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A Look Inside The Immunization Dilemma By Jaclyn Gallucci

Balanced A Look Inside The Immunization Dilemma By Jaclyn Gallucci on June 23rd, 2011 Read the full story by Jaclyn Galluci at Long Island Press.

The 1952 polio epidemic was one of the largest and most frightening public health crises in the United States, with outbreaks in all 50 states. Of the nearly 58,000 cases reported that year, 3,145 people died and 21,269 were left paralyzed. Until 1955, when New York City’s Dr. Jonas Salk introduced his vaccine, polio was a constant terror. When asked in a televised interview who owned the patent for the vaccine, Salk replied, “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

Well, times have changed. Now pharmaceutical companies are highly protective of their assets, because vaccines are not just medical breakthroughs, they are also big business. In fact, Salk’s vaccine went on to raise manufacturer Eli Lilly’s profit by 90 percent in 1956, bringing in a total of $13.7 million in revenue for the company, in addition to the millions it made other manufacturers of the time. Today, companies like Merck bring in billions by manufacturing vaccines for everything from chicken pox to the flu.

Parents, faced with a barrage of polarizing opinions and a handful of conflicting studies, remain in a constant search for definitive answers. But right now, there aren’t any.

A recent University of Michigan study found that 76 percent of parents rely on their pediatricians to make the decision.

Vaccine proponents and the medical community at large argue that vaccination is safe and that illnesses including pertussis (whooping cough), rubella and diphtheria—epidemics that once killed thousands every year—are now prevented by vaccination and the enforcement of government mandates requiring children to have certain vaccinations before they are allowed to attend school.

“Thanks to immunizations, diseases like polio that were once common, are now only distant memories for most Americans,” says the New York State Department of Health. “Today there are few visible reminders of the suffering, injuries and deaths caused by diseases that are now prevented with vaccines.”

Vaccine opponents, namely parent activists and a very small minority of doctors and scientists, argue that infant immune systems are too weak to handle these shots, and that the possible side effects of vaccination, including seizures, paralysis and death, are overlooked by pharmaceutical companies and are not worth the risk. These critics say vaccines can trigger developmental problems like autism.

“Selling vaccines is extremely profitable and the process of mandating vaccines is fraught with conflicts of interest,” Michael Belkin, father of a child who died post-vaccination, told health officials. “The business model of having the government mandate [that] everyone must buy your product is a monopolist’s delight.”

The vaccine argument has reached a stalemate, leaving the general public wondering whom they should believe. Meanwhile, parents across Long Island and the nation are faced with their first vaccination decision within hours of their infants’ birth—and, one way or the other, they need to make a choice....

Anne Dachel has this comment  in response to Ms. Galluci's article in the Long Island Press:

Jaclyn Gallucci is the exception among reporters. She's actually done more than just accept the denials and claims of health officials. We almost never see this from the media. Parents in the autism community are used to news stories dismissing us as "anti-vaccine fanatics." We couldn't possibly be right when we say vaccines injured our children; all the studies disprove any causal link.

No one ever talks about the overriding power and influence of the vaccine makers whose motivation is profit. No one talks about how protected the industry is, nor do we hear about the lack of testing on vaccine ingredients. Gallucci's work should be a wakeup call for members of the press.

This is objective journalism. We got to hear from both sides and we have a right to coverage like this: "A swollen brain is one of the documented reactions to any vaccination in medical literature, and a SIDS ruling for vaccination-related deaths is not uncommon, according to Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), who interviewed parents of babies who died suddenly after Diphtheria (DPT) vaccinations for her book DPT: A Shot in the Dark." 'The death certificates of many babies, who die shortly after vaccination, list Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS as the cause of death, which means that no specific symptoms or other reason for death could be found. . . .

Most doctors continue to deny that vaccination is a risk factor for SIDS.' David Kirby, author of  Evidence of Harm was cited. 'It is unscientific and perilously misleading for anyone to assert that vaccines and autism have been studied and that no link has been found. . . . That's because the 16 or so studies constantly cited by critics of the hypothesis have examined just one vaccine and one vaccine ingredient.' Gallucci talked about Andrew Wakefield and she noted, "Wakefield contends that the investigation of his work is part of a conspiracy to 'discredit and silence his research' in order to 'shield the government from exposure on the vaccine scandal' and 'to crush any attempt to investigate valid vaccine safety concerns.' "It may sound far-fetched, but looking a little closer, some believe that theory isn't all that unbelievable." It's not unbelievable because in truth, the British government indemnified the MMR vaccine maker against any liability for damage. It's the government which would be held responsible if it were clearly recognized that the MMR has damaged a generation of children. Dr. Peter Fletcher, former Chief Scientific Officer in the UK, said as much in the Daily Mail Daily Mail in 2006: "[Fletcher] said he has seen a 'steady accumulation of evidence' from scientists worldwide that the measles, mumps and rubella jab is causing brain damage in certain children. "But he added: 'There are very powerful people in positions of great authority in Britain and elsewhere who have staked their reputations and careers on the safety of MMR and they are willing to do almost anything to protect themselves.'"

This isn't just about the science. It's also about who will be held responsible if it's clearly shown that an unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule is behind the exponential increase in autism. For many people, it's the unthinkable question.

Anne Dachel, Media editor, Age of Autism



Our babies have a weak blood brain barrier.Our babies do not have mature liver to detoxify.Our babies do not have
mature kidneys to excrete the toxins.Our babies get effected more due to their developing central nervous system that is still building neuron connections at the time of the immunizations.All ingredients must be listed and reviewed by parents BEFORE immunization.Parents have the the right
to know about all the side effects,where and how these vaccines were tested.The name of the manufacturer,lot number,expiry date,name of the care giver and the vaers database info should be also need to be included,so parents can do their research- FIRST,just to move in the right direction.

Media Scholar

"The CDC produced an article by Dr. Verstraeten, published on Nov. 3 in Pediatrics. Dr. Verstraeten is a former CDC employee. Since 2001 he has worked for GlaxoSmithKline - a vaccine manufacturer. While working for the CDC in 2000, the first version of Dr. Verstraeten's unpublished study found an association between higher thimerosal exposures and neurodevelopment disorders, including autism. Between 2000 and 2003, Dr. Verstraeten and coauthors manipulated and stratified the data so much that each of these associations magically disappeared. I don't know if it was deliberate, but that is nonetheless what happened. This study has done nothing in my mind to put these concerns to rest, but only serves to raise suspicions." U.S Rep. Dave Weldon, M.D. December, 2003

uncle autism

Heidi, Great you questioned the validity of the polio vaccine. Reporter Gallucci's story cites a "successful" vaccine has solved polio.

There are in fact abundant stories and studies going back to the 1950's that exposed the politically dishonest manipulated statistics that ushered in the (false) belief that a polio vaccine was ever needed. Definitions were changed such cases that had "transient flacidity" (the vast majority of polio cases in the early 1950's) were NO LONGER counted after the shots had been instituted.

Also, diagnoses of meningitis that had been counted as "polio" were now reassigned to be classified as many other types of meningitis. thus by definition alone eliminating/reassigning most of the remaining "polio" cases.

An aunt of mine was a young healthy nurse (about to be married) in Chicago in 1954 when she volunteered to be a test subject of some of the rushed new polio-vaccine experiments, the test vaccine caused her immediately to become quadrapelegic for the rest of her life, wheelchair-bound. Of course her permanent paralysis was blamed on the polio virus itself.

So, the premise of Gallucci's story again reinforces the brainwashing that a polio vaccine is essential. Polio has been endemic worldwide forever and with next to zero consequences when children are well nourished, with any symptoms barely noticeable. And, of course, not a victim of the vaccine itself.


There are those in positions of power who use vaccines to make a lot of money. These same people make excuses for all the harm they have caused; rationalizing that its a rare occurrence that anyone is ever harmed by a vaccination. However,its really not rare at all, except in the eyes of these unscrupulous individuals.

Eileen Nicole Simon

More testing is what is needed for all pharmaceutical substances. Particular sites in the brain should be looked at, not "the brain" as a whole. Brainstem nuclei in the auditory pathway have greater blood flow and metabolism than any other area of the brain. A seminal paper by Dr. Seymour S. Kety provides evidence of this, and can be found online at:

Other brainstem nuclei important for autonomic functions and motor control also have high blood flow rates. These brainstem nuclei therefore have greater exposure to any substance that gets into the circulation. These brainstem nuclei are also most susceptible to damage from a brief lapse in respiration at birth.

Clamping the umbilical cord immediately at birth is now a standard obstetric intervention. If an infant has not taken its first breath before the cord is clamped, respiration from the placenta is abruptly stopped. The lungs cannot function until blood fills the capillaries surrounding the alveoli (which remain collapsed until the first breath). Blood from the prenatal organ of respiration, the placenta, by nature's plan may take several minutes to be transferred to the lungs.

Clamping the umbilical cord too soon will cause redistribution of blood from other organs to jump start the lungs. If blood is drained from the brain, a well-known pattern of brainstem injury will occur. The auditory, autonomic, and subcortical motor nuclei will be affected. The first stage in this process is breakdown of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), which leaves these important sites vulnerable to anything in the circulation. These are the sites of injury in kernicterus (bilirubin staining).

Bilirubin, even at high levels does not pass through an intact blood-brain barrier. But now consider what the effects might be of the hep-B vaccine, and vitamin K, injected right away at birth to an infant with an impaired blood-brain barrier. . .


I live in Australia and would be very interested in the study you speak of. Can you please post a link or the name of the study please?



ask your pediatrician if she knows of the 1400 admitted and compensated cases of vaccine-induced brain damage in vaccine court, e majority of which include autism.

ask her if she has read the study that shows infant boys receiving the hep B vax also have a 3X chance of developing autism, and what she things science says about that.

Ask her if she can explain why children at high risk for reaction--children with history of asthma, mitochondrial disorder, bowel disorder, autoimmune disorder, developmental delay, etc--are excluded from vaccine safety testing, but are first in line for vaccines.

Ask her if she knows that vaccines can induce mitochondrial disorder where none existed before. And asthma. And bowel disorder. And autoimmune disorder. And developmental delay.

Ask her if she knows that they use unspecified OTHER vaccines as placebos in vaccine "safety tests," placebos that contain adjuvants, preservatives, antigens, etc. Then they say that their new vaccine didnt cause significantly more reactions than the "placebo."

Except for the last paragraph, all of this info is on PubMed.

On second thought, it may be more effective to just print it all out for her from PubMed. Or post it on FaceBook and tag her.

Heidi N

I did some research a while back, and found many reports that the polio vaccine actually caused the polio epidemic. And that the polio vaccine is still causing polio is some of the third world countries. I know your point was on the fact that vaccines should not be patented for gobs of profit, but with many of us aware of the polio vaccine epidemic issue, I want to point that out -- that I was wondering why it wasn't mentioned.

Jonathan Rose

This article suggests a possible means of breaking the media blockade on the vaccine issue. The Long Island Press is an alternative weekly which takes pride in covering the stories that Newsday (the big Long Island daily) won't. It plays the same counterpoint that the Village Voice plays to the New York Times, and there are similar alternative papers in every part of the country. They are read largely by young adults who don't have children (yet), they don't carry a lot of drug advertising, and they still do investigative reporting. So we might be able to persuade such papers to offer a more balanced treatment of the vaccine controversy.


Since she approached you, you have a right to re--approach her again on this subject.
Do it in a letter, this will give her time, because all the time in the world ain't going to do her no good. Tell her you have thought on what she said and she might just be right, so if she did not mind would she find these studies and mail it to you, or hand them to you, or email them to you, or do what ever they do on face book to you.

If she is not too lazy or gets too side-tracked busy, and she sends them or gives them to you - let all of us at "Age of Autism" have a look at what she is looking at and convincing her. I just am curious, if they really know the studies or just what they have heard from some "Head Liner"



Thank you Carol, we "do" need to be reminded of and angered at the conspiracy of lies that continues to protect the profiteers.
Today, I've read this,which serves to gives us a clearer picture of our mortality standing in the world..

I've read today, as well, an Australian report that has found 45 among 1900 participants who have been studied over a period of approx. 7 years, are on the spectrum...The claim is a lack of gesturing early on, but I could NOT get past the FACT the numbers they were using suggests 2.3 ASD out of 100 children in that study..a fact not addressed!! That number is lining up with the recent Korean count, which if true, and there is no reason to doubt, we have again, more than doubled in the rate of autism since our last cdc count of children born in 1998.

Jeff C


"She said, "no, I don't need to because science has spoken". How do you respond to pure ignorance?"

Expose it. Ask her exactly what has "science spoken" about. Ask her if "science" (as if it's some sort of omniscient being) has spoken on the safety of the one-size-fits-all schedule, and where are the studies? Ask her if science has studied and proven safe combining multiple vaccines in a single office visit (again, show me the studies). Ask her if science has studied and proven safe repeatedly administering these multiple vaccines every two months to infants. Ask her if science even understands how many of these vaccines work; regarding the components of the DTaP shot, here is what the Infarix DTaP package insert says:

"The role of the different components produced by B. pertussis in either the pathogenesis of, or the immunity to, pertussis is not well understood. There is no well established serological correlate of protection for pertussis."

Ask her how they can know something is safe if they don't even know what it does within the body. Ask her if they know how aluminum adjuvants work. They have been used for 80 years, and "science" still readily concedes they don't fully understand how it stimulates the immune system. Ask her why we have a vaccine injury compensation system and adverse event reporting system for something that is "safe".

Bottom line, nothing is inherently "safe". Everything boils down to risk vs. benefit. Rational people can examine the situation and decide for themselves if the risks outweigh the perceived benefits. The difference here is that those claiming the shots are "safe" are using that specious claim as justification take away our individual right to make that decision ourselves.


As always, one can find the truth in what they refuse to study... health outcomes/ statistics of vaxed and unvaxed children. Congress asks for this eleven damn years ago and not a wheel has been turned yet....

This is because they know exactly what they will find.

They refuse to re-study their own CDC data from Simpsonwood. They mock anyone who even looks at the damming CDC transcrips or damming data provided by thousands of parents.

They base vaccine safety on soon to be felons. They use the elite "medical witch-hunt" to trash those who even dare to speak out for the children of their countries.


"At London’s Grange Hotel in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral earlier this month, Bill Gates, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, looked content as he shared a platform with a dozen health and development ministers. They had just concluded a meeting which generated $4.3bn in additional donations for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation, designed to buy and distribute vaccines to children in the world’s poorest countries.

Outside the building, a group of protesters gathered to raise their concerns over the safety of vaccines, reflecting discredited claims first made in 1998 by Dr Andrew Wakefield of a link between autism and the measles, mumps and rubella jab, which triggered a slump in child immunisation by concerned parents in the UK and the US. Inside, when a journalist raised the issue, Gates politely but curtly dismissed the concerns with the words: 'I don’t know if there is any medical question that has been more studied.'”


Yes, one is six suffer neurological disorders!! The count is far higher if we count the myriad other unecessary afflictions suffered by our kids, including asthma, diabetes, arthritis, crohns, peanut allergies. No doctor seems interested in looking at the growing families that are choosing not to vaccinate number 3..4....5.. or 6 because they are tired of witnessing damage and have been alerted ,through their own children's illnesses, to the cause. Shouldn't our later children, brothers of autism, obesity, allergy, asthma, be examined to determine why they are the "flukes" in the family, no vaccine = no physical or neurological illness. Those genes, where do they play in, most of the kids I know that are unvaccinated have very sick siblings. I am not anti vaccine, I truely would treat a safe vaccine as another tuition in my house, I would pay up if it was safe under proven high standards of testing. No I wouldn't run out and get hep b for an infant, or some of the others that don't quite make sense, but yes, I would love a safe tetanus vaccine for my three year old...and I would be willing to pay thousands if it were safe! My pediatrician's answer to this , "all medicine comes with risks, the benefits outweigh the risks in the case of vaccines", HE IS LYING! He is making an unproven claim!


as the whistle blower in the vioxx cases said of our own fda they must be held to prove SAFETY..which they cannot do,,causation is rarely proven...pharma and their cozy relationship with FDA believe their customers are their shareholders not the consumers we have to walk away from their product until its proven safe,,which they cant do...consumers have the power NOT to buy or use a product..we have the right to protect our childrens right to live...this is how things will change..all profits for pharma went down in 2010 especially in thnere vaccine markets..just say no to their unavoidabley UNSAFE vaccines as much as you can!!!!!!!

Diane W Farr

A pediatrician approached me the other day. She was concerned because some of her facebook friends had forwarded her one of my facebook posts and I was anti-vaccine. She explained that there were plenty of studies, blah, blah, blah. I asked her if she actually every looked at these studies. She said, "no, I don't need to because science has spoken". How do you respond to pure ignorance?

Bob Moffitt

Anne posted:

"This isn't just about the science. It's also about who will be held responsible if it's clearly shown that an unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule is behind the exponential increase in autism."

In addition to autism .. we have to add .. asthma, allergies, juvenile type 1 diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, ADD, ADHD .. and a whole host of chronic autoimmune disorders that were far less common in ALL previous .. LESS vaccinated .. generations.

If vaccines are the miracles public health officials insist they are .. why does the United States .. arguably the wealthiest, most technologically advanced country in world history .. rank far down the list of developed nations in "infant mortality" rates?

Where is the demonstrated evidence that explains the reason why the heavily vaccinated children of the United States are less likely to reach the age of five? How does science explain the nations with the best infant mortality rates are the nations that DO NOT vaccinate their children as agressively as does the United States?

While "correlation does not prove causation" .. there are so many unexplained "correlations" that have accompanied the US agressive childhood vaccine policies .. we can no longer afford the luxury of casually dismissing them as possible contributing factors.

At last report .. 1 in 6 American children suffer:

Peanut allergies? SIDS? Asthma? Juvenile type 1 diabetes? Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis? ADD? on and on.

All "correlating" with the dramatic increase in childhood vaccines.

Dan E. Burns -

Thanks for highlighting this story, Ann. In addition to the reporter, Jaclyn Gallucci, Long Island Press, the publisher, should also be commended. At least one reporter in Dallas would write stories like this if her paper would dare to publish it.

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