David Kirby On Vaccine Court Compensation and Autism
"Remember Kimberly..." Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Awardee

Talk About Curing Autism Statement on Vaccine Autism Injury Awards

Tacalogo full (2) New Study of U.S. Vaccine Injury Awards Reveals Settlements with Vaccine-Autism Link:

62 of 150 families (41%) identified and contacted post-settlement have autism

For the past 11 years, Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) has provided support, education, resources and HOPE to almost 25,000 families of children diagnosed with autism.  

In those 11 years, parents have shared heartbreaking stories of how autism entered their lives.  For many, signs of autism were present since birth. Thousands of other parents watched helplessly as children who had reached developmental milestones, began to fall behind, eventually “fading away” into autism.  Most parents of children with regressive autism report dramatic changes within a few days of vaccination. 

At TACA, we believe that thousands and thousands of parents are the best witnesses, the best advocates for their children.  For 11 years, both mainstream science and mainstream media have told parents otherwise. 

While those active in the autism community are very familiar with the existence and policies of the U.S. Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), few people in the general public knew that for two decades VICP has quietly settled about 1,300 cases of vaccine-induced brain injury in children. 

The article featured in the Pace Environmental Law Review confirms that 83 cases have been settled for children with autism associated with vaccine injury.  Furthermore, of 150 families identified and contacted post-settlement, 41% of families (62 of 150) cite autism as one of the diagnoses affecting their brain-injured child.


TACA applauds the brave families that have come forward to share their stories despite great pressure to do otherwise.  We applaud the efforts of our colleagues in other autism organizations for pursuing this story - continuing to provide a voice and a platform for parents to advocate for their children.

Until answers are found for the astronomical increases in autism prevalence and the potential contributing environmental factors, no suspects – including vaccinations – should be ignored.  As evidenced by the settlements granted by our own government’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, the case against vaccinations link to autism is NOT closed. The federal government, research institutions and other vested parties must continue to investigate vaccines as a potential contributing factor to the rise in autism. 

Meanwhile, TACA will be here – providing REAL HELP NOW to families living with autism.  More than ever, families need our support.  For more information on how you can help, visit www.TACANOW.org



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