloppy, false, poorly researched Autism article to find a strong comment from you promptly waiting at the bottom. It's like seeing an old friend. Thank you for everything you do.

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